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“Maybe Tiny Tot will wake up in a couple of days,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

At this time, Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Chen Chuan all ran to Nina.

With the childrens arrival, Tricia, Nina, and Felina were immediately in a better mood.

Tricia and her two daughters must have a lot to catch up on, but now was not the time for that.

“Auntie Tricia, you are very pretty,” Mengmeng said with a smiley face.

“You and your mother are prettier.

You two are the most beautiful women Ive ever seen,” Tricia said beamingly as she glanced at Zi Yan.

“You flatter me, madam.” Zi Yan smiled back.

“You can call me Tricia,” Tricia said.

She had special feelings for her lifesavers.

Perhaps because Tricia hadnt communicated with people for a long time, she didnt talk much at this time.

She just watched the others silently.

Also, she was very curious about Zhang Han and the others.

“Where did these people come from”

“Mother, Mengmeng and the others are from Earth.

Earth is a hidden place in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

No one can go there without Elder Yue leading them.

Earth is a very beautiful and unique planet,” Nina explained.

“Auntie Tricia, youre welcome to go there and have a look,” Yue Xiaonao said.

After chatting for hours, the elves and Zhang Hans group became closer.

Zhang Hans group also learned that Tricia was not an elf born in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

She was from the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

When she was young, for certain reasons, she came to the Small Sky Dragon Region.

Tricias father was a Dark Elf, while her mother was an Elemental Elf.

Thus, she possessed two different bloodlines.

Tricias life in the Small Sky Dragon Region was quite good.

Afterward, she encountered the current King of Elemental Elves, Olien.

At this time, someone asked curiously, “Eh, the way I see it, that King of Elves is a steady man.

He is not someone who would take risks.

He prefers to keep things safe and secure.”

To put it bluntly, that King of Elves was a coward.

Zhou Fei asked tactfully, “How did he get you to be with him”


Tricia showed a faint smile and said, “We first met in a secret realm.

At that time, he was young, a little arrogant, and bold.

He had challenged many young talents and had been injured many times.”


Everyone was surprised.

“The King of Elves also has a glorious past”

“He had traveled in the Small Sky Dragon Region and the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

It was not until several decades later that we became a couple.” Tricia voluntarily shared some stories of the King of Elves.

From her stories, the others learned that the King of Elves used to be at the Void-refining Realm Last-Stage and perhaps had great potential for further progress.

But in order to protect Tricia and resist the enemies from the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, the King of Elves was seriously injured, which reduced his cultivation level to the Elixir Realm.

Olien and Tricia fled into a secret realm and escaped from the enemies pursuit.

Eventually, they arrived at the Sea Dragon Star Area, which was Oliens hometown.

Only a few hundred elves were living there.

Though they didnt have many clansmen, life there was easy and comfortable.

Even Nina and Felina did not know about this.

Zhang Han found it a little strange.

“That King of Elves is very cowardly.

In order to protect the Elemental Elf Clan, he almost married Nina off to an alien clan.

I cant believe he also used to shine like a star.”

Hearing this, Nina didnt say anything.

But Tricia closed her eyes and remained silent for a long time before saying, “He once said to his father that he would keep his clansmen safe.

Nina, I know him well.

Although he appears mediocre, he is pretty resourceful.

You are our daughter.

He must have made plans to rescue you if the worst had come.”

“R-Really” Ninas pupils quivered.

Nina had never thought about these things.

She felt that the entire Elemental Elf Clan had never really known the King of Elves.

“He seldom stands in the limelight.

Perhaps he has deliberately let others outshine him.

Or is it that he has seen through the mundane world and doesnt want to be bothered by those trivia”

“How surprising!”

Mu Xue took a sip of juice to calm herself down.

She and the others never thought the King of Elves could be like that.

Zhou Fei couldnt resist her curiosity and asked, “Then who is Felinas father”

Here came the key question.

It seemed that Olien and Tricia had been through a lot together.

However, Felinas father might decide Tricias future.

If Tricia was now in love with another man, she probably would not go back to the Roland Star.

Faced with this question, Tricia fell silent.

After a while, she said, “I have the bloodlines of both the Elemental Elf Clan and the Dark Elf Clan.

Nina is an Elemental Elf, and Felina is a Dark Elf.

Its all because of me.

They are both Oliens daughters.

Generally, the pregnancy of elves lasts three years.

When I made the trip to the Chaotic Region, I just got pregnant.

By mistake, I entered the Domain of Seven Desolations and arrived in the Sea Eye.

At that time, there was an island in the middle of the Sea Eye, on which there was a sword.

I couldnt even get within 10 meters of the sword, but I obtained a box that was linked to that island.

What enabled me to summon that island was not the forbidden skill of our clan, but that box.”

After thinking for moments, Tricia gave a general account of her story.

“I gave birth to Felina in the fifth year after I came to that island.

When she was two years old, I left the island for the continent.

It took me a great effort.

I got injured along the way.

After I got onto the continent, I used all the means I could think of to buy a small aircraft and a lot of food.

After I went back to the island, I couldnt find a way out anymore.

Later, I learned about the Ancient Road of Starry Sky, so I tried to give it a shot.

Yet, I couldnt pass through the Demon Clans territory with my strength, so I returned to the island.

The strange part was that only when I held the box could I see the island.

If I put the box away, I couldnt see it.

Then, I decided to stay on the island and teach Felina how to cultivate while waiting for an opportunity to go out.

But to my surprise, the energy in the Sea Eye erupted.

I and Felina hid in a remote place and watched those people fight for the energy.

“The day after that, those people left.

I followed the Human Clans ship to the continent and bought some daily necessities with my remaining crystal stones.

Then, I went to the Demonic Beast Mountain Range to kill some low-level spirit beasts.

When I returned to the island, I found a dying Stone Demon.

Yes, I saved him.

After talking to him, I learned some secrets of the Sea Eye.

The space turbulence would only form a passageway when the sun and the moon coexist in the sky every month.

I found a chance to sense the space with the box, but the energy inside was only enough for one person to leave.

Its a decision I cant make.

Later, that Stone Demon left and brought Milo, that Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan here.

Milo heard about the island and the sword, so I had no choice but to send Felina to the outside world and was captured by Stone Demon Clan…”

As Tricia told her story, everyone remained quiet.

They all listened attentively.

In fact, it was actually a very unfortunate experience.

Or it could be said to be a hard time.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Rong Jiali, Mu Xue, and other girls particularly felt for Tricia.

They had lived in the secular world for a long time.

As they were women, they knew very well how hard it was for Tricia to give birth to a child, raise her, and teach her how to cultivate all by herself.

“Its all right now.

Tricia, are you going back to the Roland Star now” Zi Yan asked.

“Yes, I really need to go back and take a look.

Olien would probably be puzzled when he meets Felina.

He wouldnt doubt my loyalty to him, but he certainly cant figure out why Ive had another daughter.

He would be deeply troubled.” Then, Tricia smiled and added, “Its been a long time since Ive seen my clansmen.

I really miss them.”

“It seems that youre wearing a happy smile.” Zhou Fei was a little dazed.

After thinking for a moment, she said, “Olien, that King of Elves, has had several wives.

Doesnt that make you feel jealous”

“Jealous” Tricias expression stiffened for just one second.

Then, she shook her head.

“Its normal for him to have several wives.

He only married those women after I gave my approval.”

Tricia gave the others a brief explanation.

It turned out that when she was with Olien, she found that probably because she had two bloodlines, it was hard for her to get pregnant.

On top of that, it was normal for the King of Elves to have several wives.

To have offspring, Tricia allowed Olien to marry that First Queen and the other queens.

But when Tricia was in the clan, she was the real queen.

“You are from the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

But how did you come here” Zhang Han asked casually.

“If you had stayed in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, you might have reached the Void-refining Realm or the Integration Realm by now.”

“Because… in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, the Elemental Elf Clan and the Dark Elf Clan are archenemies.

Despite that, my parents got married.

They violated the taboo, so they had to send me away.” Tricia sighed deeply.

Indeed, Tricias life was hard.

Everyone had a past.

Olien, the King of Elves, also had basked in glory and been down in the dumps.

As the saying goes, life is like a play.

Everyone had once been young and successful.

Zhang Han also used to dominate the world.

Otherwise, he would not have been able to eliminate 10 super large sects.

Many things could only be understood after one experienced them by oneself.

The greatest principle was the simplest.

Sometimes, when one recalled what he or she had been through, all sorts of feelings would well up in ones mind.

As the group chatted, they decided on their first stop, which was the Roland Star.

The journey was very short.

It only took a few days.

During this journey, everyone on the boat got closer to each other.

However, it seemed that Felina didnt fit in with Nina, Mengmeng, and Yue Xiaonao.

Felina only acted like a child when she was with Tricia.

Since she had her temper, Tricia also felt helpless about this.

After hearing about what Felina had been through in the Small Sky Dragon Region, Tricia remained silent for a long time.

Although the Gutuo Divine Temple was much more powerful than the Dark Elf Clan, Gu Yi and those mighty elves had all died.

Therefore, they were not worried.

Days later, the group landed on the Roland Star.

Since they didnt notify the Elemental Elf Clan in advance, their arrival was quite a surprise.

When the elves at the space station spotted Tricia, they were instantly stupefied.


Tricia pressed her finger over her lips.

Without letting the guards report her return, she went straight to the imperial palace.

She came to the garden in the back that she used to visit often.

Olien, the King of Elves, was sitting in a chair.

On the table next to him was a jade bottle filled with wine.

He was drinking alone.

After hearing the stories behind the scene, when Mu Xue and the others saw his expression, they suddenly found that the King of Elves also had a special charm.

Perhaps this was the charm of the king of a clan.


When Tricia appeared in front of Olien—


The jade bottle slipped out of Oliens hand.

Olien froze in place.

“Am I dreaming”

Unable to believe what he had seen, Olien immediately stood up.

He wanted to take a step forward but stopped on second thought.

He was afraid that his movements would shatter this dream.

“Tricia,” Olien called out in a shaky voice.

He slowly extended his hand, as though trying to stroke Tricias cheek from a distance.

One second, two seconds, three seconds… 10 seconds passed.

Olien withdrew his hand, heaving with a deep sigh.

“All of this is a dream.”

He seemed to have become dispirited and turned around to grab the jade bottle.


Suddenly, Olien saw Zhang Han and the others.

He didnt sense them until this moment.

At this moment, he was stunned again.

“Are you surprised” Zi Yan smiled and asked.

“You never saw this coming, right” Zhou Fei added.

“Or is this a shock to you”

Rong Jiali chuckled.


The King of Elves instantly turned around and blankly stared at Tricia.

“Youre real This, this is not a dream


In an instant, Olien dashed over and took Tricia into his embrace.

“Is it really you”

“Yes, its me.” Tricia closed her eyes.

“Im back.”


Olien couldnt contain his excitement.

He was trembling from head to toe.

“This is great! Youre alive! This is not a dream! Not a dream! You finally came back!”

True love would always touch peoples heartstrings.

The King of Elves was so thrilled that he spoke incoherently.

He talked for a long time before realizing that he and Tricia were not alone.

Then, he set up a soundproof cover and talked for a few more minutes.

He was overwhelmed with exultation.

Laughter rang out incessantly.

But soon, he realized the problem.

“Is she, eh, our daughter Or, or…”

The King of Elves sounded a little uncertain.

He seemed to be slightly nervous.

He was gazing at Felina.

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