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Chapter 1240 He Has Roasted It

“Take my punches.”

Zhang Han would not let it go.

He arched his body, gathered strength, and punched down with his right fist again.

In the twinkling of an eye, Zhang Han, who had found an opportunity, threw punches one after another at an extremely fast speed.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

Under everyones gaze, the black-robed man punched repeatedly in the chest of the Iron Armor Dragon.

“Why doesnt the Iron Armor Dragon fight back”

“Why does it stop moving”

“Wait, its aura… its aura is gone.”

“The Iron Armor Dragon with virtually invincible defense had been punched to death How is it possible”

Too many people couldnt believe it.

However, one could tell from the aura that the Iron Armor Dragon was indeed dead although its body was intact.


“That black-robed man has killed the Iron Armor Dragon!”

“Attack together and kill him.

Well eat his flesh!”

Several hundreds of strange beasts roared, but none of them rushed over.

“The black-robed human has effortlessly slain the Peacock King mastering mighty supernatural powers, and then punched the Iron Armor Dragon with freakishly tough defense to death…”


The more the strange beasts thought, the more terrified they felt.

It seemed that the black-robed man had no weakness.

At the very least, all of the ancient demonic beasts on the spot felt that they were no match for him.

And those who were confident to put up a fight were not sure that they could kill him.


“If the great-uncle of the Peacock King learns of this, he will kill all of you!”

A Winged Snake said coldly, “Dont attempt to escape.

Every one of you will die.

Hahaha, just wait for a bloodbath.”

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Hearing this, the faces of Headmaster Shan and the others changed slightly.

An old man took a deep breath, cupped his hands, and said, “The negotiation hasnt begun yet.


“You want to negotiate You are too weak.

Just wait for death!”

The Winged Snake flicked its tongue.

Its cold eyes made people shiver with fear.

Then, it turned around, flew into the void, and entered the Blue Sand Wind Domain.


A Giant Dark Blue Frog looked at Zhang Han and screamed, “Countless people will be killed because of you.

Since you dared to kill the ancient demonic beasts, the Great Devils in the Blue Sand Wind Domain will never let you go.

You are the sinner of the Human Clan!”


The sinner of the Human Clan

These words caused an uproar in the crowd.

Someone echoed, “Exactly.

That black-robed man was too impulsive indeed.

He shouldnt have killed the ancient demonic beasts even if he possessed such strength.

Headmaster Shan and the others didnt strike a killing blow, did they Hes made a huge mistake!”

“What should we do now We could have had a negotiation.

Maybe the Great Devils in the Blue Sand Wind Domain have agreed as well.

But now, its all over.”

“If this stirs up the Great Devils to riot, he is indeed a sinner in a way.


“Such being the case, there is no point in saying anymore.

Lets wait.”

Clatters rang out from everywhere.

The several hundreds of ancient demonic beasts also scattered, eyeing the crowd covetously.

When they saw Zhang Han move the bodies of the Iron Armor Dragon and the Peacock King beside him, a Giant Blue-haired Tiger said irritably, “Human, are you going to escape after causing such a calamity”

Zhang Han tilted his head slightly to look at it.

“Do you want to fight with me”

The Giant Blue-haired Tiger was dumbstruck for a few seconds.

Even its hair stood on end.

Then, it said coldly, “I wont fight with you.

But the Great Devils from my clan will deal with you.

You can escape now, but we will carry out a massacre until you turn up.

By the way, these people next to you are our first target.”


The noise in the crowd became louder.


Zhang Han frowned.

He hated some comments of the crowd, but he hated this kind of threat more.

“Excuse me, young Fellow Taoist.

You cant leave for the time being.” An old mans voice came from afar.

“In order to hold this Rising Sun Operation, weve been prepared for several days.

However, it was disrupted by you before we send people to negotiate.

Were all humans.

Since you have killed the two ancient demonic beats, you should not leave alone.”

“Thats right.

It was you who stirred up such a calamity.

So, its your responsibility to bear a portion of the pressure.

Of course, if youre afraid of some of the Great Devils inside, you can also leave.

But you should know that the calamity is caused by you and more people will die because of you,” another beautiful woman said.

About eight people expressed their thoughts one after another.

What they meant was that Zhang Han couldnt leave at present, and he shouldnt let others bear the consequences of his own trouble.

Hearing these words, Zhang Han glanced around them, but he didnt say anything.

When his gaze fell on the Giant Blue-haired Tiger, he suddenly sneered and said, “I give you the time to bring your elders.”

As soon as he finished speaking, many people let out a sigh of relief, while the ancient demonic beasts roared angrily.

However, what happened the next second shocked everyone.

“Hes going to… Oh my god.”

In the cosmos…

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

All of a sudden, jets of cold light flashed.

“The Peacock Kings feathers have been plucked!”

“Is he going to roast it”

To the astonishment of the tens of thousands of people, Zhang Han plucked the Peacock King, cut open its body, removed aside some organs that he wasnt interested in, then conjured up a flame casually and burned them out.

Subsequently, he spread out the entire body of the Peacock King above a thin layer of flame.

He roasted the Peacock King in front of all of the humans and the ancient demonic beasts.


“He has roasted the Peacock King!”

“We must kill him!”

“Dammit! Dammit!”

The roars of the several hundred ancient demonic beasts made the ears of the people nearby ring.

Headmaster Shan said, “This person is really… weird.”

“Zhang Hanyang is too ruthless.” Sect Leader Li Hao smiled wryly as he looked at the ancient demonic beasts not far away.

After weighing his options, he decided not to go over.

He couldnt win even if he stopped the beasts.

A trace of confusion appeared in Chu Qingyis beautiful eyes.

“It seems like I saw the sword in his hand before.”

Chu Qingyi felt familiar with the sword.

She had seen countless cultivators and many masters of the sword so far, but she couldnt recall where she had seen it before after carefully deliberating it.

After thinking for a while, Chu Qingyi pursed her lips as she looked at Zhang Han in silence.

“He dares roast the Peacock King under everyones watch.

Who is he on earth”


Zhang Han roasted every part of the Peacock King on the flames.

At this time, the several hundred ancient demonic beasts boiled with anger, but they didnt dare to rush over.

Seeing that the arrogant and condescending ancient demonic beasts were suppressed by the black-robed man alone, many people couldnt help but admire him.

Gradually, many people felt the smell of meat.

The meat of the ancient demonic beast, the Peacock King, was rich with energy.


Many people swallowed subconsciously.

However, when they looked around at the ferocious ancient demonic beasts, their expressions suddenly changed.


Many fierce beasts roared angrily as if they couldnt help but attack.

Headmaster Shan and several other core members of the Omnipotent Troop remained silent, but they exchanged looks at this time.

Things seemed to be getting worse.

“Except for the Omnipotent Troop, everyone returns to the king vessel.

The Omnipotent Troop will act as the representative and head to the Blue Sand Wind Domain later,” Headmaster Shan suddenly said.

His voice was loud and clear, spreading out like thunder.


Many allies behind cupped their hands and prepared to retreat with their men.

“You want to leave”

A Four-winged Bat opened its mouth.

Its voice was low and hoarse.

“Do you think were idiots and want to flee in front of us No way! Its about time.

Lets move!”

“Kill them all!”


The several hundred ancient demonic beasts riled up and screamed with their teeth bared.

This made the faces of Headmaster Shan and the others darken, they were ready to do battle with the enemies at the same time.


An enormous Bluefire Bird charged towards the place with the most people.

It possessed a supernatural power of mass destruction.

“Lets go!”

More than a hundred people began to move, including Headmaster Shan and the others along with the members of the Omnipotent Troop.

They fought with the violent ancient demonic beasts.

The scene was in chaos.

“What the **, theyre in battle,” Ye Longyuan yelled.

He took out his weapon and looked around warily.

“This…” Li Hao felt his scalp tingle.

A battle of this level was somewhat dangerous for him.

Luckily, he was within the crowd.

He surveyed his surroundings, hoping to find an opportunity to flee to Zhang Hans side.

Shi Fenghou, who was deep in the crowd, looked a little excited and said, “Lets fight.

We will definitely get more Inner Elixirs this time.”

The Inner Elixirs of the ancient demonic beasts were valuable and had a wide range of uses, but most people couldnt absorb them like Shi Fenghou.


The battle was totally lighted.

However, due to the group of the Omnipotent Troop, those like Taoist Deadwood, and the masters from the major Star Areas, the several hundred ancient demonic beasts were unable to overcome them for the moment.


The battle was getting hotter.

A new figure appeared on Zhang Hans side.

He was Yue Wuwei.

The others were watching the high-resolution video captured by communication devices in the king vessel.

The peacock meat seemed to be cooked.

Zhang Han sprinkled some powder of fragrant wood, salt, cumin, paprika, and other seasonings, making the fragrance stronger.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Zhang Han took out his Seven-star Sword and cut the cooked meat into neat pieces.

The two thighs had plenty of meat and were also the largest part, occupying half of the body.

These were for Dahei and Little Hei.

Zhang Han also reserved a smaller lump for Tiny Tot.

He knew that it was enough to satisfy Tiny Tot.

The meat on the wings had been cut into many pieces, which was for Mengmeng and the others to eat.

After finishing allocating the roasted meat, Zhang Han controlled and sent it into the king vessel with his mind.

“I didnt expect you have such a high combat capability.

Youve progressed so fast on the path of Body Cultivation.

You already have such a powerful constitution in the God Transformation Realm.

Are you going to be against the laws of nature” Yue Wuwei looked Zhang Han up and down with a strange look.

“Are you under pressure” Zhang Han suddenly said with a smile.

“What pressure” Yue Wuwei was stunned.

“I feel that it wont be long for me to surpass you,” Zhang Han joked.

Yue Wuwei was speechless.

“Should I thank you for reminding me”

In the end, Yue Wuwei could only give Zhang Han a ferocious stare to express his dissatisfaction.

He then stroked his beard and looked forward.

With a stretch of his palm, he lifted up Li Hao and a few elders of Cloud Shadow Sky and bring them over.

Li Hao knew that the force guiding them was from Zhang Hans side.

Several spirit beasts had approached them when they were flying over on the way, but the beasts seemed to have sensed danger and escaped in low spirits.

After arriving safely, Li Hao cupped his hands and said, “Many thanks for saving us.”

“Youre welcome.

Help yourself to the meat,” Zhang Han said casually.


The corners of Li Haos mouth twitched.

“The troublesome ancient demonic beast has become a meal here”

“Thank you.”

Li Hao glanced at the meat.

Although he felt a little awkward, he couldnt help but pick up a piece and taste it as he floated aside because it was the meat of an ancient demonic beast and the fragrance really stirred up his appetite.

Unexpectedly, after taking a bite, waves of warm energy spread throughout his body, nourishing his meridians and flesh.

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