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“Humph, I kicked you because you misbehaved.

Im telling you, dont bother my dear Nina,” Mengmeng snorted.

“Arent we all on the same team” Chen Chuan said with uncertainty.

“No, youre not one of us.

We girls are a team.

Go away, or we wont take you with us on this trip.” Mengmeng waved her little hand.

“Well, Ill behave myself,” Chen Chuan promised in a hurry.

“Look, you made Nina blush,” Yue Xiaonao said nonchalantly.

As these words came out, Ninas face reddened even more.

From the corner of her eyes, Nina looked at the expressions of the people around her.

Zhou Fei was a little stunned at first.

But then, she scrutinized Nina with a meaningful look in her eyes.

“Alas, what can I do with my son” Chen Changqing shook his head with amusement.

After pondering for two seconds, Zhou Fei said, “Mengmeng, dont kick Chen Chuan if this happens next time.

If Chen Chuan really marries Nina when he grows up, you and Nina will be able to stay together forever, right”

“Huh” Mengmeng was taken aback.

“It seems so.”

“Feifei, you…” Chen Changqing rubbed his forehead with embarrassment.

“Its okay for the children to joke about it.

But why do you seem tempted by this idea as well

“Anyway, Nina is a good girl.

She is also the Queen of Elves.

Its just that Chen Chuan is too young to date.”

After some deliberation, Chen Changqing decided to give no comment on this.

Originally, he planned to let Chen Chuan be suspended from school as Mengmeng and the other two girls did.

He and Zhou Fei had also studied this issue for a long time.

The war in the Sea Dragon Star Area had ended.

Plus, Chen Chuan had been to the Sea Dragon Star Area once before.

But because of the last trip, Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei didnt get to see Chen Chuan for two months.

They could not bear to leave him behind this time.

Therefore, after doing some careful thinking, they made that decision.

“Boss! Lady Boss!”

Even Sun Mings wife and many of the family members of the executives of the company in the Sea Dragon Star Area would also go on this trip.

So would Lord Dong Gu and some others who had wanted to visit the Sea Dragon Star Area.

There was no way to talk them out of it anyway.

When that group of people returned last time, Lord Dong Gu found out that their strength had almost caught up to his.

That scared him.

He felt that someone would soon supplant him and become a new magnate.

Thus, he was in no mood to take charge of the rear base.

Lord Dong Gu didnt really care if he was a magnate or not.

However, he could not stand being surpassed by his former subordinates.

In addition, it was said that Lord Nan Shan was about to break through to the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

“Pfft, pfft, pfft…”

The others achievements stung Lord Dong Gus hearts in succession.

He almost went to Zhang Han to complain tearfully.

This time, those whod returned wanted to go out again.

Lord Dong Gu and the many Real Kings under his leadership were also asking to go on this trip.

It was roughly estimated that the number of people going on this trip was around five hundred thousand.

The spaceships they had were not enough to carry so many people.

Therefore, Yue Wuwei had gone to the Sea Dragon Star Area a couple of days ago and brought back a large batch of spaceships.

At this time, all the people were gathered together, waiting for Yue Wuwei to come back.

After waiting for a while, Yue Xiaonao ran out of patience.

She ran up to Lisa and asked, “When will Dad come back”

“In a few moments.” Lisa checked the time and replied, “He said he should be back at half-past seven.

He should be here soon.”

As soon as she finished speaking—


A figure flew over from afar.

It was Yue Wuwei.

“Im back.

The Ancient Mine is almost ready.

Lets go there,” Yue Wuwei said.

He had brought back a large number of flying ships.

Many people in the Kings Domain had long waited in the Ancient Mine.

At this moment, they were queuing up to enter the spaceships.

This was many peoples first time to have seen spaceships.

They couldnt help marveling.

“How big those flying machines are!”

“These are spaceships! Were also going to the Sea Dragon Star Area!”

“I feel so good! Ill make a breakthrough as soon as Im in space.

When I see Lord Nan Shan, I must spar with him,” Lord Dong Gu thought to himself.

If Lord Nan Shan was stronger than him, well, he would not go back to the Kings Domain but stay in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

At the same time, Lord Dong Gu also sighed with emotion.

During the war in the Kings Domain, he and Lord Nan Shan almost died.

Who would have thought that Liu Qingfeng, Zhang Hanyang, and the others would rescue them Later, they followed Zhang Hanyangs leadership.

Now, they were even able to go to the Cultivation World.

On Mount New Moon.

“One ring and one necklace for each of you.

Wear them all the time when youre in the Cultivation World.”

Zhao Feng, Xu Yong, and other members of the security group were handing out packages to everyone.

The packages contained two types of defensive treasures.

After all, among the travelers, there were some ordinary people.

Most of the travelers were martial artists at or even below the Qi Strength Level.

They hadnt even crossed the threshold of becoming a cultivator.

Those people were the relatives tagging along.

Thus, to be safe, they needed to wear some protective treasures.

“Thank you.”

After learning that these were treasures refined by Zhang Han, these people were very happy and wore them with excitement.

After that, they entered the aircraft.

The magnificent Blue Butterfly was still the most popular aircraft.

Yue Wuwei, Zhang Han, Li Mu, Nina, and the others were all waiting before the Blue Butterfly.

The aircraft Zi Yan bought had barely been in use, which was parked aside.

“Its really great to be a star.

When I go shopping, many people come to take photos with me, haha!” Li Mu laughed and said, “However, I cant enjoy this kind of pleasure when I go back.

Being a star here is a really special experience.

Also, the relics are more amazing.

There are so many treasures in those relics.

Ive been to three relics these days.

To my surprise, I even found fifth-tier treasures there!”

“Dont make a fuss.” Mu Xue rolled her eyes.

“Mengmeng, we dont have to do homework this time as we travel,” Chen Chuan said, who had snuggled up to Mengmeng.

“Oh, yes, we dont have to.

Still, we have to study.

If you fail your exam, you cant go out with us next time,” Mengmeng replied casually.

“My grades are good,” Chen Chuan said, “I ranked second in my class last time.”

“Wow! Hadnt you been struggling to get to the top 10” Mengmeng said in a slightly surprised tone.

“I studied hard this time.”

While they were talking and laughing, the aircraft took off and flew along the same route as before.

They flew across the secular world, the Kun Xu World, the Ancient Mine Plain, and the Hidden Dragon Land.

They went all the way to the south.

At the seaside, they saw countless spaceships of the Dark Shadow Clan, which were also heading for the seaside.

The majestic troop had aroused some exclamations.

Soon, they entered the Thunder King.

“I forgot to tell you something.”

The group went to a comfortable lounge.

When they just sat down, Yue Wuwei glanced at Nina and said, “Nina, some Dark Elves asked to see you.

They had waited on the Lost Continent for a month.

They didnt leave until the day before yesterday.”

“Dark Elves”

Everyone was slightly stunned.

“Daddy, who are Dark Elves Do they look different from Nina” Mengmeng asked.

“Dark Elves look almost the same as Nina.

But they look more like us.

Their pupils are black, and their ears are always surrounded by black mists.

The Elf Clan has various branches.

Dark Elves are akin to the dark side.

They are fighters of the Elf Clan.

They also know a lot of incantations,” Zhang Han explained.

“No Dark Elves lives in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Where did those Dark Elves come from Why did they come to see me” Nina was confused.

“Those people didnt tell us why.

An elf in that group who looked quite young handed a jade slip to the person in charge of the Lost Continent and told him to give it to you when you came back,” Yue Wuwei said.

“Well know the details when we see the jade slip,” Zi Yan said.

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

Following the old route, the Thunder King flew into the space passage.

At this time, everyone knew they were about to enter the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The place where they landed was still near the Lost Continent.

“System, contact the person in charge of the Lost Continent,” Zhang Guangyou said.

“Initiate the call.”

“The calls been put through.”

To everyones surprise, the person in charge of the Lost Continent was Elder Yi Hou.

He had been here supervising the project in person.

Now, after more than a month of construction, the rough outlines of the buildings could be seen.

The New Moon City in the middle was particularly distinct.

It was like a beautiful backyard garden.

The large building in the center was the headquarters of the Heavenly Group.

“Senior Zhang, Senior Yue!” Yi Hous figure appeared.

He immediately greeted the group.

“Youre the person in charge here” Yue Wuwei said.

“I heard that some Dark Elves had…”


Before Yue Wuwei could finish his words, Yi Hou answered, “Several Dark Elves had come here.

I dont know the details.

But a female Dark Elf entrusted me to hand a jade slip to Princess Nina.

A few days ago, I went to escort some transport spaceships, so I didnt catch up with Senior Yue.

Shall I send it over to you now”

“Okay, bring it here.” Yue Wuwei nodded.

A moment later, an aircraft entered the Thunder King.

Yi Hou strode over and handed a jade slip to Nina.

Nina took it and channeled her soul sense into it.

It was originally no big deal.

Everyone was still chatting with each other.

For instance, Li Mu was even arguing with Xu Yong.

Others were all about the same.

They didnt think that the fact that some elves were looking for Nina was worth their attention.

However, seconds later—


The jade slip shattered.

Nina suddenly staggered.

Her face was as pale as chalk, but her eyes were glinting with hope.

She seemed extremely excited.

Even her hands and legs were trembling.

“Whats wrong, Nina”

Mengmeng was taken aback.

Yue Xiaonao also stopped fooling around with Chen Chuan.

Even Chen Chuan was a little confused.

He asked in a clear voice, “What happened, Nina Dont cry…”

Under everyones gaze, tears streamed down Ninas cheeks.

“I, I… Boo-hoo…”

As soon as she spoke, her tears fell even faster.

“Nana, did something bad happen” Zi Yan hurried to Ninas side and gently caressed her back.

In a soft voice, she said, “Dont worry.

If you have problems, just tell us.

We and the elders are all here to help you.”

That remark manifested that Zi Yan and the other adults had regarded Nina as their junior.

“I… Aunt Zi, my mother is still alive.

She is still alive.” Ninas emotion was a little out of control.

She said through her sobs, “She is still alive…”

“This is great news.”

Everyone was stunned.

Next, they understood that Nina was shedding tears of joy.

They all started to comfort Nina.

“Dont cry, Nina.

We should celebrate.”

“Thats right, Nina.

Your face is covered with tears.

How can you meet your mother like this”

“I never thought we would hear such good news as soon as we came back.”

“So, your mother is back.

Is she on the Roland Star”

With their comforting words, Nina gradually stopped crying.

She said, “No, she isnt yet.

Shes in the depths of the Chaotic Region.

It seems that she has stayed there because of something.

The one who left me this message is… is my younger sister.”

“Your younger sister”

“Im confused, too.

The one who left the jade slip was Felina.

Shes a Dark Elf.

She said shes my mothers daughter, too.”


Many people present showed a strange look on their faces.

An Elemental Elf had given birth to a Dark Elf.

There must be a juicy story behind it.

Even Nina couldnt figure this out.

But the news was still a great surprise for her.

“The place… that my mother lives in… seems to be extremely difficult to find and somewhat dangerous,” Nina said intermittently, “I… Well, Felina said that my mother has reserved some items for me that she wants to give me personally.

Shes told me to look for her according to the marks she left behind.

I should be able to make it in seven days.

“Aunt Zi, Uncle Zhang, may I…”

Nina knew that she couldnt find the items if she went over alone.

She might even be devoured by Starry Sky Beasts at any moment.

Now, she could only ask for help.

Before Nina finished speaking, Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Han and smiled.

“We went on this trip without a purpose to begin with.

We merely plan to tour around the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Since weve heard from your mother, let us take a trip there.”

“Thank you, Aunt Zi.” Nina compressed her lips.

She was deeply moved.

“Youre welcome,” Zi Yan replied.


Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Chen Chuan also chatted with Nina for a while to calm her emotions.

“Inform the people on this Thunder King to get off and send some other spaceships here,” Zhang Guangyou ordered.

“Ill pass on the order,” Zhao Feng said.

He walked aside, took out his communication device, and contacted the subordinates in other parts of the Thunder King.

People quickly entered various aircraft and flew toward the two transport spaceships that had just arrived.

About 10 minutes later, those in the lounge were the only ones inside this Thunder King.

“This matter must not be delayed.

Lets go,” Zhang Han said.

“The Space Marks left in the Chaotic Region can be easily erased by the space turbulence there.”

As soon as Zhang Han finished speaking, many peoples expressions altered.

“What is a Space Mark” Zhang Guangyou asked.

“Its a kind of treasure, similar to a pair of kites.

We can catch up with the Dark Elves according to the space marks they left on the way,” Zhang Han explained.

“If the marks were in the Sea Dragon Star Area, they could last for more than 10 days or even half a month.

However, the environment in the Chaotic Region is highly erratic, so some of the Space Marks may be lost.”

“How come you also know this” Yue Wuwei was amazed.

“How many times have you been to the Cultivation World on earth”

Back then, Yue Wuwei was still a greenhorn even after he visited the Cultivation World 10 times.

Because there were many things that one had to experience in person before understanding them.

“But how come Zhang Han knows everything

“It seems that he knows more than me.

How is that possible”

Yue Wuwei was a little speechless.

Yue Wuwei didnt want to waste any more time, so he told Nina, “Start tracking.”

“How, how to track the marks” Nina pursed her lips.

“Youve just seen the jade slip.

The route is in your mind.

You can feel it by using the Mind-clearing Technique,” Yue Wuwei said with resignation.


Nina closed her eyes.

She couldnt believe shed forgotten such a simple thing.

As expected, Nina saw a space as soon as she performed the Mind-clearing Technique.

She focused on the first part of the route in her mind and told the system, “Activate the energy cabin.

Get ready to jump into the secondary space.

Start the countdown…”

One and a half minutes later, the Thunder King jumped into the secondary space, heading toward the Chaotic Region.

As for the others, they went to the Dragon Base Star.

Zhang Guangyou had just contacted Liu Qingfeng and gave him a rough account of what had happened.

He also learned about the current situation in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The construction on the various planets went very smoothly, and the population on those planets was growing.

The population in the rest of the Sea Dragon Star Area had decreased a lot.

After the initial panic buy was over, life in the Sea Dragon Star Area was now becoming more and more peaceful.

In this era, everyone knew who Zhang Hanyang was.

They were all aware that a new ruler had appeared in the Sea Dragon Star Area! He was the king here.

Therefore, those under his command must be completely safe.

As a result, a large number of free cultivators, some small families, and small forces had moved to the vicinity of the Dragon Base Star.

They thought the Dragon Base Star was Zhang Hanyangs key planet.

In fact, the Lost Continent was the key territory instead, but the masses didnt know that.

Many people even didnt know much about the company that Liu Qingfeng was going to set up.

They only knew that a large number of buildings were being built on many planets.

As for what the buildings were for exactly, few people cared about it.

There were also many people who thought that Zhang Hanyang was constructing those buildings to expand the residential areas on those planets.

The Cloud Shadow Sky had also obtained many planets.

Also, they had lost some disciples during the war.

Now, they were now preparing to recruit more disciples from all of the three Star Areas.

The news about the recruitment had been spread out.

The Cloud Shadow Sky was not far away from becoming as mighty as Li Hao expected it to.

Liu Qingfeng had been very busy recently.

Now, about 500,000 members of the Dark Shadow Clan had come to help him.

Liu Qingfeng finally felt a little relieved.

Some of his subordinates, such as Sun Ming, the chief financial officer of the group, were also swamped.

Every day, Sun Ming had to read the financial reports handed in by each branch company… After merely a month or so, Sun Ming became a little bald.

He had tried some medicine, but it didnt work.

The situation in the Sea Dragon Star Area had been stable.

Plus, the marks Nina could trace might soon disappear.

Hence, the group set off immediately and didnt explain things in detail to Liu Qingfeng.

Seeing that the group was about to leave, Yi Hou also wanted to go with them.

He delegated his supervising job to one of his subordinates and left with the group.


Supervising the construction work is not at all as fun as hanging out with Zhang Hanyang and his people!”

“Weve reached the border of the Chaotic Region.

The safety ratio of the road ahead is 70 percent.

Shall we continue and go into the secondary space” asked the system.


Yue Wuwei waved his hand, and a layer of energy covered the Thunder King.

With Yue Wuweis protection, the Thunder King was practically traveling within an artificial secondary space.

Many small problems were no problems anymore.

The Thunder King only had to leave the secondary space and fly at a slow pace when the environment was hostile to a certain degree.

“Weve reached the Space Node.”

To everyones surprise, the Thunder King flew in the Chaotic Region for eight hours in one breath, and the journey went without a hitch.

The hostile environment had caused a total of 13 rounds of trouble, which were all resolved by Yue Wuwei.

At first, Nina, Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Chen Chuan planned to study during the flight.

Although they had gained a lot of freedom, they couldnt fall behind in study.

However, Nina was not in the mood to study.

Thus, the others just stayed with her and chatted with her.

That was very considerate of them.

Chen Chuan told many funny jokes.

Even Nina couldnt help laughing.

Truthfully, Nina was quite nervous, expectant, and happy on the way to look for her mother.

Yet, she did not inform the King of Elves of this.

After all, she still didnt know if she really had a younger sister.

What if…

Well, the others were in no position to remind Nina of calling her father.

Nina was preoccupied at the time, so she didnt consider telling her father about this.

The Thunder King flew for another 10 hours in the secondary space.

On the way, it encountered space turbulence 29 times.

The route Nina was tracking was intermittent.

There was even one time when the signal connection was cut off.

To fix that, the others had discussions and tried 10 different routes before they finally picked up the signal.

“Were leaving the Space Node.”

“Space route confirmed.

We are about to jump into the secondary space.”

Like this, they tracked the space marks a total of seven times.

Three days passed.


When the Thunder King shot out from the secondary space, Li Mu was a little shocked.

“Weve traveled for three days in the secondary space.

It seems that were already in the depths of the Chaotic Region.

Yet, we havent run into any single space obstacles.

How can our luck be so good”

“Havent encountered any space obstacles Haha.” Yue Wuwei couldnt help curling his lips.

“Weve already encountered 159 space obstacles.”


Li Mus eyes widened.

Yi Hou was also dumbfounded.

“Weve encountered 159 space obstacles, but none of them stopped us.

How can it be”

“Is the Thunder King that powerful”

“Its all thanks to my treasure!” Yue Wuwei snorted.

He couldnt help complaining in his mind, “Since I joined Zhang Hans group, Ive worked for nothing in return many times.

All the credit was given to others.

Why are things like this”

“Theres one last part left.

Thank you for protecting us along the way, Senior Yue.”

Nina lowered her head.

She felt a little self-conscious.

Only then did Yue Wuweis stern face relax a bit.

“Lets continue.”

The Thunder King jumped into the secondary space.

Surprisingly, tracking the remaining Space Marks took another two days.

They were sidetracked many times and encountered many difficulties.

However, on the Thunder King, no one but Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han were aware of the hardships.

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