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“Its coming up!”

“Sure enough, there really is a sword.”

There was a hint of excitement in the eyes of Milo, the Holy Son of the Stone Demon.

The sword-shaped mark on his forehead was his fundamental weapon.

He liked swords.

His Way of Sword was also profound.

Yet, he hadnt found a suitable weapon.

Now, the chance of getting one had come.

Milo did not pay any attention to Tricia, even though she had been extremely weak for casting the forbidden skill.

His eyes were riveted to that sword.

“It is mine!”

Milo had sensed the aura of the sword.

Sometimes, it was fierce, which showed that it was extremely sharp and could cut almost anything.

Sometimes, it turned mysterious, which showed that it had more powers.

Sometimes, it was majestic, as if it had been suppressing the overflowing evil spirits.

At this moment, Milo knew very well that this sword was a supreme treasure that belonged to him.

With the tens of thousands of people, strange beasts, and demons watching, Milo wanted to pull this sword out with his own hand and start an era dominated by him!


Under everyones gaze, Milo leaped up.

He rapidly flew to the island in the middle of the Sea Eye.

The Space Rules seemed to have been affected.

It didnt seem to have influenced Milo.



When Milo was a kilometer away, he seemed to have suffered a heavy blow and was sent flying backward.


Milo narrowed his eyes.

He didnt expect the pressure issued by this sword could be this strong.

It had affected the surrounding evil spirits and formed a powerful force field.

“Is it because the energy of the forbidden skill is not enough”

Milo glanced at Tricia and furrowed his brows.

He moved again and rushed toward the sword at an even faster speed.


Milo continued to advance to the island ahead as if there were no one watching him.


He was sent flying again.

The good news was that Milo got about 20 meters closer to the island.

“Hahaha, Ill try again!”

Everyone could see that Milo, the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan, was a man who enjoyed taking on challenges.

Milo flew over again.


He was thrown backward again.

Yet, with the strength of Milos body, he was not injured.

It perhaps only hurt a little.

Under the gazes of tens of thousands of people, Milo tried again and again.

Everyone was astounded.

“Hes crazy.

Milo, the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan, does live up to his reputation.

His savageness is enough to deter many talents.”

“His strength is also very strong.

As a royal of the Stone Demon Clan, his body is strong.

He was born with a great body.

It is said that there are Human-stone Bodies, Earth-stone Bodies, Heaven-stone Bodies, and Demon-stone Bodies.

Demon-stone Bodies are superior to all the previous bodies, which are extremely terrifying.

I heard that Milo gained the Heaven-stone Body not long ago.

His physical strength is infinite.

His defense is freaking strong.

He also has several supernatural powers.

Over the past 100 years, Milo is the first royal member of the Stone Demon Clan who has had the qualification to gain a Demon-stone Body.”

“Heaven-stone Body The body of the king of the Stone Demon Clan is a Demon-stone Body.

If Milo can have a Demon-stone Body, he will become the next king.”

“However, to gain a Demon-stone Body is too difficult.

Some Stone Demons have managed to obtain Heaven Stone Bodies.

However, few have Demon-stone Bodies.”

“Judging from his aura, hes growing stronger and stronger.

However, hes still quite far from the island.”

It seemed that because of this abnormal activity, the energy eruption had stopped.

The Blood Demon Clan, the Deep-sea Beast Demons, the Earthfiends, the Human Clan, and the Demonic God Temple had all fixed their eyes on the island.

Many forces also looked at one another.

Who wouldnt covet such a very high-end spirit weapon

However, the Stone Demon Clan was too powerful.

If this led to a fight, the other clans might not be able to seize the sword.

If the other clans were to snatch the sword, they should wait until Milo was close enough to the island.

But in Zhang Hans group, the mood was different.

“What An island appeared out of nowhere Ah, theres a sword in the center of the island! Holy cow!”

“A sword Is it a sixth-tier spirit treasure No way! Is it a treasure beyond the sixth tier”

“I feel that treasures that appear in such a place must have surpassed the sixth-tier.

Is it seventh-tier”

Even Yue Wuwei took several looks at the sword and said, “Huh Its odd.

Why cant I sense it There seems to be Space Energy that blocks out probes.

Judging from its aura, its at least seventh-tier.”

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Chen Changqing, Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and the others also blinked and looked ahead with concentration.

No one seemed to have noticed the strange look on Zhang Hans face.

“That… is actually…”

Zhang Han suddenly raised his right hand and placed it on his forehead.

He seemed lost in thought.

“Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam…”

Milo tried dozens of, no, hundreds of times!

In just minutes, this Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan was thrown back several hundred times, but his progress was remarkable.

He seemed to have utilized a few supernatural powers to get five hundred meters closer.

He had covered half of the distance.

There was only half the way left.

But in the remaining journey of the several hundred meters, Milo found it difficult to move even a step.

Another 20 collisions only got him several meters closer.

The distance he could cover at every try kept shrinking.

Seeing this, Zhang Han couldnt help smiling.

“Its not yours.

You cant have it no matter how hard you try.”

Right at this time, it seemed that Milo felt the surrounding energy bearing down on him was increasing.

He knew that there wasnt much time left for him to obtain the sword in the center of the island.

“Do it again!”

In a flash, Milo landed beside Tricia.

He ordered her with aloof eyes, showing no hint of tenderness for the delicate woman.

“I cant.” Tricia took a deep breath and replied, “In fact, I cant cast it within the next half a month.”

“Humph, is that so”

Milo laughed coldly and seized Tricias neck, demanding, “Perform the forbidden skill again, or youll die.”

Instantly, the surrounding crowds were enlightened with a start.

“So the abnormal phenomenon was actually produced by that Dark Elf!

“But if she cant use her power now, will Milo kill her in rage”

In truth, Milo wouldnt.

Tricia was Milos trump card.

Milo wanted to force Tricia to use the forbidden skill as she did before, even if doing that would cripple Tricia.

But because of how savage Milo had behaved, many people felt that perhaps Milos temper would flare up and he would break Tricias neck.

Zhang Han raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “Elder Yue.”

As soon as he said that, a cry came from their side.


The sound waves spread in all directions.

Felina, who had remained silent on the side for a long time, rapidly flew out at a low altitude.


Milo turned his head in an instant.

When he saw Felina, his eyes glinted.

“Another Dark Elf Good! Very good! Capture her!”


“No! Dont!” Tricia cried out in alarm as she collapsed.

She felt powerless.

She wanted to shout at the top of her lungs, but she had no strength to do it.

“Felina, why be so silly”

“Get back here!”

Yue Wuwei commanded with his mind.

Felina flew backward and landed on the side.

Yue Wuwei reprimanded her slightly, “If you want your mother to live, dont make more trouble.”

For Yue Wuwei, it was not difficult to defeat those Stone Demons.

However, their goal was to save Tricia.

If the opponents were from any other branches of the Demon Clan, perhaps using soul sense secret skills, such as some powerful illusions, could solve the problem.

However, their opponents were Stone Demons who were immune to soul sense secret skills.

That made things a bit tricky.

“Dont stop me!”

Felina was still young.

At this time, her thoughts were in a muddle.

Thus, how could she listen to Yue Wuwei

She struggled but could not break free.

She felt very uncomfortable.

She was also suffering from immense psychological pain.


A Stone Demon quickly flew over, a sinister smile hanging from the corners of his lips.

He couldnt be considered strong.

But the Stone Demon Clan overpowered all the other clans here.

With so many members of the Stone Demon Clan backing him, how could anyone have the nerve to stop him

Seeing the Stone Demon getting closer and closer, Felina finally seemed to remember that Yue Wuwei was very mighty.

She calmed down a little, gritted her teeth, and fell silent.

“I have an idea.”

Zhang Han gazed at the approaching Stone Demon and narrowed his eyes.

With the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique, he exchanged a few words with Yue Wuwei in secret.

“Can, can it work” Yue Wuwei seemed a little dazed.


However, a mysterious smile appeared on Zhang Hans face.

Seeing his expression, everyone around him suddenly felt relieved.

Zhang Han was still as calm as ever.

It looked like this game was in his bag.

“Eh There are four Dark Elves Great!”

The Stone Demon who had arrived looked at the Dark Elves with arrogance and eventually fixed his eyes on Felina.

“Youre all good-looking.



After you get the work done, I will treat you with tenderness.

I like to taste beautiful women of the Human Clan, especially those that are barbecued.

Ill roast you very slowly.”

As the Stone Demon spoke, he came near the group.

He seemed about to drool.

After glancing around, he found that there were many good-looking human women present.

He then said, “All of you, come with me.”

“How dare you” Yue Wuwei looked and subconsciously wanted to make a move.

“Do you know who youre dealing with”

But on second thought, Yue Wuwei withdrew his hand and glanced at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han, however, caressed Mengmengs head, withdrew his hand, and whispered a few words.

Then, he slowly raised his head and looked at the Stone Demon.

“Youre as weak as an ant.

Yet, your hobbies are actually quite special.”


“What did you say” The Stone Demons eyes became somber.

His cold voice sounded a bit murderous.


Zhang Han laughed with ease and took a step forward.


In a flash, he leaped into the air and floated at a low altitude.

This scene instantly attracted the attention of all the people nearby.

Even Milo, the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan, looked over.

“Cant believe someone really has the nerve to take on the Stone Demon Clan in this circumstance!

“Isnt that man asking for trouble”

“Youre courting death!”

This Stone Demon was in the God Transformation Realm.

His strength was considered low in the Stone Demon Clan.

His job was merely to run errands.

Still, as a member of the Stone Demon Clan, he had represented the Stone Demon Clan to arrest the Dark Elves.

Anyone who attempted to stop him would be seen as provoking his clan.

With a ferocious look on his face, the Stone Demon rushed to Zhang Han at an extremely fast speed.

At this time, everyone around knew very well that the man who just stepped forward wanted to fight in the first place.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have stood up for the Dark Elves.

“However, can he win

“Who here wouldnt cower before the Stone Demon Clan

“The Stone Demon is drawing nearer!”

With everyone watching, the Stone Demon raised his fist in midair, summoning his power to activate his most prized supernatural power.

It was as if his fist was about to rip apart the space around it.

His fierce might was unleashed.

Some energy could even be seen flowing with the naked eye.

“When this punch is dealt, Im afraid that even any God Transformation Realm cultivator at the same level as him will be smashed up.”

“Stone Demons are inherently Body Cultivators.

Theyre immune to soul sense attacks.

That is terrifying.

They are born to be rulers.”

“Milo, the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan, has triumphed over all his peers.

Given his disposition, hell rise to the upper echelons in just a few years if he gets his hands on a suitable spirit weapon, such as a sword.

I really dont understand why God favors the Stone Demon Clan so much.

If we humans are to pursue Body Cultivation, it will be too difficult.”

“I wonder if that person can withstand a punch.

If not, he will become a joke.”

Not only the humans there but also some Great Devils were puzzled.

Among them, the White Dog Clan and the Giant Ape Clan were pondering about this matter.

Yuan Yi had observed for some time.

It murmured, “This is weird.

That human being should be the father of that little girl.

Is he Daheis master I havent sensed any specific aura from him.

His strength seems to be only at the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage, doesnt it In this case, why has he rushed there Wouldnt that be courting death”

“Big bro, should we go save the day Those d*mn Stone Demons are too arrogant! F*ck, do they really think they are invincible I can trample them to death if I want!”

“Since he dares to go up there, he must be confident about his strength.” Yuan Yi smacked its lips and said, “I heard from Big Brother that a Supreme Expert broke into the Demonic God Temple a couple of days ago to pick up a human girl.

According to the description, that Supreme Expert should be the old man standing beside the chubby girl in that group.

With a Supreme Experts protection, Daheis master should be fine.”

“Can he withstand Milos punch”

“Who knows”

Obviously, Yuan Yi and the other apes did not think Daheis master who flew to the air was powerful.

At the very least, they could feel a bit of his aura, from which they could tell that he didnt seem to be in a high realm.

At this moment, Yuan Yi was more convinced that bringing Dahei into its clan was the best choice for Dahei.

Yuan Yi considered going over to discuss this with that group after this matter was over.

If the Giant Ape Clan could have another king, its status in the Demonic God Temple would be even higher.

No, Yuan Yi had not given up trying.

At this moment, Yuan Yi also thought that Zhang Han, who had leaped into the air, was no match for that Stone Demon.

But sometimes, there was a big gap between imagination and reality.

With everyone watching, the Stone Demons fist was about to hit Zhang Han head-on.

In the face of the aggressive Stone Demon charging at him, Zhang Han also raised his right arm, ready to punch.

“What the hell Hes going to fight the Stone Demon head-on Who is he kidding”

Many people from various forces put on a dismissive look.

In the next second—


As soon as a dull sound was heard—


A crunch was heard.

It was clear and pleasant to the ear.

Yet, it sounded like… the sound of stones shattering.



Just as the onlookers were still shocked and confused, another crunch was heard, accompanied by that mans calm voice that said, “You are too weak.”


That Stone Demons right arm was actually shattered.


In an instant, Zhang Hans second punch hit the Stone Demon in the chest.


The sound of breaking bones made the hearts of everyone present contract violently.

“Whats going on

“He killed a Stone Demon with two punches

“He achieved that with merely his physical strength”

Yuan Yis eyes slowly widened in disbelief.

Many disciples of the Human Clan gasped with astonishment.

“Has another freaking strong cultivator appeared in our Human Clan

“But how come weve never seen him before”

The pupils of Milo, the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan, stopped moving.

The other Stone Demons let out furious roars.


The Stone Demon in front of Zhang Han widened his eyes and said in a broken voice, “You, you, you actually…”

He didnt finish his words.

Then, his whole body turned into dust, drifted with the wind, and scattered in the sea.

The surface of the sea basked in the sunlight still seemed enigmatic.

Sparkles could be seen drifting on the sea from time to time.

Could those sparkles be the souls of the dead in the sea

When the Stone Demons fine fragments sank into the sparkling sea, it added another colorful touch to the sea.

At this very moment, the entire place was deathly silent.

The only sound that could be heard was the endless sound of waves.

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