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“Coo—” Tiny Tot shouted.

Wisps of light-black energy sealed off the space around the Blood Fox.

The powerful spell suppressed the Blood Foxs soul, rendering it unable to move.

When Tiny Tot opened its mouth, the devouring power was unleashed.

The Blood Fox finally caught up on the situation.

“This cursed roc is here to eat me.

Oh my God!”


The Blood Foxs hair stood on end, and its eyes were filled with terror.


In the next second—


To the Tiny Tot, this Blood Fox was really small.

With a slurp, Tiny Tot swallowed it whole.

“Coo, coo.”

Returning to the king vessel, Tiny Tot smacked its lips but didnt spit the Blood Fox out.

It had a slightly disgusted expression on its face.

“Pfft, pfft, pfft…”

“Oh no! I ate it!”

Tiny Tot then lost itself in thought.

It was wondering how it ate the Blood Fox.

“Is it because the fox was too small and I accidentally swallowed it”

“Its so powerful.”

Zi Yan blinked and stared at Tiny Tot.

“The Ancient Cursed Roc is a very powerful creature.” Yue Wuwei touched his beard and said, “I heard from you that the boat of curse appeared when this Ancient Cursed Roc was born.

I tried to catch it several times, but I failed.

Its very slippery.

That boat of the curse is not just a boat.

I guess its a protective treasure Tiny Tots parents left it.

Its very powerful.”

“Tiny Tots parents” Zhang Han asked in confusion.

“I dont think ancient demonic beasts at that level would ever appear on the Saint Warrior Planet, would they”

“No, that hasnt happened yet.

Then, how did Tiny Tot get here” Yue Wuwei also showed a pensive look on his face.

“Is it a smart pet that Master gave to Yan Yeah, only Master can catch a creature this powerful.”

In the face of these questions, Zhang Han fell silent.

This involved too many complicated issues.

Logically, with the Immortal Body of the Five Elements, the Space-splitting Punch, the Thunderbolt Mark, and the Thunder Tower, Zhang Hans fighting prowess was already very strong.

But given his current strength, he was still unable to unravel the key secrets of the Saint Warrior Planet.

More and more confusing things were appearing in his life.

“Does the Cosmos Formation have something to do with the Saint Warrior Planet as well

“The Domain of Seven Desolations, the legendary Land of Sealed Demons, does have some connection with the Saint Warrior Planet.

But what about these ancient demonic beasts

“These have really disrupted my peaceful life.”

Zhang Han was a little upset.

There seemed to be a flash of coldness in the depths of his pupils.

Quite abruptly, Zhang said, “Dahei and Little Hei are now at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage, and they are quite talented.

They should eat more, eat well, and eat to their hearts content.

Theyd better absorb more Internal Elixirs of ancient demonic beasts.”

As Zhang Han spoke, a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

“Ive decided not to go back to the Dragon Base Star.

Were going to have a hunt.

The entire bodies of ancient demonic beasts are highly useful.

Not only Dahei and Little Hei but everyone one of us should eat more ancient demonic beasts.

Some of their brains and blood can effectively improve your strength and refine your meridians, bodies, and soul sense.

If you also take some medicinal pellets, I believe you will all be able to make a qualitative leap in cultivation in the near future.”

“So…” Yue Wuweis expression changed as he asked, “Are we going to start a slaughter”


Lets slaughter.”

Zhang Han nodded.

As a result, their itinerary changed.

The king vessel jumped into the secondary space and started a purge on the periphery.

A huge python with colorful patterns just decided to attack a planet not far away.

Its enormous body slithered forward in the void at a very fast speed.


There was a muffled sound.

It looked over with its cold eyes.

“There is a king vessel!

“What is it up to”


A giant black figure emerged.

It shook its tail and turned into a wisp of black light and arrived in front of the python within two seconds.

“What A roc”

The python was stunned.

Faced with Tiny Tots attack, it began to wriggle.

However, because of Tiny Tots multiple mysterious spells and devouring power, the python twisted and turned for a short while and became motionless.

Then, Tiny Tot devoured the python.

“Cough… Bah!”

By the time Tiny Tot returned to the king vessel, many things in the lounge had been removed, so there was a large, empty place in the lounge.

Tiny Tot spat out the python.

Still, this crushed a lot of tables and chairs.

“Heavens, this python is too big!” Li Mu exclaimed.

Both Nina and Felina were flabbergasted.

They could even feel a chilling aura from the python.

“Lets have snake soup today.

This is a python with colorful patterns.

Its bloodline is not bad.

Its meat, skin, gallbladder, liver, intestines, and blood are all delicious.

As for its Internal Elixir, lets give it to Little Hei.”

Zhang Han began to dissect the python with his Seven-star Sword.

At this point, the others felt that the real use of the Seven-Star Sword was not to fight against enemies.

Looking at Zhang Hans skilled movements, Zi Yan covered her mouth with both hands and sniggered.

She felt that Zhang Han used the Seven-star Sword to chop the meat as well in his previous life.

The pythons soul had been completely devoured by Tiny Tot.

For Tiny Tot, only the soul could be regarded as a tonic.

As the king vessel advanced, a delicious feast was soon ready.

“Daddy, why do we have to eat meat every day” Mengmeng looked at a table of snake meat but did not feel like eating anything.

However, moments later…

“This tastes so good!”

Hearing the Little Princesss complaint, Zhang Han immediately fetched some vegetarians as side dishes.

The python was big, but Dahei and Little Hei had an even bigger appetite.

Their lips were covered with grease.

Dahei even patted its belly with satisfaction.


“What a great meal!”

Just as they finished eating, the king vessel pulled up.

Zhang Han sent Tiny Tot out.

One minute later, Tiny Tot came back.


A Golden Shell Tortoise was spat out.

“This things defense is stronger than that of an Iron Armor Dragon.

With such a shell, I can refine a defensive treasure that is very close to the seventh tier,” Zhang Han said, narrowing his eyes.

He drew out the Seven-star Sword and began to dissect the Golden Shell Tortoise.

“We can have turtle soup in a while.”

Everyone was taken aback by Zhang Hans words.

“Son, son.” Zhang Guangyou burped and said, “Should we have so many meals in such a short time”

“Yeah, Im not hungry,” Zi Yan said with resignation.

“Why dont we save this one till the next mealtime I feel so hot now.

If I keep eating such nutritious food, the energy inside me might explode and kill me,” Zhou Fei said.

She found it hard to eat so many.

“Good point.

Ill dissect it now but cook it later.”

A little taken aback, Zhang Han nodded.

He wielded the Seven-star Sword and began to chop the Golden Shell Tortoise.

A short while later, the dissected Golden Shell Tortoise was put away in his Space Ring, ready to be cooked.

“Lets go cultivate,” Yue Wuwei said.

“Well eat it after cultivating for two days.”


Then, Zhang Han, Zi Yan, and Yue Wuwei were the only ones left in the lounge.

Mengmeng, Chen Chuan, and even Zhou Fei had gone to cultivate.

After having such high-quality nutrition, Zhou Fei also felt like she was about to make new breakthroughs.

She quickly advanced from the Grand Master Early Stage to the Middle-Stage, and then to the Last-Stage.

She crossed three stages in one breath.

After that, everyone believed they should stop having ancient demonic beasts for a while.

There was a limit to everything.

Eating highly nutritious food all the time was actually not healthy.

Therefore, everyone began to eat ordinary food.

However, this did not stop Tiny Tot from going hunting.

At present, Tiny Tots strength was very strong.

Even beasts at the Void-refining Realm Early-Stage could only run for their lives when encountering Tiny Tot.

They did not dare to fight against Tiny Tot at all.

Yet, they couldnt outrun Zhang Han anyway.

As Zhang Han performed the Space-splitting Punch, more and more ancient demonic beasts at the Void-refining Realm Early-Stage died in his hands.

Even though some ancient demonic beasts, such as the Red Eagle, were incredibly speedy, Yue Wuwei could easily kill them with a soul-sense secret skill.

As time went by, Zhang Hans king vessel sailed from the center of the Sea Dragon Star Area to the periphery and then to the outmost region, hunting ancient demonic beasts all the way.

By the time they reached the outmost region of the Sea Dragon Star Area, there were no longer any ancient demonic beasts in this star area.

It was as if the Sea Dragon Star Area had become a forbidden land for ancient demonic beasts.

But Zhang Hans group didnt stop there.

They went hunting in the neighboring Star Area and gained a lot.

After that, they traveled to another Star Area.

After three days of travel, they didnt see a single ancient demonic beast.

“Have they all fled

“Have we scared them away”

“Lets go around and have a look,” Yue Wuwei said.

“There are not many opportunities like this.

We should try to get more ingredients, hahaha.”

It seemed that Yue Wuwei found this very interesting.

Therefore, the king vessel resumed its quest.

Their targeted area was the Small Sky Dragon Region, the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

At this time, only a small half of the Small Sky Dragon Region in the back had remained intact.

People on many planets who had no spaceship to escape were all desperate.

However, there was hope amidst despair because the ancient demonic beasts did not seem to plan on coming here.

The Heavenly Dragon Star Province was currently the only battlefield.

In different regions, thousands of ancient demonic beasts attacked in groups.

In the face of so many enemies, Headmaster Shan and others were having a hard time.

After battling for days, less than 30 ancient demonic beasts were killed.

However, more than a hundred human cultivators had died in this battle.

They were all top fighters in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

It could be said that the Human Clan had been delivered heavy blows by the ancient demonic beasts.

“Is there any news from the Astral Domain” Headmaster Shan looked at the middle-aged man beside him and asked, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“Not yet,” the middle-aged man replied.

“If this continues, we will not be able to block the enemies for long.” Headmaster Shan was a little depressed.

“We have sent talented disciples to the Astral Domain as they required every few years.

The sect there would not abandon us.”

“Hold on for a few more days.

Maybe their reply would have arrived by then,” said the middle-aged man, who let out a soft sigh.

As the headmaster of the Dragnet Academy, Shan had many disciples and branches that were all over the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

The Heavenly Dragon Star Province was vast.

If these ancient demonic beasts were allowed to run wild, too many people would get killed.

It could be said that everyone present had their family or sect to protect.

At this time, the humans were struggling on the battlefield.

Both sides seemed to have become as incompatible as fire and water.

“Weve finally repelled this group of beasts.”

Looking at the dozens of ancient demonic beasts slowly retreating, Headmaster Shan breathed a sigh of relief.

“After resting for a bit, they are going to charge at us again.

Everyone, be vigilant.

You should all be heedful to that demonic foxs soul attack,” warned Headmaster Shan.

But before he finished speaking—

“Theyre leaving! Theyre leaving!” someone cried out in surprise.


With everyone watching, three ancient demonic beasts flew over from the distance and communicated with their fellows.

Then, surprisingly, the beasts all retreated.

“Theyre really leaving”

“Why not we follow up and take a look”

They felt that they should advance while the enemy retreated.

Headmaster Shan and the others boarded the king vessel and flew behind the beasts.

On the king vessel, they contacted troops fighting in other regions.

The other troops told them an exciting piece of news.

“Yes, they retreated.

All of them!”

As they were overjoyed by the news, they also felt rather bewildered.

“These ancient demonic beasts were about to break through our defense line.

Why did they choose to retreat at this time”

“How strange! If it were me, I would definitely continue attacking.”

“Did their senior order them to go back”

Curiously, they watched the ancient demonic beasts exit the Heavenly Dragon Star Province and disappear into the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

“Theyve retreated for the time being.”

“However, we must still be careful.

Send those newly created reconnaissance aircraft to the outskirts.

We must set up a proper defensive line.”

“Send people to check out the situation in the various Star Areas.”

“Well wait for three more days.

If there is still no news from the Astral Domain, well send some of our people there.”

Orders were given one after another.

It could be said that the Omnipotent Troop represented the will of the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

It was standing at the top of the pyramid.

The ancient demonic beast had retreated at least for the time being.

This eased their tense nerves a lot.

They went back to the planet where their base was in the rear to have a rest.

Two days later, they received a shocking piece of news.

“Is that true”

“Over a hundred ancient demonic beasts in the Sea Dragon Star Area have been killed”

“Well… Could it be the doing of that black-robed man Is he so terrifying Who on earth is he”

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