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“Those are all the fun stories that happened when you were gone.

By the way, our school is going to host a sports meet soon.

Arent you going to have classes in school for a week The sports meet will take place during your stay.

Will you take part in it” Li Muen said, “In primary school, every time you participated in the school sports meet, you won first place.”

“Im not participating.

Its boring.” Mengmeng controlled the steering wheel to make a turn while saying, “I dont want to take advantage of those little kids.”

“Dont talk like an old woman.” Li Muen curled her lips and laughed.

“I didnt have breakfast at home, so I brought two pieces of bread and a bag of milk with me.

Im having some now.”

Li Muen took out two pieces of bread from her schoolbag, opened the wrapping, and began to eat in small bites.

Then, she put the wrapping in the side pocket of her schoolbag.

Like that, the cars raced to school.

Right at this time, Bei Jinnan and some of his classmates were crossing the school gate while bragging to each other.

“Oh, holy cow! Look at those sports cars! Awesome!”

“Thats cool.

Those cars must be really pricy.”

“Of course.” Bei Jinnan cast a careful glance at the cars and said, “The Koenigsegg at the head is worth more than 26 million yuan.

If you add the tax and other costs, the total price will be 30 million.”

“Its that expensive” Some of his friends were speechless with astonishment.

With them watching intently, the cars slowly approached the school gate.

“Holy **! Is that Mengmeng”


“She actually drove a sports car to school”

“Oh my God!”

They stood where they were, dumbfounded.

The security guard at the school gate ran over and handed several gate passes to the drivers.

He also pointed to the gate and opened the electronic doors.

The sports cars went in and parked in the empty space near the teaching building.

“They drive well!”

Bei Jinnan took the lead and ran over.

“The girls parked the cars so smoothly.

Thats awesome!”

What he didnt know was that the girls were driving with their special powers, and none of the wheels had touched the ground.

Some teachers passing by also saw this scene.

They were all very curious.

“Which colleagues are so high-profile as to drive sports cars to work”

However, the drivers turned out to be several little girls.

Some of the teachers knew the girls.

“Theyre from Class 8, Grade 2.

They are Zhang Yumeng, Nina, Yue Xiaonao, and a girl whom I dont know.

They are top students.

In Grade 2, Zhang Yumeng ranks first, Nina ranks second, and Yue Xiaonao ranks tenth.

Besides, theyre rich.

Alas, though theyre still in junior high, theyre already living a life that even we adults envy.”

Some teachers shook their heads.

Among the other teachers who were preparing to go to class, some felt a little envious and sighed emotionally that life was full of wonders.

Some people had things that others might have to strive for life to get since they were born.

Envying them would not help.

Perhaps their families had worked for several generations to earn todays luxurious life.

If one worked hard, ones descendants could also have a significant head start.

“How could students drive cars into school This is out of line!”

Suddenly, a womans bitter voice sounded.

When that woman looked back, many teachers lowered their heads slightly.

She was the dean of the third grade of this junior high school.

“Which class are they in Whats happening If such behavior is exposed, how many accusations will we have to face How could students show off their family wealth in the school”

Seeing this, the dean was a little angry.

It seemed that she was going to take this matter into her hands.

A voice came from behind, saying, “Is this showing off In their houses, those cars are no different from toys.”

“Er, Principal!”

The womans indignation was extinguished in an instant.

She stood at the side, waiting for orders.

“Schools are places to educate the young.

But there are some situations we cant prevent the students from,” the principal said with a smile.

“Do you think the students will stop showing off if you tell them not to No, they wont listen.

Even adults constantly compare themselves with others, let alone children.

Our job is to guide them to face this kind of issue properly.

Of course, you also have a point.

I also know that they are top students.

They will just be in school for a couple of days.

If anyone cant stand them, try to tolerate them or take a few days off.”

“No, I dont mean I cant stand them.

Im just afraid that their behavior will be a bad influence.

Haha, actually, its not a big deal.

The students dont usually go to this side of the teaching building anyway.” The woman hastily smoothed things over.

The principal had made his stance clear, so she didnt dare to raise any objections.

With several teachers watching, Mengmeng and her group walked unhurriedly to the teaching building.

“Mengmeng, you girls are so cool.

You drove sports cars to school,” Bei Jinnan ran over and said in surprise.

“Its just for fun,” Yue Xiaonao said casually.

“We wont be able to drive this kind of car in a couple of days.”

“Amazing,” said Bei Jinnan admiringly.

“You can drive.

Im impressed! When did you learn how to drive So far, I can only drive bumper cars.”

“Haha, driving is very simple.” Mengmeng chuckled.

She, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina all deeply agreed that driving was extremely simple.

But they ignored the fact that if they hadnt used their spiritual force to help them drive, they would have been in several car crashes.

The students headed for the teaching building.

Bei Jinnan laughed and chatted with Mengmengs group on the way.

But all of a sudden, he felt a murderous chill running down his spine.


He turned around and saw a girl staring at him coldly with a long face.

“Oh no.”

Just as Bei Jinnan wanted to say something, the girl gave a cold snort, turned around, and ran away.

“Who is she” Yue Xiaonao asked.


Its… Its just a good friend of mine from Grade Three,” Bei Jinnan stammered.

“Is she your girlfriend”

“No.” Bei Jinnan said with a serious face.

“We are good friends now.

We had a crush on each other.

But our school wont allow students to date.

How can I break the rule”

“Oh, is that so”

When the others turned around, they found that their teacher, Bai Yilin, was standing behind them.

“Zhang Yumeng.”

Bai Yilin came over and said beamingly, “You handed me the exam papers for Grade Three yesterday.

You all scored high.

You can even enter the top 20 in Grade Three.

Youre amazing.

Wow, is this the new member of our class”

“Yes, her name is Felina.” Mengmeng smiled happily when she heard her scores.

“Now we have another pretty girl in our class.” Bai Yilin checked Felina out with a strange look in his eyes.

He wondered where Zhang Yumeng got to know these girls.

“Hello, new student,” Bai Yilin greeted.

“Hes our lead teacher, Teacher Bai,” Nina introduced Bai Yilin to Felina.


“You should say hello to him.” Nina reminded Felina.

Felina gave Bai Yilin a glance, feeling a bit resigned.

Two seconds later, she finally said, “Greetings, Teacher Bai.”

“Whats the point of exchanging pleasantries”

Along the stairs, Mengmeng went back to their classroom, and Bai Yilin went to his office.

Mengmengs group had come to school early.

Most of their classmates were in the classroom, while a few of them hadnt arrived.

At the back of the classroom, about six male students gathered together, chatting and bragging.

Bei Jinnan walked over.

Just as he came to them and before he could speak—


Everyone heard that someone farted.

“Eww! This is disgusting!”

“He farted!”

“His fart really stinks.”

In an instant, the whole class was in an uproar.

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and even Felina simply stopped breathing.

They prepared to wait for a few minutes before breathing again.

Everyone, including Bei Jinnan, began to kick up a fuss.

The male student who farted blushed.

He said loudly, “I didnt fart.

Its, its just that my asshole was breathing.”



This remark caused many to burst into laughter.

This excuse was too weird.

“If your asshole can breathe, then why does it only exhale but not inhale Youre talking bullish*t,” a male student said.

As soon as he said that, the male student was stunned.

As if sensing the stench himself, he hurriedly covered his mouth and looked around.

Seconds later, he put his hand down, looked at the people around him, and said with some hesitation and solemnity, “My words are correct.

My job is to exhale, and yours is to inhale.”

“What are you talking about”

Some didnt understand.

But Mengmeng, Li Muen, Bei Jinnan, and others were merely stunned for two seconds.

Some people laughed, while others faces darkened.

Bei Jinnan was rather irritated.

He shouted, “Fuck, he said our mouths are assholes.

Beat him!”

“Get him!”

About seven male students rushed forward like a swarm of bees and began to “punish” that boy.

The boy argued, “No, no, no, thats not what I mean.

Im just proving my th-theory…”

Although they were hitting him playfully, it also hurt.

Seconds later, the boy began to beg for mercy.

That was the small farce that happened in Class 8, Grade 2.

The students laughs and shouts were accompanied by the chirping of the birds outside and the clamors on the sports ground and in the corridors.

This was their youth.

This period in life was as dazzling as the rising sun and as gorgeous as the rainbow that showed up after the rain.

It was also a beautiful memory they would recall many years later.

Many students now felt that studying was torturing, boring, and tedious.

But when they started working, they would suddenly realize that… working was even more tiring.

Right now, Mengmeng was leading a life with a balanced combination of work and rest.

After traveling for a long time, she came back and attend classes in school for a week.

To her, this was relaxing.

These days, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei went to the company when they were free.

They heard Sun Dongheng do reports.

If they didnt work, they would go shopping or have a facial.

Although they didnt need a facial to maintain their beauty, they still liked to have the experience.

They did some shopping and visited several old friends, as well as Zi Shiya, Zi Yiyans younger sister.

They also took some of them out to have fun.

Zi Shiya and the others also became curious when they learned that Zi Yan and Zhou Fei had been to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Yet, since they had no martial strength, they didnt dare to take the trip.

Their parents wouldnt approve of this either.

They could not go to the Sea Dragon Star Area unless they gained some strength through cultivation.

Motivated by that, more and more people on Mount New Moon began to cultivate.

In the meantime, Zhang Han had been practicing the Great Void Thunder Scripture under the Thunder Yang Tree and comprehending the Sacred Body of the Five Elements.

Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali took a tour in Shang Jing, then went to the A-grade Relic and got some treasures there.

One of the treasures that even Zhang Han wanted to have was the Void Stone!

This kind of stone could also be used to build a Space Portal.

Now, Mengmeng had one with her, but Zi Yan still didnt have any.

Though the small Void Stone was only the size of a palm, it could strengthen the portal Mengmeng had been carrying and be made into a portal for Zi Yan.

If the portals were linked with the power of the Seven-star Sword, they could function even when they were far away from each other, and would also have extra functions.

Zhang Han laughed for a while and shouted, “My dad is awesome! His achievements can compare with several peoples combined!”

“He was really in luck!”

About three days later, Chen Changqing came back, holding his sword with a triumphant demeanor.

That evening, the worldlets had been suppressed by the man known as Emperor Qing.

What about those Grand Masters and cultivators in the Yuan Ying Realm They were defeated by Chen Changqing with a single punch!

A large vampire clan in the west of the Kunlun Immortal World was annihilated.

This piece of news shocked the world.

Time passed quickly.

Soon, it was about time to go on the next journey.

One day, in the afternoon, Mengmeng said, “Teacher Bai, were leaving.

Well come back for the final exam.


In the parking lot near the teaching building, Mengmeng waved at Bai Yilin.

“Well, go ahead.

Take care of yourselves during your trip.

I know you love having fun, but dont go too far from your parents.

I look forward to seeing you come back for the final exam.” Bai Yilin smiled with resignation.

“Zhang Yumeng, I know you always behave yourself in front of Mr.

and Mrs.


Yue Xiaonao, you are naughtier.

Be good, okay As for Nina, I know I dont have to worry about her.

Felina doesnt talk much.

Shes kind of aloof, but she has a lot of ideas of her own.

I believe she wont suffer losses wherever she goes.

Its a relief that you girls are traveling together.

Well, thats all I got to say.

Go home.

Drive safely!”


Goodbye, Teacher Bai.”

After bidding goodbye to Bai Yilin, the girls got in their cars one after another.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

As the engines roared vigorously, the sports cars slowly drove to the school gate.

This caused a stir on the street.

Many people turned their heads and stared at the sports cars with gleaming eyes.

The girls drove back to Mount New Moon.

When Mengmeng saw Zhang Han standing under the Thunder Yang Tree, she scurried over and asked, “Daddy! Are we leaving”

“Were waiting for your Mummy and Aunty Feifei to come back,” Zhang Han replied.

“Where did Mummy go”

“She went to France to watch Chanels new product launch event.

There is a beautiful purse she likes, so she went over to buy it.”

“Huh” Mengmeng was transfixed.

Then, she snorted.

“How willful they are! They went so far away for shopping.

It will take them a long time to come back, wont it”

“It wont take long, because they went there by your Blue Butterfly.”

“Oh, I see.

Then, are we going to set off tonight”


“Then, I have to pack.”

Mengmeng happily went back to her bedroom and planned to pack some clothes.

Mengmeng was still not used to wearing the long dresses, robes, and pants that people in the Sea Dragon Star Area wore.

This Little Princess preferred sportswear, jeans, hoodies, shorts, and sneakers, which were the clothes she usually wore.

“Were going back.

Lets pack and clean the room,” Nina looked at Felina and suggested.

The two of them shared a villa.

Nina was going to buy some clothes for Felina.

But one day, Felina went out herself and brought back a lot of clothes.

That made Nina wonder, “How did she buy these things without money”

Felina picked up a black, see-through sun-top and asked Nina, “Is this also a kind of garment”

Seeing Felinas curious eyes, Nina blushed.

Yue Xiaonao, on the other hand, ran straight back to her luxury mansion, which she almost never lived in.

Yue Wuwei was also glad to be alone with Lisa in the mansion.

This time, not many people on Mount New Moon prepared to travel with Zhang Han and the others together.

Most of those they would take on this trip were members of the Heavenly Knights Sect, the Luo Fu Sword Sect, the Shuiyun Sect, the Dark Shadow Clan in the Kings Domain, and a few other sects that had received the news.

The total number was nearly 10,000.

Nowadays, the existence of the Sea Dragon Star Area was not a secret among many sects.

The reason why the news was not widely spread was that they had all regarded it as confidential information.

The sects all strived to get more opportunities to visit the Sea Dragon Star Area for their own members.

They even used their connections to contact the people of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

In the face of their requests, Dong Chen specifically went to Zhang Han to talk about this issue.

The first thing he said was “Shall we rake in money”

“Rake in what”

Zhang Han was stunned at once.

Next, he pulled a wry face.

Because Dong Chen said, “We can start collecting tolls! We are the only people who know how to go in and out of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Listen, those sects in the Kunlun Immortal World are quite rich.

Why not charge them tolls”

Therefore, another piece of news spread out.

It said that the cost of going to the Sea Dragon Star Area was very high.

Those who wanted to go would have to pay crystal stones or cultivation resources.

Even so, the people who came over for the trip were all very grateful because Zhang Han showed them due respect.

For them, it was good news that they could now buy the opportunity to go to the Sea Dragon Star Area with resources.

Anyway, they could earn resources after they got to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Compared to their gains, the cost was negligible.

What they didnt know was that they would be dumbstruck when they saw how scarce cultivation resources were in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The first two groups of people who had been there had already understood that profoundly.

If one asked them about this, they would thump their chests and stamp their feet, saying, “In the Kunlun Immortal World, you may see 10 people fight for a sixth-tier gem.

But in the Sea Dragon Star Area, you can see 100,000 people fight for a third-tier spirit treasure.

What the **!”

The contrast was too striking.

Two hours later, the Blue Butterfly descended from the sky.

Zi Yan, who was wearing high heels and a short dress, suddenly aroused Zhang Hans desire.

“But its not the right time!”

“All of you are ready Im gonna change,” Zi Yan looked at Mengmeng, who was ready to go on the journey, and said with a smile.

Then, she returned to the bedroom on the third floor and put on sneakers, black jeans, a fashionable hoodie, a cap, and swung a backpack on her back.

The way she dressed was completely different from before.

When Zi Yan just arrived, her clothes were sexy and sophisticated.

But now, she dressed like a vigorous youth.

“Lets go.”

“Were leaving.”

The group got on the aircraft.

With Zi Qiang and the others watching, the aircraft took off and flew away.

It flew past the Kun Xu World, the Hidden Dragon Land in the Ancient Mine, the Boundless Sea, the Mercury Sea, the Clear Stream, and the spectacular Screen Waterfall.

On the way, Felina observed the views carefully.

Though this was her second time seeing those spots, she felt even more impressed.

“This place was really miraculous!

“Also, there are so many treasures here!”

Felina recalled that some days ago, she was sitting idly in a pavilion under the Thunder Yang Tree, with two glasses of juice on the side table that she prepared to enjoy later.

But after she saw Zhang Han walk out, she discovered the Thunder Yang Tree, the Thunder Yang Treasure Land, sixth-tier spiritual herbs that were too dense for her eyes to see clearly, and heaps of fifth-tier and sixth-tier gems.

“It turns out that those treasures are all hidden in the formation.

“Oh my god!

“This fortune is too huge!”

Felina was still somewhat stupefied when she thought of this.

One could imagine just how stunned she was when she first saw the treasures,

Their first stop was the Lost Continent.

Though they just visit the Lost Continent 10 days ago, surprisingly, the buildings on the Lost Continent had become much higher.

The construction project was progressing at a speed noticeable to the naked eye.

From the spaceships, they caught sight of the buildings under construction on the Dal Star not far away.

The project was in full swing.

The recreational field had spread to the entire planet.

From the outline, they could tell that it was huge.

When the project was completed, the Dal Star would become the largest recreational planet in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The fleet paused briefly in the void near the Lost Continent.

Many people had never been here before.

Looking at the vast void, they were all awestruck.

As for Zhang Han, he contacted Liu Qingfeng as soon as possible.

Liu Qingfeng told him that everything was going smoothly, and he and his people were still on the Dragon Base Star in the Sea Central Star Area.

The companys recruitment was still going on.

They were still short of manpower, especially core members.

This time, Zhang Han had brought some people of the Heavenly Knights Sect here.

The security group on Mount New Moon had almost all come as well.

In addition, there were also some people from the Liang Clan, the Zi Clan, the Chen Clan, as well as the close forces of the Luo Fu Sword Sect.

Liu Qingfeng, Sect Leader Mu, Sect Leader Jiang, and Zhang Mu had had a discussion and picked a lot of competent people to be their core members.

Since the Sea Dragon Star Area was so vast, the companies needed many people to manage the business.

What gave Liu Qingfeng a headache was that most people here liked cultivation and didnt know much about business.

Many orders had to be made by Sun Ming and his people.

Liu Qingfeng even specially asked several ordinary people to come here and work for him.

Those people were once his competent employees.

When those who first came here suddenly saw that they had entered the universe, they all froze in shock in their corvettes.

Without encountering any problems, the fleet began to jump into the secondary space, preparing to head for the Sea Central Star Area.

It was the hub of the Sea Dragon Star Area, as well as a key place for the group according to Liu Qingfengs plan.

“Father and Mother have gone to the Small Sky Dragon Region.

They went there a couple of days ago.”

During the journey, Nina contacted Mo Wen and learned that her parents went out.

She immediately told Felina about it.

“They went to the Small Sky Dragon Region” Felinas expression froze.

“Uncle Mo Wen said they went there in secret to bring the Dark Elves to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

They plan to help them settle down in the Chaotic Region,” said Nina.

Zhang Han also had just heard about it.

As for the Chaotic Region, he hadnt paid much attention to it anyway.

There were eight planets, and the people there would not make trouble for him.

He didnt care about those planets.

He even didnt care much about the group being established in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Liu Qingfeng made all the decisions.

He also agreed with the King of Elves.

As for the renting deal, he would carry it out as the King of Elves suggested.

After talking with the King of Elves, Liu Qingfeng was also a little surprised.

He didnt expect that the Elf King could change so much.

Now, he talked eloquently and made well-organized points.

With just a few words, he got Liu Qingfeng to agree to his arrangements.

Ordinary people couldnt do that.

The fleet once again entered the secondary space.

The flight would take more than two days.

On the way, Zhang Han replaced Mengmengs and Zi Yans defensive devices with new ones.

He gave them two brand new Space Portals, which were linked by the Seven-star Sword.

The Space Portals could transfer people despite a long distance.

With the help of all kinds of stabilizing formations, coupled with the blood essence of the three of them and the power of the Seven-star Sword, which was a Profound-grade treasure, if Mengmeng and Zi Yan activated their Space Portals in the Sea Central Star Area, Zhang Han could somersault through space several times and arrive at their sides in a few seconds.

The Space Portals were Zhang Hans ace cards.

With the Space Portals, he would be relieved to let the mother and daughter go out on their own.

Otherwise, Zhang Han would be worried the whole time.

Zhang Han also provided defensive treasures to Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali, as well as Rong Jiaxin, Wang Ming, and Wang Ya, who had come here this time.

He also prepared some for the others.

After all, defensive treasures were never burdens.

Those things could save lives.

Although Zhang Han didnt say anything, he knew that people who had just come into contact with the Cultivation World could easily get in danger.

Thus, in their early days in the Cultivation World, Zhang Han needed to pay extra attention to their safety.

After they familiarized themselves with this world and gained enough strength, they would be able to travel by themselves.

But most of the time, things were highly changeable.

Zhang Han couldnt take care of everything.

But as their boss, he would definitely do everything he could to keep them safe.

In fact, only Yue Wuwei understood why Zhang Han did all this.

After all, this guy was an experienced cultivator.

In the Small Sky Dragon Region…

This region was not very large.

But because it was adjacent to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province and had many planets with abundant resources, its grade was quite high.

The small king vessel that Tricia and Olien rode quickly shuttled through the secondary space.

Finally, after 10 days, they arrived at the territory of the Dark Elf Clan.

The Dark Elf Clan in the Small Sky Dragon Region was a second-tier force but very close to the first tier.

It controlled many planets.

However, it only had one major planet.

Tricia and Olien had come to the major planet.

They couldnt be more familiar with this place.


The small king vessel arrived in the void near the major planet and slowly approached the space station.

Tricia said, “Im Tricia.

I want to see Elder Doman.”

“Sorry, I dont know you.

Elder Doman is preparing to head for the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

If you want to see him, come in 20 days,” a young elf replied.

“What Please inform Elder Doman that Ive come right away.

Tell him not to leave!” Tricia said in haste.

Next, with a casual wave of her hand, a jet of dark energy materialized.

“Youre a Dark Elf!”

This young male elf sensed the aura of his own race.

But the womans bloodline was much stronger than his and even showed the royal quality.

“Please wait for a moment!” he hurriedly said.

Then, the male elf pushed several buttons on the communication device and saw Tricias file.

At once, his expression changed slightly.

“Tricia is our former princess!”

“Ill contact Elder Doman right away,” he said in a more respectful tone.

Then, the male elf immediately made a call…

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