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Zi Yan blinked her beautiful big eyes and gave Mengmeng a look.

“After we celebrate New Year, the school will start soon.”


Mengmeng was slightly taken aback.

“Oh, okay.”

All of a sudden, her high spirits ebbed a little.

“Compared with the wonderful Cultivation World, junior high… seems to be more and more boring.”

“Were still going to school”

Yue Xiaonao said, “My classmates are just a group of kids.

School life is not fun.

Can I not go to school”

“No,” Lisa replied.

“Then Ill make trouble for you,” Yue Xiaonao said unyieldingly.

“You cant make trouble.” Yue Wuwei couldnt do anything about it.

“You must go to school along with Mengmeng.

Dont even think about quitting school unless Mengmeng stops going to school.”

“Got it.” Yue Xiaonao snorted.

“Besides, going to junior high is also a kind of life experience, isnt it” Yue Wuwei said, “You have classmates to play with and help you.

How wonderful that is!”

“Forget it.

Every class lasts 40 minutes, while every break lasts only 10 minutes.

If you dont believe me, you can ask Nina.

Few like playing with us,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“Is that so” Yue Wuwei looked at Nina and winked at her several times with his right eye.

“Swish, swish!”

Yue Xiaonao and Mengmeng also turned to look at her.

Nina felt a little awkward.

“Senior Yue wants me to side with him.

But my two besties want me to speak up for them.

“Which side should I choose

“Of course, I should choose to side with the truth.”

“Students do help each other out, but those students in our school may be a little too naive because of their lack of life experience.

We have very few friends at school.


Looking at Yue Wuweis dark face, Nina lowered her voice and said, “What they teach us in school is very simple.

Nothing taught in class challenges me.”

“Did you hear that” Yue Xiaonao said smugly.

“Even so, you still have to go to school.

Look at Mengmeng.

She is modest and eager to learn.

Dont waste your energy on this useless thought,” Yue Wuwei said.

He didnt know that Mengmeng, who was next to him, was also considering this idea.

“It seems that on school days, I was absent-minded most of the time in class.

“The era of listening attentively in class has passed.”

Through preview, Mengmeng had learned most of the knowledge before class.

Now, she had already learned all the knowledge to be taught in the next semester.

Even if Mengmeng had to take the end-of-year exam of the second semester in the second grade of junior high, Mengmeng felt that she would still take the first place.

When Mengmeng was pondering, Zi Yan and Zhang Han looked at each other upon seeing her pensive expression.

Zhang Han didnt think much about it.

Zi Yan, on the other hand, was somewhat resigned.

As they learned more about the Cultivation World, some things were really getting further and further away from them.

Zi Yan still wanted Mengmeng to experience high school and university and even start a career on Earth.

Even so, she knew she couldnt repress Mengmengs thoughts.

Therefore, Zi Yan felt conflicted.

“Even though I cant repress her thoughts, I cant let her drop out of school and loaf around in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

“Forget it, lets leave the issue at where it is for now.

Mengmeng will get used to peaceful life again after staying at home for some time.”

After a series of major battles, the group also held a celebration for the great victory they had seized.

They had a hot pot meal and ate up almost all the ingredients Zhang Han brought.

Dahei and Little Hei had been eating all kinds of strange beasts in the past few days.

Judging by their auras, they would advance to the Yuan Ying Realm soon.

Their cultivation could be regarded as successful.

Dahei was getting more and more intelligent.

It ran to Zhang Han and gave him a thumbs-up.

“Oow, oow, oow, oow!”

It was saying, “Master, youre amazing!”

“Woof, woof.”

“Coo, coo.”

Tiny Tot came out of Mengmengs schoolbag.

It was still in the shape of a penguin.

Mengmeng gently rubbed and stroked it for a long time.

When they were having the hot pot, Mengmeng was a little distracted.

That night, after everyone went off to rest—

“Knock, knock, knock.”

There were very light knocks on the door.

Then, a low voice called, “Daddy Daddy Are you asleep”

“Not yet.

Why havent you turned in” Zhang Han asked with the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

“Looks like Mengmeng has something to talk to me.”

“Come here.

I… Well, I miss you.”

“Okay, your mother and I will go out in a minute,” Zhang Han replied, holding back his laughter.

The other side of the door fell silent.

After a long while, Mengmengs bitter snort was heard.

The little girl turned around and walked toward her room, counting in her head, “One, two, three, four…”

The door opened.

“Whats wrong” Zhang Han walked out with a smile.


Mengmeng looked cautiously into the bedroom with her big clear eyes.

She then drew Zhang Han to more than 10 meters away from the bedroom before whispering, “Is Mummy asleep”

“No,” Zhang Han said.

“Can she hear me”

“No,” Zhang Han said in amusement.

“Just tell me what is bothering you.

Theres nothing to worry about.”

“Okay.” Mengmeng thought for a moment and said, “I think the matter Xiaonao and Nina said today makes sense.

What do you think, Daddy”

“What matter” Zhang Han played dumb.

“Its boring to go to junior high.” Mengmeng pouted and said, “Every day, my classmates talk about nothing but which mobile game is fun, whether to play computer games together after school, which star is very handsome, and gossips.”

“So this is what youre talking about.” Zhang Han was “enlightened”.

“Yes, I think what they said is right.

We can skip grades.” Then, Mengmeng told Zhang Han about the idea she had come up with Yue Xiaonao and Nina through a discussion.

“We can skip grades.

If we pass the exams for a higher grade, we can skip a grade and earn a years rest.

When were old enough to go to senior high and college, we will go to school and experience the normal life again.”

“Thats quite reasonable.” Zhang Han nodded.

“You agreed” Mengmengs eyes lit up.



“But your mother doesnt agree.” Zhang Han fought back his laughter and said, “She is my boss at home.

My agreement is useless, so you still have to go to school.”

Zhang Han gave Mengmeng a blow right after he got her hopes high.

Mengmengs pretty face was full of resentment.

“Zhang Han, youve changed.”

Zhang Hans face darkened when he heard this familiar accusation.

“No, I havent.

I was just telling the truth.”

“Youve really changed.

In the past, you always tried to persuade Mummy.” Mengmeng sighed.

“Alas, Im going to be 14 years old soon.

I really want to date boys.

In our class…”

“Stop! Stop there!” Zhang Han had a headache.

He said in defeat, “Fine, Ill go talk to your mother, okay”


Mengmeng immediately laughed and snuggled up to Zhang Han as if she wanted to jump into his arms.

“Go away,” Zhang Han said, “Dont even think about dating.

Youre still a child.

Youre too young to date.

You have to keep a distance from boys.

Daddy is also a boy.

You should learn to establish boundaries with me first.

Dont hug me or anything.”

“You are my Daddy.

Why cant I hug you” Mengmeng said unhappily.

“Thats no excuse.

Males and females should keep a distance.

Apart from me, you cant get too close to grandfather, your great grandfather, uncles, and the like either.”

At this moment, Zhang Guangyou happened to pass by.

Hearing this, he glared at Zhang Han before returning to his room.

“Of course, its okay to hold hands with me and kiss me on the cheek.

But only I can kiss you, do you understand” Zhang Han couldnt help but remind Mengmeng again.

“You have to listen to me.

You are my only precious girl.

I cant let any other boy snatch you away from me.”

“Oh, that wont happen.” Mengmeng tugged at Zhang Hans arm and said, “Bend down and Ill give you a kiss.”

“Haha, sure.” Zhang Han bent down.

Mengmengs soft lips placed several kisses on his cheek.

His daughters kisses made him feel very warm.

“Dont forget to talk to Mummy,” Mengmeng reminded him.


Ill discuss this with her right away.”

“Will she agree”

“That depends.

Haha, lets talk about it later.” Zhang Han returned to his room, chuckling.

Mengmeng stood at the door and looked around for a while before going back.

“How is it Have they agreed” Yue Xiaonao asked nervously.

The success or failure of Mengmengs plan also decided whether Yue Xiaonao could get out of junior high school or not.


Daddys agreed.

But I dont know if Mummy will say yes,” Mengmeng muttered, “I think its unlikely.”

“Uncle Zhang cant persuade Aunty Zi” Nina asked curiously.

“Daddy cant help if Mummy has made up her mind.” Mengmeng blinked.

She seemed to be thinking about something.

When Nina heard this, her admiration for Zhang Han peaked.

“Uncle Zhang is a mighty cultivator.

But he still treats his wife and daughter so well at home.

This is unbelievable.”

From her observation, the rulers of a clan, such as the King of Elves and the Tiger God were either cultivating, battling, or governing their people.

They seldom showed love and care for their partners and children.

Still, Sect Leader Li treated Li Mu very well.

Leaning against the sofa, Nina started to miss her mother.

After Zhang Han went back to his bedroom, he immediately told Zi Yan about Mengmengs idea.

“Look, as I said, Mengmeng must be thinking about this.”

Zi Yan stroked her forehead and said, “The point is, if we settle down in the Sea Dragon Star Area, she will miss out on a lot of things.

Plus, after she fully explores the Sea Dragon Star Area, she will ask you to take her to other Star Areas to have fun.

Should we let her thoroughly join in the Cultivation World in this way”

“Well go back to Earth every now and then, of course.

Thats the Saint Warrior Planet.

Some places there have not been explored yet.

Some big secrets are also there waiting to be unraveled,” Zhang Han said with a serious look.

“The sealed Saint Warrior Planet is not as simple as it looks.

At the very least, the Bone Demon Field on the other side of the Light Gate is a highly advanced place.

There are other unfathomable places to explore, such as the Boundless Sea, the Northernmost Sea, and the ancient relics.”

After saying that, Zi Yan asked, “Honey, what do you think Tell me how you want to deal with this.”

“I think, well, actually, its normal for Mengmeng and the other girls to feel that way.

They have seen a lot and experienced a lot.

Thus, they will feel bored when they go back and continue to talk about games, celebrities, and gossips with their classmates.” Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “But skipping grades is not a very good solution.

I think we can suspend their schooling and only make them take the monthly exams.

If they still get good grades, they can continue to rest until the next monthly exam.

Or we can only make them take the mid-term and end-of-the-term exams in each semester.

What do you say”

“Its not bad.” Zi Yan pondered.

“Its like my college life,” Zhang Han said.

“I seldom stayed in the university.

When I had time, I went back to meet my classmates and take exams.”

“Junior high, senior high, college…” Zi Yan shook her head slightly and said, “Forget it.

Lets not think about it for the time being.

We can decide after we go back in a few days.”

“Come on, I have to give our daughter a definite answer.

Otherwise, she will say that I have changed,” Zhang Han said.

“I think your proposal is okay.

But the problem is that since this kind of journey takes a couple of months, Mengmeng wont be able to attend every monthly exam,” Zi Yan remarked.

“Then, she will just take the mid-term and the end-of-the-term exams.

Is that okay”


Youve clearly thought this through, so why did you ask me” Zi Yan rolled her eyes with resignation and added, “But dont tell Mengmeng about our decision.

Ill tell her myself.

Also, Mengmeng always comes to you for help.”

“Of course.

Shes my daughter.

Daughters like their daddies more.” Zhang Han smiled proudly.


Zi Yan pursed her lips and said, “Anyway, I wont always say no to Mengmeng anymore.

When Mengmeng grows up and has many pursuers in a few years, you can go turn them down by yourself.”

“Ah” Zhang Han was suddenly dumbfounded.

Then, his face became fierce.

“Id like to see which boy dares!”

One and a half days later, the spaceships leaped out from the secondary space and came to the Haike Star.

During this short time, the shocking news that Zhang Hanyang had wiped out eight of the 11 families in the Chaotic Region and established his domination there spread to all the major forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Not many people had gone to the Northernmost Star to watch that trial.

The majority had stayed in their respective forces during this period.

Thus, the masses were left open-mouthed when they learned that the overlords in the Sea Dragon Star Area had been replaced, and only three of the 11 families there had survived the turmoil.

Also, everyone heard that the representatives of the Green Stone Sect and the other sects who went off to watch the trial had been annihilated.

Those sects underlings, including elders, all packed up their luggage and fled in a hurry.

“Now that I cant afford to offend Zhang Hanyang, I shall just leave!”

Those people left the Sea Dragon Star Area.

They were afraid that Zhang Hanyang would kill them all.

No one paid any attention to those who fled.

With the disbandment of those sects, the former sect members and the planets they wanted to seize before now belonged to no one.

However, no other forces dared to take over those people or the planets.

Now, Zhang Hanyang was the only king.

Those in the Chaotic Region had become part of the history.

Most importantly, Zhang Hanayng was even able to suppress the families in the Chaotic Region.

Thus, who else dared to go against him

From now on, Zhang Hanyangs words were the law in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

At this time, the Thunder Kings reached the Haike Star.

The high-position officials of the Sea Spa Alliance were all shocked.

They began to tremble with fear.

“Zhang Hanyangs directed his butchers knife at us!

“Were doomed!”

When they learned that Zhang Hanyang and his people came here just to have fun, they felt like they had been given a second chance to live.

But they felt stressed at the same time.

The person in charge welcomed them in person.

On the Haike Star, there were the most basic recreational venues.

Just like the magic paradise on Mount New Moon, there were many thrilling and exciting activities here.

The largest electronic game center in the Sea Dragon Star Area was also here.

There were all kinds of recreational facilities in it.

In addition to these, there were also places for racing Dragon Horses, only that the fields were much inferior to those on the Dragon Horse Star.

The recreational area covered more than 50 percent of the surface of the planet.

Their first stop was the amusement park.

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and even Li Mu all went there to play.

Zi Yan and Zhang Han also tried some rides in the amusement park.

It was not until nearly noon that they went to the restaurant to have lunch.

There were all kinds of ingredients, many of which they had never seen before.

The ingredients were all of different flavors.

They considered some of them too bizarre to eat, but they saw many other people eat those with relish.

After the meal, Yi Hou came to Zhang Han and said, “Senior Zhang, the forces on the Dal Star have been destroyed.

The construction on the Lost Continent has kicked off.

We have taken over many other planets, including those the Green Stone Sect seized.

Weve allocated those to Uncle Liu.”


Zhang Han nodded slightly.

After deliberating for a moment, he said, “By the way, since the construction on the Lost Continent has begun… lets rebuild Dal Star too.

After all, its very close to the Lost Continent.

Uncle Liu, turn the Dal Star into a recreational planet.”

“A recreational planet Okay,” Liu Qingfeng answered.

“To build a recreational planet needs a huge amount of investment.

So far, we have reaped massive gains in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Our reserves of crystal stones and resources are also abundant.

If we invest some of them in the rebuilding of the Dal Star, the overall progress of our plan will slow down a little.”

“Its no big deal.

Take your time.

Your plan cant be completed in a short time anyway.” Zhang Han smiled.

He didnt care much about these things.


Well, as for the low-grade crystals produced by the Kings Domain, how about we consider those the companys money and use them on the companys projects” Liu Qingfeng inquired.

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

Then, he said, “The recreational area were going to build on the Dal Star shall be on a larger scale.

I want it to be like this one here.

Oh, by the way, isnt the Beast-reining Sect on the Dragon Horse Star Recruit workers from them to build a zoo.

Also, plant some ornamental plants here.

Lets remold the whole planet.

Put some thoughts in designing the layout of the buildings and the like.”


Xiao Ling, make 10 different plans for this project.

Han will pick one of the plans, then, well start the construction,” Liu Qingfeng said, waving his hand.

With a few words, the discussion of the project on the Dal Star was settled.

Doubtlessly, Zhang Han wanted to build this recreational venue specially for Mengmeng.

An amusement park was indispensable to turn the Dal Star into a recreational planet.

There should also be botanical gardens, square gardens, and so on.

Xiao Ling quickly recorded the relevant information in her notebook.

When it came to any issue that concerned Mengmeng, all the people on the job would redouble their effort.

Seeing this, Li Hao, Mo Wen, and the others all shook their heads and laughed despite themselves.

By this point, they had gained a preliminary understanding of Mengmengs status in the team, which was even higher than Zhang Hans.

“All kinds of construction plans can now be put into motion.”

Liu Qingfeng and Li Hao began to chat casually.

“Thats right.

After this battle, how could any forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area dare to raise objections to our projects”

“I like one of the remarks you said very much.

The world will split up after a long period of unity, and vice versa.

After the war, the world will enjoy a long period of peace again.”

Li Mu also echoed, “I can even picture the Cloud Shadow Sky restaging its previous glory again.”

“Restaging its previous glory Maybe it will.”

Zhang Han thought for a moment.

A long time ago, Sect Leader Ning and the eight elders were already all in the God Transformation Realm.

Later, Zhang Han came back several times and gave them instructions several times.

Now that a thousand years had passed in the Cultivation World, logically speaking, they might have all reached the Void-refining Realm or even the Integration Realm.

As for the time of cultivation one needed, Zhang Han found it rather bewildering.

The time everyone needed in cultivation varied because everyones talent was different.

Zhang Han felt that he was also ordinary in his previous life.

However, in just five hundred years, he reached the ninth tier of the Tribulation Stage and became a figure standing at the top of the social pyramid.

In the Cultivation World, this speed was incredible.

He could rank among the 100 cultivators who progressed fastest over the past 10,000 years.

According to the history books, the fastest cultivator was the one who made it to the ninth tier of the Tribulation Stage within 37 years since he started cultivating.

But that cultivator took the Heaven Road and went off to one of the higher worlds.

But when Zhang Han reached the ninth tier of the Tribulation Stage, he got killed instead.

“The Divine Thunder over the Sky…”

Thinking about it, Zhang Han felt very grateful now.

“Its all thanks to the Divine Thunder over the Sky that Ive had such a wonderful life.”

Zhang Han laughed in his head.

“Divine Thunder over the Sky, next time I see you, Ill properly thank you.

Then, I will gently devour you!”

Well, that was how men thought.

“I wonder where that group of old fellows are.

If they see me now, they will be scared out of their wits.”

Zhang Han thought about it and found it a bit funny as well as a little strange.

Logically, as many people knew who Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord was, those people were supposed to have heard of Han Yang Immortal as well.

However, the Grand Master of the Bai family didnt seem to know who Han Yang Immortal was at all.

Zhang Han had also read a few historical books in this Star Area.

Yet, there was no record of Han Yang Immortal.

“Could it be that this world has already forgotten Han Yang Immortal Or is it because this Star Area is at a low level Perhaps Han Yang Immortals name only resounds like thunder in the ears of those in Astral Domains or more advanced places”

Zhang Han had some doubts.

“Could it be that Han Yang Immortals deeds can no longer be found in this world Have they been erased

“Thats impossible.”

Zhang Han was shocked by his own thought.

“Even if that mysterious master of Yue Wuweis is from a higher world, no matter how powerful he is, he cant possibly influence the entire Cultivation World with his will, can he

“When I get back, Ill go to the bottom of the Northernmost Sea to meet that masters will.”

Zhang Han shelved his jumbled thoughts.

He had decided to first see how things would go when he went to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province in the future.

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