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Chapter 1200 Discriminated Treatment

“Lili and Hao are not responsible adults yet,” Zhang Guangyou glanced at his watch and asked, “Look at the time.

Why havent they come back”

“It takes time for them to get back, okay” Rong Jiali smiled with resignation.

Liang Hao and Zhang Li had no plans to have children yet.

That bothered Zhang Guangyou very much.

As soon as Zhang Guangyou returned, he asked the two of them to come back.

However, after days, the couple still wasnt back.

“Lately, they have been leading several teams to get familiar with the environment in the Sea Dragon Star Area,” Liu Qingfeng said with a smile, “They are all young and fun-loving.

Jiaran and Ah Hu havent told me when they would come back either.

Alas, now that they want to have some fun, let them enjoy themselves for some years.

Anyway, our lifespan has become much longer.”

“Thats true, but they cant be immersed in the world of fun all the time,” Zhang Guangyou snorted, “Look at my son and daughter-in-law.

They had a child at the earlier stage of their marriage.

Now, they no longer have to be troubled by this issue.”

Zhang Guangyous major worry was that with the continuous improvement of Zhang Li and Liang Haos cultivation levels, they had transcended the life form of ordinary human beings, which was said to reduce their fertility.

Zhang Guangyou didnt want to see them having trouble conceiving in the future.

After chatting for a while, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei looked at each other and got up.

“You guys go on.

Feifei and I will go to the interview section to have a look.

We also want to take a walk in this new city,” Zi Yan said.

“Go ahead,” The two turned around and left.

The others continued to talk about how things were going recently.

In fact, Zhang Han knew well about the groups affairs.

Once it was established, the reserves of the crystal stones and cultivation resources would be brought to a high level.

Although the Sea Dragon Star Area was a remote and barren place, the quantitative accumulation could also cause qualitative changes, which could add up to a considerable amount of wealth.

The streets in this city were broad.

Many aircraft were coming and going.

There were passers-by on both sides.

They had specially made a trip here and gone through the first round of screening, ready to take the upcoming interviews.

There were several rows of people standing in the square in front of the building.

The lines extended to the streets on both sides.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei acted as if they had a lot of time to kill.

Not hurrying at all, they stood at the back of the line.

The people in the line were talking clamorously.

The efficiency of the recruitment was quite high.

A hundred candidates were called in at a time.

Soon, a lot of people queued up behind Zi Yan and Zhou Fei.

The line was even longer.

By the time the fifth group was summoned, the two of them finally got their turn and entered the building.

They were told to prepare themselves for the interview in the lobby on the first floor.

There was a temporary conference room on the left.

Since the walls were transparent glass walls, Zi Yan saw Lord Liu, an elder of the Liang Clan, and three other interviewers.

They were holding notebooks and seemed to be asking questions.

In front of them stood a woman.

The strange thing was that after the woman finished her interview and left, more than a dozen people also walked away dejectedly.

“Did they leave for the same reason as hers None of them met the requirements”

In this way, more than 20 people were interviewed this time, and the rest all left.

“The next group.”

Several members of the Dark Shadow Clan were maintaining order.

When Zi Yan and Zhou Fei walked into the interview room—


“Why do I feel that woman looks a little familiar”

“Holy cow! Thats Lady Boss!”

The guards at the door were shocked.

Lord Liu was leisurely drinking tea in the interview room.


At the sight of Zi Yan, he instantly coughed the tea up.

“We are here for the job interview,” Zi Yan smiled.

“Ah, the job interview.

Okay, okay.”

Lord Liu coughed softly, wiped his hands on his shirt, and personally went to the side to bring two chairs over.

“Please have a seat,”

“Would you like some tea”

“Or some juice” Lord Liu inquired considerately.

In an instant, the other interviewees had a stunned look on their faces.

Some looked at each other.

“Jesus! The interviewers in this company are really nice, arent they”

“Then, why did those people walk out earlier”

They were confused.

But after taking a closer look…

“Oh, is it because these two women are beautiful”

“That should be the case.”

The elders of the Liang Clan and other interviewers also looked at Zi Yan and Zhou Fei with smiley faces.

“Ahem, well, which post do you want to have” Zi Yans youngest uncle asked.

“Which post will suit us” Zi Yan asked.

“The president!” the elder of the Liang Clan quickly answered.

“President” Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

“Uh, how much do you expect your salary to be” Lord Liu checked the document in his hand.

He couldnt understand why Lady Boss had come here.

Anyway, this was an interview.

He must follow the “regular” procedure.

“Ten thousand” Zi Yan said casually.

Anyway, to her, the quantity of crystal stones was just a number.

“What Ten thousand” The elder of the Liang Clan shook his head vigorously.

“Ten thousand crystal stones a month Thats merely what we pay a clerk.”


Many gasps came from the crowd behind.

“Ten thousand a day,” Zhou Fei corrected.

“Thats still too few.

Lets make it a hundredfold,” the elder of the Zi family said.


The people behind were stupefied.

They were somewhat shocked.

“When will you start working” Lord Liu asked.

“I havent decided yet.

Lets wait until Im free.” Zi Yan looked around and found that this interview seemed to have influenced the other interviewees.

“Okay! Then Ill inform the others.

Ah, you can take some time to have fun first,” Lord Liu nodded and said.

“Well, where is the downtown We plan to go shopping.”

“Ill drive you there.”

Zi Yan smiled and said, “No need.

You have interviews to do here.

Just send someone else to show us the way.”

Lord Liu personally told his subordinate at the door to take Zi Yan and Zhou Fei to the downtown area.

At this time, the other interviewees looked thrilled.


Just as Lord Liu was about to remove the chairs, a fat butt occupied it.

It was a yellow-haired man.

He was a little timid and excited.

After hesitating for two seconds, he said, “I also want to be the president.

I only ask for 10,000 crystal stones a month.

Well, Im free now.

Please take me to my post!”

“What” Lord Lius face darkened.

He grabbed the man by the neck and took the chair away.

The elder of the Liang Clan flicked the interview files in his hand and said, “Take off your shoes.

Please leave if you are not 1.6 meters tall.

“Youve applied for the post of security guards.

The post of president is not open to you.

“People who are over 1.6 meters tall but weigh more than 100 kilograms, please leave.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

“What does this mean Youre treating us discriminately!

“Its unfair.

We want to file a complaint.”

With someone leading the way, Zi Yan and Zhou Feis trip became much easier.

They went straight to the commercial street.

This place was crowded.

The block was newly built.

All kinds of shops and large shopping malls could be seen.

Which brands would have a place on the commercial street had also been included in Liu Qingfengs follow-up plans.

Currently, the goods on this street were all local products of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The prices were practically the same as other sales places.

However, the companys purchasing prices were slightly lower.

“This shirt seems perfect for Han.”

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei strolled around.

They used to only focus on womens clothes, but now they paid more attention to mens clothes.

Today, they both bought some clothes for their husbands.

They also picked some for Mengmeng and Chen Chuan.

They had a shopping spree.

It wasnt until it was getting dark that they went back.

At dinner, Zi Yan checked the time and asked Mengmeng, “Did you have a good time today”

“Yes,” Mengmeng replied.

“In a week, it will be your mid-term exam,” Zi Yan said, “The return journey will take more than two days, so we can stay here for four or five days.”

“Oh, okay,” Mengmeng made a face and said, “Its so troublesome to take every monthly exam.

Mom, look, its too tiring to travel back and forth.

I cant bear to trouble you like this.

How about we only take the mid-term and end-of-year exams every semester Lets do this until I go to high school.

Then, I will spend more time studying in school.

What do you say”

“You are clever.” Zi Yan reached out her right hand and pinched Mengmengs face.

“Fine, lets do as you say.”

“Hahaha, mwah, mwah, mwah!”

Mengmeng was in a good mood after Zi Yan approved of her idea.

“Ill tell Nina that we all have to take the exam,” said Yue Xiaonao.

As she spoke, she took out her communication device and called Nina.

When Ninas image was projected, the others noticed that her face was lit with a smile that they had not seen before.

In truth, Nina was also very happy.

At this time, Nina, Tricia, Felina, and the King of Elves were all gathered in the small courtyard.

They talked about a lot of things.

But Felina didnt hit it off with Olien and Nina.

“We need to take the exam Well, okay.

Ill come over tomorrow.

Father, Mother, do you want to visit Earth” asked Nina.

Tricia deliberated for a moment.

Just as she was about to nod, she caught Oliens scorching eyes.

Olien nudged Tricia and coughed softly before saying, “Nina, you can take your sister there and have some fun.”

“No, Im not going,” Felina refused bluntly.

The King of Elves didnt know what to say.

“Felina, listen,” Tricia walked over, patted Felinas shoulder, and said, “you also need friends of your age.

I did not take good care of you in the first half of your childhood.

Now, you are still young.

It would be good if you could hang out with your friends more often.”

It was not until this moment that Tricia realized that Felina seemed to only listen to her.

Felina didnt even talk to the other three dark elves.

She was kind of taciturn and had quite a temper.

The King of Elves had talked about this with Tricia.

He also thought that perhaps Felina would be more sociable if she spent more time hanging out with people of her age.

In the end, Felina snorted and reluctantly agreed to go.

“Then, Ill leave my daughters to you people.”

Tricia said a few words of thanks and hung up.

Afterward, Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Chen Chuan settled down here.

They didnt go out but stayed in the castle and played computer games every day.

After all, they couldnt go out to have fun, for they would soon go back to take the mid-term exam.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei really started to work as presidents.

In the Heavenly Entertainment Company, seeing that there were only nine people in the conference room, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei felt a little dizzy.

“Turns out that we are so short of manpower.”

“The Interstellar War has become a big success on Earth.

It can be said to be an epic film,” Zi Yan thought for a moment and said, “Youve all watched the film.

The editing, sound effects, and everything about it are excellent.

However, this business model probably wont work in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Feifei and I have studied the history of the entertainment business in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

There are very few celebrities.

Most famous people here are strong cultivators.

They dont admire celebrities that much.

Its both good and bad.

The first film our company will produce is the Battle of the Sea Dragon Star Area, which can also be called Interstellar War.

It wont be the same as the one we released on Earth.

We need to keep its original taste.

But, of course, to create a visual impact, special effects are still needed.

The first edited version is about six hours long.

Next, your tasks are to add sound effects, do the initial promotion and make the initial promotional video for the Heavenly Entertainment Company.

The trailer can also be released in advance.

You can just follow the procedures on Earth.”

“Okay, we will definitely do a good job.”

These people in the conference room were also the backbone force of the Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

As soon as Zi Yan gave the order, they knew what to do.

“There is a difficulty.

The promotion is easy.

But its hard to promote the film in all the places at the same time.

From our long observation, we realize that there is no commonly-used video website that reaches out to all the places in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

I suggest that we cooperate with the producers of communication devices to build professional signal-transmitting stars.

Thus, the signal of our Heavenly Entertainment Companys website can cover the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.” Someone suggested.

“Eh Thats a good idea,” Zhou Fei said with a smile, “Ill discuss this with Uncle Liu later.

The common information network can not only be used to set up entertainment websites, but also brand websites and other things.

With the common information network, it will indeed be more convenient.”

“The initial publicity can only be done through the communication devices of the various star area.

The video is ready-made, and it wont take long to add the sound effects.

But it takes time to make the promotion video.

Lady Boss, youre going back to Earth in a couple of days, right Can you bring my girlfriend here when you return next time Well, the promotion video will be ready in a few days.

When it is released, I guess you will all come back.”

The meeting was short.

There werent many things to discuss.

Soon, everything was settled.

Zhou Fei also told Liu Qingfeng about the website coverage of the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.

After thinking about it for a while, Liu Qingfeng assigned more tasks.

The company had been functioning efficiently.

Because of the lack of manpower, everyone in the backbone force was quite busy at the time.

Still, there were some people who were idle.

For example, Zhang Hans family of three were chatting at this time.


Suddenly, a hand thumped Zhang Hans shoulder hard.

A head poked out from the side.

It was Zhang Li with a lovely ponytail.

“Brother, did you miss me” Zhang Li said loudly.

“Go away.” Zhang Han pushed her aside.


Zhang Li snorted and sat on the lawn next to them before saying, “This place is very nice.

Brother, sister-in-law, Mengmeng, I havent seen you for days.”

“Auntie Lili, where did you go to have fun” Mengmeng blinked her big, innocent eyes and said, “Grandpa criticized you yesterday and said that he would give you a right dressing-down when you came back.”

Zhang Li uttered, “Huh”

She was somewhat dumbstruck and guilty.

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