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Everyone was bereft of speech.

“Never thought Zhang Han, who is usually serious, also teases people.”

“You brat.” Yue Wuweis facial muscles quivered slightly.

This was kind of driving him crazy.

“If Mengmeng werent here, I would definitely punch you.”


Mengmeng, on the other hand, laughed happily.

She leaned against Zhang Han, thinking that everyones expressions were very funny.

Hearing the little girls laughter, many people subconsciously turned to look at her.

Among them was Tricia.

She cast several glances at the group and was impressed by Zi Yans and Mengmengs pretty faces.

“What on earth is this sword” Yue Wuwei asked again.

“Its a Profound-grade treasure.” This time, Zhang Han answered right away other than keeping the others guessing.

“A Profound-grade treasure Thats amazing!”

Yue Wuwei was taken aback.

His eyes lit up.

He eyed the sword in Zhang Hans hand several times and asked, “Which tier is it at”

“At the peak of the seventh tier.”

“Tut-tut, it turns out to be a Profound-grade treasure.

Nice! Boy, youre so lucky.

I should have guessed it.

Only a Profound-grade treasure can trigger that kind of strange phenomenon.” Yue Wuwei touched his beard subconsciously and said, “Ive seen plenty of strange phenomena, but this is the first time that Ive seen one on such a large scale.

Its really incredible.”

“There was a strange phenomenon”

At this point, Zhang Han was stunned.

“What You still dont know” Yue Wuwei froze.

“What was that strange phenomenon” Zhang Han asked.

“A very large figure appeared.

It was really scary,” Mengmeng said.

“That figure was so high that its head touched the sky.

It stood in the sea, but the seawater only reached its ankles…”

Mengmeng described what she had seen.

The others then added more details.

Zhang Mu said, “It was like… I think it was quite similar to the demonic shadow that appeared when I first went to the Kunlun Immortal World with Han.

At that time, you just made a breakthrough.

Then, the sun and moon collided and that shadow showed up.”

“Eh Thats true.

It was indeed similar to that demonic shadow.

Its just that the recent one was too big.

We even couldnt see its head.

I wonder if it had horns,” Mu Xue abruptly remarked.

“At that time, the giant figures movements were exactly the same as yours.”

“When your eyes began to shine, that figures eyes also shone like the sun.

That scared the millions of demons and all the human beings and the Great Devils.”

“He was also pulling a sword.

It was not until you pulled out your sword that the strange phenomenon faded.

This world was shrouded by darkness for 10 whole seconds.”

After hearing the others explanation, Zhang Han smiled bitterly.

He, too, was a little bemused.

“A figure with its head touching the sky and the sea below its feet had synchronized its movements with me.”

When Zhang Han just entered the Yuan Ying Realm, a shadow of a Great Demon also appeared.

That was his Yuan Ying, which was a Great Demon.

Earlier, when Zhang Han controlled the Seven-star Sword to draw energy from the Sea Eye, he also noticed that after he slaughtered over 700,000 demons, the demonic Qi in their bodies, that was the energy in the Sea Eye, was absorbed by his Yuan Ying.

That almost reduced his energy consumption to zero.

“Whats going on

“Could it be that in my second life, I have been born as… a Demon King”

There was one more thing that alarmed Zhang Han.

It was that when the boat rushed into the black hole below, a ball of light appeared in the surging evil spirits in the Sea Eye.

“Is that… an eye”

The aura it emitted was both strange and familiar to Zhang Han.

It was as though there was something calling him.

“Is it some sort of influence of the Seven-star Sword”

The Seven-star Sword had accompanied Zhang Han in battles for many years.

According to the calendar of the Cultivation World, it had been in the Sea Eye suppressing the sea for a thousand years.

Thus, it was also possible that it had formed a certain kind of connection with the essential energy of the Sea Eye.

“But why do I find that aura familiar”

Zhang Han suddenly realized that with his return, many mysteries had been unraveled.

Back then, he couldnt find the way back to Earth.

Later, he found that Earth was the Saint Warrior Planet hidden in the void.

Then, he learned about the mysterious lord, the Saint Warrior Planet, the Heavenly Land, and the Land of Sealed Demons in the Domain of Seven Desolations, which was a highly advanced planet within the Chaotic Region in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Zhang Han was confused.

“How could the Sea Dragon Star Area be considered rather underdeveloped It has such an extraordinary place!”

Even Zhang Han found it very strange.

“Its at the peak of the seventh tier.

Thats to say, its a spirit treasure close to the eighth tier, isnt it Heavens, this is the first time Ive seen such a high-level spirit treasure!”

Mu Xue, Zhang Guangyou, Third Elder, and the others all stepped forward to scrutinize the Seven-star Sword.

“These marks on it are still beautiful.”


They all marveled.

But it seemed that they only saw this sword as a top-level seventh-tier spirit treasure.

After looking at it for a while, Zhang Guangyou asked, “What is a Profound-grade treasure”

“Yeah, Daddy, what is a Profound-grade treasure Arent spirit treasures divided into ninth tiers” Mengmeng asked curiously.

Mengmeng knew all the basics about weapons very well.

After all, she was a quick learner.

Now that Little Princess had posed the question, the others immediately quit asking about it.

This was because they all knew that Zhang Han would give the most detailed answers to any of Mengmengs questions.

Zhang Han was very patient with Mengmeng.

“Speaking of Profound-grade treasures…”

Zhang Han put away the Seven-star Sword, stroked Mengmengs head, and said, “If we compare all the spirit treasures ranging from the first tier to the ninth tier as the world, Profound-grade treasures can be seen as supermundane and special natural treasures or treasures formed by polishing.

Although Profound-grade treasures sound very powerful, they may not be as good as spirit treasures.

Many Profound-grade treasures cant even compare with ninth-tier spirit treasures.

Some Profound-grade treasures are seventh-tier.

Some are eighth-tier.

Some are ninth-tier.

Some have even transcended the ninth tier.

However, some are rather lame.

For example, there is a kind of Profound-grade treasure that can only be used as air conditioning.

It can adjust the temperature within a certain range to provide the user with a comfortable environment.

But there are some that are very powerful.

To be precise, Profound-grade treasures are all above the seventh tier, but their power can go beyond the ninth tier.”

“Oh, I see.

They are all above the seventh tier, but their power can go beyond the ninth tier.

Thus, Profound-grade treasures must be great treasures.” Mengmeng blinked quickly, and unfolded her right hand, revealing the pearl that symbolized the Saint Warrior Planet.

“Is this pearl a Profound-grade treasure”

“Yes,” Yue Wuwei said.

“Is it powerful” Mengmeng muttered, “I cant use its power until I reach the Elixir Realm, humph.”

“Yes, of course,” Yue Wuwei said with resignation.

“Youll understand in the future.”


Mengmeng put away the pearl.

“What can the Seven-star Sword do” Zhang Guangyou inquired.

“Its a sharp weapon.

Other than that, it carries the power of the stars, which can be controlled.

Besides, it works as coordinates on a graph.

Its connected with the Domain of Seven Desolations.

Yes, if I want, I can enter the Domain of Seven Desolations from the area full of black holes we just passed by,” Zhang Han replied.

Upon hearing these words, everyone felt heartened.

“We can still visit that place!”

“Just now, when the Sudoku dissipated, I thought we couldnt go back there.

The creatures in that place are very strong.

When our strength can almost rival theirs, well go there and fight!”

Everyone felt a little depressed after this trip.

That mighty world, those strange beasts, demons, human beings, and high-level cultivators had struck the nerves of all of them.

It was impossible for them to participate in the battles this time.

In fact, they had been extremely careful for fear of causing any trouble.

In fact, everyone knew that Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei had been so cautious only because they had to look after them.

If they went there by themselves, it would probably be a totally different story.

The Seven-star Sword was a very powerful Profound-grade treasure.

When Zhang Han obtained the Colorful Starry Sky Stone, he visited an Immortal Master famous for forging weapons at that time.

Using 99 drops of Zhang Hans fundamental blood essence, that Immortal Master spent three years refining the Colorful Starry Sky Stone into the Seven-star Sword.

Hence, Zhang Hans control over the Seven-star Sword had reached the extreme.

At that time, the Seven-star Sword was already more powerful than a top-tier spirit treasure.

It helped Zhang Han make great achievements in battles.

Therefore, when Zhang Han pulled the sword out, he said in his head, “Old pal, glad to see you again.”

When the Seven-star Sword made its debut in the world, it attracted several rounds of Thunder Tribulation.

Zhang Han remembered that the Three-Yang Thunder descended.

That scene was horrible.

Now, the Seven-star Sword had fallen to the seventh tier.

After that, Zhang Han rarely displayed his swordsmanship.

The Seven-star Sword was still complete.

However, it had fallen to such a low level.

What had it been through

Was it because it had suppressed the Sea Eye for a thousand years


Even Zhang Han was now curious about what was in the Sea Eye.

That place was comparable to the supreme secret realms in the Cultivation World.

The others talked about Profound-grade treasures for a while and dropped the topic.

They were all happy that Zhang Han had obtained this Profound-grade treasure.

However, no one knew that the Seven-star Sword was Zhang Hans in the first place.

With this sword in his hand, Zhang Han now felt that even if he encountered someone at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage or the Peak-Stage, he could still defeat the opponent with one sword strike.

But Zhang Han was merely at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage!

Yet, he was already this mighty.

In the past, he wouldnt even dare to think about this.

There was a huge gap between two neighboring realms.

It was actually very difficult to fight someone in a higher realm.

In the Cultivation World, it was already very impressive that some talents could become invincible among those in the same stage, let alone fighting those who were in a higher realm.

“I never thought that when I pulled this sword out, the integration of my five supernatural powers suddenly progressed to 80 percent.

It seems that I will have the Immortal Body of the Five Elements very soon.”

Zhang Han shook his head and laughed.

“The Heaven-stone Body is powerful indeed.

Those with Heaven-stone Bodies are in the upper class among Body Cultivators.

Stone Demons… the Domain of Seven Desolations…

“The Immortal Body is very strong and has an astonishing healing ability, but it also has flaws.

Its power is not particularly strong, and its physical strength is not as good as that of the Heaven-stone Body.

“This also makes sense.

The way of cultivating the Athanasia Demon Gong is based on my own comprehension.

My cultivation of the Immortal Body has just begun.

Later, every time my cultivation reaches a higher level, my Immortal Body will grow much more powerful.

“After I gain the Immortal Body of the Five Elements, I will probably be able to lift mountains with one finger and be immune to all kinds of attacks.

In the face of the Immortal Body of the Five Elements, the Heaven-stone Body will look like a toddler.”

After the new breakthrough and the acquisition of the Seven-star Sword, Zhang Han made a new plan for his cultivation.

There were no big changes but some small adjustments.

As for the secrets hidden in his body and other issues, Zhang Han could only play to the score tactically.

At present, what Zhang Han cherished most was…

He looked back and fixed his tender eyes on the little figure running toward Nina.

Mengmeng was 14 years old now.

She had grown into a big girl.

She was lively, lovely, and sometimes mischievous.

She would come of age in a few years.

“She will make steady progress.

Yes, her progress must be steady,” Zhang Han thought to himself.

Everything had to be done step by step.

Taking this trip was just accidental.

If he had a choice, Zhang Han would not have taken the risk when he was not powerful enough.

If Zhang Han met an incredibly talented young cultivator who was stronger than him and wanted to pursue Mengmeng, it would be embarrassing if he failed to defeat him.

Zhang Han would never allow that to happen.

Since his daughter was so pretty, Zhang Han had to keep a close eye on her.

If anyone dared to pursue Mengmeng, he would definitely fight that guy with the Seven-star Sword.

Zi Yan stared at Zhang Han for seconds.

As if she had read something from Zhang Hans eyes, she pulled a wry face.

“Alas… Who on earth can date Mengmeng in the future”

Zi Yan suddenly remembered something and said to Zhang Han, “By the way, Tiny Tot wont get out from my wrist.”

“It wont get out Is it asleep” Zhang Han was taken aback.

“When the huge demonic figure appeared, my wrist turned hot.

Then, it was normal again,” Zi Yan replied.

“Ive noticed something.” Yue Wuwei stroked his beard and said, “It seems that Tiny Tot has absorbed some energy, but I didnt feel it clearly.

Maybe its going to enter the next level during sleep.”

There was some uncertainty in Yue Wuweis tone.

He couldnt figure out the Ancient Cursed Roc either.

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