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Chapter 1228 Masters Will Appeared Again

“You finished”


Dong Chen ran to Zhang Han, looked him up and down, and asked, “Han, what kind of boxing did you just perform”

“What” Zhang Hans expression changed.

“Do you want to cultivate this boxing method”

“Ahem, ahem.”

Dong Chen was elated after watching the brilliant boxing performance.

He coughed softly and said, “I just want to study it a bit.”

“You cant cultivate this,” Zhang Han refused bluntly.

This boxing method required an extremely strong body.

Zhang Han himself could use it because he had the Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

A man with an ordinary body was utterly incapable of performing it.

Forcefully cultivating it would only cause him to suffer injuries in the end.

After all, the formidable ability to shake space wasnt something that could be casually obtained.

“Master, the boxing you performed just now was really powerful!” Mu Xue was completely in awe.

She complimented Zhang Han in a loud voice as she walked over.

“Though we have advanced to the Yuan Ying Realm, we fall behind Master in strength even more,” said Jiang Yanlan, who smiled bitterly.

Back then, when Jiang Yanlan was still the Vermilion Bird working in the National Security Agency, she was confident that she could fight against Merciless Zhang.

A few years later, she climbed to a height that was beyond her imagination in the past.

In the meantime, Merciless Zhang gradually faded from the public eye.

Few people talked about Merciless Zhang today.

Nonetheless, Zhang Hans strength had become more and more incredible.

Zhang Han glanced at the crowd and said with a smile, “Youve all come”

“Alas, I couldnt sleep or focus on cultivation even though I wanted to.

Thunderclaps were coming nonstop.

Who could stand that” Zhang Guangyou teased.

“I didnt make such loud noises, did I” Zhang Han was taken aback.

At the end of the cultivation of the boxing method, Zhang Han reached the state of forgetting everything but boxing.

His will directly sealed off the place where Mengmeng was cultivating.

Then, he wholly devoted his energy to practicing the rest of his skills.

Bit by bit, the many boxing skills he knew evolved into the Space-splitting Punch.


Within a few days, the evolving process was over.

This speed was strikingly fast.

Even Zhang Han was slightly perplexed by this.

He thought that the evolving process would take many days.

To his surprise, it was finished within a few days.

“Is there something wrong with my comprehension ability, or…” Zhang Han glanced at Mengmeng.

“It seems that when I was being enlightened, the aura of the pearl representing the Saint Warrior Planet rose from around Mengmeng.

Was it the energy of the pearl that helped me”

Zhang Han was lost in thought.

But now was not the time to dwell on this.

Since Zhang Han couldnt figure it out, he decided not to think about this issue for the moment.

Looking around at the crowd, he said with a smile, “I gained some insights.

Its quite normal.

Youll also have insights when you cultivate.”

“If I can have one-tenth of Masters fighting capacity one day, Ill have no more wishes,” Mu Xue said with a grin.

“Uncle Zhang, the final exam will take place the day after tomorrow.

Mengmeng will miss it if she cant finish her reclusive cultivation in time.” Nina reminded Zhang Han.

Zhang Han look at Mengmeng and shook his head slightly.

“We cant do anything to accelerate her cultivation.

But I feel that she will get it done before the exam.”

After chatting for a while, the crowd dispersed.

That night, right after Zi Yan fell asleep, Zhang Han summoned a white stuffed bear from Mengmengs room and put it beside Zi Yan for her to hold.

Then, he quietly left the bedroom, leaped over the balcony, and landed beside Mengmeng.

“It seems that the cultivation is almost done.

She is about to wake up, isnt she”

Beaming, Zhang Han looked at Mengmeng, who was sitting cross-legged.

He just stood there and watched Mengmeng quietly, as if he had lost track of time.

“My daughter is beautiful at all angles.”

This remark fully manifested parents love for their children.

Of course, Zhang Han said so not only because Mengmeng had a pretty face.

Under the starry sky, Zhang Han sat down not far from Mengmeng.

As Zhang Han watched Mengmeng cultivating, wisps of white light quietly rose from the surroundings.

But Zhang Han didnt seem to notice the change.

Gradually, this entire place turned white, as if they had entered another space.

It was as though they were now in a white room.

There was no way to tell the direction or see anything else.

After a good five seconds, Zhang Han seemed to gradually come to his senses.

Seeing the surroundings, he was startled and then sank into deep thought.

Suddenly, he said, “Since you have shown up, why dont you reveal your true self”

Zhang Han knew that only one person on the Saint Warrior Planet was capable of affecting his consciousness in such a manner.

That was Yue Wuweis mysterious master.


After Zhang Han said that, a faint figure hidden in the glowing mist appeared in his sight.

This figure was different from the one Zhang Han saw on the Lost Continent and the one he met at the bottom of the Northernmost Sea.

Zhang Han felt that this figure seemed to be more vigorous than the previous two.

“Youve been progressing quite fast,” the fight in the glowing mist said coolly.

“Who are you on earth” Zhang Han asked.

“At least, you should tell me your title and things you achieved, right”

“Title Achievements I think I have many titles and achievements.

Which one do you want to hear” This lord seemed to be a lot more even-tempered and was willing to chat.

“You have already met those two old fellows.

Youve gained Elemental Sources, the Immortal Body, the Thunderbolt Mark, the Thunder Tower, and a Great Demon Yuan Ying.

Haha, the path that you picked is indeed the most challenging one.” The person in the glowing mist chuckled.


Zhang Hans pupils contracted.

After two seconds of silence, Zhang Han said, “You seem to know me quite well.

Those two old fellows Are you saying that the previous two figures I saw are not you If so, are you three the will of different people How many masters does Yue Wuwei have then”

“I know you like I know the back of my hand,” said the figure in the glowing mist.

“There are many wills, but Yue Wuwei only has one master.

I dont like to be referred to as Master.

You can call me King.

I am the king among kings.”

Zhang Han didnt know what to say.

“You are really narcissistic.

Oh, this is embarrassing.”

Without thinking, Zhang Han taunted, “You want to be referred to as the famous ham sausage brand, King among Kings”

A moment later, Zhang Han added, “So, you are the strongest one among all the wills, arent you”

“Thats right.

The wills came from the same person.

On the Saint Warrior Planet, there are a total of nine wills of the master.

We are the wills the master left at different ages.

As such, I am the strongest.”

“Oh.” Zhang Han suddenly understood.

“Youre the youngest one, right”

“He said he is the strongest.

Doesnt that mean he is the youngest”

After hearing these words, the figure in the glowing mist remained silent for a long time.

“Once activated, the will shall also dissipate some time later.

Then, whats the purpose of you showing up now” Zhang Han was a little confused.

The figure in the glowing mist was silent for another while before saying leisurely, “Our Little Princess just entered the Elixir Realm, right Im here to teach her some knowledge about controlling the pearl representing the Saint Warrior Planet.”

“What the heck He is here merely to root for Mengmeng, isnt he”

Zhang Han was in a daze.

“I seriously doubt what he said.

‘He is the king among kings Thats bull**.

He is probably the weakest among the nine wills.”

Seeing Zhang Hans expression, the figure in the glowing mist seemed to be a little upset.

“Let me show you something, and you will know how prestigious I am.”


In the white fog ahead, an image suddenly appeared, which was the cosmos.


In an instant, Zhang Han felt that he was in a different place.

“Am I in the void of the universe Is there a galaxy ahead Oh, no, thats not the case.”

It turned out that the ring-like things coming from all directions were many cultivators.

Their speed was so fast that any one of them in the cosmos could outpace a spaceship in the secondary space.

In just a few seconds, the countless rings that had almost constituted a galaxy drew near.

As far as Zhang Han could see, there were all kinds of people.

“Are there Hundreds of millions of people Or billions Maybe 10 billion”

Zhang Han was astounded.

He glanced at the masses in the distance and thought that there were more than one billion of them.

When he looked afar, he thought there were billions.

When he further observed, he realized that the number of cultivators here had surpassed 10 billion.


In the next second, the 10 billion mighty cultivators all got down on one knee, bowing to Zhang Han.

It was as if all the generals and ministers were kowtowing to their king.

This scene was too shocking.

Every single person kneeling before Zhang Han possessed an incredibly profound aura.

What realm were they in

Zhang Han thought that they were very likely to be strong cultivators beyond the Tribulation Stage Ninth Tier.

“Are they from the higher world

“The higher world…”


The image dissolved.

“Do you still think Im the weakest” A displeased voice came from the glowing mist.

“Pay more attention, boy.

If I say I am the king among kings, that is indeed the truth.”

Zhang Han took a deep breath.

He clearly understood what he saw just now.

Of course, those people were not kowtowing to Zhang Han but to the mysterious master, or rather, to the figure in the glowing mist in front of him, who used to be their leader.

Now that this figure in the glowing mist had said he was the strongest, he must be the youngest.

The nine wills reflected the master at different ages.

Zhang Han could not believe the youngest one actually had that kind of power.

That was terrifying.

“Then, when this master grew older, just how revered was he”

Zhang Han became a little curious.

“How do you feel” Seeing that Zhang Han was silent, the figure in the glowing mist took the initiative to question him.


“Just now, you saw from my view that everyone in the world submitted to you.

How do you feel about that”

“Just so-so,” Zhang Han replied.

The glowing mist suddenly flickered.

After a long silence, the figure in the glowing mist sighed and said, “Yeah.

Its just ordinary and boring.”

“So, you should believe my words now, dont you” said the figure in the glowing mist, who quickly shelved his emotions.

“I didnt doubt it in the first place,” Zhang Han explained.

“I am the strongest,” the figure in the glowing mist repeated.

Zhang Han found that he was speaking with a rather conceited tone.

“Well then, what is your ranking amongst the nine wills”

The figure in the glowing mist suddenly fell silent.

Two seconds later, he said, “Ninth.”

Zhang Han laughed.

“It turns out that the strongest is actually the weakest.

“He is really good at bragging.”

Of course, this figure was weak only when he was in comparison with the other eight wills.

The scene Zhang Han just saw was still in his mind.

He knew this figure was mighty and formidable.

“Whats the ranking of the previous two wills” Zhang Han asked out of curiosity again.

“The will you encountered on the Lost Continent was the one I left when I was quite powerful.

He ranks third.

The one you saw at the bottom of the Northernmost Sea ranks eighth,” the figure in the glowing mist said.

Zhang Han nodded.

For some reason, he sort of liked the ninth will in front of him.

“What kind of place is the higher world” Zhang Han asked.

“Its just a vast world.

There is nothing special about it.

Youll understand in the future.

From a social perspective, its actually the same as the current secular world, the worldlets, the Kunlun Immortal World, the Ancient Mine, the Kings Domain, the Sea Dragon Star Area, the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, and the whole Cultivation World.

The only differences are that in the higher world, people have stronger combat capability, and the realms are more realistic.

Its a colorful world with many things that the Cultivation World can never offer.

Of course, from the perspective of cultivation, whether its me, the eighth will, or the third will, we have to admit that we are extremely envious of todays you.

Were also gratified to see your achievements.

Im looking forward to the day the first will wakes up.

Tsk, tsk, youll perhaps be able to learn some secrets from him,” the figure in the glowing mist said.

After hearing this long speech, Zhang Han pondered for a long time.

“The wills came from the same person, but they represent the master at different times.

What is this about”

“Cant you tell me some information I want to know” Zhang Han asked.

After talking for a long time, he found that he still hadnt gotten the answers he wanted badly.

“Well, I was just in the mood for chatting.

Im going to disappear soon.

Ive completed my mission.

As the ninth will, I cant say anything regarding those secrets.

I just cant.

Now, Im going to go teach our Little Princess how to use the pearl representing the Saint Warrior Planet.

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