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Chapter 116 Brother Scorpion

“Uh-huh, no, you fool me, PaPa.”

Mengmeng snorted softly and said childishly, “It cant grow up so fast after having a sleep.

Since, since Mengmeng slept a lot but didnt grow so big.

Im still small.”

Mengmeng, while speaking, reached out her small palms to show her height.

She was less than 1.2 meters tall.


Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry, saying, “Owing to the water it absorbed in sleep.”

“Is it the water that makes people get diarrhea” Mengmeng said with big eyes blinking.

“Yes, and there are a few other things.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

“Eh… Thats wrong.” Mengmeng said doubtfully, “I also drank the water.

Why havent I become bigger And why didnt it loose bowels after drinking so much”

“Because the impurities in its body come out of the pores.” Zhang Han answered, shaking his head.

“Whats the pore”

“The pore…”

Zhang Han did not know how to answer this question, as if everyone knew that one plus one equals two, but they could not explain why.

Fortunately, Zhang Han walked up to the chimpanzee.

Before Zhang Han replied, Mengmeng took notice of the chimpanzee.

“Hey, you were just so small, only to the height of PaPas abdomen.

But now youre higher than my PaPa”

Mengmeng stared at the chimpanzee, unblinking.

The chimpanzee came to itself after hearing Mengmengs words at that time.

It turned around and its eyes were mingled with tenderness and gratitude.

It stepped forward and came up to Zhang Han.


Chimpanzees knees fell to the ground and kowtowed to Zhang Han three times.

After kowtowing, the chimpanzee still knelt on the ground, looking at Zhang Han sincerely.

Its right hand turned into a giant fist and pounded on his left chest several times.

Then he lowered his head to Zhang Han.

“PaPa, why is it hitting itself Will it feel sore” Mengmeng said curiously, not knowing what was going on.

Zhang Han smiled and said lightly, “It… is making obeisance to me.”

It was typical that the strongest became the king in the animal world.

Although the chimpanzee was not sure who was the stronger between Zhang Han and itself, it had nothing to repay his kindness of saving its life.

Therefore, it was to submit to Zhang Han and gave priority to him at this point, which was like an oath that would never be broken with a lifetime of guardianship.

In its waiting and expectation, Zhang Han put his hands out and touched its big head.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

The chimpanzee finally raised its head with rejoicing in its eyes, screwed up its lips and cried out.

It laughed as cried.


It lay on the ground dancing like a happy child.

The reason why it felt very glad was that it had a home in Mount New Moon after sufferings.

“Oh, it is good at rolling.” Mengmeng looked a little adorkable when she saw the chimpanzee rolling on the ground.

She did not know why it was so happy.

However, Mengmeng was also influenced by its happiness and cheered up, waving her small arms in Zhang Hans arms.

“PaPa, whats its name” Mengmeng wanted to play with it but did not know its name, so she asked Zhang Han.

“Its name…”

Zhang Han thought for a while.

While the chimpanzee, sat up immediately after hearing what Mengmeng said.

Its eyeballs went round, seeming to be thinking about its name.

“Well… Its hair is black and Little Heis is also black.

They are both black.

So, so lets call it Little Heihei Uh-huh, no, its Little Heis name.

Then what is it called Er… Dahei”

Mengmeng muttered while thinking and called it Dahei eventually.

“Okay, its name is Dahei then.” Zhang Han said, smiling.

This triggered a silvery laugh of Mengmeng.

She thought she was great to call it Dahei.

While Zhang Hans face was illumined with an expression of satisfaction when he saw Mengmengs smile.

Regardless of its name was Dahei or Old Hei, it was enough to make Mengmeng smile.

While the chimpanzee soon accepted its name.

It puckered its lips, pointed to Little Hei and itself with his palms.

Then it clenched its fists and hit each other several times.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa~”

Its expression and manner seem to say to Little Hei, “We are brothers.”

It clearly remembered that when it was dying, Little Hei gave it two chickens.

Little help brought much return, which embodied the very spirit in the animal world.


Little Hei also pouted and shouted at the chimpanzee.

Little Hei welcomed the brother coming into the territory.

He was bored to take those 30 puppies to play all day.


Under the leadership of the host, there came another friend with a high IQ.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

Daheis eyes fixed on the little princess.

It was clear that getting this was all because of this kind little princess.

Dahei, therefore, half knelt on the ground and stretched its arms to Mengmeng.

“Haha, here I come.” Mengmeng wriggled in Zhang Hans arms and wanted to play on Daheis hand.

Dahei had a height of two meters, whose arms and palms were much larger than those of the ordinary people.

Dahei held Mengmeng carefully after she was sent onto its palm by Zhang Han.

Mengmeng slowly shook a few times in its palm, like playing on a swing.

Then, Dahei tossed Mengmeng up gently.

“Ah ah…”

Mengmeng let out a cry and was caught by Dahei when she fell down.

It then repeatedly tossed up and caught her.

Mengmengs fear at the beginning gradually turned into laughter.

She had a great time.

Mengmeng played for half an hour, while Zhang Han took advantage of this period of time to catch four chickens and took some ingredients.

Then he stopped Mengmeng and went downhill with her.

On the other side, after Zhao Feng left Mount New Moon, he hurried back New Moon Bay, parked his car in the corporations branch and went upstairs.

His temporary residence was on the 17th floor of the hotel belonging to his company, which was a luxury suite.

A circular hall was in sight when he came to the 17th floor.

There were four luxury suites as well as a corridor on the opposite side.

At the end of the corridor on the left, there stood about 30 people.

From afar, he saw some of them were beaten on both sides of the corridor.

Zhao Fengs face fell and walked over to them.

On the side of the corridor, a man dressed in a black suit rushed to Zhao Feng after seeing him.

His eyes were filled with anger and he said, “Brother Feng, Scorpion came and insisted on breaking into your room and saying that he had something to check.

We refused him, then fought with him.

As a result, our brothers suffered losses.”


Zhao Feng nodded solemnly.

Scorpion was a capable assistant of Tang Zhan and had been following Tang Zhan for five or six years and was fast in his movements.

People say he was once a mercenary overseas.

Before Zhao Feng came, Tang Zhan had seven powerful men, among whom three were well versed in civil virtues while the other four were endowed with martial arts.

Three people were intellectual-type criminals.

One was in charge of “pornography” of KTVs in Southern District, one was responsible for “gambling” and the other was the cleverest among the three, who was in his forties and once a brilliant student studying abroad.

He took charge of the most complex “drug abuse” and made plans for purchasing routes, calculating the risk and so on.

The four who were adept with martial arts were truly remarkable and had strong backgrounds.

Scorpion was the most ferocious person among them.

He would never leave his opponent alive.

His cruel level was even higher than Zhao Fengs.

Zhao Fengs cruel bearing madness, while Scorpion was atrocious.

He was even more horrifying among the underground forces.

“Brother Feng.”

“Brother Feng.”

People who could stand here were all Zhao Fengs men.

They gathered together and greeted Zhao Feng after they saw him.


Zhao Feng nodded his head and walked into the room with vigorous strides.

However, just arrived at the door.

There stood two men of great statures who crossed their arms and said haughtily, “Sorry, Brother Scorpion is working inside.

No other people are allowed in.”

The door of the room was open.

He could see clearly that Scorpion was sitting leisurely in a chair.

Scorpion glanced at Zhao Feng coldly with a sneer in his eyes obviously.

Seeing this, a smile climbed up on his face.

All of a sudden, he reached out his hands, grabbed the heads of the two men at a fast speed and smashed them on the marble wall on the back side.

“Bang bang!”

As two dull thuds, the two tall and sturdy thugs fell to the ground with their heads bleeding.

Zhao Feng came in with a cold expression.

“Youre so furious.” Scorpion stood up and hissed, saying.

He was the man with a scorpion tattoo on his neck who had kept watching on Zhao Feng outside Zhang Hans restaurant.

About a dozen people were rummaging through things at random in the room, making the whole room a mess.

“Gosh! Stop!”

After Zhao Feng came in, his men rushed in and shouted angrily at those who were turning things over.

The dozen people stopped at that time, gathered together behind Scorpion, glaring at Zhao Feng and his men.

This also made the atmosphere on the court tense at that time.

“Do you think about the consequences of rummaging through my room without my permission”

Zhao Feng was calm, but his eyes were shining with a cold.

“Your room” Scorpion sneered and said, “Sorry, this company belongs to Lord Tang, so does this room.

Why cant I come”

While speaking, Scorpion stared at Zhao Feng coldly, as if to see something in his eyes.

While Zhao Feng calmed down and kept thinking at the same time.

“He should have been sent by Tang Zhan.”

“Whats his purpose To probe”

“No, it can almost turn nasty.

There must be some reasons.”

“Does she really know some Tang Zhans secrets What I get threatens him”


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