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“Elder Yue, what realm are you in on earth”

“Me I cant tell you.

I just cant.” Yue Wuwei shook his head repeatedly, trying to maintain his mysterious image.

Zhang Han and Mengmeng went through the door into the backyard.

There were many buildings inside.

Many servants were coming and going.

“Daddy,” Mengmeng dropped her voice and said, “how come we got in just like that”

“Well, how else could we come in”

“Come on, tell me.”

“I resorted to illusions!”

“I, I also want to learn illusions.”

“Ive taught you.

Its among the 100 soul sense secret skills.

Youll get to it later.”

“Then, Ill go back and work hard on cultivation.

Ive realized that in the outside world, I cant do it without strong strength.”

“Haha.” Zhang Han laughed, then, pointed to the yard ahead and said, “Your mummy is there.”

“Why is Mummy there Has Mummy become Ninth Princess”

“I dont know either.”

“You have to find out the answer soon.

Daddy, pay attention.

Youve got a rival in love.”

“Eh Girl, are you gloating at my sorrow” Zhang Han flicked his fingers.

A jet of spiritual Qi shot out and slapped Mengmengs little buttocks.


Im not!” Mengmeng snorted.

She rolled her eyes discontentedly, then, said with a grin, “I like to see Daddy win.

When youre the winner, everyone compliments and worships you.

Thats really cool.”

“Hahaha, okay, Ill let you see me win more often if I can.”


While they were talking, they arrived at the courtyard.

There were also some servants there.

In the blink of an eye, Zhang Han cast illusions.

Without being stopped at all, he led Mengmeng into the courtyard.

Halfway there, Zhang Han suddenly paused.


He looked to the left in an instant.

On a wooden chair sat a man in a cloth gown wearing a bamboo hat.

He was not eye-catching at all.

“Why are you here” the man asked in a slightly hoarse voice.

“To pick up my wife.”

“Is your wife Purple Moon”


“Go in.

Shes waiting for you.”


Zhang Han nodded slightly and glanced at the man thoughtfully.

He was a little uncertain about what was going on.

Then, Zhang Han pushed the door to the room open and walked in.

But what he saw took him aback.

Zi Yan, dressed in a white dress, was seated.

On the chair on her right sat a very fat woman, who was enjoying delicious food.

“Youre here”

Zi Yans eyes lit up when she saw him.


Mengmeng ran over, held Zi Yan in her arms, and said, “Mummy, I was worried about you.”

“I was worried about you, too.” Zi Yan compressed her red lips and hugged Mengmeng tightly.

Then, she smiled and thoroughly relaxed.

“Purple Moon, is he your husband Hes handsome, but there seems to be nothing special about him.” Zhu Li said straightforwardly.

Then, she greeted Zhang Han.

“Hello, Im Zhu Li, Ninth Princess of Heze.”


Zhang Han nodded and walked over.

He lifted a hand and gently touched Zi Yans cheek.

Then, his fingers traced her chin and landed on her smooth hair.

Smiling, Zhan Han said, “Well, you look good in this dress.”

“Ive been trying to fit in.”

Zi Yan blinked her beautiful big eyes and looked at Zhang Han tenderly.

Sparks of passion seemed to be bursting out from her eyes.

“Geez, stop, stop.” Zhu Li pinched at her arm and protested, “You two love birds should share your sweet nothings somewhere else.

Well, Purple Moon, since your husband has come, you should go with him.

If you want to have some fun, you can sit among the audience.

A good show will be staged.

Hahaha, thank you for helping me.”

“Okay, goodbye.”

Zi Yan smiled and bid goodbye.

Without saying anything else, she got up, took Mengmengs hand, locked arms with Zhang Han, and headed out.


Zhu Li took a big bite of the meat and munched.

Later, she murmured to herself, “Can I kill him or not this time”

Then, she ordered, “Servants, get me clothes.

“The show… is about to begin.”

Zhang Hans family of three returned to the square along the way they came.

The others had already gathered there.

The whole group assembled again.

Everyone relaxed and took seats in a relatively quiet place.

“Youre back.

Zi Yan, come on.” Rong Jiali glowed with delight after she saw them.

She waved at them, smiling.

After Zi Yan sat down, she told them what had happened to her.

Everyone burst into laughter after hearing her story.

“I see.

Many people are discussing why City Lord of Hanchuan City is so anxious to get married.

Haha, it turns out that he thinks he is going to marry Maam.” Mu Xue laughed and said, “Maam, youre very beautiful.

Besides, youve doled yourself up.

No wonder City Lord of Hanchuan City has fallen for you.”

“But City Lord of Hanchuan City will probably suffer in a while.”

“Ninth Princess has made such a bold move.

There must be great hatred between them.”

“Mengmeng, try this meat.

Its delicious.

Nina, you should have some, too.” Chen Chuan was enjoying the meat, yet he didnt forget to recommend the food to the girls.

“Xiaonao, quick, try some.”

Before, no one would have been in the mood for food.

But now, they found all those dishes mouth-watering.

They hadnt had a proper meal for days.

“Lets eat.”

“I still have two jars of fine wine.” Li Mu approached Zhang Guangyou and served him some wine.

After more than 10 minutes, while they were still eating, someone called, “City Lord of Hanchuan City has arrived!”

Several cries of surprise were heard from the crowd.

“Hahaha, City Lord of Hanchuan City, congratulations.”

“I heard that youre marrying a peerless beauty.


People congratulated Han Chuan one after another.

Han Chuan seemed to be enjoying this.

He listened with a ruddy face.

After everyone was done congratulating him, Han Chuan said beamingly, “Today is a day of great joy.

Well play some games in a while, and the winners will be given gifts.

The gifts include two kinds of sixth-tier spirit treasures, 15 kinds of fifth-tier spirit treasures, and 900 kinds of fourth-tier spirit treasures.”


“City Lord, youre really generous!”



Many people off the stage became a little wild.

“City Lord of Hanchuan City is really open-handed!”

“It seems that he really likes Ninth Princess of Heze.

Otherwise, he would not have prepared to give such valuable gifts.”

“Im looking forward to the games.”

“I already have a sixth-tier spirit treasure.

Plus, the probability of winning is too low.

Im more interested in the woman City Lord of Hanchuan City is marrying.

What kind of beautiful woman could hold him spellbound like this”

The people in the surroundings all began to discuss this.

Even someone in Zhang Hans group said in surprise, “The gifts include two kinds of sixth-tier spirit treasures and 15 kinds of fifth-tier spirit treasures.

It looks like the cultivation resources here are quite abundant, too.”

“After all, this place is high-ranked.” Zhang Han took a bite of the meat of a beasts leg and said, “Although its not a place famous for resources, the resources here are rich.

Sixth-tier spirit treasures are quite common, and there may even be seventh-tier spirit treasures.”

“Seventh-tier spirit treasures are very extraordinary,” Yue Wuwei said.

“The sixth tier is a dividing line.

The spirit treasures at or above the seventh tier are treasures that can only be mastered by the upper class of the Cultivation World.”

“By the way,” Zhang Guangyou took a gulp of wine and said, “Han once mentioned that the first three tiers are a group, the fourth to the sixth are a different group, and the seventh tier and above are another group.

So far, I havent seen any seventh-tier spirit treasure yet.”

“Sixth-tier spirit treasures…” Zhao Feng thought for a moment and said, “Given the realm Im in, using a sixth-tier spirit treasure can almost double my combat capability.”

“Thats true.

Take the sixth-tier spirit treasures Han gave us as an example.” Gai Xingkong nodded and said, “The one he gave me has saved my life several times.

It even resisted the killing moves of a Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage cultivator without being destroyed.

It merely took some time of nourishment before it was restored to its original state.”

“Isnt our planet called the Saint Warrior Planet There must be seventh-tier spirit treasures there, right”

Hearing their discussions, Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Have you forgotten that the Spiritual Treasure Pavilion that someone built back then has many floors.”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Everyone immediately looked at Yue Wuwei.

Yue Wuweis face darkened at once.

“I built that Spirit Treasure Pavilion just for fun.

Its sort of a gift for the local cultivators.

The advanced treasures there are mostly sixth-tier.

As for seventh-tier treasures, theyre nothing special.

Well, I dont have the Spirit Treasure Pavilion with me, so dont ask me to show you.”

He knew that if he showed them a seventh-tier treasure, those treasure-craving cultivators would not give it back to him.

“Whats more, its just right for you to use sixth-tier spirit treasures now.

You may not be able to contain the power of the seventh-tier spirit treasures.

If others notice you have such treasures during your stay in the Cultivation World, they will perhaps rob you.

Thus, such treasures will only get you in trouble,” Yue Wuwei added.

As they talked, City Lord of Hanchuan City, who was standing on the huge stage on the innermost side of the square, looked around and smiled.

He announced, “Today, I and Ninth Princess of Heze will become Cultivational Partners.

I feel so blessed.

The banquet in Hanchuan City is just a small one.

After we hold this ceremony, I will go with Ninth Princess to the Seven Directions Sea Eye to spar with todays talents.

Later, we will hold a grand wedding in Heze.

At that time, if you like, youre welcome to attend our wedding.”

“City Lord! Please make your speech short.

We cant wait to see the beautiful Ninth Princess!”

Many distinguished guests who knew Han Chuan began to kick up a fuss.

“Yeah! City Lord, that day, when I saw the incredibly beautiful Ninth Princess, I was truly stunned.

She is indeed a fairy from heaven.

Im so envious of you! City Lord, please ask Ninth Princess to come to the stage.”

Hearing those words, Zhang Han couldnt hide his smile.

“Alas, my daughter-in-law is really attractive.

She charmed that City Lord just by letting him see her face,” Rong Jiali said with a smile.

“Son, in the Cultivation World, you must watch my daughter-in-law closely, or she would be taken away by other men.”

“Mom, what are you talking about” Zi Yan blushed slightly.

She pursed her sexy red lips and said in a flirtatious manner, “How can I leave Han for another man Besides, our child is about to come of age.”

“Mummy, whether Im coming of age or not doesnt change the fact that youre very beautiful,” Mengmeng echoed.

At Zhang Hans table, joy was overflowing.

As those people urged Ninth Princess to show up, City Lord of Hanchuan Citys face glowed with pride.

He couldnt help thinking, “Ive paid a great price to get Ninth Princess to agree to this marriage.”

But Han Chuan had also been planning for himself.

He would only pay part of the price and pay lip service to the rest.

“Okay, Ill let all of you have a look.”

Han Chuan laughed heartily and waved to a subordinate beside him.

“Go invite Ninth Princess here.”


The subordinate walked toward the door from the side.

However, before he reached the door—


A figure appeared.

It was Ninth Princesss coachman, whom even Zhang Han did not dare to mess with.

“Ninth Princess, please get on the stage,” the coachman said in a deep voice.

The people off the stage laughed.

“Ninth Princess will soon come to the stage!”

“I was lucky enough to see her that day.

She was really peerlessly beautiful.”

“You will definitely be stunned in a moment.”


A figure in red, a festive color, suddenly leaped onto the stage.


She landed steadily on the stage.

She was wearing a crystal crown.

After that…

Silence fell in the entire square.

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