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Chapter 1173 What a Damn Place Is This

Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei communicated with each other while casting their secret skills.

Rays of fluorescent threads appeared and surrounded the group.

What was more, the threads divided the dozen of people into several small groups and encircled them respectively.

The faces of the others changed drastically.

But at this time, they could not do anything.

They just stood there with horror written on their faces.

Even Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei couldnt figure out what was going on.

One could imagine how terrible the situation was.

“Swish, swish, swish, swish!”

Zhang Han conjured up hundreds of traction threads made of energy to bind the others together so that they would stay together after they jumped into the new space.

Yue Wuwei, on the other hand, launched thousands of attacks at an even faster speed.

He even activated many positioning treasures.


“Its, its broken!”

“Its all broken.”

“The jade slip is shattered.”

It seemed that this space did not approve of such protective measures.

All the traction threads were broken.

The positioning treasures were damaged, too.

“How… How come…”

“What did this Is it that the space rules dont allow this”

Yue Wuwei frowned deeply.

At this time, the Thunder King began to disintegrate.

All the monitors were dark.

No one knew what was going on outside.


Zhou Feis face was pale.

Terrified, she hugged Chen Chuan tightly.

Among all the people present, Chen Chuan was the only one who was vulnerable.

If they were in danger, it would be hard to say whether Chen Chuan could survive it.

However, Zhou Fei seemed to have forgotten that her combat ability was poor as well.

Chen Changqing was also placing protective treasures on her.

Even Li Mu, Yi Hou, and the others had never been in such a situation, so they felt a little flustered at this time.

Nina was so anxious that she was about to burst into tears.

She had never experienced a situation like this.

The group came over just to help her.

If something bad happened to any of them, she would be racked with guilt for the rest of her life.

“Why do I feel that the place we are going to seems to be… very mighty” Yue Wuwei said in a deep voice.

“There must be a way.

Let me think.”

“Dont think!”

Zhang Han quickly said, “Everyone, stop resisting.”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Zhang Han extracted a drop of blood essence from everyone, including Chen Chuan, Mengmeng, Zi Yan, and even Yue Wuwei.

Dozens of drops of blood essence were gathered together.

Eventually, Zhang Han said in a low voice, “God Guiding Incantation!” With his murmurs, all the blood essence suddenly shone with red light.

The dozens of drops of blood essence formed a complicated mark.

“You, you even know the ancient incantation…” Yue Wuwei was kind of in a trance because he had sensed the extremely desolate and ancient aura in the incantation.

“Everyone, stay calm.”

Zhang Han drew a breath and said, “Now that the incantation has been cast, we will most likely land in the same area in groups of three or five.

No matter where we go after that, leave a crescent mark on the way.

The crescent marks will be the route markers.

With those marks, Elder Yue and I will soon find everyone and gather us together.”

“Brother Han!” Chen Changqing called out.


Zhang Han didnt say anything.

He directly conjured up a dozen beams of light.

Those were defensive treasures.

They shot into Chen Chuans body and hid there.

“Little Hei, your nose has supernatural power.

After you get in, the first thing you do is find Mengmeng, Chen Chuan, and Zhou Fei.”


As Zhang Han said that, the whole spaceship began to tremble.

He speeded up his speech.

“Mengmeng, this is similar to a trip to the Relic.

Just do what Daddy has taught you.

Dont worry.

I will find you soon.

“Honey, put Tiny Tot away.”


With a stir of Zi Yans mind, Tiny Tot, who was still sleeping, turned into a streak of light and shot into Zi Yans wrist.

“You have a defensive treasure and infinite power to launch Yuan Ying Realm attacks.

If youre in trouble, wake up Tiny Tot.

“Also, Mom, Dad…”

“We dont need your reminders.” Zhang Guangyou said, “When we were venturing in the martial arts world, you were still a little kid.”

On the other side of the room, Yue Wuwei was also cautioning Yue Xiaonao and Lisa.

Mu Xue, Zhao Feng, and others were not much flustered.

It was because they didnt know that being able to break Yue Wuweis defense and Zhang Hans various traction skills meant the unknown energy was incredibly powerful.


The Thunder King suddenly disintegrated.

Everyone abruptly found that they were in a white-colored space.

Then, their figures flickered and disappeared.

Dahei had been lying in Mengmengs schoolbag.

But after everything around stopped flickering, Dahei suddenly found that it was in a thick forest surrounded by mountains that stretched as far as the eye could see.


A sharp shout came from the air.

Dahei looked up.

“Oow, oow, oow, oow!”

“Fuck! What the hell”

Scared, Dahei tucked its chin.

A giant bird with a wingspan of a thousand meters whizzed past it from ahead.

When it flapped its wings, a hurricane came into being and reduced the surrounding trees to fragments.

Compared with the giant bird, Dahei, who was only a dozen centimeters high, was like a little cub.

The bird didnt even notice it.

The bird flapped its wings again.

Then, it turned into a beam of light that instantly flew into the sky.

Its speed was incomparably fast.


A heaven-shaking roar sounded from the big mountain behind.


Dahei quickly turned around.

But it was struck dumb by what it saw.

Rocks were zooming over the huge mountain peak.

A python that was 10,000 feet long appeared from the mountain peak, roaring furiously at the giant bird in the sky.

Upon taking a closer look, Dahei found that a hundred-meter-long python was clenched in the claws of the giant bird in the air.


Dahei swallowed hard.

It had an ominous feeling.

The roars of the giant bird and the python alone already held Dahei in terror.

They were too powerful and too intimidating!

Dahei, who was less than 20 centimeters tall at the moment, suddenly realized that its small size was actually an advantage.


Dahei didnt dare to grow bigger now.

Even if it grew to its biggest size, it would only be a hundred meters tall, about the same as the python that was clenched by the giant bird.

“What a damn place is this

“Where is Master

“Where is Little Master

“Im scared.”

Dahei sat down on a stone on the ground, pouted, and muttered to itself.

Then, it looked around.

“I should look for Little Master first.

I gotta protect her.”

Dahei dusted its butt and got up.

Just then, its expression froze.

It felt that its body seemed to be moving upward.

It slowly looked down.


Dahei was shocked.

“Fuck, the thing I sat on is no rock at all! Its actually a big turtle!”


Dahei turned into a streak of light and ran in the opposite direction of the mountain with the giant python at an extremely fast speed.

After running for a few kilometers, Dahei looked back and saw that the giant python had smashed the whole mountain up and slithered to another mountain.

Waves of violent energy spread out, which was hair-raising.

Dahei was surrounded by mountains.

Although it was walking on eggshells, it did not forget to leave some crescent marks along its way.

“Anyway, Master will sense the marks when he comes here.

“This place is dangerous.

I need to get far away from the center of the danger as soon as possible.”

If the people of Mount New Moon saw how quickly Dahei fled at this time, they would definitely be astounded.

It seemed that sometimes, a sense of urgency would work magic.

“Swish, swish, swish…”

Dahei ran forward rapidly.

As a spirit beast, it seemed to be able to sense that this was the dwelling place of a spirit beast king.

If Dahei was not careful, he might get killed.

Dahei kept running.

It encountered a few creatures on the way.

That was because its size was too small to cause a stir.

After running for a while, Dahei felt as if it had gotten away from the oppressive sense of urgency.

It traveled onward and met more and more living creatures.

Dahei also met some two-headed wolves looking for prey.

Although those wolves were only two meters long, their daunting aura gave Dahei the feeling that they could kill Dahei just by giving a spit.

“The wolves are really terrifying!

“Even I, a gorilla, am frightened!”


A two-headed wolf instantly fixed its eyes on Dahei, but it didnt catch a clear sight of Dahei.

“Is that a running ant”


The wolf leaped forward, coming after Dahei.

Gradually, more and more wolves followed suit.

Soon, a dozen two-headed wolves were chasing after Dahei.


Horrified, Dahei ran with all its might.

Its speed was actually very fast.

The dozen of two-headed wolves failed to catch Dahei at once.

After running for half an hour, those wolves suddenly halted.

Dahei felt that the wolves had stopped chasing because they had run out of their territory.


Dahei was exhausted.

It leaned against a big tree and gasped for breath.


A low and deep roar was heard, which seemed to have sounded right beside Dahei.

A huge tiger head poked out from behind a tree.

The tigers eyes were locked on Dahei.

Its roar sounded like a warning.


As it was terrified, Daheis hair stood on end.

It whipped around and ran for its life.

However, this blue-haired tiger didnt try to hunt Dahei.

It merely cast a few glances at Dahei with a curious look in its eyes.

After running for more than 10 minutes again, Dahei stopped to take a rest.

Right at this moment, he heard some noises.

“Hiss, hiss, hiss.”

It sounded like someone was sniffing.

“Its like the sound Little Hei often makes!”

There was a valley nearby.

Dahei walked over to take a look.

Dozens of white dogs suddenly looked at Dahei.

This time, their look didnt seem to be a warning.

Instead, there was undisguised killing intent in their eyes.


Dahei was frightened again.

It turned around and broke into a run.

After running a few kilometers, it heard the sound of flowing water.

“Is there a big river”

Dahei ran in the direction of the river.

It thought that it could get rid of the dogs chasing after it.

Unexpectedly, more than a dozen white dogs of bigger sizes ran over, each of which was at least five meters long.

Their auras were highly oppressive to Dahei.

Those white dogs that had come of age were even faster than the cubs.

The distance between Dahei and the dogs was narrowing bit by bit.

The dogs were only 100 meters… 50 meters… 30 meters away!

“Crap! Im screwed!”

Daheis heart was in its throat.

“What a damn place is this”


“Woof, woof, woof!”

Dahei fled as fast as it could.

It was getting closer and closer to the river.

The dozen white dogs became more and more impatient.

It seemed that they wanted to bite Dahei to death before it reached the river.


The dogs were only a dozen meters away!

Dahei was in imminent danger!


Dahei saw the river, which seemed to be 100 meters wide.

It jumped and plunged into the river, regardless of whether there were dangerous creatures in the river.

If Dahei didnt jump now, it would get killed by the dogs!

To Daheis surprise, a white dog also jumped.

It turned into a streak of light, opened its large mouth, and bit at Dahei.

It was a life-and-death moment.

Just as Dahei prepared to transform—


A thick pillar suddenly rose from the river and knocked the white dog away.


Dahei breathed a sigh of relief.

Feeling exhausted, it landed on a white rock in the middle of the river.

As soon as Dahei sat down—

“Huh Why has the sky turned dark”

Dahei looked up and saw a big hand about to fall on him.

“Does God really want me to die”

At this moment, that thought crossed Daheis mind.

It could still hear the barks of the dozen of white dogs.

It looked like they were in fear.

They merely barked but didnt dare to come forward.

As for Dahei, it was picked up by the big hand.


When Dahei saw what had picked it up, it was instantly dumbfounded.

What Dahei saw was a giant ape that looked like it.

Its fur was brown and white, and it seemed to be 50 or 60 meters tall.

The giant ape actually sat up in the river and stared at Dahei with surprise and confusion in its round eyes.

“What the hell are you” The giant ape abruptly spoke.

“This ape speaks in the human language”

Dahei was stupefied.

“It must be very powerful!”



Dahei suddenly wrapped its arms around the giant apes finger and cried.

Real tears instantly rolled down nonstop.

Daheis acting skills were indeed amazing.

Dahei pointed at the more than a dozen white dogs as if it was pressing charges.

“Get lost!” the giant ape snapped.

In a deep and powerful voice, it roared at the more than a dozen white dogs.

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

The white dogs seemed unwilling to leave.

They were not scared.

In fact, they even looked at Dahei coldly, as if saying, “You only got away by fluke this time.”


Dahei suddenly put its middle finger up at the side.

“What the hell are you Why are you so small”

The giant ape raised its head and looked at Dahei, who was less than 20 centimeters tall, wondering, “Its physique is very similar to that of our Giant Ape Clan, isnt it”


“Me too! Im a giant ape, too!”

Dahei jumped up and down and shouted wildly.

The giant ape seemed to have understood Daheis shouts.

“But youre so small.

How could you be a giant ape”


“I can transform!”

Dahei felt safer after encountering its own kind, so it transformed and became more than 20 meters tall.

Surprisingly, during the transformation, the giant ape could still hold Dahei with one hand.

In the end, Dahei became too large to stand on the giants ape, so it jumped to the side.

Dahei didnt grow to its biggest size, for it had to reserve some trump cards.

It only became 50 meters tall.

If it wanted, it could be 50 meters taller.

“What the hell”

The giant ape seemed to have been taken aback.

It hurriedly stood up from the river and widened its round eyes.

“Heavens! What the hell are you”

“Oow-oow-oow-oow! Oow-oow-oow!”

“Bang, bang.”

Dahei patted the giant ape in the chest, and then punched itself in the chest as well.

It meant to say that they were from the same clan!

“You… you can transform”

The giant ape looked Dahei up and down and said, “You can transform! How… How unbelievable! Where did you come from Youre so big in size, but why are you so weak With this little bit of strength of yours, how come you got the nerve to come to the depths of the Demonic God Temple”

“What the heck is the Demonic God Temple”

Dahei didnt understand.

It merely jumped up and down and shouted, “Oow-oow-oow-oow.”

The giant ape listened carefully and took a guess.

“What You came from the outside world Whats the outside world”

“Are you a member of our Giant Ape Clan

“You are Then, how come you can transform

“A giant ape that can transform… Youre a giant ape that can transform.

Given your physique and defense ability, you, you cant be a King Kong, can you”

The giant ape seemed startled by its own thought.

According to the ancient martial arts heritage of its predecessors, King Kongs were the royals of the Giant Ape Clan.

All giant apes yearned to be King Kongs.

“Are you really a King Kong How did you get here

“You came from the outside world


Heaven is on my side! Maybe your appearance provides an opportunity for our Giant Ape Clan! For many years, our Giant Ape Clan only has one king in the Demonic God Temple.

Little King Kong, you will perhaps be our second king when you grow up.

Lets go! I will show you around our clans territory and find you a cultivators abode to teach you about cultivation!

“Huh You dont want to What You have a human master


“This is absolute nonsense!”

Dahei got anxious.

The giant ape grabbed it by the back of its neck and brought it into the mountain range.

After Dahei made a long explanation, the giant ape finally understood what was going on.

“Youre from the outside world, not from the Domain of Seven Desolations.

Youre saying that you got separated from your team.

That should be because of the power of the Eye of Demon.

In addition to the Ancient Road of Starry Sky, only the Eye of Demon can let outsiders in.

“Youre looking for your Little Master No, how can our clansman be a human beings servant Let me tell you…”


Dahei shrank to less than 20 meters tall.

It held the giant apes leg and cried like a child.

When had the giant ape ever seen anyone making a scene like this

After a long silence, the giant ape said, “Forget it.

Just forget it.

You dont belong here.

But since you are a King Kong, Ill help you look for your master.

“Dont cry.

We giant apes would rather die in battle than shed tears.”

Under the chiding of the giant ape, Dahei stopped crying and laughed instead.


Dahei grew larger until it was about the same size as the giant ape.

It then thumped its chest a few times and gave the giant ape a thumbs-up.

The giant ape was rendered speechless when it saw this.

“This little buddy is really odd.

It cried one moment but laughed the next.

How discomfiting!”

“Since its the Eye of Demon that brought you here, there must be due to some rules.

Your appearance in the Demonic God Temple is solid proof of your physique as a King Kong.

As for those human beings, they should be on the periphery of the Demonic God Temple.

The border between the Human Clan and our clan is over there.

Ill take you there.

Remember my name.

My name is Waduwa Lamandovulas Audrey Sada… You can call me Yuan Yi.

Forget it.

You dont speak my language anyway.”

Dahei followed the giant ape.

They walked forward for more than 10 minutes before coming to a canyon.

“Buddies, assemble!”


Immediately, nearly 50 giant apes walked out from the canyon.

Yuan Yi remarked, “This is the depths of the Demonic God Temple.

Given your current strength, you have no way to go out by yourself.

Ill escort you to the periphery.”

Dahei repeatedly gave the giant ape a thumbs-up to express its gratitude.

Some of the apes in the canyon asked who Dahei was when they saw it.

After learning that it was a King Kong, the entire Giant Ape Clan was thrilled.

Some apes wanted to report to the Giant Ape King in the center of the Demonic God Temple but were stopped by Yuan Yi.

“Dont disturb His Majestys sleep for the time being.

It still has somewhere else to be.

Lets talk about it later.”

Under the leadership of Yuan Yi, many apes cleared the way for Dahei.

Dahei felt its blood boiling.

Dahei considered whether it was okay for it to be a hundred meters tall and let out a few roars.

The height of the apes around it ranged from 30 meters to 50 meters.

Their auras were all very fierce.

Some of them couldnt speak the human language either.

But Dahei still felt that they were much stronger than itself.

They aggressively entered the territories of other clans.

After the other creatures learned that the giant apes were merely passing by to escort their clansmen to the periphery, they did not object.

Dahei and the giant apes crossed the territories of more than a dozen clans.

“This is the periphery of the Demonic God Temple.

Weve already left the center.

Up ahead is the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.

The beats there are at the same level as you.

Never mind.

Ill continue to walk you to the periphery of the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.

Were not far from the periphery of the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.”

They walked for two hours, advancing at a high speed.

Then, a pleasant surprise arrived.

Dahei suddenly stared ahead and shouted, “Oow!



It had seen a group of eight people fighting against two big lizards.

Hearing Daheis cry and sensing the pressure of the Giant Ape Clan, the two big lizards instantly fled.

“Oh my God.

This is…”


Zhao Feng, Chen Changqing, Zhou Fei, Chen Chuan, Nina, Li Mu, Yi Hou, and Xu Yong were all looking at the newcomers in a daze.

“There are so many apes Has Dahei found its clansmen”

“Are they the human beings you know They seem so ordinary and weak,” said Yuan Yi in a muffled voice.


Dahei made a gesture, saying, “Master is not here.”

“Pfft! This one can talk”

Zhao Feng and the others were stunned.

Since it was difficult to communicate with Dahei, Yuan Yi looked at Zhao Feng and others and asked, “Where are you from”

“Well, senior, were from Earth,” Zhao Feng replied.

“Earth” Yuan Yi scratched its head, “Ive never heard of it.

Anyway, its from outside this Domain.”


Dahei waved at the others, as though saying, “Everyone, come here!”

Zhao Feng knew well about Dahei, so he understood what Dahei meant.

After thinking for a while, he approached the apes.

Although he was a little frightened, he still braced himself and stood in front of Yuan Yi.


Dahei burst into laughter.

Reuniting with them was truly a pleasant surprise to Dahei.

Hearing Daheis laughter, Yuan Yi sighed deeply.

The other giant apes did not look happy either.

They seemed slightly gloomy.

“This King Kong is a member of royalty, yet it gets along so well with human beings.”

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