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Chapter 1238 The Power of the Punch

“This little peacock has really overestimated itself.

“All it knows is to barge about.

With my Seven-star Sword, I can chop its wing off with just one strike.”

However, Zhang Han did not do that.

The Peacock King was very strong, so Zhang Han felt that he could use it to practice his punching skills.

Zhang Han still did not know the exact power of the Space-splitting Punch derived from the mighty Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

Now, there was an opportunity to find out the answer.

“Its over!”

Tens of thousands of people in the distance showed different expressions.

Some sighed deeply, as though they had foreseen that the man in black would die in the next second.



“No way! No! Oh my God! He, he actually…”

The crowd was astonished.

With tens of thousands of people watching, the Peacock King swung its left wing horizontally, which came at Zhang Han like a sharp blade.


This fierce attack gave Zi Yan and the others quite a fright.

Yue Wuweis eyes narrowed slightly.

He had cautiously unleased his will to cover the surroundings, ready to lend a helping hand to Zhang Han at any time.

But the next second, Yue Wuweis pupils contracted.



A dull bang, accompanied by extremely powerful energy fluctuations, swept in all directions.

The energy fluctuations rolled out like surging waves.

This was a collision of two mighty forces.

To everyones surprise, the Peacock King came to a screeching halt.

It was like a supercar running at 400 mph was blocked by someone with one hand and stopped in an instant.

Zhang Han grabbed the Peacock King by the wing with one hand and examined it closely.

Then, he said indifferently, “Youre the Peacock King Youre just so-so.”


Zhang Han swung his right arm, causing the giant Peacock King to spin in the air.

After the Peacock King spun two times—


Zhang Han flung it out with his full strength.

Like a cannonball, the Peacock King was tossed into the distance.

The Peacock King, who was already dumbstruck, felt as if it had been thrown away like a piece of trash.

It felt like going mad.

The Peacock King had thought that it could easily kill the man in black.

But to its dismay, the man in black taught it a lesson instead.

It would be shameful of this for its entire life!



The Peacock King flew backward for thousands of meters and shouted fiercely.

Its voice was filled with fury.

Its eyes were glinting with coldness.

“Im gonna kill you! Im gonna kill you!” Bellowed the Peacock King.

Those around could not believe what they had just seen.

The surprise came too suddenly.

“He can fight the Peacock King head-on!”

“Oh no, the Peacock King got angry!”

Many members of the Omnipotent Troop frowned.

“What makes the Peacock King so mighty is the mysterious and unfathomable supernatural power it possesses.”

“That man has withstood the sharp wing of the Peacock King.

Thats bravo.

But sadly, he shouldnt have stepped forward and vexed the Peacock King.

He would get killed in the end.”

“We cant do anything to help him.

This is the territory of ancient demonic beasts after all.

How dare he act like this Is he too arrogant, or is he stupid” Someone piped up angrily.

“No matter what, what that man did earlier showed that he had powerful means.

“The Human Clan is in urgent of powerful cultivators at the time.

But he shouldnt have attempted to prove himself on this occasion.

Whats the point anyway

“The Rising Sun Operation hasnt started yet!”


The Peacock King soared into the air once more.

Before it approached Zhang Han—

“Go to hell!”

The Peacock King flapped its wings, and two beams of light shot out.

One was red, and the other was black, which darted toward Zhang Han at an extremely fast speed.

Faced with this attack launched by such a powerful supernatural power, Zhang Han did not even try to defend himself.

Instead, he was sort of looking forward to being hit by the attack.


After being struck, Zhang Han was forced to retreat dozens of meters.

Instantly, he was shrouded by the two beams of light.

The bright light was swirling around his body.

The power of the Immortal Body of the Five Elements was revealed for the first time.

Zhang Han began to absorb the energy of the two beams of light.

“This feels good.

“Now, Im immune to all sorts of attacks!”

After absorbing almost all the energy the strike carried, Zhang Han swiftly flung his arms forward.


The two beams of light, one red and one black, were thrown backward.


“Wh-What a strong body he has!”

Yue Wuwei gasped in astonishment.

“Whats going on Han is amazing!”

Yue Wuwei could tell that this was attributable to Zhang Hans physical constitution.

Everyone else, including the hundreds of ancient demonic beasts, the Omnipotent Troop, and the tens of thousands of people at the back were amazed.

In fact, many of those people sighed earlier, for they assumed that Zhang Han would be killed by the Peacock Kings supernatural power.

“Hes still alive!”

“He fought back”

Seeing the two beams of light that were thrown back, those people felt perplexed.

“Oh, my god, what supernatural power is this”

“Does he have a great treasure with him What an incredible power he has!”


The Peacock King was in a daze as well.

“This man is a bit odd.”

The Peacock King dispelled the two beams of light without effort.

Just as it was considering using an even more powerful supernatural power—

“The test is over.”

Zhang Han had merely been testing how strong the Immortal Body of the Five Elements was.

Now the test was done, it was time to perform the Space-splitting Punch!


The Peacock Kings eyes sparkled brightly.

It wanted to make a move.

“Qing Ming Seal!”

Zhang Han cast a seal to suppress the Peacock King.

But in just an instant—


The Qing Ming Seal vanished! The Peacock King said mockingly, “How dare you use such a cheap trick against me”

“Thats a cheap trick Then, have a taste of my fist.”

Zhang Han pressed his hands together and turned his neck left and right.

He was flexing his joints, making cracking sounds.

After that, Zhang Han took a few steps forward in the air.

He crossed dozens of meters with each step.

The Peacock King emitted even more blinding radiance.

Its attack was ready to be launched.


At this precise moment, Zhang Hans right fist punched through the air.


An explosion was heard.

The Peacock King was still 500 meters away from Zhang Han.

Seeing this, many people said doubtfully, “What is he doing”

They couldnt understand what they had seen.

“At this distance, its useless to launch any attack, isnt it”

Some ancient demonic beasts, such as the Iron Armor Dragon, shouted at the Peacock King, “Youre too weak, Peacock King!”

This vexed the Peacock King.

It looked at Zhang Han and said, “Ill kill you with one…” “Bam!”

Before the Peacock King could finish speaking, it staggered as if having been hit by a fist.

Even the light emanated by its supernatural power flickered several times and was almost extinguished.


The Peacock King shook its head, feeling a little dizzy.

“What happened

“Why didnt I feel any energy of that punch before it hit me

“How could it come so abruptly”

Zhang Han took half a step forward with his left foot and raised his arms with his left fist in front and his right fist behind.

Cultivators in the God Transformation Realm could easily outrun the sound.

The punches they launched could be accompanied by rumbling sounds like thunderclaps.

These were no challenges.

Even those in the Innateness Realm were able to do these things.

However, another surprising scene was staged.

“Why is he punching so slowly”

“Its like he is putting on a show.

I cant understand this.”


Look at the Peacock King.

It… It…”


Zhang Hans right fist flung forward in a wide arc and punched the air.

After that, Zhang Han quickly withdrew his right fist and raised his left fist, which quickly slammed downward.

His right fist came up right after that, delivering a left hook from the bottom right side.

“Wham! Wham! Wham…”

It happened too fast.

From Zhang Han stepping forward to the time he made his punching move, merely two seconds had passed.

The Peacock Kings supernatural power was just about to be unleashed, yet its enormous body seemed to have been attacked.

After Zhang Han dealt seven punches, the radiance around the Peacock King was forcibly extinguished.

“How dare you!”

The Peacock King was both shocked and enraged.


It darted to the left.

Zhang Han, however, performed a left hook in advance.


The Peacock King once again halted on the spot after taking the blow.

“Ill kill you!”

With reddened eyes, the Peacock King charged forward.

Zhang Han threw a straight punch.


The Peacock Kings head was thrown back.

The pain in its head brought it to the realization that it had been punched right in the face.

After taking these few punches, Peacock King felt the space around it was vibrating nonstop.

This meant that it would take more time to barge out.

However, every time the Peacock King attempted to make a move, the man in black would punch first as if he could foresee its movements.

The energy fist that came out of the blue from a distance could not be detected before it arrived.

Thus, the Peacock King found it extremely difficult to deal with.


The Peacock King cast a more imposing supernatural power.

Sparks of golden light began to flicker on its body.


The light that seemed to have turned into sea waves cut the void in an instant and poured on Zhang Han.


Even Headmaster Shan couldnt help but cry in shock.

Its attack seemed to announce Zhang Hans death.

Next, a scene that frightened hundreds of ancient demonic beasts occurred.

Zhang Han, who seemed to be bathed in golden light, was still in a boxing stance and throwing punches.

The endless light seemed to have no effect on him.


“It has some effect on him!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The bombardment of Zhang Hans rhythmic punches unbelievably tore the golden light into thin streaks.

Like falling flowers, the golden light drifted slowly about the Peacock King and rotated around it.

“My attack didnt work”

The Peacock King was genuinely startled now.



All of a sudden, Zhang Hans falling fist seemed to trigger changes in the space.

The Peacock King suddenly discovered that the surrounding space had been sealed.

It would surely face punches no matter in which direction it went.

“My attacks cant harm him, and I have no way to escape.

How could this be”

From this moment on, Zhang Hans punches began to change.

Zhang Han punched at a fixed tempo.

Countless muffled sounds were heard.

“Thump, thump, thump, thump…”

Zhang Han dealt a left hook, and the Peacock King coughed up a mouthful of blood.

After Zhang Hans right fist slammed down, Zhang Han attacked with both fists.

The Peacock King was injured.

Furthermore, its injuries were worsening at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“What Hes injured the Peacock King”

The hundreds of strange beasts were alarmed.

The tens of thousands of people were stupefied when they saw this.

“Is this real I couldnt believe it.”

“Chir! Chir! Chir!”

The Peacock King screeched at the top of its lungs.

It glowed with green and golden light.

The light with two colors mixed together, spraying on Zhang Han.

This was its most powerful supernatural power.

Zhang Han felt that his skin was a little hot.

If the attack lasted more than five seconds, he would still be injured.

“Looks like my immunity to attacks still has some limits.”

Zhang Han smiled coolly.

“Have a taste of my Space-splitting Punch launched with my full strength!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

When Zhang Han dealt one punch, the Peacock King began to bleed profusely and its aura weakened sharply.

After taking the second punch, the Peacock King looked dazed.

It started to lose its consciousness.

If the punches from before were only light punches, then the ones Zhang Han was throwing now were heavy punches as deadly as a killing move.

These punches could soon take the Peacock Kings life.

“Do, do you dare to kill me Do you dare Hahaha, you dont.

You dont have the guts to kill me.

But I will kill you!”

The stunned Peacock King roared furiously.

“You think I dont dare to kill you”

Zhang Hans expression stiffened a little.

Then, he asked, “Who told you that”

Another punch was dealt.


The sudden punch landed squarely on the Peacock Kings back.

The Peacock King didnt know how to defend against this kind of sudden attack.


A lot of blood spurted out from its mouth.

The Peacock Kings aura dropped to the lowest point.

It was as if it was about to die.


The hundreds of ancient demonic beasts at the back roared.

They seemed to be a little restless.

At this point, an elder from the Omnipotent Troop sighed and said, “Enough.

You can stop fighting.

Come and join us.

Lets go to negotiate with the beasts together.”

In the eyes of the crowd, the man in black must have concealed his strength.

Since he could kill the Peacock King, he must at least be in the Void-refining Realm.

However, as soon as the elder finished speaking—


Zhang Han punched again.


The Peacock Kings beak cracked from the middle.

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