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“Its Mengmeng!”

Zhang Guangyou saw Mengmeng on Little Heis back and exclaimed in surprise, “Hahaha, its my granddaughter!”

“God, whats behind her”

“There are many beasts!”

“Whats going on”

Under everyones gaze, behind Little Hei came three white dogs, followed by lions, tigers, Horned Elephants, and many other beasts.

At first glance, there were more than 100 of them.

The beasts were of all kinds, some of which were even strange beasts that they couldnt recognize.

The army of beasts was huge and formidable.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

These leopards were stupefied.

At once, they prepared to flee.

However, a white dog on the other side shouted, “Dont move!”


Trembling, the Leopard King did not dare to move.

It stood where it was as if it was waiting for the arrival of an overlord.

To these strange beasts in the Demonic Beast Mountain Range, the large clans in the Demonic God Temple were all high and mighty.

“Grandpa! Grandma!” Mengmeng called from afar.

Seeing this, everyone present was in wonder.

Li Mu scratched his head.

With a surprised and confused look on his face, he said, “Theyre all strange beasts.

Who shouted those words just now”

“I want to ask the same question!”

Everyone suddenly found that none of them knew who shouted just now.

But Little Hei was very fast.

It came to the group in an instant.

“Mengmeng, you got me worried sick.”

Zhang Guangyou laughed and said, “Mengmeng, how… how come you have so many strange beasts following you”

Having reunited with everyone, Mengmeng was also very happy.

She replied jubilantly, “Grandpa, I was alone at first.

But Little Hei found me.

Then, Second King of the White Dog Clan, White Fifth, and White Sixth ran into us.

The three of them escorted me and Little Hei here.

They are all good dogs.”

“Theyre all good dogs”

Li Mu and the others found this remark rather odd.

But White Fifth and other dogs didnt think so.

They were actually quite pleased to hear it.

“You, stand at the back.”

White Fifth glared at the Leopard King.

As soon as White Fifth said that, Mu Xue and the others were flabbergasted.

The Leopard King and the other leopards submissively ran to the side of the beast army.

Looking at the strange beasts beside them, for some reason, they didnt dare to raise any questions.

“It, it, it can speak! How unbelievable!” Zhang Guangyou asked in a daze.

“Yes, they are very powerful.

They can talk,” Mengmeng said.

“Being able to talk is nothing impressive.” White Sixth harrumphed.

“Human girl, how could your people be so ignorant”

“I think its because we havent met any strange beasts that can talk at our place,” Mengmeng replied.


“How strong could this dog be

“This is incredible!

“Needless to say, this dog must be ridiculously strong.

With a few words, it made dozens of leopards do what it required them to do.

This is something that only those with absolutely superior strength can do.”

The place quickly quieted down.

“Who is Little Heis master” asked the second king.

“Daddy is not here,” Mengmeng said, “but I think he will come here soon.

Grandpa, lets continue to look for the others.

With the help of Second King and the other two dogs, we can do whatever we want in this Demonic Beast Mountain Range.”

“Do whatever we want”

Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

Next, he saw what Mengmeng meant.

The large army marched toward the periphery without scruples.

With the protection of the second king and the other two white dogs, the group was completely safe.

Nothing could be a threat to them.

The second king and the other two white dogs led the large army of strange beasts to the edge of the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.

On the way, White Fifth and White Sixth couldnt help but order more beasts to join them.

As a result, the beast army became larger and larger.

When they arrived at the edge of the Demonic Beast Mountain Range, they saw a few human beings in the distance.

They seemed to be hunting strange beasts.

When those people saw the approaching beasts, their faces paled drastically.

They cried in alarm, “A Beast Tide is coming!”


They felt as if a mighty army was bearing down on them.

Gradually, the second king realized one thing.

“Brat, you, you can smell things that are so far away”

The second dog dropped its jaw.

Then, it said in surprise, “Royal genes! You definitely have the royal genes!”

At this time, the group had reached the edge of the mountain range.

Zhao Feng, Dahei, and the others looked at the scene in front of them in confusion.

At first, the dozen or so people who were confronting them almost picked up a fight.

But now, those people had already dashed to more than three miles away.

“Mengmeng, you are fierce.

Cant believe you brought such a big army of strange beasts with you.”

After hearing the whole story, Zhao Feng and others smiled wryly.

After learning that the Giant Ape Clan came specially to see Dahei off, the second king stared at Dahei with vigilance for a while.

“You say… it is a King Kong”

The second kings tone suddenly became a little cold.

“Second King, why are you being like this Dahei is ours.

It isnt a member of the Giant Ape Clan.

You cant vent your anger on it.

Its unreasonable.” Mengmeng was a little frightened.

The expressions of the others also changed slightly.

The other two white dogs under the second kings leadership felt proud as they sensed the power of their second king, while its opponents felt the pressure on them multiplied.

“After all, who could withstand our second kings might No one!”


Little Hei roared in a low voice.

It seemed to be trying to tell the second king something.

The second kings eyes flickered.

Then, it said, “King Kong, royal black dog, where exactly did you come from”

Hearing its words, everyone was more or less relieved, because judging from its expression, it didnt seem to want to start a fight.

However, everyone knew they still needed to talk things out with it.

“About this…”

Zhang Guangyou thought for moments and prepared to say something.

Just then, a calm voice suddenly came from the distance.

“We came from the Saint Warrior Planet.”


“Elder Yue!”

Zhang Guangyou let out a long breath and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.


Mengmeng also waved and said, “You finally arrived.

You are so slow.

I thought you would find us soon.”

“Alas, my dad is late,” Yue Xiaonao said casually.

“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Yue Wuwei, Lisa, and Yue Xiaonao flew over quickly.

After they arrived, Yue Wuwei said, “There was little time to take action before.

I didnt think of a way to handle the situation quickly enough.

I was only able to find Lisa and Xiaonao.

But with Zhang Hans incantation, I know we should be able to find you.

Well, where is he”

“He hasnt found us yet.”

“This is strange.”

Yue Wuwei frowned.

“Could it be that Zhang Han has encountered some extremely fierce creatures”

Then, he flickered his eyes to the second king.

He also spread his aura to the dogs.

“Woof, woof.”

White Fifth and White Sixth instantly sensed overwhelming pressure.

With no backbone, they barked in an ingratiating manner.

The second king also behaved itself.

Overwhelmed by waves of shock, it thought, “Sh*t! This man is a Supreme Expert! Is he that immortal the little girl talked about”

“Who are they” Yue Wuwei asked.

“They like Little Hei.

They escorted me and Little Hei all the way here.

Then, Little Hei led me to Grandpa, Uncle Feng, and the others,” Mengmeng replied.

“Oh,” Yue Wuwei withdrew his aura, nodded, and said, “then, thank you for your help.”

“Its nothing.” The second king said, “Since you are from the Saint Warrior Planet, all my questions have been answered.

Its normal for that place to have royal creatures.

But theres one more thing I want to say.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Little Hei is also a member of the Dog Clan.

If you come here often, I hope you can bring it to our White Dog Clan.

My elder brother knows the place holding the martial arts heritage of predecessors of the Dog Clan.

Little Hei can go there and try its luck.

If it becomes something in the future, I hope that it can come and help us when we encounter a devastating disaster in the future,” the second king said.

Yue Wuwei knew very well that the devastating disaster it referred to might be a commotion of the Demon Clan.

This place was indeed terrifying.

The Demon Clan dominated this place.

Even if the Devil Clan and the Human Clan joined hands, they would be no match for the Demon Clan.

Besides, there werent many royal creatures in the Demonic God Temple.

The second king had noted Little Heis stunning potential.

Thus, it wanted to recruit Little Hei, which was sort of an investment.

“But what if were not here” Yue Wuwei asked.

“Then, well leave everything to fate.

As a member of the Dog Clan, I think highly of Little Hei,” the second king said.

“Its still weak now.

My elder brother and I dont mind giving it a chance to seize a big opportunity.

But whether it can get it or not is still up to itself.”

“Okay, Ill tell its master what you said.” Yue Wuwei nodded.

“Weve reached the edge of the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.

If you continue to walk, youll arrive at the territory of the Human Clan.” After saying that, the second king turned around and left with it two subordinates.

The other strange beasts disappeared without a trace in an instant.


Little Hei barked at the second king and the other two dogs, expressing its gratitude.

“Boy, youre in luck.”

The second king paused, turned its head, and cast a meaningful look at Little Hei.

A faint smile was shown as it said those words.

Then, it departed without looking back.

No one but Yue Wuwei knew that the second king meant to say it was envious of Little Hei because it was born on the Saint Warrior Planet.

Normally, not only many powerful cultivators but also royals of strange beasts could often be found on the Saint Warrior Planet.

However, the second king and the others didnt know that the Saint Warrior Planet had been sealed, nor did they know that the biggest opportunity Little Hei had had was to meet Zhang Han.

“Lets go out first.”

Yue Wuwei said, “We can wait for a moment beside the forest.

Now, only Zhang Han can confirm if there is anyone else in the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.

We have to wait for him.”

“We also need to wait for my father, Elder Deep Fire, Jiang Yanlan, and Instructor Liu.

I dont know if they are safe.” Zhang Guangyou sighed softly.

When they walked out of the forest, a large open area of grassland came into their view.

The grass was only a dozen centimeters high.

There were some white horses in the distance.

“Elder Yue, what is this place Why do all the creatures here seem to be stronger than us” Mu Xue asked.

The others didnt have an exact answer either.

“The Giant Apes we met before could also talk.

They were about 60 meters tall.

Later, we saw the white dogs.

They all seemed to be quite powerful.”

The others murmured in agreement.

Yue Wuwei thought for a moment and said, “This world is not ordinary.

What we saw is just the tip of the iceberg.

We have yet met the most terrible creatures here.

How should I put it The white dog in the lead we just saw is almost at the peak of the Void-refining Realm.

But there are some even stronger creatures in the Demonic God Temple.”

“At the peak of the Void-refining Realm”


“Good heavens! Were a far cry from that dog!”

It was not until this time that everyone realized how terrifying this place was.

“The Demonic God Temple… The Demonic Beast Mountain Range… Thank God we landed in the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.”

They waited for more than half an hour, but Zhang Han was still nowhere to be seen.

Bemused, Mu Xue asked, “Why hasnt Master come yet Did Master land in a place very far away from us”

“Stop saying that.”

Rong Jiali nudged Mu Xue in a hurry.

Everyone turned around and saw Mengmeng sitting on one side in low spirits, with worry written on her face.

“Er, well, Master is very strong.

Hell be fine.” Mu Xue grinned and ran over to cheer Mengmeng up.

But nothing she said helped.

Even Yue Xiaonao didnt know what to do.

Everyone present knew that Mengmeng was Zhang Hans apple of the eye, and Zhang Han and Zi Yan were also the people Mengmeng cherished most.

Yue Wuwei scratched his head.

When he was thinking about what to say, his expression suddenly changed.

“Look! Thats him! Hes coming!”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Everyone looked at the forest behind them.


“Why havent I seen him”

“Look at the sea area.” Yue Wuwei pointed to the other side.

On the coast, a figure was rapidly flying toward them at a very low altitude.

Seconds later, they saw that figures profile.

“Ah! Daddy!”

Mengmeng called at the top of her voice, “Daddy, come here!”

“Im coming.”

Zhang Hans voice came from afar.

About 10 seconds later—


Zhang Han landed beside the group.


Mengmeng scurried over and threw herself into Zhang Hans arms.

Slightly choking with sobs, she said, “Im scared.”

“There, there.

Dont be scared,” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs hair and said softly.

Mengmeng meant that she was scared because she was worried about Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

Truthfully, Zhang Han was worried the whole time as well.

“Where is Mummy How is she”

Mengmeng had become a big girl after all.

She soon overcame her fear, raised her head, and said, “Lets go look for Mummy.”


Zhang Han exhaled softly and made an incantation gesture with his right hand.

A jet of faint cyan light flashed across his palm and disappeared.

“She is all right.

The others are in those two places in that direction.

That seems to be the territory of the Human Clan,” Zhang Han said.

“As long as everyone is okay, Im relieved.” Zhang Guangyou came over and patted Zhang Han on the shoulder, saying, “This situation is really worrying.

Lets hurry up and find the rest of our people, or we will have no peace of mind day or night.”


Zhang Han nodded.

He glanced at all the people present and remarked, “The place where we came from is subject to Space Rules, so we almost all landed in relatively safe places.

Its just that I didnt expect the creatures in this world to be so mighty.

Thus, the places we landed are merely relatively safe.”

“My daughter landed in the center of the Demonic God Temple.

How can that place be a safe place” Yue Wuwei said with resignation.

“Xiaonao has something that can influence the rules, right” Zhang Han exhaled again and said, “Its not dangerous to land in the Demonic God Temple.

But if it were the territory of the Domain of Demon Clan…”


Yue Wuwei gasped.

He finally thought of something.

“Xiaonao is my daughter.

Since Im so powerful, how can Xiaonao not have any high-end stuff that can affect the rules with her”

“But Mengmeng has the pearl that can control the Saint Warrior Planet.”

“That thing transcends the rules,” Zhang Han said.

“Why did you come so late Where did you land” Yue Wuwei asked with bewilderment.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

The others also turned to look at Zhang Han.

They were also curious about where he had landed.

Hearing the question, Zhang Han fell silent.

Since Zhang Han didnt answer the question, Yue Wuwei said with a smile, “I landed in the sea, about 30 miles away from the coast.

On my way out, I got into some small trouble.

There are more strange beasts in the sea, which are even more horrible.

You can even find many Deep-sea Beast Demons there.

That area about 30 miles away from the coast is already highly dangerous.

Even a God Transformation Realm Last-Stage may get killed there.

That white dog we just saw wouldnt be able to escape unscathed if it landed there.”

“Now that there are so many horrible creatures in the sea, cant you just fly at a high altitude” Elder Meng asked curiously.

“Do you think its safe up in the sky The flying strange beasts there are even stronger,” Yue Wuwei explained.

“Neither the sky nor the sea is safe.”

Hearing Yue Wuweis words, the group echoed, “This world is really terrifying.”

“Daddy, you havent told me where you landed,” Mengmeng looked up and said.

“Me Do I have to”

Zhang Han shook his head with a smile.

He caressed Mengmengs head, glanced at everyone, then rested his eyes on Yue Wuwei.

With a faint smile on his face, he said, “I was out of luck.

I landed in the depths of the sea… which is 3,000 miles from the coast.”


Yue Wuwei almost choked on his saliva.

“How far”

“Three thousand miles!”

Zhang Guangyou was astounded.

“Why did you appear in a place that far away Fortunately, you came back safe and sound.”

“Three thousand miles…”

“Elder Yue landed only 30 miles from the coast.

But he said that that place was already very scary.

The area 3,000 miles away from the coast must be more horrific.”

Everyone seemed to have been frightened.

“Given your current realm, you were really fast to have returned from the sea area 3,000 miles away in such a short time.

Youre indeed a freak.” Yue Wuwei could not help but smile wryly.

“Its nothing.” Zhang Han sighed with emotion and said, “I did get into a lot of trouble on the way.

The creatures in the sea, the Deep-sea Beast Demons, and the birds in the air were indeed mighty.

But fighting them off was not my purpose.

I used the self-extricating method to get away.

To put it bluntly, I fled helter-skelter.”

“Its already a miracle that youre not injured.” Yue Wuwei stroked his beard.

Suddenly, he didnt feel like talking.

“Thats to say, you should all practice the escaping methods Ive taught you.”

It was not until this moment that Zhang Han drew a light breath and said, “Lets go to pick up the others.”

When Zhang Han spoke a moment ago, the spiritual force inside him was almost completely depleted.

Yue Wuwei had also noticed that, so he told everyone to stay here to rest for a while.

Now, the group finally set off.

They flew at a low altitude, rapidly heading for the Human Clans territory.

While flying, they also chatted with each other.

Zhang Han posed many questions.

“Mengmeng, where did you land”

“I landed in a canyon.

I hid in a crack in the stone and carved several crescent marks there.

Daddy, have you sensed the marks”

“Of course.

I rushed there as soon as I sensed the marks, but I was one step late.”

“Later, Little Hei came to me and we met three white dogs.

They could talk.

They protected me and Little Hei all the way.”

“Really Looks like I really have to thank them.”

“Dahei was also escorted out of the forest by the Giant Ape Clan.”

“The Giant Ape Clan Oh, it seems that the strange beasts here are very kind.”


They actually wanted to take Dahei and Little Hei away.”

The sky gradually darkened.

During the flight, everyone took some medicinal pellets.

Because they had to rush at full speed and maintain the spiritual force in their bodies, they needed to replenish the energy they had consumed.

“This place is too large.”

After flying for more than three hours, they saw a city in the distance.

Near the city, there were some small towns.

“About a dozen of our people are here.

The rest are all on another route.

Lets descend.”

Zhang Han used his power again and felt the energy of all kinds of crescent marks and the Blood Essence Incantation.

With him leading the way, everyone arrived at the edge of a small town, where they saw Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, Gai Xingkong, Jiang Yanlan, and some others.


“Han, youve come to us!”


Zhang Mu and the others were sitting on the ground, with gloomy looks on their faces.

They had also been frightened by the mighty creatures in this world.

It was not until they saw Zhang Han and the others that they breathed a sigh of relief.

“Delays may bring in trouble.

Lets gather everyone first.

We need to travel through the night,” Zhang Han urged.

The group only rested for two minutes before setting off again.

They flew quickly to the left side of the city.

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