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The battle zone was overflowing with violent energy.

As the battle went on, more and more formidable Qi was unleashed from Milos body.

Milo was like an invincible fighter, crushing his opponent.

As for Zhang Han, he had been losing grounds to Milo.

He couldnt compete against Milo at all.

At this moment, Milo, the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan, seemed to have become the sun.

No one could outshine him.

The Deep-sea Beast Demons, Three-eyed Giant Demons, Earthfiends, Blood Demons, and all the other demons growled in unison.

Just now, the Stone Demon Clans overbearing behavior aroused their dissatisfaction.

But at this moment, Milo was fighting on behalf of the entire Demon Clan.

Hearing waves of roars, the strange beasts of the Demonic God Temple and the members of the Human Clan all looked a bit grave.

But the members of the Demonic God Temple were unperturbed, for this fight was not their concern.

Many members of the Human Clan fell silent.

The demons were so powerful that no one could possibly rival them.

Even Taoist Lord of Dragon and the others were at a disadvantage when dealing with them.

In the Domain of Seven Desolations, where the strong preyed on the weak, strength was all that mattered.

In comparison, the Human Clan was rather weak.

Many people had complained about Zhang Han and even hoped him to die so as to appease the anger of the Demon Clan.

But as the fight went on, those who had been blaming and complaining about Zhang Han shut their mouths.

There were several voices in their heads.

“Can you win”

“Is it possible”

“Please, win this fight! Our Human Clan hasnt won for a long time.”

“But… there wont be a miracle.”

Even Dai Wentian sighed deeply.

His eyes registered exhaustion.

He was exhausted by the suppression he had been living with for many years.

He was exhausted because he always had to struggle to survive.

But many people present held a steadfast faith, which could be described with a famous poem known in the Human Clan—The heavy snow presses down on the pine tree, but the pine tree remains upright and straight.

To know how noble the pine tree was, wait until the snow melts.

At this time, the Human Clan was like the pine trees covered in heavy snow.

It was struggling but still had a glint of hope.

However, the so-called hope had been dashed again and again.

As a result, everyone had mixed feelings at the moment.

“Maybe in the next second, the man able to fight against the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan with pure physical strength would get killed, wouldnt he”

Zi Yan and Mengmeng were the ones that were most worried.

The mother and daughter had the same look on their faces.

Their fingers were crossed tightly.

Their nails sank into their flesh.

They were also biting their lips.

Mengmeng even seemed about to burst into tears.

“Daddy,” Mengmeng called in a tearful voice, which instantly brought her worries to Yue Wuweis notice.

“Dont worry, this is the same as Zhang Han expected.

Lets wait and observe more.

Nothing can happen to him.

After all, I got his back.”

The others also looked concerned.

They all knew that since even Yue Wuwei found the Demon Clan tricky to deal with, the situation was surely not good.

“Judging from the direction of Zhang Hans retreat, is he going to take the opportunity to rescue Tricia before Elder Yue takes action In this way, he can make sure Tricia wont die, but this plan is too risky.”

This was the first time that Zhang Han had been beaten up in a fight.

Even Mu Xue and the others were stupefied when they watched the fight.

All of them had their hearts in their mouths.

“Bam, bam, bam…”

They were all overwrought as they watched, let alone how bad Zhang Han felt.

In the beginning, the two were only competing in strength.

Zhang Han actually had the upper hand.

But as Milo, the Holy Son of the Stone Demon, continuously upgraded his strength, Zhang Han began to feel stressed.

Still, he did not use any supernatural powers or secret skills.

Instead, he kept striking with his physical strength.

His arms were injured several times.

This showed how tough his Immortal Body was.

Every time cracks appeared in his body, his body healed in just seconds.

Milo was stunned by it every time it happened.

“What kind of body does he have on earth

“His body seems to be very strong.

“Even the Stone Demon Body may not have such a shocking healing power.

“Great Body! It must be a Great Body! I must get his way of cultivating a Great Body!”

Milo, the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan, fought more and more fiercely as the battle progressed, while more and more thoughts surfaced in his head.

Milo maintained the intensity of his strikes at a certain degree, continuously forcing Zhang Han to back away.

He planned to corner Zhang Han to the place where the Stone Demon Clan was before taking him down.

As for Zhang Han, he was also eyeing the Stone Demon Clan.

Tricia, the Dark Elf, was not in a good state, but she had gotten better compared to before.

There was something that had surprised her.

The island that appeared after she cast the forbidden skill with the box should have only exited for minutes.

But what about now The island that should have sunk was still there, as steady as Mount Tai.

“That sword quivered just now, didnt it Or have I been deceived by my eyes”

Tricia did not stare at the sword for long.

She soon turned to look at the battlefield.

“Who is that man

“He came here in Nina and Felinas group.

He must be their companion.

“Could it be that hes here to save me

“Thats impossible.

Go back.

Take my girls far away.

Dont ever come back.


Tricias feelings were complicated.

She moved her lips in an attempt to say something with the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

However, her overtired body prevented her from doing so.

Tricia lowered her head, not daring to watch the battle anymore.

She feared that she would see that man be blown up and turned into a mist of blood in the next second.

“Countless lives have been taken in this sea.

Please put the war to an end.”

Tricia began to lose her consciousness.

The negative effects brought by the forbidden skill had only just kicked in.


She heard an indistinct clap of thunder coming from not far away.

“Have the fight reached here

“Yes, theyre fighting over the sea near the Stone Demon Clan.”

Amidst the roars of all the demons, Milo said, “Nice.

Your body is very powerful.”

Looking at Zhang Han with burning eyes, Milo continued, “I didnt expect that I would not only get the sword I wanted but also get an incredibly powerful Body Cultivation Method on this trip.

At the end of the day, the Human Clan is too weak.

You cant give full play to the power of your body.

But it doesnt matter.

Ill make it glow and shine by myself.

My era is coming.

You will go down in history as well.”


As Milo spoke, he kicked horizontally.

In the face of this kick, Zhang Han, who was “weak”, seemed to be unable to defend himself.

He tried his best to resist but was thrown backward.

“Hahaha, how dare you contend with our Demon Clan Who do you think you are” Many Stone Demons sneered.

“Youre human.

Youre no stronger than an ant to us.”

Some other branches of the Demon Clan chimed in as well.

One of the Deep-sea Beast Demons howled, “Im gonna eat him!”

“I like his blood very much,” said a member of the Blood Demon Clan in a cold voice.

A Three-eyed Giant Demon said smugly, “Its been a long time since Ive eaten a human being.

This time, I should be able to eat to my hearts content.”

There was no doubt that all the members of the Demon Clan, the human beings, and strange beasts thought that Zhang Han would die soon.

But at this precise moment—

“Your Heaven-stone Body is quite impressive.

However, your conceit surpasses your strength.”

Zhang Han suddenly smiled.

He performed the Athanasia Demon Gong with all his might.

Next, his hands, which were covered with blood, healed in an instant, and his aura reached its peak.

“What Hes not injured”

“Hed actually been faking it.

He didnt use his full strength either!”


It could be heard that many on the various islands gasped in shock.

Even Milo, the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan, was stupefied.

“Whats going on

“The injuries on his body were all fake

“Ive used the strength of the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage to suppress him.

“But he is still intact!


“Could it be…”

Milos eyes widened in an instant.

The look in his eyes became fanatical.

“Ive underestimated your Body Cultivation Method.

Good, very good.

Guards, take him down!”

Right after Milo finished speaking, before all those Stone Demons could take action—

Zhang Han performed the Air-shattering Hand!

He put his right hand toward Tricia through the air.


It was as if the void was about to be torn apart.

The nearby Stone Demon were alarmed.

They prepared to attack.

However, Tricia was carried up by the summoning power and flew toward Zhang Han.

This, however, caused Milo to laugh as though he had just heard a good joke.

The sea waves below were rising and falling.

The sound of the enormous waves couldnt drown out his laughter.


Milo looked at Zhang Han defiantly.

“What Do you think you can escape We demons are very united when it comes to suppressing the Human Clan.”

“Clap! Clap! Clap!”

Milo clapped his hands lightly.

The claps spread far and wide.


Hundreds of thousands of Deep-sea Beast Demons blocked Zhang Han from the side.

Many Three-eyed Giant Demons, Earthfiends, and Blood Demons flew into the air and surrounded Zhang Han from all directions.

“Even if you were in the Void-refining Realm and had wings, you couldnt escape,” Milo sighed softly and said in a very playful tone.

This scene enraged many human beings present.

“All the branches of the Demon Clan have acted in concert.

But do they think there arent any mighty figures in our Human Clan that can confront them”

“Who dares Is it you Or you Theres nothing we can do.

Demons are the most powerful beings in the Domain of Seven Desolations.

We can only blame that man for being a busybody.”

“He shouldnt have gone there to fight, let alone show his remarkable Body Cultivation Method.

He doesnt even understand that one should not reveal ones wealth.

He is too young, too naive.”

People expressed their pity, annoyance, indignation, and ridicule.

It was as if this event was a reflection of the society, a summary of everything.

Many Great Devils of the Demonic God Temple were also watching the fight.

In the Giant Ape Clan—

“Big bro, Daheis master is going to be captured.

Should we…”

Yuan Yi said gloomily, “There are only 52 of us, not 520,000.

How can we meddle in”

“Cant each of us take on 10,000 demons” one of the Giant Apes pounded its chest and asked.

“Who told you that” Yuan Yi asked.

It bereft that Giant Ape of speech for a long time, who then fell into deep thought.

“Who told me that”

After a while, Yuan Yi exhaled a long breath.

“For Daheis sake, we may step up for him in normal circumstances.

But were facing a million demons today.

Even if each of us can handle 10,000 demons, were still hundreds of thousands short in number.

Plus, you youngsters perhaps can only fight 100 demons on your own.

There is nothing we can do but watch the fight.

Still, dont forget that theres a powerful figure over there.”

“Oh yeah, that old man is there.”

Many looked at Yue Wuwei.

At this time, Zi Yan said, “Elder Yue, Hans got Tricia!”

“I saw it.” Yue Wuwei resumed his immortal demeanor.

He stroked his beard and remarked, “Mengmeng, dont worry.

Look at your fathers calm expression.

He must have a way to deal with this.”

“What way” Li Mu looked at the area ahead that was packed with demons and felt goosebumps on his scalp.

“Hes already been surrounded.

In what way can he escape”

But Yue Wuwei did not even bother to look at Li Mu.

He turned a deaf ear to Li Mus question.

“I had just said that I didnt know what Zhang Han was planning to do.

“Why do you keep asking Do you really think that I know everything”

“No, I want Daddy to come back!” Mengmeng said anxiously.

“Dad, do something.

What are you waiting for” Yue Xiaonao urged as well.

“Fine, fine.

Ill bring them back right now,” Yue Wuwei said with resignation.

Just as he was about to make a move—


He suddenly let out a soft cry of surprise.

Then, his expression changed slightly.

“Whats happening What is he doing over there”

As the space had been affected, Yue Wuwei could not feel Zhang Hans and Tricias auras.

In other words, he could not bring them back!

Yue Wuwei hated losing control of things the most.

He frowned slightly.

“Why is Master going to that island as well”

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han zoomed to the island in the center of the Sea Eye with Tricia.

Zhang Han stepped into the area Milo had advanced to and felt the gravity field there was different.

Milo knew about it best.

Seeing this, Milo didnt panic.

Instead, he sneered.

“Your aspiration is wild.

How can you, a mere human being, covet such a great sword”

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