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Chapter 125 Choices

As they felt perplexed, they were all surmising.

“Is this young man sick of being alive”

“Dare to stir up trouble at Brother Scorpions territory.

The consequences are unimaginable!”

But what happened the next moment made them drop their jaws.

That bald man approached Zhang Han at a stride, lifted the electronic baton he was holding and snarled malevolently, “Fu*k, Ill kill you!”

Just when those words faded.

“Clatter! Clatter!”

“Bang! Bang!”

Zhang Han abruptly moved his hand and launched a seemingly soft punch each of the bald mans arms, but snapping sound of bones occurred, which was rather clear to hear.

Even the bald mans arm was already positioned at a weird angle.

Next, Zhang Han threw a kick on the bald mans belly, producing the first thud.

Stooping, the bald man was thrown backward into the air.

His body was shaped like a shrimp and crashed against the wall which was six meters away, causing the second thud.

As blood spurted out from the bald mans mouth and nostrils, he passed out lying on the ground.

Judging by the thud that sounded just now, people could tell that the strength of Zhang Hans strike was definitely strong.

At this point, everyone in the lobby was rooted to the spot.

Silence wrapped up the hall.

You might hear a pin drop down on the floor.

Zhang Han kept on walking forward, his face still tranquil.

But as the other guard saw him coming, he was shivering with fear.

“You, you, what are you going to do” The man looked flustered.

He tried to yell threateningly, “Do you know where this place is This is Brother Scorpions territory!”

But Zhang Han ignored his barks and went up to him.

Without giving him any time to react, his fist and kick landed on the guard again and sent him to meet the same fate the first guard did—both of his elbows were comminuted fractured, and internal injury he got was also quite severe, which meant he would not be able to lift his arms anymore in the rest of his life.

Was he too cruel

No, actually Zhang Hans strength was relatively weak.

If he had had the Congenital Phase above the Base-building Phase, no one in Scorpions gang would survive his attacks.

You should never believe any expert who had reached Tribulation Phase was good-tempered.

After beating the guards up, Zhang Han calmly stepped into an elevator and pressed the button of the seventh floor.

When he left, people in the lobby exchanged shocked looks with one and another.

All of their faces were written with conspicuous bafflement.

“Crap, someone is here for trouble!” After coming to their senses, several waiters at the reception counter shrieked.

They hastily yelled at the security personnel who carried a walkie-talkie standing sideways, “Quick, inform the upstairs!”

At those words, the security man hurriedly scooped up the walkie-talkie to notice guards upstairs.

Other passers-by in the lobby all looked quite appalled.

They cast a look at their companions and said incredulously, “He beat these guys like this with just two attacks”

“Crap, so relentless! He is absolutely a fierce guy!”

“That man is so freaking powerful.

Attacking without a word.

How ruthless!”

“I think in recent days no incident like this has occurred.

However…this is Brother Scorpions territory.

Well, how could he barge in so easily Now that he has got the guts to go upstairs, probably he will soon be thrown out with broken limbs.”


People shook their heads and sighed.

As they were engrossed in discussing Zhang Hans behavior, suddenly a man sprinted into the lobby.

At the sight of the man, all the waiters were dazed, then nodded at him to show respect.

“Brother Feng.” They called in unison.

But Zhao Feng did not answer them.

He already caught the sight of the two men lying in front of the elevators.

When he bustled over and glanced at them, his heart missed a beat.

“Gosh! Boss must be infuriated!”

Zhao Feng scuttled towards the other elevator and pounded the button impatiently.

When the elevator opened, he rushed in and pressed the button of the seventh floor.

At this moment, he could not be more concerned.

Based on the status of the two guards, he could tell that the boss did not intend to show any mercy, which meant he was about to flare up.

Plus, for an easy-going man like the boss, it would be really formidable once he flew off the handle.

And the most important thing was that if the boss really slaughtered Scorpion today, he was afraid that there would be no more peaceful days in the future.

Meanwhile, on the seventh floor of the nightclub.

The seventh floor was an entertaining place for some senior members.

It had eight large deluxe private rooms in total, and each of them had everything that one expected to find.

As a diversified entertaining venue, there were even several rooms similar to hotel rooms, which were explicitly prepared for those men and women who were seeking to get more “entertained”.

Right now, Scorpion and some of his subordinates were in hall number one, where sat over twenty people.

Half of them were men, half were women.

They were all sitting by a round table, eating, drinking, and having small talks.

Next to Scorpion was a tall and slim beauty who looked a bit nervous.

She was a campus belle that Scorpions men specially selected from colleges.

Now, this campus belle was wearing sexy clothes, leaning close to Scorpion a little tensely.

“Brother Scorpion.” One of his men knocked on the door and entered.

He nodded at Scorpion and said respectfully, “Just now two groups of customers got into a fight at night entertaining venue on the first floor.

Among them, a couple of girls are quite cute, so I come here to ask you, Brother Scorpion, for your advice.”

“Oh” Scorpion narrowed his eyes, let out a faint laugh and said, “Bring them in.”

At those words, the man nodded and drew himself back from the room.

Those around Scorpion burst into roars of laughter.

“Now we have a show to watch, haha.”

“How long it has been since the last time someone dared to make trouble at this nightclub Now its getting very interesting.”

As they laughed, they also started to touch those pretty girls sitting beside them, which gave rise to a series of coquettish laughter.

About a dozen of seconds later after the man went away, he reentered the room, followed by Ma Chengs group and the grey-haired man with his two companions.

A moment ago, they were either too drunk or too furious to control themselves.

But when they were brought upstairs after they caused a fight, they instantly went sort of spiritless.

Now, at the sight of the people in the room, they all felt their minds were in a whirl.

Scorpion surveyed them with a few glances and eventually fixed his eyes upon Li Anna and the other two women.

He squinted and said, “Stand separately; let me see who is from which group.”

Hearing those words, Ma Cheng and the others hurriedly stood in two groups.

“On one side are three men, on the other side, are two men and three women.

Well, do you know the consequences of creating a disturbance at my club” Scorpion asked casually.

“Brother Scorpion, Im so sorry.

We know its our faults.

We will never dare to make any trouble here.

I visit this club every day, I…” The grey-haired man answered nervously.

But before he could finish the sentence, Scorpion interrupted him coldly, “So you think you can get over this with just an apology”

The grey-haired man was astounded by this.

He shook his head frenetically and said, “No, no, thats not what I mean.”

Scorpion scorned and said, “Well then, what do you mean”

“I, I…” The grey-haired man became so anxious that cold sweat started to trickle down his forehead.

He wanted to explain himself but was also in fear of saying the wrong words.

“Bah, what a good-for-nothing!” Scorpion sneered and stood up.

He strode to the back of the sofa and drew out a steel rod.

Then, with his eyes glinting a trace of cruelness, Scorpion stalked towards the grey-haired man.

At this moment, the atmosphere at the scene gradually chilled.

Scorpions subordinates were watching all this with interest, while Ma Cheng and others who were brought here were utterly frightened.

They could only feel the numbness of their scalps for now.

That grey-haired man, in particular, went pale as those horrible things Scorpion had done ran through his mind.

Flurried and troubled, he accidentally glimpsed at Ma Cheng out of the corner of his eye, so he hastened to point at him and said with a trembling voice, “Brother Scorpion, its him who attacked first.

I didnt want to fight at all.

Its all him! Im not the one to blame!”

At this, the two companions of the grey-haired man hastily echoed in agreement, “Right, right.” “They started the fight first.

Were not at fault!”

“Huh Really” Scorpion walked in front of them and stared at the terrified faces of the three.

Then, he grinned before saying, “So, you guys did nothing wrong at all”

The face of the grey-haired man suddenly went wooden.

Just as he attempted to give some reply, Scorpion did not allow him time to do so because the steel rod in his hand already whipped towards the arm of the grey-haired man.


With a loud snap, the arm of the grey-haired man became bend.

“Ow!” He collapsed onto the ground, holding the broken arm and screaming in pain.

His companions gave a shudder.

With their faced pale, they wobblingly went down on their knees and cried bitterly, “Big brother, now we know we are at fault.

Please give us a second chance, please…”

“Im already giving you a second chance by only snapping one of your arms.” Scorpion let out a vicious laugh.

After saying so, the steel rod in his hand whipped up again.

With two clear snaps, his two companions also met the same fate.

“How mighty!”

Those subordinates sitting on the sofa burst into enthusiastic applause and cheers, but the expressions of the girls sitting beside them were different—some looked excited, some were full of sympathy, and some were utterly aloof and indifferent.

Ma Cheng and his league were also terrified.

Seeing Scorpion heading to them, they could not help but shrink back for fear that the next rod attack would land on their own arms.

Even Li Anna began to want to kick herself hard for going to this birthday party.

“Brother Scorpion, please calm down first.

Dont hit me, just listen, listen to my explanation…” At the scene, Ma Cheng began to tremble with fear.

“Explanation Fine, give me an explanation.

Anyway, I am a reasonable man.” Scorpion shook his head and gave a smile, and then, casually threw the steel rod aside and went over to Ma Cheng, looking rather sheepish.

Seeing that he had ditched the steel rod, Ma Cheng heaved a small sigh of relief in his mind.

He put on a flattering face and said, “Brother Scorpion, I admit it was my league that started this fight.

I now apologize to you, well…my name is Ma Cheng, a subordinate of Er Nan, who is also working for Brother Scorpion.

In this way, were actually in the same league…”


Before he finished his remarks, Scorpion landed a forceful slap on Ma Chengs face, which sent him to rotate in a circle on the spot and felt dizzy and giddy.

“Who is in the same fu*king league with you Bah, bringing up Er Nan with me Dont you know that Ive already broken all of his limbs and dumped him out of Hong Kong” As he spoke, Scorpion trampled Ma Chengs belly and caused him to fall onto the ground.

Then, Scorpions chilling eyes scanned the others and eventually rested on Li Anna and the other two females.

He demanded, “Now, Ill give you two options.

First one is you three can leave after doing a strip dance here.

Second is you can leave after I break your both legs.

You have five seconds to contemplate it.”

After hearing his remarks, the whole room seemed to get colder.

Those subordinates of Scorpion looked quite relaxed as if they were watching a drama or something, while Li Anna, Liu Lu, and the ponytail girl were as pale as a sheet.




As Scorpion gazed at them, he began to count down the numbers.

His eyes grew colder as the number decreased, which made the hairs of Li Anna and the other two prickled, as though they had just fallen down a cave of ice.


When Scorpion counted “two”, his already narrowed his eyes.

Judging by his expression, when he called out “One”, he would probably command his men to break their legs.

Standing at the storm center, Li Anna and the other two were all ashen-faced.

As Scorpion was about to count the last number, Liu Lu could not bear the mounting pressure anymore.

She feebly slumped the ground and shrieked, “Dance.” “We dance.



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