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Chapter 1163 Becoming the King of the World

“Even cultivators in the God Transformation Realm cant go against Zhang Hanyang.

Those in the Chaotic Region also have to be submissive in front of him.

Looks like the Sea Dragon Star Area is going to enter a new era.”


Zhang Hanyang is vanquishing the eight families.

The remaining three families alone will never dare to disobey Zhang Hanyangs orders.”

These people were dumbstruck by what they saw.

Everyones eyes were fixed on the screen.

“Invincible! He is simply invincible!”

“No one can withstand his one punch.

Gosh, look, the head of the Ma family died after taking his one punch!”

“Its over! The battle is over! The Ma family is finished!”

“The Thunder Kings are moving.

The suppression is still going on.

Which family is the next target Sect Leader, you know the elders of the three families in front.

Can you ask them what their next target is”


Dozens of seconds later, this sect leaders expression changed.

“Their next stop is the Lin family.

It is said that the Lin family still has more than a dozen cultivators in the God Transformation Realm, all of whom are famous fighters.

Maybe they can put up a fight against Zhang Hanyang.”

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

One by one, the spaceships entered the secondary space.

They had thought that they would be able to go to the Lin familys residence to watch the entire battle.

However, things went contrary to their wishes.

“Alert! Alert! There is space turbulence up ahead.

We are unable to travel forward.

We are leaving the secondary space!”

The hundreds of spaceships then left the secondary space at the same time, including the three families three main vessels that had followed the Thunder Kings closely.

“Eh Where are the Thunder Kings”

“Why arent they here Can it be that they forced their way through space turbulence”

“They cant have been destroyed by the space turbulence, have they No, that cant be the case.

If any accident happened in the secondary space, there would have been the wreckage of the spaceships in the cosmos.”

“They passed through How is that possible”

Everyone, including the three families, was dumbfounded.

They all knew that the Chaotic Region was a dangerous place.

On Earth, 95 percent of the sea had not been explored.

That was also the case of the Chaotic Region.

The small space in the Chaotic Region where the 11 families lived could be regarded as relatively safe.

Many people were exploring other dangerous places, but the progress was slow.

There were some places where spaceships could not pass through at all.

“Fortunately, this is just the space turbulence.

We can slowly get through it.”

“Lets go, or we wont be able to catch up with Zhang Hanyang.”

All the leaders on the spaceships issued orders almost at the same time.

The spaceships flew in the cosmos for more than 10 minutes before they left the area plagued by the space turbulence.

The spaceships entered the secondary space again and came to the planet where the Lin family lived.

“Its also in ruins”

“Zhang Hanyang is too formidable.

Hes fought a series of battles without taking a break! How strong a man can withstand that”

“Hasnt he consumed any energy”

“Quick, lets go to the next family.”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

All the spaceships leaped into the secondary space simultaneously.

“The Hou family has been wiped out!”

“The next planet is the Xuan familys.

We cant get there in time.

How about we go to the Mu family directly”

“Alright, lets split up.”

“The Xuan family has been destroyed as well.”

“The Mu family is gone, too.

Oh my god, we just arrived, but the battle here was already over! Is Zhang Hanyang a Demonic Ghost”

“The Xiang family is the weakest of the 11 families.

They cant possibly stop Zhang Hanyang.”

“Lets go there.

Perhaps well still be able to make it in time for the final battle.”

“There is only one family left.

Zhang Hanyang is certainly a man of word.

He will really wipe out the eight families.”

“This will be recorded in the history of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Zhang Hanyang will dominate this era!”

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

Finally, under the leadership of their heads and high-position officials, all the spaceships and those from the three families who received the latest news traveled past several planets.

What they saw made them tremble both physically and mentally.

“Lets go straight to the Xiang family.”

“With our speed, we may get there before Zhang Hanyang arrives.

But he will come soon.”

“Zhang Hanyang is really a monster in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Now that hes stamped the Chaotic Region flat, he will become the strongest cultivator in this Star Area.”

All of these spaceships entered the secondary space.

After they arrived at the Xiang family, the members of the three families gathered together to console one another.

“Fortunately, this has little to do with us.”

“Look at my forehead.

Its covered with cold sweat.

I also heard that the five families were going to deal with Zhang Hanyang.

I didnt pay much attention to it at that time.

Who knows that staying out of it actually saved my life.

Alas, seven of the eight families have been destroyed.

As we can imagine, the Xiang family cant stop Zhang Hanyang either.”

“What should we do when the Xiang family is destroyed”

“What else can we do What do you want to do Do you want Zhang Hanyang to destroy our three families as well Let me tell you guys, when Zhang Hanyang is around, if you dare to speak without permission and upset him, I will kill you before he does!

“Put away your arrogance.

This time is different from before.

Everybody, stay low-key!”

As they talked, the patriarchs of the three families all issued warnings.

One of the members of the families whispered, “How do we dare to do that”

“Its a warning for our reckless youth,” the head said.

He then warned them again.

Right after they had this conversation—

“Whiz, whiz, whiz!”

More than two hundred spaceships arrived.

It was part of the spectators.

Another two minutes passed.

Several hundred spaceships arrived in succession.

“Ha, we finally got here in time.”

“Zhang Hanyang and his people havent arrived yet.”

“That shouldnt be the case.

The previous battle had ended by the time we got there.

Logically speaking, they should have arrived before us.”

All of a sudden, a surprised voice said, “Is Zhang Hanyang finally exhausted”

Everyone was elated and surprised.

“Hahahaha, Zhang Hanyang is not a god.

He got tired after all.”

“He may not be able to complete this magnificent feat of destroying the eight families in one go.

Thats a pity.

But Zhang Hanyang has proved his strength.

Maybe after his anger ebbs, the Xiang family will survive.

Even if they dont survive… Look, the Xiang family has come out.

They will escape in a few minutes, wont they”

“Its impossible.

Zhang Hanyang wont let go of the Xiang family.

During the trial on the Northernmost Star, the Xiang family ridiculed him the most fiercely and was the most hostile toward him.

With his thunder method, how could Zhang Hanyang let them off the hook”

“But if they dont come soon, the Xiang family will really escape.”

Before these words died away—

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

Under everyones gaze, the Thunder Kings finally emerged from the secondary space and drifted horizontally toward the Xiang family.

“Hes coming!”

Everyone shuddered from inside out.

Under hundreds of thousands of gazes, a figure in black finally flew out of one of the Thunder Kings and quickly soared to the sky above the surface of the Xiang familys planet.

“Heaven-earth Formation!

“Quick, start the Heaven-earth Formation!” shouted the head of the Xiang family.

As Zhang Han drew nearer and nearer, he said coldly, “Zhang Hanyang, as a mighty cultivator, its not appropriate for you to suppress the families in the Chaotic Region like this, is it If you take too many lives, you will be condemned by later generations.”

After saying those harsh words, he added in a softer voice, “Please stop.

Our Xiang family is willing to be your guardian family, and we can…”

“Well, I refuse,” Zhang Han said coolly.

After that, his aura began to circulate.

After adjusting his breathing for a few minutes and taking a medicinal pellet, Zhang Han recovered about 80 percent of his strength.

He deliberately arrived a few minutes late because he wanted to destroy the Xiang family before hundreds of thousands of spectators.

He wanted to make the downfalls of the eight families a warning to the world.

“Zhang Hanyang refused!”

“Hes about to make his move!”

Hundreds of thousands of people stared at their screens without blinking.


With everyone watching, Zhang Han suddenly made a strange gesture with both hands.

His aura changed sharply, and his body was surrounded by faint cyan light.


Zhang Hans figure split into two.

The two split into four, then four into eight…

Numerous figures lined up in an orderly manner.

“Is this the Replication Technique”

But what was bewildering was that every one of the figures seemed to be in different postures, and their palm prints were different as well.

Some figures even began to mutter.

No one could understand the language they were speaking, but the dull sound seemed to be rising from the bottom of everyones hearts.

At this moment, the hundreds of figures cast spells at the same time.

Yue Wuwei was shocked by what he saw.

“He also knows this kind of technique”

“What, what secret skill is this” Sect Leader Li asked in a daze.

“You wouldnt understand even if I told you,” Yue Wuwei replied without even looking back at Li Hao.

“Alright.” Li Hao laughed bitterly.

This was not the only skill he couldnt understand.

He could not understand the other moves displayed by Zhang Han, either.

“Everyone, defend!” the head of the Xiang family bellowed.

As soon as he finished speaking—

“Buzz, buzz!”

Hundreds of Zhang Hans replications launched their secret skills at the same time.

Hundreds of secret skills that blotted out the sky were fired at the Xiang family.

Each jet of energy produced by the secret skills turned into an enormous sword.

The swords were in different colors.

Some were dazzling.

Some were dark red.

Some were black.

Some were crystal blue.

Some were milky white.

Some were colorful.

It was like a rain of swords.

The Xiang familys Heaven-earth Formation was broken into pieces as soon as the huge white swords in the lead touched it.

The huge white swords were constituted by formations, which attacked the Heaven-Earth Formations weak spots.

The huge black swords carried many different types of curses.

The huge blue swords possessed sharp offensive powers.

“Rumble, rumble, rumble…”

The numerous kinds of moves were impossible to guard against.

When had the Xiang family seen such complicated offensive moves

In an instant, the majority of them were killed.

The ones who survived thought they had powered through the attack.

To their dismay, Zhang Hans hundreds of replications turned into the second round of sword rain.

The swords poured down.

No one could fend against the swords.


The head of the Xiang family was engulfed by the rain of swords.

He made his last roar and died.

The whole attack lasted only 20 seconds.

There was dead silence on the field.

No one spoke at this moment, for they were too astounded to find their voices.

“This is too terrifying.”

Zhang Hans fierce might had held the world in terror.

Zhang Han slowly turned around and looked straight at the hundreds of spaceships.

His cold look made those inside the spaceships feel as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

“Whats going on

“Is he going to attack us now”


The members of the three families couldnt sit still anymore.

One of the heads of the three families immediately exited from his spaceship.

He bowed to Zhang Han from afar and said, “Fellow Taoist Zhang, your might is incomparable!”

“Were awestruck by your might!”

“Fellow Taoist Zhang, we all hold you in reverence.”

One after another, the heads and high-position officials of the three families all appeared in the void of the universe.

They bowed to Zhang Han and saluted him respectfully.

Gradually, many forces of the Sea Dragon Star Area followed suit.

At this moment, the entire Sea Dragon Star Area bowed their heads to Zhang Han in submission.

At this moment, Zhang Hanyang was the king of the Sea Dragon Star Area!




Mengmeng, Jiang Yanlan, Mu Xue, Zi Yan, Zhang Guangyou, and others inside the Thunder Kings were extremely excited.

Looking at Zhang Han, they felt that he was wearing a dazzling crown at this time.

But Zhang Hans eyes were still perfectly calm.

This didnt stir up a surge of emotion inside him at all.

To Zhang Han, this was no big deal.

He slowly flew back to one of the Thunder Kings.

The fight in the Sea Dragon Star Area finally came to an end.

This was Zhang Hans style of doing things.

He seldom attacked others.

But when he did, he would kill all of his enemies to make the whole world shudder in fear.

“Hes so cool!”

“How could there be such a man in the world Gosh, he is a king to me.”

There were many women present.

Some of them were quite beautiful.

They were all looking at Zhang Han with amorous eyes.

“I heard that Zhang Hanyang only has one wife and one daughter.”

“Such a mighty figure must need more than one woman to serve him!”

“I wonder what kind of woman Zhang Hanyang likes.”

One of them even said to an elder nearby, “Father, weve stayed neutral the whole time and have never offended Zhang Hanyang.

Ive thought this over.

He is my ideal husband.

I know you want me to marry Mr.

Shao of Daan Sect.

But why dont you talk to Zhang Hanyang and ask him to marry me I dont mind being a concubine.

He can also have more Cultivational Partners if he wants.”

“Youve overestimated my power.

Im not qualified to talk to Zhang Hanyang yet.”

With everyone watching intently, Zhang Han went back to one of the Thunder Kings.

The Thunder Kings slowly wheeled around and flew into the secondary space, heading away from the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The spectators on the scene burst into an uproar.

Even the remaining three families were all aware that from now on, the Chaotic Region would no longer be the rule-maker in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

This was all because Zhang Hanyang had come here.

After Zhang Han returned to the lounge, all the people there whooped and cheered at the same time.

“Daddy, how come youre so awesome”

Mengmeng held Zhang Hans arm with admiration.

“Why” Zhang Han shook his head and laughed.

“Its because youve been watching me.

Thats why Ive strived to do my best and become more powerful.”

“Well, Daddy, its because youre strong yourself,” Mengmeng murmured.

“Now, the Sea Dragon Star Area is truly going to be peaceful again.”

“Son,” Zhang Guangyou came over and patted Zhang Han on the arm with a smile on his face.

“I didnt expect you to be so fierce.

You said you would defeat the eight families.

Then, you took them down in one day.”

“Its because I wanted to get over with this as soon as possible.

Come to think of it, New Years Eve is coming soon.” Zhang Han smiled.

“After the New Years Eve, Mengmeng will be 14 years old.

Shes becoming a big girl.”

Many people present looked quite emotional.

Those people included Li Hao, Yi Hou, some other elders, Mrs.

Li, Qingyan, who was Sect Leader Lis disciple, as well as Li Mu, Mo Wen, and Nina.

They were all thinking, “Come on, now is the time for marvels, for congratulations.

Zhang Hans just vanquished those in the Chaotic Region and created the most splendid legend in a thousand years.

We should definitely celebrate this for days.”

However, Zhang Han didnt seem to want to hold any celebrations.

Judging from his calm expression, it seemed that what he had achieved was merely insignificant.

But the others, such as Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Mu, and Chen Changqing, were not surprised, for they had long grown used to this.

In their eyes, Zhang Han was very lazy.

How lazy was he exactly As long as no one obstructed him from spending time with his family, he would not bother to take action.

But if one disturbed his peaceful life, one would have to face his horrible attacks.

The thought of it alone made people shiver in fear.

“There are still three days to go before New Years Eve.”

Rong Jiali checked the date and said, “My granddaughter is going to be one year older.

Time really flies.”


Im almost 1.6 meters tall,” Mengmeng said with a smile.

“Even when you turn 14, youre still a little girl,” Mu Xue glanced at Mengmeng and said.

Mengmeng wrinkled her nose and wanted to refute.

But then, she saw Mu Xues bulging breasts, her well-shaped butts, and the perfect figures of Zi Yan, Jiang Yanlan, and even Nina…


Im still quite different from a grown-up.”

As for Yue Xiaonao, Mengmeng did not even cast a glance at her.

After all, Yue Xiaonao was slightly plump.

“Senior Zhang, youre amazing! Youre invincible!”

Li Mu came over and flattered Zhang Han for quite a while.

At last, he said in a seemingly nonchalant tone, “Senior Zhang, you have performed a myriad of secret skills.

Uh, why didnt I see you cast the Heavenly Demon Sound”

He was indicating that he wanted to learn the Heavenly Demon Sound, but he was too embarrassed to directly ask Zhang Han to teach him.

The key was that Zhang Han might not agree to teach him even if he made the request.

Zhang Han smiled but didnt say anything.

The spaceships went into the secondary space.

Soon, they left the Chaotic Region.

“Where are we going” Li Hao asked.

“Shall we go to the Cloud Shadow Sky or the Dragon Base Star This place is relatively close to the Cloud Shadow Sky.

We should be able to get there in about a day.”

“The New Years Eve will come in three days.

We dont have enough time to go back,” Zhang Guangyou said.

Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “Then, lets go to a recreational planet.

I remember that there is a nice recreational planet in the Sea Spa Alliance, isnt there”

“Its the Haike Star,” Li Mu said.

“The recreational planet of the Sea Spa Alliance is the Haike Star, which is in the Eastern Heaven Star Area.

It is a planet famous for its high-tech recreational activities.

There are many interesting recreational venues on it.”

“Well, lets go there.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Were going to a recreational planet”

Mengmengs eyes lit up slightly.

Yue Xiaonao even cheered.

They were still young, so they liked playing very much.

Even Li Mu and Nina were quite interested in this recreational planet.

Nevertheless, they still had not overcome the shock that Zhang Han had brought to them.

It could be said that they had boarded the ship where the most powerful ones in the Sea Dragon Star Area were.

Nina still remembered that during that training on the Lost Continent, she and her clansmen were almost killed by a strange beast, that was a Snake-tailed Tiger in the Yuan Ying Realm.

But Uncle Zhang and the others miraculously descended from the sky and lent her a helping hand.

Nina also remembered the excited look on Mengmengs face when Mengmeng learned that she was an elf.

It was as if everything was fated.

“In less than a year, the entire Sea Dragon Star Area has prostrated itself before Uncle Zhang.

“Uncle Zhang is really incredibly powerful.”

Even Sect Leader Li, Mrs.

Li, Li Mu, Yi Hou, Mo Wen, and the others felt a surge of mixed emotions.

If it were at any other time, they would definitely congratulate Zhang Han and hold a grand celebration.

However, at this moment, everyone began to chat casually.

“Alright, lets just chat.”

Soon, they started to chat with the others as well.

They were most curious about how Zhang Han and his people would welcome the new year.

“What do you usually do when the new year comes” Li Hao asked in bewilderment, “Arent you supposed to grow a year older after your birthday”


Some people couldnt understand this, either.

Smiling, Zhang Guangyou explained, “In our country, there is a traditional difference between the nominal age and the real age.

We calculate the real age as you do.

But in terms of nominal age, one is a year older when the first day of the new year comes, while ones real age grows after ones birthday comes.

On our planet, in general, there are 12 months in a year.

Thats to say, there are 365 days in a year.

But a year here consists of 360 days.

In general, the difference is negligible.”

“Oh, so thats how it is,” Li Hao laughed.

“Then congratulations, everyone is going to be a year older.”

If one wanted to congratulate someone, one would find that anything was worth congratulating on.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, one could easily live for several hundred years.

Thus, the people here didnt mind seeing their age increase.

“Growing older doesnt really matter.

Its just one of our traditions to celebrate the new year,” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile.

“In our hometown, people go home to reunite with their family members on New Years Eve.

They sit at the same table, enjoy good food and wine…”

“Oh, I see! I see!” Li Hao suddenly cottoned on.

“The new year will come in three days.

“He is asking me to prepare wine, right”

“No, thats not what I meant.

Gee!” Zhang Guangyou patted his thigh.

“I really didnt mean that.”

“Now that Li Hao has thoughtfully come up with the idea…”

“I guess I have to trouble you again, haha.” Zhang Guangyou accepted Li Haos kind offer.

Rong Jiali watched this with resignation.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan also laughed.

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