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Chapter 1211 Night Spirit


When the flames reached his legs, he actually passed out.

Zhang Han was not interested in dealing with this loser.

With a move of his mind, the flames suddenly flared up and swallowed Yin Ze whole.

“And you, do you wanna escape”

Zhang Han suddenly held the Seven-star Sword vertically.

The endless power of the starry sky slowly tied the little fish up and brought it to Zhang Han.

“Whats this” Zi Yan looked at it curiously.

From a close distance, it did look like a fish.

But it was more like a shadow.

It kept wriggling, and its body was glinting.

“I am an almighty god.

You little bugs, let me go.

You wont be able to kill me.

Otherwise, once I rise to power, Ill annihilate your entire clan.”

Its voice was full of resentment, which made Zi Yans countenance alter slightly.

Its demeanor was really a little imposing.



Zhang Han slapped the fish and said, “Do you know who youre talking to”


The fish appeared dumbfounded.

“How come you can hit me”


Zhang Han gave it another slap.

“Puny human, you dare hit me”


“I will kill you!”


“How dare you! I… No, you…”


“Stop, you…”


“Lord, stop! Stop hitting me, please!”


“Youre looking for trouble”


“Your Excellency, Im sorry.”

It was not until then that Zhang Han stopped slapping the fish.

Still, this scene had dazed Zi Yan.

She found it both funny and strange.


Tiny Tot flew back to Zi Yans right hand.

Before Zhang Han arrived, the silver light in her palm had dissipated.

Except for the ruined pavilion, everything seemed to have returned to normal.

Zhang Han looked at the little fish in front of him and suddenly exclaimed, “Wow! This is a Night Spirit, and its the kind that has merged with a human soul!”

“What Cant believe you know this! Your Excellency, dont kill me.

Im sorry.

Ill be your slave forever.”

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han laughed all of a sudden, as though he had heard a joke.

But just two seconds later, his smile suddenly disappeared.

With cold eyes fixed on the fish, he said, “How dare you attempt to get my woman in bed How can you expect me to let you off the hook”


The fish seemed to want to curse Zhang Han.

“Seven Stars Soul Refinement!”


With the cooperation of Zhang Hans mind and the Seven-star Sword, a secret skill was launched in an instant.


No! No…”

A series of roars were heard.

The black shadow struggled nonstop like a fish on the shore that wanted to jump back into the water.

After struggling for 15 seconds, the fish gradually became quiet.

All of a sudden, wisps of black light shot up into the air.

The human soul that had merged with the fish completely dispersed.


Zi Yan suddenly shouted, “This thing seems to be very fierce.”

“This is a Night Spirit.”

Zhang Han stuck out his finger and flicked something in front of him.

Having been separated from the black shadow, the Night Spirits body appeared to be light blue.

But it was still a shadow, as though it didnt really exist in this world.

It was like the soul of a palm-sized fish.

“The Night Spirit is a kind of soul creature.

It is somewhere between Yin and Yang and bears no attributes of the five elements.

This creature is quite rare and can magically heal soul injuries.

It is a holy object that can heal souls and is also good for the cultivation of ones soul sense.”

Zhang Han gave a simple explanation.

Then, with a strange look on his face, he smiled and said, “Good for you, my big babe! I never thought you could be the preemptive one.

This time, none of the treasures youve carried has been activated.”

“Come on, Im not stupid.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes.

“Im also very powerful.

What about you Were you cultivating How come you came so fast”

“I abruptly lost track of your aura, so I rushed over.”

Zhang Han held Zi Yan in his arms.

He sealed the suppressed Night Spirit in the hilt of the Seven-star Sword and put the sword away.

Then, he turned around and headed toward the outside, ready to walk back to Mount Double Moons.

Just at this time, he suddenly sighed.

“Whats wrong” Zi Yan asked in a daze.


Zhang Han said with emotion, “My wife is too pretty.

It really gives me a headache.”

As soon as he said that, Zi Yan compressed her red lips and smiled.

“Honey, if you were an ugly woman, then, I could rest assured, for no other men would want to steal you away from me.”

“If I were an ugly woman, would you still marry me”

“Of course not.

I only like pretty women.”

“So, you want a woman who is both pretty and not pursued by other men.” Zi Yan darted a look at Zhang Han, as though saying, “Do you know how ridiculous your requirement is”

“Haha, I was kidding.

From the moment I saw you, I knew that I would have to compete against countless rivals in love in my life.

Oh, no, to be exact, those are not just rivals in love but all sorts of skunks that let their fancies run wild.” Thinking of what Yin Ze attempted to do just now, Zhang Han was so angry that he gnashed his teeth and said, “Ill kill every one of such skunks I meet in the future.

Well, Id like to see which man has the nerve to pursue you!”

“Youre too overbearing.” Zi Yan pursed her lips and then smiled.

“But I like it.”


An aircraft abruptly descended from the sky.

In a moment, Zhao Feng stepped out of it.

“Master, Maam, I saw that the pavilion over there was destroyed, so I came here to take a look.”

“Someone just attacked your Maam,” Zhang Han said.


Zhao Fengs face turned pale with fright and cold sweat ran down his forehead.

He cupped his hands before his chest and said, “I was derelict on my duty.

Im sorry, Master.

Maam, so sorry that you were startled by this.”

“Its no big deal.

Im strong anyway.

Im even mightier than you guys.” Zi Yan shook her head slightly.

Zhang Han also smiled and said, “Its not your fault.

That person had planned this attack for a long time.”

Zhao Feng didnt know what to say at the moment.

He felt a little ashamed.

“The job of the security group was to protect Masters family.

Today, such a dangerous incident occurred.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow What about the day after tomorrow” At this time, Zhao Feng was already thinking of a way to enhance the security here.

“The members of the security group have all been dispatched to various places.

You and the members also need to cultivate.

After all, the heavens only reward those who work hard,” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “The science and technology here are very advanced, and the monitoring system is very sophisticated.

Most places outside are not private areas.

Just elevating the clearance of the monitoring system will do.”

“Okay, got it.” Zhao Feng nodded.


As your masters wife, Im also very powerful,” Zi Yan said with amusement.

“Well, haha,” Zhao Feng grinned and said, “there are still many places in the Sea Dragon Star Area that were not familiar with.

We thought Mount Double Moons was very close to the company.

With Master here, there would basically be no security issues.

But surprisingly, such a villain still showed up here.”

“Xiaofeng,” Zhang Han waved his hand and said, “dont think like this.

Its not a good habit.

After all, in the future, you and the others will all go out and travel alone.”

Zhang Han had also found that whenever he was around these people, they were inexplicably confident.

This was actually not a good thing.

If one day they encountered a problem that even Zhang Han couldnt solve, with this mentality, they would probably get themselves in unexpected danger.

However, Zhao Feng smiled and said calmly, “Master, ever since I walked into Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant, I became your housekeeper.

This will never change.

Things like traveling dont really matter to me.”

Zhang Han laughed after hearing Zhao Fengs words.

That was the laughter of both amusement and anger.

“Zhao Feng…”

Zhang Han shook his head.

He had never had such a loyal follower in the Cultivation World.

Since he was reborn, he had not only gained a happy family but also had a large group of followers.

Thinking of this, Zhang Han couldnt help sighing with emotion.

“Master, Im going off to the company to work.”

Zhao Feng said bye and went to sort out the clearance of the monitor system.

When the clearance was limited, many places were not monitored, such as the small woods in the park.

Well, maybe some couples would like to get intimate there.

But now, Zhang Han thought he had better put those places under surveillance too.

He had also spotted the problem and planned to tell Liu Qingfeng about it.

After all, this case was not just found on the Dragon Base Star.

Many other planets also had this problem.

As the large company was still in its early stage, other people could easily take advantage of its loopholes.

“Yan, why are you back so soon Han is also here! What happened” asked Zhou Fei after she crossed the gate of the Mount Double Moons and saw Zi Yan and Zhang Han.

“Im here to pick you up.” Zi Yan smiled.

She wanted to go to work with Zhou Fei.

But Zhang Han said, “You dont need to go to work today.”

“Ah Oh, I see.

Ill go by myself.”

Zhou Fei was stunned at first.

But a moment later, she thought of something.

She then said “Oh, I see” in a meaningful tone, as if implying, “Are you two gonna have sex”

Zi Yan was both annoyed and amused.

“Dont let your imagination run wild!”

“By the way,” Zi Yan then added, “I just ran into Yin Ze.

He attacked me for an evil purpose.

If youre going to the company, tell Uncle Liu that we have to keep an eye on the new employees we recruited here, including the managers and clerks.”

“What Yin Ze He attacked you” Zhou Fei was dumbstruck.

Next, she became furious.

“That son of a bitch! Never thought he could hide his agenda so well.”

She now understood that this was the reason why Zhang Han went to pick Zi Yan up.

“Han killed him, didnt he” Zhou Fei asked.

“Yes.” Zi Yan nodded.


Yin Ze had gone too far! Im so angry.”

Zhou Fei left in a huff.

From the looks of it, she would go to the company to lash out at the new employees, who would soon have to go through the training again.

“She takes action without any hesitation,” Zhang Han said, feeling a little speechless.

“Thats the way with her.

Otherwise, how could I have no scandals during my years in the entertainment circle” Zi Yan said.

Then, she locked arms with Zhang Han and asked, “Arent you going to cultivate today”

“No, Ill take some days off.

Cultivation is not something that can be done overnight.

Its more important to spend time with my wife,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“You have a glib tongue.” Zi Yan was very happy to hear that.

She went back to the large mansion with Zhang Han and had sex with him.

In terms of cultivation, within just a few days, Zhang Han had integrated all of the 25 kinds of Elemental Sources with his supernatural powers.

It could be said that he could control the supernatural powers at will now.

Take the Air-shattering Hand as an example.

Zhang Han could now display the Air-shattering Hand with five different attributes in an instant.

The five elements, namely gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, complemented and restrained one another.

The integration was very simple.

If one hadnt comprehended the Tao, one might not be able to integrate any of such energy into one supernatural power in his whole life.

But this only took Zhang Han a couple of months.

This was very incredulous.

But in fact, given Zhang Hans comprehension of the Tribulation Stage Ninth Tier, this achievement seemed to be not so surprising.

After all, the Tribulation Stage Ninth Tier was too terrifying.

Those who had entered the Tribulation Stage Ninth Tier were able to go head-on against ancient demonic beasts.

Zhang Han had finished cultivating the supernatural powers, but he was a little undecided about the formation of the Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

To further his Body Refinement with the supernatural powers and upgrade his Immortal Body was one way to achieve his goal.

After he successfully refined the Immortal Body of the Five Elements, his five supernatural powers could alter in an instant and be much more potent.

However, this way was merely by-the-book.

Zhang Han still felt that something was missing.

In other words, this way could not help him go very far.

There was another way.

He could make the five supernatural power collide with one another and melt before being completely absorbed by his body.

If he abandoned the supernatural powers, the Immortal Body of the Five Elements he could gain would be the Ultimate Five Elements Body.

In that case, attacks launched with the power of the five elements could no longer harm him, and he could even absorb the energy of the attacks.

Thinking of the long-lasting combat capability such a body had, Zhang Han couldnt help but say to himself, “Thats too formidable!”

Yet, it was a pity that there were still some parts of this method that Zhang Han had not figured out yet.

He needed to cultivate in seclusion to make a breakthrough.

Of course, Zhang Hans energy in bed was long-lasting, too.

The two love birds did it in the bedroom, in the bathroom, on the sofa in the living room, on the hammock… The ride was really intense.

Finally, Zi Yan lay in bed, drenched in sweat.

She was exhausted by the sex.

Placing one of her long legs on Zhang Hans body, Zi Yan snuggled up against his chest.

She lazily stretched out one finger and began to draw circles on his chest.

“Honey, how strong are you now” Zi Yan asked indolently.

“Im in the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“If I want, I can enter the God Transformation Realm at any time.

But its unnecessary.

The realm one is in is just a manifestation of ones combat capability.

Each realm is different.

The development of ones body and abilities in different realms are also different.

Im in no hurry to enter the next realm anyway.”

“Oh, youre progressing really fast.

Dear Lord, my husband is about to become a mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm,” Zi Yan said in a delicate, sweet voice.

Zhang Han liked her tone very much.

He felt so blessed that his wife was an elegant lady in public and a hot girl in bed.

“The God Transformation Realm is not a very high level.

I feel that my breakthrough into the God Transformation Realm may be somewhat different.

Ill wait until my strength becomes a little stronger before I make the breakthrough,” Zhang Han said.

“If your breakthrough is different, so will be mine.

Mengmengs will also be different.

The three of us are all extraordinary.” Zi Yan suddenly thought of something.

She stopped drawing circles with her hand but held it up and said, “I slapped that man just now.

I saw my palm gleaming.

It looked different from before.”

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