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“How pompous that woman is!” Liu Qingfeng commented inwardly.

After that, Liu Qingfeng returned to his office and cleared his mind.

He opened the map of the Sea Dragon Star Area and continued to study it while giving orders from time to time.

Earth, which was the originally powerful Saint Warrior Planet, was still in the Cultivation Ending Period.

The spiritual Qi on Earth was running out.

This planet was under stern suppression.

In the headquarters of Mengmeng Group in Xiangjiang…


Sun Dongheng, who was sitting with ankles on knees in the office, whistled at his phone.

“Didnt I tell you Im very busy after becoming the CEO.

Wow! Brother An, thank you for buying me so many virtual gifts.

Its the most expensive one! Youre so rich!”

Sun Dongheng was doing a live stream in his office, which was quite unique in the live streaming industry.

However, his popularity was very high.

He did live streams once or twice a month.

Moreover, many reports had talked about Sun Dongheng, such as “A Way for a Loser to Rise to Prominence” and “How to Turn an Online Celebrity into an Entrepreneur”.

Sun Dongheng started doing live streams as the son of a rich family.

Then, he tapped into the movie and television industry and backed out right after he became a first-rate star.

About a year later, he suddenly became the CEO of a group.

The group under his control was worth hundreds of billions.

Many peoples eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets when they heard about that.

However, what was kind of admirable was that Sun Dongheng kept doing live streams and had gained many fans, even though he did live streams much less frequently.

“Brother An, why did you buy me so many virtual gifts Huh Do you want to bribe me so that Ill introduce you to Boss Zi No, I dont dare to introduce anyone to him at will.

Boss Zi is in a high position.

He runs his own company.

Although he is not very famous, he is very powerful.”

“He wants me to introduce him to Zi Qiang

“Are you kidding me Zi Qiang is the father of Lady Boss!”

When Sun Dongheng had just become the CEO of Mengmeng Group, he visited Zi Qiang several times and asked him to be the CEO instead.

Sun Dongheng really didnt like to be a CEO.

However, Zi Qiang had no time for the job.

Besides, there were few major affairs in the Mengmeng Group.

Thus, Sun Dongheng braced himself and took the job.

Later, he found that being a CEO was actually very easy.

His daily routine was to read letters of intent on cooperation and give them to his subordinates to analyze.

Then, he would hold meetings and make decisions after discussion.

That was all.

In the middle of the live stream, Sun Donghengs mobile phone rang.

After he picked it up, his eyes widened.

“Lady Boss and the others are back

“Yes! Sure! Ill be right there!

“Dudes, I have to end this live stream now.

I gotta go somewhere else.”


After shutting off the lives stream, Sun Dongheng ran out quickly and waited in the hall for half a minute.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and another man that he did not know came over.

“Hahaha, Lady Boss, you are finally back!” Sun Dongheng called in surprise.

“Lady Boss, is this the office building Its shabby,” Li Mu looked around and whispered.

“Shabby” Sun Dongheng was stunned.

“Buddy, this office building is the fanciest kind on Earth.

But you say its shabby.

Are you from another planet”

“Ahem, excuse me, Im really from another planet.

Well, hello, Im Li Mu from the Cloud Shadow Sky,” Li Mu greeted Sun Dongheng.

“Pfft… Cough, cough.”

Sun Dongheng was unattentive at first.

But after hearing Li Mus words, he choked on his saliva.

Seconds later, he hurriedly reached out his hand and said, “Hello, welcome.”


Sun, could you please call a meeting” Zi Yan said teasingly.

“Lady Boss, dont be so polite to me.” Sun Dongheng forced a smile and said, “Dont talk like that.

Im embarrassed.”

“All right, lets get down to business,” Zhou Fei said straightforwardly.


Sun Dongheng quickly ran back and told his secretary, “Inform all departments of the entertainment company that well have a meeting in the conference room on the ninth floor in ten minutes.”

Since they were the only ones in the conference room at the moment, Sun Dongheng took the initiative to ask, “Lady Boss, has my dad come back”


He is busy with the affairs in the Sea Dragon Star Area,” Zi Yan said.

“By the way, if youre not busy these days, you can take Li Mu on tours to help him familiarize himself with the environment here.”

“No problem.

Leave it to me,” Sun Dongheng said.

“Brother Li, Ill take you out to have fun tonight.”

“Thank you.” Li Mu nodded.

“How has the company been these two months” Zhou Fei asked.

“Its been great.

Like before, with each contract we sign, we make a lot of money.

The price we charge is more than 30% higher than that of other companies.

Contracts still keep coming in.

During the past two months, our total profit is 1.2 billion yuan.

The net profit is 320 million yuan.

The year-on-year growth is 5%,” Sun Dongheng reported.

“I just saw the blonde who was with you.

You changed your secretary” Zhou Fei raised her eyebrows and probed.

“Well…” Sun Dongheng grinned and said, “My former secretary is on pregnancy leave, so I switched to the blonde.”

“She isnt carrying your baby, is she” Zhou Fei asked suspiciously.

“How can it be Even a fly preys farthest from his hole.” Sun Dongheng hastily defended himself.

In a hurry, Sun Dongheng mistakenly used the word “fly” other than “fox”, which caused Zi Yan to chuckle.

A few minutes later, the heads of all the departments of the Purple Moon Entertainment Company arrived for the meeting.

“Hello, Lady Boss.”

The people greeted Zi Yan one after another.

“Well, this meeting is about the video I sent last time.

Its the primary version of the film were making.” Zi Yan fetched out a hard disk and said, “The video is five hours long and needs to be edited in every minute detail.

The musical effects and language classification have been completed.

Everyone, please work hard these days.

We need to make the final version of the film and set a date for its release as soon as possible.”


“You can check this video out first,” Zhou Fei said, “Im going shopping with Elder Sister Yan.

Call me if theres anything you dont understand.”

After informing the subordinates, Zhou Fei and Zi Yan took their leave.

After they were back on the street, Zhou Fei finally took a deep breath.

“Well, this air still smells the same.”

“Today is Friday.

Lets go shopping for two hours.

Then, Chen Chuan will be off school,” Zi Yan glanced at her watch and suggested.

“Alas, I havent seen him for two months.

I miss him so much.

Next time, I wont go there unless I take him with me,” Zhou Fei said.

“Mengmeng even doesnt want to go to school anymore.

The number of times she goes out to play will increase.

How about you let Chen Chuan quit school as well” Zi Yan blinked and said.

After thinking for a while, Zhou Fei still couldnt make up her mind.

She said, “If so, my boy will laugh all day long.

I dont know what to do.

Ill let Qingqing decide.”

After that, the two went shopping.

In the conference room, the movie began to play.

Li Mu watched with great interest.

The others were highly shocked.

Five hours passed in the blink of an eye.

“Oh my god, how can we edit this”

“Each second of it is extremely precious.”

“Its like a work of art.”

“Its really shocking.

The role our boss played is so powerful.”

“So were the roles of Mr.

Feng and the others.”

“They were generals in this war.

Chairman Liu and Sect Leader Li were the advisors.

Their plan on the Principal Battlefield was really brilliant.”

“Hu Tianshan was definitely a hero of his generation.

He was amazing.

Both sides had foreseen four or five moves the other side would make ahead of time.

Hu Tianshan already knew that he would lose on the Principal Battlefield.

Thus, he wasted so much of their strength to make other plans in the Sea Central Star Area.

That was terrifying!”

“This movie also contains a lot of foreshadowing.

For example, who was the clown known as the Demonic Ghost King.

Which force did he belong to The special effect in the movie is really cool.

If it werent for the sake of the special effect, in fact, the role of the clown could have been removed.”

“I dont agree.

Its because of the appearance of the clown that the war between the two forces intensified, and most of the strategies of the two sides became empty talk, which led to the final battle.

I like the clown known as the Demonic Ghost King very much.

This is the most brilliant part.

Otherwise, if such a large-scale war dragged on, it could only be presented as a TV soap opera.”

“Then, how should we edit it There are indeed many sound effects we can add.

But editing is quite a challenge.”

“Its really difficult.

What should we do”

These employees were deeply troubled.

But the managers of other departments were all smiling.

“Alas, the job for our promotion department is easy.

Its such a great movie.

Tut-tut, everyone, Ill go back and arrange the promotion first.”

“You people in the production department must be having a headache.

We people in the marketing department are leaving anyway.”

After the meeting was over, some were happy while others were worried.

They were happy because they all thought that this movie would become a hit around the globe.

It would bring them fame, fortune, and numerous prizes.

What worried them was how to edit the five-hour-long movie.

But no matter how difficult it was, the employees had to bite the bullet.

They must shorten the current video by half at least.

Sun Dongheng led Li Mu out of the company.

On the way, the two kept chatting.

“The movie you made is really bad*ss.”

“Whats bad*ss” Li Mu was taken aback.

“I mean that its awesome.”

“Oh, okay, its the local phrase here, right Ill use this word when I see Senior Zhang again.” Li Mu smiled.

“Ahem, okay.

Lets go to Mount New Moon for dinner first and then go out to have fun in the evening.”

After coming back, Li Mu immediately bowed to Zhang Han with his hands folded in front and said, “Senior Zhang, you are really bad*ss! You are the greatest bad*ss!”


A figure quickly zoomed past Mount New Moon in the air.

Chen Chuan had been back for quite a while.

He was very happy to see Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei.

After he spent a long while catching up with his parents, Chen Chuan ran to Mengmengs side and followed her about.

Of course, Chen Chuan was also clingy to Nina.

Chen Chuan also knew that he could not hold hands with Sister Mengmeng.

Otherwise, his Uncle Zhang would spank him.

But he was allowed to hold hands with Nina.

With the return of the group, Mount New Moon was lit with joy again.

This place became very lively.

Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu were in a good mood.

Zi Qiang drank too much again.

He said in a loud voice that he would go out with them together if it was possible, for running the company here did not take much time.

Patriarch Liang and others also came over.

After learning that Liang Hao was still in the Sea Dragon Star Area, they all sighed with emotion.

They also knew that they might be able to visit the Sea Dragon Star Area at some time in the future.

After they returned to their territory, Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot patrolled around the back mountain a few times.

Dahei gave the other two a look.

Little Hei immediately went over to catch a cow and ran to the place in the depths of the forest where they often had barbecues.

After a while, puffs of smoke rose to the air.

They had a barbecue feast again.

Zhang Hans group also had a particularly lively dinner.

They drank wine, enjoyed meat, and chatted to their hearts content.

Two days passed in a flash.


Our plan didnt work,” Mengmeng glanced at Yue Xiaonao in resignation and said.

“Never mind.

Lets just go to school.” Yue Xiaonao curled her lips and said, “But school is so boring.”

“I think its okay.

At least, we can chat with our classmates,” Nina said with a smile.

School life was leisurely to Nina.

She considered it relaxing and carefree.

“Yes.” Mengmeng was a little listless.

She also missed Li Muen and her other friends.

“Dont be disheartened.”

Seeing them like this, Zhang Han said with amusement, “What if one day your luck picks up If it were me, I would start to study the next semesters courses or even the courses set for the third year of junior high.

If you have good grades, it wont matter whether you attend classes every day or not.

Your mother insists that you should go to school mainly because she wants you to know how life in high school and college is.

School life is actually great.”

“Really” Mengmengs eyes lit up.

Then, she looked at Zhang Han suspiciously and asked, “Daddy, did Mommy promise us anything in return”

“Now Ive taken the matter into my hands, how can your mummys will not be bent a little” Zhang Han chuckled and added, “Good news will come soon.

You need to go to school these days.

Try to learn the knowledge ahead of the schools schedule.

Daddy will go on a trip for a couple of days.

Your mummy will send you to school tomorrow.”

“Where are you going” Mengmeng was taken aback.

“Ill make a trip to the Northernmost Sea.”

“Daddy, I want to go with you.” Even though Mengmeng was 14 years old, she was still very clingy.

“If so, you should think about this carefully,” Zhang Han said.

“Your mummy hasnt agreed to that matter yet.”

“All right.” Mengmeng immediately said, “Well go to school as you told us to.

Daddy, be careful when youre out by yourself.

Come back as soon as possible, or Ill start to miss you.”

“Of course.”

Zhang Han laughed softly and said, “Ill go there with Elder Yue.

Nothing can happen to me.

Ill be back in a couple of days.

The trip wont last more than five days.”

“Okay.” Mengmeng pouted.

She had become a big girl after all.

When she was little, Zhang Han couldnt go out at all, or she would cry.

“Weve arrived at school.

Lets hurry up and ask Teacher Bai for the textbooks for this term as well as those for the next year.

The faster we learn, the sooner we can go out to play,” Yue Xiaonao said anxiously.

“Daddy, come home soon.”

Before getting out of the car, Mengmeng reminded Zhang Han again and again.

Zhang Han was both happy and emotional to see the little girl being so clingy to him.

“My girl, I like that you cant bear to part with me!”

Sitting in the car, Zhang Han watched Mengmeng and the other two girls enter the campus with a smile on his face.

“Huh Hey! Hey! Are you moving or not Dont block the way, okay”

The driver of the black BMW X5 behind Zhang Hans car lowered the car window and shouted at him grumpily.

The corner of Zhang Hans mouth twitched.

Then, he started the car and drove away.

After Zhang Han came back to Mount New Moon, he set off with Yue Wuwei for the Northernmost Sea in the Kings Domain.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were busy with the production of the new movie these days.

After returning from the Sea Dragon Star Area, they began to live ordinary urban life.

Those who rarely enjoyed the life here in the past all felt that it was interesting again.

On the campus, Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Nina scurried to the teachers office.

“Hello, Teacher Bai.”

“Morning, Teacher Bai!”

The three of them greeted Bai Yilin.

“Hello, girls, how was your vacation” Bai Yilin asked beamingly.

Of these three little girls, Mengmengs grades ranked first in both her class and her grade.

Nina always ranked second.

Yue Xiaonao had also made it to the top 10.

These girls had not only good grades but also good looks.

Seeing the envious expressions of other teachers, Bai Yilin felt very happy.

However, what Yue Xiaonao said next shattered Bai Yilins happiness.

“Teacher, we want to suspend our schooling.”

“Pfft… What did you say” Bai Yilins eyes widened in shock.

“No, were not suspending our schooling,” Mengmeng explained, “its just that we wont attend classes, but well come for exams.

Recently, we still take classes.

Well study the knowledge of this semester and that of the next semester by ourselves.”


Bai Yilin was overwhelmed by what they said.

The other teachers in the office were also shocked.

“Whats going on”

Even two teachers who were busy with work put down their pens and looked up at Mengmeng and the other two.

Everyone in this office knew Mengmeng.

After all, Mengmeng always ranked first in the grade.

Who wouldnt pay attention to her Plus, she was very attractive, too.

“What do you mean How can you stop attending school You are still so young.

No, no, how can you do this”

Bai Yilin immediately shook his head, not even considering the idea.

He opened his vacuum cup and drank up the water in it.

After calming down, he sighed and remarked, “Why do you come up with such an idea Do you feel uncomfortable in class Dont make the decision recklessly.

Talk to me first.”

“Its not because of that.

I like our class and enjoy the time in school.

But we have something to do outside school.

Yet, we dont want to fall behind in school.

Thus, we came up with this idea,” Mengmeng replied.

“Do… do your parents know about this”

“Yes,” Yue Xiaonao answered immediately.

“They agreed” Bai Yilin was rather skeptical.

“How can their parents agree to this Theyre still very young.

How can they stop going to school”

“You are all excellent students with good grades.

In more than a year, you will take the senior middle school entrance examination.

With your grades, you wont have any problem getting admitted to the senior high of the First Middle School.

With another three-year hard work, youll take the college entrance exam.

You can not only apply for the universities in Xiangjiang but also those in Shang Jing.

Therefore, dont tell me youre dropping out of school to see the big world outside.

I will not allow that,” Bai Yilin advised earnestly.

Ninas lips quivered slightly.

She thought to herself, “Teacher Bai, youre right.

In fact, were really going to see the big world outside.”

Bai Yilin thought that he had persuaded the three little girls.

He made a mental note that he must correct such dangerous ideas they had in their future years in school.

But to Bai Yilins dismay—

“Teacher Bai, our parents have all agreed,” Yue Xiaonao said casually.


Bai Yilin was dumbstruck.

“Dont lie to me.

Ill call your parents and check,” said Bai Yilin.

“What I said is true.

Call my dad now if you dont believe me.

He may still be in a place that signals can reach,” Yue Xiaojie said.

Therefore, Bai Yilin made the phone call.

“His phone is off.

Then, Ill call Mr.


“His phone is also powered off.

Now, Ill call Mrs.


“Teacher Bai!” Mengmengs face changed.

“Oh no, Mummy hasnt agreed yet.

But, at least, she has learned about this.”

While Mengmeng was hesitating, Bai Yilin dialed Zi Yans number.

“Hello, Mrs.


Zhang Yumeng is at school… Well, she didnt make trouble.”

Hearing this, Mengmengs face darkened.

“Mom, you make it sound like I often make trouble at school!”

Mengmeng didnt know that Bai Yilin had called Zhang Han many times because of the Cloud Shadow Club Mengmeng founded.

“Well, here is the thing.

Zhang Yumeng has a very immature idea.

I think I need to talk about it with you.

After all, childrens education and growth are of the most importance.”

Bai Yilin hesitated for a moment, but he didnt stand up and walk out of the office.

He decided to make the call in front of the girls.


“Huh Will this really work If their grades fall behind, it will have a great impact.

“Have you really thought it through What, what should I do I dont think I can make the decision.

“The headmaster already approved OK, what about now Okay, okay, I see.”

Then, Bai Yilin hung up the phone.

His face was rather stiff.

His expression was a little dull.



Bai Yilin wanted to speak yet stopped on second thought.

Then, he heaved with several sighs.

At last, he said, “You can go back to your classroom.”


Teacher Bai, see you later.”

The girls walked out of the office.

After that, the other teachers posed questions in curiosity.

“Is what they said true How come their parents have agreed to this”

“Teacher Bai, did you find out exactly what their parents thought about this on the phone”

“Zhang Yumeng ranks first in the grade.

Nina and Yue Xiaonao are also top students.

Most importantly, they are only about 14 years old.

If they dont attend school, what else can they do Todays parents are not doing their job.”

The teachers in the office gave various comments on this issue.

In the face of their questions, Bai Yilin sighed deeply.

“They are indeed going to suspend their schooling.

But the good thing is that they will come back to take all the exams.”

“In that case, can they still keep up with the other students” a female teacher asked.


If they cant do well in exams, they will start to take classes again.

But I think they can all get good grades.

Thats the current plan.

Even the headmaster has approved of this.

How can I say no” Bai Yilin shook his head and felt rather helpless.

After Mengmeng and the other two left the office…

“Wow, Mengmeng, your mother has agreed!” Yue Xiaonao said excitedly.

“Now that your mother has said yes, no one will object to this!”


Mengmeng smiled happily.

She was also surprised that her mummy had given her consent on this so quickly.

After thinking for a while, Mengmeng took out her mobile phone and smiled happily.

She faced the camera on the phone and puckered up her lips, as though she was giving out kisses.

“Mwah, mwah, mwah…”

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