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The view ahead changed.

The rainbow seemed to have turned into meridians.

The black energy was running and circulating in the meridians.

At this moment, Zhang Han was indeed astonished.

Zi Yan suddenly noticed that something was wrong.

Thus, she leaned toward Zhang Han and asked with concern, “Whats wrong”

As Zi Yan spoke, the people around also looked at Zhang Han.


Zhang Han shook his head slightly, then asked, “Whats the shape of that thing over there Whats the dynamic shape”

“There” Zi Yan was stunned.

“There is nothing but a rainbow and some energy that we encountered before.

Well… how should I put it There are things that are moving like flies.

They are flying in disorder.”

“Flying in disorder”

Zi Yans answer took Zhang Han aback.

“Yes,” Mengmeng also said, “I think it looks like… um… a rainbow-shaped cake.

Many bugs want to eat the cake.

The cake was beautiful at first, but now its messy.”

“However, that does not affect the rainbow,” some people nearby also echoed.


Zhang Han shook his head.

He closed his eyes for two seconds before opening them.

Then, he took another look.

The view he saw now was different from the previous one.

It seemed to have become the kind of chaotic scene as others described, in which the black energy was surging wantonly.

But after taking a closer look, Zhang Han found that it was more like a moving pattern, which was gradually changing.

The black energy converged into a river.

All the light of the rainbow altered and formed a pattern of meridians.

Then, the cycle began again.

“Hahaha, things are getting interesting.”

Zhang Han suddenly chuckled and looked straight ahead.

“Does this view alter according to what peoples thoughts are or what Cultivation Methods they practice Or is it because Im different”

Zhang Han couldnt understand this strange phenomenon either.

After observing for a while, Zhang Han still couldnt figure it out, so he decided to wait for what would happen next.

After all, he was not the kind of person who would split hairs.

As he watched, more changes occurred.

Many jets of black energy converged into various shapes.

The shapes were on and off, as though the energy was trying to show Zhang Han something.

“These are the derivatives of the Athanasia Demon Gong!”

Zhang Han observed more attentively, as though he had left the secular world and these patterns in front of him were the only things he could see.

“According to my plan, Ill integrate Elemental Sources with the corresponding supernatural powers of the Athanasia Demon Gong, which will then feed the Elemental Sources back to my body, establishing the Body Cultivation.

“But these images… The scene shows me the trajectory of the Athanasia Demon Gong in normal function, doesnt it No, no, is it the opposite Its intermittent.

I cant understand much.

“Could this place… be a magic place for comprehending the Dao

“Or am I a person blessed by heaven”

After watching for a while, Zhang Han found that there was something about the derivatives of the Athanasia Demon Gong.

But maybe because the energy was unstable, the images it formed were too fuzzy.

All that had occurred was weird.

Suddenly, a jet of energy about three meters long and as thick as a persons arm dashed out of the Sea Eye.


This thrilled tens of thousands of people.

“Its coming!”

“The game is on!”

“This jet of energy seems to be very large.

The energy must be very pure.”

“The competition is about to start.

The Four-winged Azure Bat has taken action.

Prince Feng is going to fight for it, too.”

“Some from the Desolate Python Clan have set off.

The Giant Scorpions, the Three-tailed Foxes, and the Giant apes have all charged over to snatch it!”

“Come on, Soul Expert Qin Jun! Victory is yours!”

“Chaos! This is complete chaos.”

Under many peoples gazes, the contestants started a fierce battle.

The battle was cutthroat.

The volume of discussions rose and fell like waves, and cries of shock were heard in succession.

“Oh my god! Prince Feng actually failed to defeat that Giant Scorpion”

“Hes not defeated.

His retreat is just temporary.

Look over there, a Shadow Tiger is next to that Giant Scorpion.

It seems ready to attack Prince Feng.”

“Qin Jun is really powerful.

He injured that Desolate Python with one strike.


“Crap, the Blue-eyed Black Tortoise is approaching that jet of energy.

Ah! Its defense is freaking strong! It shows no concern for the attacks the others have thrown at it.

Taken! Its been taken! The first jet of energy has been taken by the Blue-eyed Black Tortoise!”

“The Demonic God Temple scored.


This news made everyone feel uncomfortable.

Some thumped their chests and stamped their feet, and some cried that what a pity it was.

In the past, the Demon Clan always took the first jet of energy.

This year, the Demon Clan was late.

Initially, the Human Clan thought that they could obtain the first jet of energy.

But to their dismay, the Demonic God Temple beat them to it.

The Demonic God Temple was the second strongest clan after all.

They had countless youngsters who were quite mighty.

“What an intense battle!”

Mu Xue flicked out her tongue and said in surprise, “I thought they would only stay in their own territories.

I didnt expect that when that thing appeared, they all rushed out to snatch it.

If they are not careful, they may get injured and get killed.”

“Their strikes are overwhelming.

Even from such a distance, I can clearly feel the pressure theyre giving off,” Instructor Liu said with admiration.

Li Mu scratched his head and said.

“D*mn, I was wondering if we could join in and fight at the outskirts.

But judging by the intensity of their fight, Im afraid that even the middle of the sea may have been affected by their power, let alone the outskirts.”

“Master, if you go all out, can you handle this kind of competition” Mu Xue abruptly asked with curiosity.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Everyone, including Zhu Li, turned to look at Zhang Han.

They were all curious about that.

They all knew that Zhang Hans strength had gone beyond his realm.

Yet, he was merely at the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage.

Was he powerful enough to participate in this competition

Zhang Han was amused.

He answered, “In theory, I cant.”

“What about in reality”

“I cant, either,” Zhang Han said casually.

The others didnt know what to say.

“Sometime in the future, Daddy can certainly beat them up without effort,” Mengmeng said with a snort.

“Of course.

Master will be the strongest in the universe,” Mu Xue echoed.

Zhang Guangyou laughed.

“How old is my son Hes in his early 30s and has just cultivated for several years.

Although his strength is not as strong as those people before us now, hell catch up with them in a few years.”

“Yeah, Han is the best.” Rong Jiali also chuckled.

Zhang Han pulled a wry face when he heard their words.

He said that he couldnt participate in this competition.

Still, he was showered by compliments.

Zhu Li took a few glances at Zhang Han and had a rough estimation of his strength.

“Looks like his strength is still somewhat inferior to that of the people ahead.

I thought that Zi Yues husband would be very powerful.

Yet, it seems that he is much weaker than I thought.”

But Zhu Li didnt think strength mattered most when it came to picking an ideal husband.

After all, given her size, she didnt need any man to protect her.

After taking a few glances, Zhu Li flickered her eyes to the front.

After some deliberation, she eventually said, “Thats a pity.

These jets of energy can be temporarily sealed.

Its said that one can benefit a lot if one absorbs such energy.

It is particularly useful to cultivators in the Elixir Realm, Yuan Ying Realm, and the God Transformation Realm.”

“Since the energy is so good, Ill tell my dad to snatch it all when he wakes up,” Yue Xiaonao said casually.

“Thats a good idea.”

“Is that okay”

“No, no, no!” Zhu Li was frightened.

She hurriedly said, “You cant do that.

Although you are not locals, you are still members of the Human Clan.

If your father, a senior member of the Human Clan, takes part in this competition, the higher-ups of the Demonic God Temple and the Demon Clan will definitely come over to stop him.

If that leads to war, all the creatures here will suffer.”

“The energy in the front is pure Elemental Energy.” Zhang Han said, “Absorbing such energy is conducive, but fighting against all those youngsters for it doesnt worth the effort.

With Elder Yues great strength, if he took part in this competition, the other participants would be like children who got bullied in school.”

Zhu Li was taken aback when she heard this remark.

Her lips moved, yet she chose not to say anything in the end.

She felt a little strange.

In her opinion, Zhang Han was not very strong, but he said that the big shots in front of him were like children in school.

“Thats right.

We dont have the strength to fight yet, so why bother” Mu Xue snorted, “When our strength rises in the future, we can come and participate in this competition by ourselves.”

“Hahaha, thats right.” Chen Changqing laughed and said, “I would enjoy it to the most only if I took part in it myself.”

“So much energy is gushing out from there.

Whats down there” Elder Meng stared at the Sea Eye in the distance.

That area was pitch-dark, so he couldnt see anything.

“There is surging evil spirit in the Sea Eye.

As for whats down there, its very difficult to find out for we cant see it.” Zhang Han shook his head and said, “Just the evil spirit there prevents all the people here from going down there, except for Elder Yue.

He should be able to go down and explore.”

Felina heard these words, her expression changing rapidly.

“It seems that these people are much more powerful than I had imagined.”

However, Felina did not have the energy to wonder about their strength.

She was anxiously waiting for Tricia to arrive.

“She is approaching!

“She is already very close!”


Zhu Li suddenly said in surprise, “Eight jets of energy has appeared at the same time.

The Human Clan will definitely get some energy this time.

The energy emerged really fast! I heard that in the past, the energy only turned up at intervals of more than 10 minutes.

But how long has it been since this competition started Its merely been on for barely a minute.

This time, the harvest in the Sea Eye will be great!”

As the Demon Clan hadnt arrived, there was no doubt that currently, this was a fight between the Demonic God Temple and the Human Clan.

Even though the Demonic God Temple might take most of the energy, the Human Clans harvest would surely be far greater than before.


In the front, fierce battles were occurring one after another.

The Demonic God Temple had a total of three thousand participants, while the Human Clan had roughly eight hundred participants.

However, Prince Feng, Soul Expert Qin Jun, Demon Killer Zhu Qingze, and more than a dozen other talents were the ones in the limelight.

Among the crowds, they were like resplendent stars.

No one could outshine them.

This time, eight jets of energy turned up.

Prince Feng, Qin Jun, and Zhu Qingze were the only three people who managed to get hold of the energy.

The other five jets of energy were all taken by the Demonic God Temple.

“The competition has just started, yet nine jets of energy have appeared.

Could it be that the energy eruption of the Sea Eye this time is the strongest in history”

A lot of people were discussing the emergence of the energy.


Ninas arm suddenly quivered.

“Whats coming”

“My mother.

Shes very close.

Shes almost here,” Nina quickly answered.

Because of her excitement, even her voice trembled a little.


Suddenly, a wave of energy shot over from afar.

It was as if a tide was rapidly pelting over from the sea.

Seeing this, the tens of thousands of people present were all shocked.

“The Demon Clan! The Demon Clan is coming!”

“The fight will get really intense.”

“I wonder if Prince Feng and the others can seize some energy from the Demon Clan.”

Everyone, including the people on the seven islands and in the air near the Sea Eye, looked over.

“Deep-sea Beast Demons! Deep-sea Beast Demons are coming.

What a large group! There must be hundreds of thousands of them!”

“Theyve come here rather menacingly.”

“The Demon Clan…”

This was the first time some of the cultivators here had seen members of the Demon Clan.

All of them were dumbstruck.

As for Zhang Hans group, they were not shocked, for they already saw some Deep-sea Beast Demons on their way here.

However, they were alarmed by how large and how well-trained this group of Deep-sea Beast Demons was.

Doubtlessly, those Deep-sea Beast Demons had a very strong sense of discipline.

They were densely packed, floating on the sea.

When they arrived, they occupied almost half of the nearby sea.

Even the marine devils of the Demonic God Temple all stepped aside to give way to them.

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