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Chapter 1232 Setting Off

“I failed to make a good enough cross from before.

“Now, Ill try again.”

Mengmeng made the sand form a cross again.

But this time, she did not directly transform the cross into the pattern of the Union flag.

Instead, she made the cross begin to rotate while flying in all directions.

Minutes later, when the cross seemed to have become solid, Mengmeng started to turn it into the pattern of the Union flag.

The sand quivered and fell to the ground again.


Nevertheless, at least the pattern of the Union flag existed for two more seconds than the first time.

“Your progress is amazing.”

Zhang Han sighed with emotion.

“Our daughter will definitely be a fairy with great magic powers in the future.”

“So, you have to work harder,” Zi Yan teased, “or Mengmeng will soon surpass you and then start to date boys…”

“Hahaha, thats not gonna happen.” Zhang Han snorted.

Still, he began to ponder.

“My Immortal Body of the Five Elements just took shape.

I still need some time to cultivate and consolidate it.

“The Space-splitting Punch can be further perfected.

“The next step is to cultivate my divine sense, which is at a normal stage.

“But there is something puzzling me.

The process of cultivating the Great Void Thunder Scripture and converting my soul sense into divine sense actually makes my soul sense sea feel empty and hungry.

“Does my Thunderbolt Mark need to devour more thunderbolts


“That should be the case.

“I have to strike a balance between the divine sense and the Great Demon Yuan Ying.

Then, how should I cultivate the Immortal Body of Yin and Yang

“Do I need the Extreme Yang or the Extreme Yin

“Maybe I can cultivate the divine sense first and master the lightning power.

Then, Id not be far from accessing the third floor of the Thunder Tower.”

Zhang Han deliberated for moments.

But soon, he stopped dwelling on those issues and focused on watching Mengmeng cultivate.


Zhang Han was surprised to find that Mengmeng had stabilized her pattern of the Union flag while he was lost in thought.

“How could she progress so fast”

Even Zhang Han was kind of amazed.

Just like this, Zhang Han watched Mengmeng cultivate until night fell.

Mengmeng had made great progress and still continued practicing.

“Sweetheart, lets call it a day.

Daddy will make delicious food for you when we get home.” Zhang Han couldnt help but interrupt Mengmengs work.

“Its time to rest.

Keep practicing without taking a break will do you no good.”

“Ah, okay.”

Mengmeng ran over and shook her head.

“Im a little dizzy.”


Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Lets go back.

You can really have a sound sleep.

Well come back here after you get up tomorrow.”

This kind of cultivation method would indeed cause dizziness.

Zhang Han clearly remembered that his soul sense had grown a lot stronger after he had some sleep.

The family of three returned to Mount New Moon.

“Where did you go Why didnt you come back until the middle of the night” Zhang Guangyou, who was passing by, inquired.

“I went to cultivate.

Ill be soon more powerful.

Grandpa, youll soon be no match for me,” Mengmeng said with a grin.


“Well, I cant waste any more time chatting.”

Zhang Guangyou went off to cultivate immediately.

“Its already midnight here,” Zhang Han muttered.

Then, he went to the kitchen and made a sumptuous dinner.

The next day.

After waking up from her sleep, Zi Yan stayed in bed and downloaded some TV dramas with her tablet computer.

Mengmeng was washing up.

She didnt feel that her soul sense had grown much.

But she was not flustered by that at all.

Zhang Han was in the kitchen, cooking.

After breakfast, Zhang Han told Zhao Feng with his will that they were leaving.

After that, the family of three left Mount New Moon through the Space Portal.

They came to the island again.

“Ill start practicing now.”

Mengmeng ran to the formation and continued to practice.

Zi Yan sat down in a sling chair and leisurely watched the downloaded TV dramas.

Zhang Han sat beside her, resting with his eyes closed.

In the meantime, he cultivated the Great Void Thunder Scripture, as well as mediated on and perfected the Space-splitting Punch.

The family of three stayed by the sea, listening to the song made by the waves.

Time passed slowly.

By the time the evening came, Mengmeng had made notable progress.

Her maze was taking shape.

They did the same on the third day, the fourth day… and the 10th day.

“Daddy, look over here!


Mengmeng called out with a grimace.

With her soul sense functioning, a pack of snakes danced wildly.

Then, a giant python appeared.

It turned into a flood dragon and flew to the sea before morphing into a dragon and soaring into the clouds.

The vivid images emerged along with Mengmengs cries.

Her fierce expression was kind of adorable.

“Mission completed.”

Mengmeng trotted to Zhang Han happily.

But then, she sighed.

“Alas, it took me 10 days to get to the meticulous stage.”


Zhang Han laughed and said, “It took me five days to reach the meticulous stage.

Plus… forming the pattern of the maze already marks your entry to the meticulous stage.

The dragon in the clouds is the symbol of the perfect stage.

Congratulations, my little princess, youve reached the perfect stage of soul sense control.”


Mengmeng was stupefied.

She did not expect that she had reached the perfect stage.

“Bravo! You deserve a round of applause!”

Zi Yan applauded enthusiastically for Mengmeng.


Mengmeng giggled happily.

The surprise came too suddenly.

“But… I didnt cultivate any other skills.

Dont I need to improve my combat capability” As she laughed, Mengmeng became a little perplexed.

“Your combat capability has already been improved.

Today is the last day of your cultivation on this island.”

Zhang Han stood up and said, “Try performing the Fireball Skill and dividing your fireball into a thousand flames in an instant.”


Mengmeng turned around to face the sea.

“Fireball Skill!”

A white fireball flew through the air with a burst of imposing energy.

When it flew about a dozen meters away, Mengmengs eyes began to shine with some kind of white light.


The fireball instantly split into thousands of long streaks of flames dancing in the air nonstop.

Under Mengmengs control, a hundred streaks of flames fell into the sea, making crackling sounds as if there were a large-scale bombardment.

The other 900 streaks of flames kept rotating and dancing in the air under the command of Mengmengs will.

A while later, they merged into a giant python.

Some time later, the python transformed into a flood dragon, a flying dragon, a big fish, and then into a man-shaped flame…

Mengmeng had demonstrated all-around control over the points, lines, and planes.

In order to teach Mengmeng, Zhang Han had gone through a lot of trouble.

He didnt teach her any moves to enhance her combat capability, but to solve the problem fundamentally.

“Moves can have numerous alterations.”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “Now you know that the seemingly cool and dazzling alterations actually come from ones mastery in soul sense control.

Later, Ill teach you some secret skills.”

“Then I want to learn those very powerful and cool moves that Grandpa, Great-Grandpa, Uncle Feng, and Aunty Xue often make,” Mengmeng said as she dispersed the flames.

“Okay, the first move Ill teach you is called Fire Phoenix Spreading Wings.” Zhang Han put his arm around Mengmengs shoulder and said, “Youll know in the future how amazing you are, for it only took you ten days to reach the perfect stage.

But it took your Uncle Feng, Aunt Xue, and even your grandpa and great-grandpa months or even years of arduous cultivation.”

Mengmeng put her hands behind her back, straightened up, raised her head, and said proudly, “Its lonely to be at the top.”

Zhang Han was bereft of speech.

“Mengmeng is starting to show off.

“But I like it.”

At noon on this day, as soon as they returned to Mount New Moon, Mengmeng challenged Zhao Feng to a fight again.

A lot of people on Mount New Moon were drawn to watch the fight.

Mengmengs flames were forever changing, which made up for the lack of flexibility of her long-range attacks.

Zhao Feng had to use all his strength in the fight.

In the end, with his rich combat experience and more varied moves, he managed to throw Mengmeng into a tizzy.

But Mengmeng was much stronger than the first time they fought.

Zhao Feng was a little overwhelmed by her progress.

He exclaimed repeatedly, “Its terrifying.”

The others did the same.

Two days later, Mengmeng sparred with Mu Xue, Jiang Yanlan, Ah Hu, and others in succession.

Although she did not win, she managed to fight with each of them for quite a while like in real battles.

Mengmeng also found that she was still no match for those at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

She seemed to have forgotten that Zhao Feng, Mu Xue, and the others were not ordinary Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage cultivators in the first place.

Mengmengs strength had improved drastically since she advanced to the Elixir Realm days ago.

Now, her progress gradually took on a slower pace.

The others were more or less relieved to see this.

They were, of course, glad to see Mengmeng become more powerful, but her progress also put them under pressure.

This was especially true for the security group.

The full name of the security group was Mengmengs security group.

They certainly wouldnt want to be called the security group under Mengmengs protection one day.

“We gotta cultivate hard.”

Therefore, all the people on Mount New Moon started cultivating.

On Mount New Moon, they made progress in cultivation even faster than in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Zhang Han refined elixirs for everyone several times, provided them with cultivation resources, and taught them a lot of secret methods.

His targeted lessons significantly improved everyones strength.

“Chen Chuan, how can you still be playing”

Mengmeng often ran to the magic paradise, where she would see Chen Chuan playing with many little kids.

“I can already fight with a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator now.

Can you fight with someone in the Elixir Realm Go to cultivate, quick!”

After that, Mengmeng turned to her friends and said, “Nina, Xiaonao, Felina, shall we go for a ride”

Now that Mengmeng was almost done with her training, she wanted to have fun again.

This was called the combination of work and rest.

“Mengmeng, ask your dad when we will go to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Weve stayed here many days,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“Well set off tonight.

Lets hang out with Muen in a while.

Shell go to Austrilia tomorrow, so we may not see her until November.”

Thus, the girls went out and had a great time.

At eight oclock in the evening, Mount New Moon was quite lively.

“Han, Yan, and my granddaughter, do stay safe when you go out.

We all hope to see you back soon,” Zi Qiang remarked.

“We are also cultivating now.

When we gain some strength, we will be able to go to the Sea Dragon Star Area with you soon.”

“Yan, Ill go there to have fun with you next time,” Zi Shiya said.

“Boss, my parents dont want me anymore, do they Will they come back for the Spring Festival this year” Sun Dongheng couldnt help asking.

He hadnt reunited with them for more than a year since their departure.

At first, Sun Dongheng enjoyed being a CEO very much.

But now, this position no longer brought him much joy.

He was even a little reluctant to continue working as a CEO.

He liked all kinds of entertainment.

After becoming the CEO, he thought that with his attractiveness, identity, and status, he could enjoy luxury and have various kinds of entertainment all the time.

But later, he realized that when one earned high status, one would have even more scruples, which made one no longer interested in enjoying life.

“Dont worry.

Ill take them back for the Spring Festival this year,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

There were still many people that couldnt go on this journey, so they could only see Zhang Hans group off.

As those people watched, Zhang Han and others boarded the aircraft and left.

Everything else had been taken care of.

Now, in the Kunlun Immortal World, the worldlets, and the Ancient Mine, the existence of the Sea Dragon Star Area was no longer a big secret.

Many high-position officials were trying their best to send their people to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The price was, as usual, to pay cultivation resources to Zhang Han.

It was Dong Chens idea to reap the benefits of this.

Only by paying for the ticket could one sail to the broader world.

People on the Saint Warrior Planet, whether in the Kunlun Immortal World or the worldlets, owned some resources.

When those resources were gathered together, Zhang Hans treasure collection gradually expanded.

The group boarded the Thunder King.

“I, Mengmeng, will lead everyone on this journey!”

Controlling the pearl representing the Saint Warrior Planet, Mengmeng steered the Thunder King to cleave through waves and guided the way forward.

When everyone was seated in the lounge, Zhang Mu suddenly asked, “Han, do you think there are any changes to the strange phenomenon in the Blue Sand Wind Domain”

“There will definitely be changes, but Im not sure if the changes have occurred during our absence.

Grandpa, dont go about with Elder Deep Flame these days.

Wait until we figure out what is going on first,” Zhang Han said seriously.

“That also applies to the rest of you.

The changes in the Blue Sand Wind Domain cant be predicted.

We have to be cautious.”

“Master, Im not in the mood to visit any place,” Zhao Feng said with a wry smile.

“Ive been taught a lesson twice by the Little Princess in two days.

I plan to cultivate hard for some time and try to enter the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage in the shortest time possible.”

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