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Chapter 1249 A Charitarian Is Coming

“Corus,” Mohan frowned and said unhappily, “its none of your business whether we win or lose.”

Some of the people who were watching the battles nearby turned their heads.

When they saw the scene here, their expressions changed slightly, and they began to talk in a low voice.

“Hey, when enemies meet, their eyes will blaze with fury.

These two men actually met each other, especially in the Beast Arena.

Haha, maybe theyre going to fight.

Perhaps, the two sides will battle it out in the arena.”

“Corus is awesome.

He slept with Amman Myernies girlfriend.

Oh, no, he stole Amman Myernies girlfriend.”

“Is she the blonde woman next to Corus”

“Yes, yes, thats her.

She and Amman Myernie went out for two years.

Now that they have gone their separate ways.

Also, its said that they parted in an unpleasant way.

Even, Amman Myernie has already fought with Corus several times.”

“This is going to be fun.”


Without using the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique, they spoke in low murmurs, but all the cultivators present could hear them.

The meaning behind the words was that they were ready to watch the scene and hoped to watch a battle.

Life always needed some pleasures.

They were ready to watch the scene and stand by.

Corus had a dozen companions with him, including male and female fifty-fifty.

It seemed that they were also here to have fun.

When Corus heard Mohan Myernies words, he sneered.

“Its none of my business whether you win or lose, but I know that your opponent has not recovered from his injury.

Oh, maybe it is called an unfair advantage.

Well, you won, but I have to say that its so annoying of you to put on airs and have a sense of grandeur about yourself.

Do you think so, baby”

“Smack, smack!”

Corus patted the blonde woman on her bubble butt in a rough manner, making loud sounds.


Generally speaking, it could be told that he did not take the woman seriously at all, and his girlfriend was likely to be angry.

However, the blonde woman, Amman Myernies ex-girlfriend, was not angry at all.

Instead, she showed a charming smile and agreed, “Youre right.

Its very annoying.

Hes just like that, a scheming man.

Maybe he chose to fight because his opponent has not recovered yet.”


Amman Myernie was livid.

He abruptly stood up, cast a cold gaze at the blonde woman and Corus, and blurted out two words.

“Get lost!”

“You want me to get lost Who do you think you are” Corus sneered, “Son of a bitch, how dare you talk to me like that Is it because of your Myernie family Oh, I understand.”

Corus revealed a look of understanding.

He patted his forehead and said, “It should be due to the return of Senior Luoke Myernie, right He has given you great courage.

I see.

You should have told me earlier.

For the sake of Senior Luoke Myernie, I wont do anything to you.

Well, thats why you have confidence when you speak.

You were so humble when you saw me before, haha.”

He spoke with heavy irony.

Everyone could tell that he did not care about the Myernie family.

Even his companions burst into laughter.

“Corus, its not kind of you to put on airs like this.

Your family is ten times stronger than the Myernie family.

You dont have to say that.”

“Yeah, yeah.

Even if you have issues with each other, youd better not mention your families.

Or, you will be criticized by the seniors.”

The laughter and sarcasm made Amman Myernie, Mohan, and the others almost explode with anger.

Even Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao looked a little sullen.

They could not keep a good mood.

“Beat him!”

Chen Chuan snorted hard and looked at Amman Myernie as he spoke slowly.

“Beat me Hahahaha.”

Corus seemed to have heard a great joke.

He burst out laughing and said, “I really want him to beat me up.

But do you dare A-m-m-a-n-M-y-e-r-n-i-e! Do you dare hit me My face is right here.

Do you dare hit me”

As he spoke, Corus turned his face to Amman Myernie.

Seeing that Amman Myernie was breathing quickly with red eyes, he felt very good.

“Hey, what Why dont we go to have a fight in the arena Do you dare” Corus suddenly frowned.

“Oh, by the way, you are just at the middle stage of the Yuan Ying Realm.

I am already at the late stage, so its bullying to fight with you.

I can send a random junior to fight with you.

What do you think Well, we are allowed to bet on the result of the battle.

If you win, I will give you 100,000 crystals.

If you lose, I wont take a single one away from you.

After all, your Myernie family doesnt have many crystals.

Is that okay”

Silence fell.

Everybody quieted down.

100,000 crystals were already a large sum.

But would Amman Myernie dare

How could the Myernie family afford to offend Corus who was a member of a first-tier family

At the very least, no one of the same generations would dare to do that.

Perhaps only Amman Myernies elders were able to suppress Corus.

If Luoke Myernie were here, Corus would not have said anything at first.

However, the elders rarely interfered with the disputes among the younger generation unless it was a matter of life and death.


Amman Myernie appeared to be on the verge of losing control.

But he was still restraining himself and did not want to get himself into trouble.

Mohan Myernie was also livid.


If you dont dare, you can just send someone else out.

I heard that theres a new junior in your family and he is quite talented, right If you send him to fight, Ill also bet 100,000 crystals.” A look of coldness flashed across Corus eyes.

Finally, his provocation annoyed Mengmeng.

“Why are you so annoying Youre just like a fly, buzzing.” Mengmeng frowned slightly and added in a dissatisfied tone, “We just remained silent, but you keep talking here.

Besides, you dont look like a man at all, with a projecting mouth and ape-like cheeks.

Are you here to scare us If youre ready, Im going to fight with you.

But your bet of 100,000 crystals is so insignificant.

Are you treating us as beggars”


Mohan Myernies face changed.

He was very surprised and a little frightened.

Why did she say that She was going to get into trouble.

If she offended Corus, the Myernie family would not be able to protect them at all.

The key was not really Corus.

The reason why the Myernie brothers remained silent and did not dare to argue was that… there was a woman standing behind them.

The princess of the Beast Arena!

Ma Li, the person in charge of the Beast Arena, was a Protector of the Star-shooting House.

Although he was just at the peak of the Yuan Ying Realm, as the supervisor of the Star-shooting House, he was superior to many cultivators in the God Transformation Realm of the local forces, such as Luoke Myernie who was afraid to offend Ma Li.

Ma Lin, Ma Lis third and youngest daughter, was talented and favored.

She was so prestigious in the Beast Arena.

Generally speaking, those ones from big families would show respect to her when they saw her.

Because Ma Lin was here, the Myernie brothers only made a limited retort.

They did not dare to say much, for fear of annoying Ma Lin.

If she was annoyed, the Myernie family would have to bear a lot of pressure.

In the face of Mengmengs words, the expressions on everyones faces present suddenly changed.

Yue Xiaonaos eyes lit up with excitement.

“Theres going to be a fight.”

Nina pursed her lips and smiled, thinking to herself, “She might as well teach him a lesson.”

Felinas face darkened slightly.

She was staring at the other side.

It was only a fight, wasnt it Hehe, as a cultivator in the God Transformation Realm, how could she be afraid of these people in the Elixir Ream or the Yuan Ying Realm

“Beat him up! He deserves to be beaten!” With a whoosh, Chen Chuan abruptly stood on the chair, pointing at Coruss nose and swearing.

It could be seen that this boy was also an unruly one at school.

Hearing Chen Chuans words, Mengmeng subconsciously wanted to scold him.

After thinking about it, she gave up.

They should unite against Corus now.

She looked at Corus, who was showing a gloomy look, and said, “Hurry up.

What are you thinking about Lets fight! If youre not ready, just get out of my sight now.”

“Fine, fine, fine!” Corus was infuriated.

He shouted, “Come on.

Lets fight! Which one of you will fight How much will you bet”

“How much 10,000 crystals,” said Mengmeng with a snort.

“Huh Hahaha! Are you kidding” Corus and his companions were just about to mock Mengmeng.

“Im talking about 10,000 top-grade crystals,” Mengmeng said blandly.


Many people almost choked on their saliva.

“What 10,000 top-grade crystals Heavens!”

“Thats one million crystals.

Can she afford them”

“One million crystals.

I cant earn them in my entire life.”


Amidst the talks, Mengmeng released a trace of the aura of her cultivation level.


“How dare you put on an act before me at the early stage of the Elixir Realm”

Coruss mood was unsettled.

He certainly could not afford a million crystals, but what if the other side could He could easily deal with a cultivator at the early stage of the Elixir Realm.

He heard a comment that if the girl could really afford a million crystals, she might have powerful connections.

Indeed, someone capable of affording a million crystals was definitely not an ordinary person.

But so what if she had powerful connections

Since they were in the Beast Arena, they must comply with the rules of the Beast Arena, even if the matter became significant.

After all, the Beast Arena was backed by the Star-shooting House.

How many forces in Heavenly Dragon Star Province could make the Star-shooting House compromise

Even if those forces could, they would impossibly come into conflict with the Star-shooting House because of a million crystals.

Not to mention that it began with a battle between the younger generation.

“Hahahaha, since you dare to swear at me, Ill eat your crystals!”

Corus felt secretly excited.

But he suddenly thought of Ma Lin behind him.

She was the daughter of the owner of the Beast Arena, and also the princess of the Beast Arena.

Her status was much higher than his.

It was a million crystals.

Would she…

What he feared happened.

“Are you sure you can afford 10,000 top-grade crystals”

Ma Lin stepped forward from behind in high heels.

She was about twenty years old, gorgeously dressed.

Judging from her appearance, she was not an easygoing person.

She looked Mengmeng up and down.

There was a hint of disgust in the depths of her eyes.

She hated women who were more beautiful than her.

“Why are you meddling in others business” Mengmeng asked.

“Forget it, forget it.”

Amman Myernie hurriedly walked out and said, “This is a personal grudge between me and Corus.

I dont want to implicate others.

We can solve our own problems.

Haha, of course, its my fault for being blind at the beginning.”

“Its me who was blind at the beginning,” the blonde woman said scornfully, “and those incompetent ones will always talk much and do little.”

“I agree with you.”

Ma Lin stared at Mengmeng and said, “Kid, everyone can say some superficial words.

You said that you wanted to raise the bet to a million low-grade crystal stones, and you said that you could take them out.

Well, lets accept your challenge.

We will battle it out in the arena.

Oh, by the way, since you are only at the early stage of the Elixir Realm, I will put on my combat suit and suppress my cultivation to the level of the Elixir Realm Early-Stage in the fight with you.

I wonder if you have the courage to fight.”


The members of the Myernie family looked a little depressed.

How could they stop the princess of the Beast Arena from winning the crystals

They had just spoken up for Mengmeng.

If they did that again, it would offend Ma Lin.

“Princess Ma Lin, please show mercy.

Its our fault…” Mohan Myernie said, cupping his hands.

“Shut up!” Ma Lin glared at him.

“We are talking about the battle.

Dont interrupt.”


Seeing that Mohan Myernies face changed dramatically, Ma Lin sneered and looked around.

“Trash is not qualified to speak.”


Corus knew that he could no longer earn a million crystal stones, but he could bet on the battle.

With a sigh, he raised a finger and shook it slightly to Amman Myernie, indicating: You cannot.

“Do you dare or not”

Ma Lins juniors talked loudly.

“You have a pretty face, but you love bragging.

You may not be able to afford a million crystal stones.”

“If you cannot afford them, youre just a liar.

Do you know the consequences if you lie in front of Sister Ma Lin You cant afford it.”

“Theyre just a bunch of kids.

How dare they promise to afford 10,000 top-grade crystal stones Bah.”

The sneer made Felina wear a cold look.

“Are you courting death”

“No hurry.

Lets fight in the arena.

First of all, oh, its also a prerequisite.

Can you afford 10,000 top-grade crystal stones as you promised” Ma Lin stared at Mengmeng, without looking at anyone else.

“I can even afford 20,000 top-grade crystal stones.”

Mengmeng finally understood that the other side was targeting her crystal stones.

That was great.

“Or 30,000 top-grade crystal stones,” Mengmeng said, “but do you have 30,000 top-grade crystal stones”

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

The expressions of the group of people, including Ma Lin, changed slightly.

Seeing Mengmengs calm look, they began to ponder.

30,000 top-grade crystal stones were equivalent to three million crystal stones.

Could she really afford them Or was she just bluffing

Even Ma Lin could not afford three million crystal stones.

She was silent for a few seconds.

Listening to the voices of shock around her, she wore a gloomy look.

“A million crystal stones.

You and me.”

“Can you only afford a million crystal stones Youre so poor,” Mengmeng said with a chuckle.

“What did you say” Ma Lin said in a cold voice, “Im telling you, little girl, this is the Beast Arena.

Dont put on airs in front of me.

Or, I wont let you out.

Do you understand”

“Wow, youre amazing.” Mengmeng stretched out her hands and clapped.

“Im so scared.”

“Sister Mengmeng, beat her,” Chen Chuan said fiercely.

“Stop yelling!” A woman behind Ma Lin glared at him.

The atmosphere in the field suddenly became tense, and it seemed that the air was filled with killing intents.

“Do you want to fight here” Ma Lins aura was on the move, and she seemed to be ready to fight.

“I dont care,” Mengmeng said indifferently, “and its up to you.”

“Haha, okay, lets fight in the arena.”

Ma Lin nodded heavily, turned around, and walked down the stairs to the preparation area of the arena.

The others, including the members of the Myernie family, also followed.

Around the arena, there were also auditoriums, which were closer to the battle, but ordinary people were not allowed in.

Led by Ma Lin, the princess of the Beast Arena, they had no problem getting in.


A staff member came over, with much bowing and scraping.

“Make an arena for me.

Now.” After saying that, Ma Lin walked to a room, turned to look at Mengmeng, and said, “Come on, let me see your 10,000 top-grade crystal stones.”

As she spoke, she took out pieces of crystal stones.

Low-grade crystal stones took up a large part, amounting to 500,000 to 600,000 crystal stones.

The rest included basically medium-grade crystal stones and a few top-grade crystal stones.

Top-grade crystals were relatively rare in Heaven Dragon Star Province.

It was obvious that one million crystal stones had emptied Ma Lins wallet.

Even so, Corus and his companions also looked envious.

A million crystal stones were something they could not afford.

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