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Chapter 1223 One of My Great Abilities

In the imperial palace on the Roland Star…

“Should we leave or not”

This was a decision to make.

The Elemental Elf Clan had utterly no hope of confronting the Gutuo Divine Temple.

“Fortunately, Zhang Han is here this time.

But what if he is not around next time He is not a member of the Elf Clan after all… Alas…”

Thinking of this, Olien, the King of Elves, sighed heavily in his head.

He glanced at Chen Chuan and Nina from the corner of his eye.

“Forget it.

Dont mind them.

If they want to hold hands, let them.

In the future, Ill let Nina and Felina deal with their relationships as they like.

“Right now, the more pressing issue is the safety of the Elemental Elf Clan.”

“Gu Yi was Lord Kongs right-hand man, and Gu Kun was the Holy Son of the Gutuo Divine Temple.”

Olien said, “We can be considered to be on a road of no return.

I have decided that we should also move to the Chaotic Region.

Although it isnt absolutely safe there, we will have a better chance of escaping from there if they come after us.”

“Thats right.

Its indeed difficult to attack the Chaotic Region.

The Gutuo Divine Temple must have known that Gu Kun and his men have died in the Sea Dragon Star Area, for their Life Lamps must have distinguished.

The entire Star Area may be in trouble because of this,” Doman looked at Zhang Han and said.

“Given the overbearing style of the Gutuo Divine Temple, they will definitely launch a large-scale attack after they confirm their Holy Sons death.

King Gu may have reached the peak of the God Transformation Realm.

Even if he has not, he is very close to that level.

This is why many forces in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province defer to him.

Those at the peak of the God Transformation Realm are already top cultivators in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Perhaps there are also some in the Void-refining Realm.

But they either rarely get involved in mundane issues or are from mighty forces in the remote Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.”

“Also, it will take at least a week to repair the king vessels.

After the Gutuo Divine Temple discovers that Gu Kuns Life Lamp has gone out, they will send people over to find out what happened.

It will take those people at least eight days to get here.

We need to make some preparations,” Olien said.

Zhang Guangyous face was written with seriousness after he heard those peoples words.

By now, he and the others were also well aware that the Gutuo Divine Temple was a very powerful force that could not be trifled with.

If an all-out war broke out, the Gutuo Divine Temple could easily vanquish the forces in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area, for the two sides were not on an equal footing.

The atmosphere seemed to become a little heavy.

However, at this time, Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Why should we wait for them to attack us”

“What” Everyone was startled.

Many people turned to look at Zhang Han in confusion.

Zhang Han explained, “I dont like to be on the defensive side.

The uncertainty of when the enemy will come is annoying.

so I think we should take the initiative and go after them.”

“But our enemy is the Gutuo Divine Temple!” Domans expression changed dramatically.

“Yeah, the Gutuo Divine Temple is just one force,” Zhang Han nodded slightly as he said.

“Once we kill their king and the eight lords, the Gutuo Divine Temple will be destroyed.”

Without top cultivators protection, an incredibly powerful force would rapidly decline in strength.

It wouldnt be long before it was gobbled up by other large sects.

That happened a lot.

Zhang Han had seen things like that many times.

However, others didnt know about that.

Thus, they were shocked when they heard Zhang Hans words.


Zhang, dont be so reckless!” Doman said with an anxious look on his face.

“You havent been to the Small Sky Dragon Region, so you dont know how formidable the Gutuo Divine Temple is.

You may not even be able to reach the imperial palace of the Gutuo Divine Temple, let alone destroy it.”



Zhang, we must handle this with prudence.”

Several elders of the Dark Elf Clan voiced their opinions.

However, Olien and Tricia didnt speak.

Tricia seemed to have realized that if that Elder Yue with unbelievable powers were to fight, taking down the Gutuo Divine Temple would be no problem.

The Gutuo Divine Temple was a mighty force in the eyes of the world.

Yet, if its top echelon was destroyed, the rest of it would actually collapse at once.

“Lets go.”

Zhang Han had made up his mind, so he did not want to waste time dawdling.

He said, “Well happen to pass by the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

Lets go there and take a look by the way.”

“Shall we go there by king vessel” Tricia asked.

“A king vessel is faster than a Thunder King.”

“Are you going with us” Zhang Han glanced at Doman and the others and asked.

After hesitating for a while, Doman and the others eventually decided to go with Zhang Han, though they seemed rather reluctant.

Hence, the group boarded the Dark Elf Clans king vessel.

They headed for the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

Every hour, the king vessel would leave the secondary space, and they would try to contact Yue Wuwei.

Finally, on the third try, they got in touch with Yue Wuwei and decided on the coordinates of the place where they would meet.

Then, the king vessel entered the secondary space and moved forward at full speed.

“Oow, oow, oow, oow.”

Sitting in the lounge, Dahei sat on a chair and called out to Tiny Tot several times.

It was saying, “What are you waiting for, my little bro Take out the good meat and get ready to barbecue.”

Dahei understood that Tiny Tot merely swallowed the strange beast but not really ate it.

Tiny Tot would spit it out and roast it before eating.

“Oh, right.”

This reminded Zhang Han.

He smiled and said, “We can also have a taste of the meat of a Golden-winged Eagle.

The meat of its wings is the best.”

“Coo, coo.”

Tiny Tot seemed to be saying, “What are you talking about I cant understand.”

“Tiny Tot, spit out that big bird,” Mengmeng urged.

“You should share good stuff with your friends.”

“Flap! Flap! Flap!”

Tiny Tot patted its belly with its wings.


Luckily, Zhang Han acted quickly.

As he waved his hand, all the furniture nearby jumped to other places.

With Doman, Olien, and some others watching with astonishment, the Golden-winged Eagle, which was more than ten meters long, landed on the ground of the lounge with a rumble.

Doman was bereft of speech.

“Were barbequing here”

“This bird looks very fierce.” Chen Changqing took a close look at the Golden-winged Eagle and clicked his tongue in surprise.

“The feathers of the Golden-winged Eagle can be made into clothes after being refined.

Those clothes have innate defensive functions and can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Its nice to have some clothes like that,” Zhang Han said.

What Zhang Han did next utterly stunned Zi Yan, Zhang Guangyou, Zhou Fei, Rong Jiali, Rong Jiaxin, and the others.

Zhang Han drew the Seven-star Sword.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

As the sword flashed, within just three seconds, the intact body of the Golden-winged Eagle became completely featherless.

At first, the lounge was a little messy with the falling feathers.

But gradually, the feathers gathered together in an orderly manner.

“Look, its just like its name.

It has two golden wings, and the essence of the energy in its body is in the wings.

Having a bite of its wing can improve your strength as effectively as cultivating for days.

Besides, the meat tastes really good.

Youll love it.”

“Swish! Swish!”

As two jets of sword light flashed, the two wings were cut off by Zhang Han.

He put one intact wing in his Space Ring.

It was really big.

He planned to save it for Mengmeng to enjoy.

As to the other wing, it was big enough for everyone to have a bite.

Thus, Zhang Han directly cut it into small pieces.

The wing was very fleshy, and the meat had many layers.

It was gold in color and looked very appetizing.

“Generally speaking, the most valuable part in a strange beast is its Inner Elixir.

But there are exceptions.

For example, the most valuable part of the Golden-winged Eagle is its two wings.

Its Inner Elixir is only the second most precious.

This Inner Elixir is the kind that speedy spiritual beasts have.

Its highly nutritious.”


Zhang Han threw the Inner Elixir at Little Hei.

“Crunch! Crunch!”

Little Hei ate it in a few bites and then happily stuck out its large tongue at Zhang Han.

“The meat of the leg of the Golden-winged Eagle is the second best.

Still, it tastes better than ordinary meat…”

Two minutes later, Zhang Han finished slicing.

The entire Golden-winged Eagle had now become chunks of meat and were placed on several tables.

Zhang Han also saved one leg, a few pieces of wing meat, and the bulk for Dahei and the others to roast.


Tiny Tot began to breathe fire.

The three barbecued all by themselves.

Their skillful movements deeply shocked Doman and the others.

“What are these spirit beasts, oh no, strange beasts, doing on earth That thing that is more than a hundred meters long… looks horrible!”

Zhang Han put away some meat before cooking for others.

Perhaps some people would think this was rude.

However, no one in Zhang Hans group would complain.

Zhang Han was always like this.

He didnt care about rules and always did what he wanted to do.

He was completely unrestrained.

Having been around Zhang Han for so long, Chen Changqing had learned to follow his heart as well.

“Ill take some too.”

After saying that, Chen Changqing quickly picked up several pieces of wing meat and leg meat.

He would bring the meat to his son.

Oliens hand twitched a bit.

He gave a soft cough and scratched his head subconsciously.

In the end, he was still too self-conscious to take the meat.

“Well, never mind.

I would just have a taste when the meat is cooked.”

“Honey, how come you cut that eagle so skillfully”

Finally, Zi Yan asked the question on everyones mind.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Many people shifted their gazes to Zhang Han.

Zhang Han was a little stunned.

He gradually restrained his deft movements and relaxed expression.

“Is that so”

“Yes!” Mengmengs eyes sparkled as she said, “Daddys movements were very skillful.

Its as if you had done this many times before.”

“You did have done it many times, havent you Han, I seriously suspect that you taught Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot how to barbecue.

You have such good cooking skills.

You must have practiced those skills thousands of times,” Zhou Fei said.

“Um, well…”

The corners of Zhang Hans mouth trembled slightly.

He had accidentally revealed one of his “great abilities”.

He had indeed thoroughly tempered his chopping skills.

Like a skilled butcher dismembering a cow, when Zhang Han saw the body of a rare Golden-winged Eagle, he couldnt help but cut it by himself and get the work done in a short time.

“Come on, lets start cooking.

The meal will be ready in a short while, haha.”

Zhang Han laughed dryly and said, “Lets roast the wing meat.

The bones of the legs can make a good soup.

The marrow is also full of energy essence.”

Everyone helped with the cooking.

Some kept an eye on the fire.

Some set the dining table.

Some prepared wine.

Even the nine elves present started to bustle around.

Being part of the process of cooking was fun.

Soon, the lounge was filled with the mouth-watering scent of delicious food.

After an hour, the meal was finally served.

“Ill try the wing meat.”

Mengmeng picked up a small piece of wing meat, which was golden and smelled really good.

After she put it into her mouth, she found that the meat was tasty.

Its texture was a little similar to that of braised pork, but the flavor was amazing.

“It smells so good.”

“Its really yummy.

Mengmeng, have more.” Chen Chuan did not forget to cozy up to Mengmeng.

“This meat is absolutely delicious!”

Zhang Guangyou and the others also marveled at the food.

Enjoying fine wine and fine meat, Zhang Guangyou was in a very good mood.

After they ate the meat, they felt that their body temperature rose a bit and energy ran through their body before melting into their medians, quietly improving their cultivation.

Having one chunk of this meat could spare them several days of arduous cultivation.

Obviously, this meal was a cultivation-enhancing feast.

Gu Kun, the Holy Son, had never imagined that the strange beast that his father obtained with great effort and was raised by him for more than a decade at the cost of countless resources would one day become someone elses food.

If he could foresee this, Gu Kun would definitely not have come to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

But if he had smelt the scent of the roasted meat, the Golden-winged Eagle might not have lived this long.

Tiny Tot, Dahei, and Little Hei enjoyed the meat with the greatest satisfaction.

Little Hei even chewed up all the bones, let alone the meat.

Except for a little meat Zhang Han and Chen Changqing had put away, the rest of the Golden-winged Eagle had all been eaten up.

“Im stuffed.”

Mengmeng patted her belly.

“Me too.

My stomach is swelling.

Its so hot.

Gee, Ive made a breakthrough,” Chen Chuan said in a daze.

He never thought he could make a breakthrough in the time it took to have a meal.

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