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Chapter 1260 Fight in the Lei Star

“Zhang Hanyang, I heard that you had joined the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Are you interested in coming to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province I welcome you as an elder at any time.” A few people spoke, and most of them had good relationships with the Lo family.

The others were still silent.

Looking at the situation, they knew that there was a dispute between Zhang Hanyang and the Star-shooting House.

Hearing these greetings, Zhang Han nodded slightly.

Then he looked at Loshanwu, saying with a smile, “Why are you here Its good to have fun over there.”

“Please dont say so.” Loshanwus face was full of blame.

“When I saw you here, how could I pretend that I hadnt seen you If I could, should I be a human I came here just on behalf of my position.

Zhang Hanyang, the upper circle of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province is small.

Everyone will know what has happened here.

There are also people from the Zhenlong Faction of the upper Star Area guarding here.

You should pay attention to it.

If there is anything, you can continue to talk about it.

Ill stay here and watch.”

These words made Zhang Han laugh.

Loshanwu was not bad.

Lorry came to Mengmeng and greeted her with a smile, “Auntie Zi and Mengmeng, we meet again.”

“Ah, Sister Lorry.”

“What happened”

“We are here to cause trouble…” They began to chat in low voices behind.

Lorry was quite careful.

She waved her hand and raised a layer of sound-proof cover.

After hearing the detail of the matter, Lorry frowned slightly and sent a message back to Loshanwu via Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

This made the expression on Loshanwus face change a little.

“Since everyone is here, Ill tell you.” Hu Tiandaos attitude became tough when he saw these people around him.

“Elder Lu Shuihan is not here, so its impossible to hand him over.

What else do you want to do, Zhang Hanyang If theres nothing else, well count the compensation for your damage to the three king vessels.”

He wanted to put it bluntly.

The eyes of the onlookers looked back and forth.

The atmosphere was a little strange.

They also wondered why Zhang Hanyang and Hu Tiandao confronted each other.

They thought it was a debate.

But they didnt expect that Zhang Hanyang would be so straightforward.

He said slowly, “Ill give you two choices.

First, Lu Shuihan dies.

Second, you die.”

“Ha…” Hu Tiandao suddenly laughed wildly and said, “Zhang Hanyang, do you think you are invincible” While speaking, his momentum rose.

Yue Wuwei narrowed his eyes, raised his right hand, and withdrew it, looking at Zhang Han.

His expression looked as if he was saying.

“If you want to fight, come on.

I want to see how strong you are.”

He felt that Hu Tiandao was a relatively powerful person.

With Zhang Hans strength, he was also curious about the limit of Zhang Hans cultivation at the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage.

“Dont be impulsive.” Loshanwus face changed slightly.

After talking to Zhang Han, he looked ahead and said, “Hu Tiandao, I also know a little about this matter.

As an elder of the Star-shooting House, Lu Shuihan plotted against others.

This kind of thing is disgraceful.

The Falling Star Pavilion is always open and aboveboard.

If you hand over Lu Shuihan, the dispute will be over.”

“Loshanwu, its not that I dont want to show due respect for feelings.

Lu Shuihan is not here.

What can I give you” Hu Tiandao answered stiffly.

“Then lets follow the old rules,” Loshanwu frowned and said, “have a battle on the Lei Star.

If we win, you find Lu Shuihan and give him to Zhang Hanyang.

If we lose, well compensate you with three king vessels.

What do you think of it”

While speaking, Loshanwu secretly transmitted a voice message to Zhang Han.

He talked about the Lei Star.

“The Lei Star was a unique planet in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

“It was made of hard alloy and could withstand high-intensity attacks.

It looked like a super large platform, like an arena.

Therefore, it was called Lei Star.

Some high-class forces in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province had to abide by the rules when a dispute happened.

The rules had lasted for hundreds of years.

“The major forces had joint forces to build many Heaven-earth Formations and controllable energy barriers.

Once having a battle, the people inside could not come out for the time being.

Therefore, the worst result was that either of the two parties would die.”

Judging from Hu Tiandaos words, even if he knew where the person was, he would not send the person out even if they were to fight.

It would be better to fight on Lei Star.

Of course, Zhang Han could decide it.

Loshanwus suggestion could delay the dispute and give them time to prepare for the battle.

The battles on the Lei Star were of varying sizes.

Each side should send at least five people.

Two sides could send more than 500,000 people at most, about the same scale as the two sects.

In that case, the battle would be fierce, with blood flowing like rivers.

If the scale of the fighting was different, the order of severity changed.

The Lei Star gradually became a place for the upper class of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province to settle their grievances.

Of course, the Lei Star was only suitable for large-scale strength.

No one would go to the Lei Star to settle a personal grudge.

“Its okay if you want to fight on the Lei Star, but your Lo family cant participate.

This is the basic rule.” Hu Tiandao said.

The Lo Family had some experts.

If they were sent, no one other than Hu Tiandao could defeat any of them.

On the Lei Star, with the strength of the Star-shooting House, it would be too embarrassing for them to lose.

Especially their opponent was from a small place like the Sea Dragon Star Area.

However, Yue Wuwei was not interested in the Lei Star at all.

He said bluntly, “We can have a battle here.

After killing a few people, they will obediently send the person here.”

He hoped to see Zhang Han fight now.

He felt that Zhang Han wouldnt want to waste time according to his character.

A great battle was about to break out!

Yue Wuwei was waiting to watch a show.

To his surprise, after thinking for a while, Zhang Han nodded and said, “I think fighting on the Lei Star is a good idea.”

Hu Tiandao, the leader of the Falling Star Pavilion, laughed coldly.


How many people do you want to fight You are from the Sea Dragon Star Area, so the rules are up to you.

I dont want to look down on you, but your strength is not high enough.”

“Really” Zhang Han said calmly, “Is there a maximum number of people”

“No,” Loshanwu replied.

“Youre so confident.

It seems you have a lot of people.

Are they from the Sea Dragon Star Area” Hu Tiandao shook his head slightly.

“Ill let you decide the number.

How large the battle scale do you want A hundred thousand people Or a million people Anyway, my Star-shooting House can afford it.”

“Okay, I agree,” Zhang Han said, “you can choose as many people as you want to die.

Five days later, you bring Lu Shuihan together.”

“Thats great!” Hu Tiandao laughed wildly and said, “Five days later, I will send one hundred thousand people to fight.

But I have one condition.

After I win, you should apologize to me in front of everyone.

In the future, you cant appear wherever I am!”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded and didnt say anything.

He glanced at Yue Wuwei.

Then they turned back to the boat.

Loshanwu and the others also followed them, wanting to have a chat.

A king vessel, which belonged to the Lo family, flew from behind and followed Yue Wuweis ship from a distance.

Hu Tiandao floated in the same place.

Seeing the two spaceships go away, his eyes became cold.

“Zhang Hanyang is too arrogant,” a few people were talking about it.

“He appeared from the Sea Dragon Star Area, and his personal strength is good.

However, he looks down on the people of the world.

We should give him a lesson.”

“Does he think our Star-shooting House is weak”

“Im wondering if Zhang Hanyang can get 100,000 Dao Seeking Cultivators in the Yuan Ying.

Maybe he will gather 100,000 Dao Seeking Cultivators in Elixir.

That will be a good battle for us.

If he dares to go to the Lei Star, he will have to bear the consequences.

He will fight to the death.

Only one side can win in the end.”

They believed the Star-shooting House would win.

A sect needed to be operated for a long time to grow more and more strong.

It was the foundation.

The Star-shooting House had been in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province for hundreds of years, so it had a huge foundation.

They were not afraid of this kind of battle on Lei Star at all.

It could even be said that they did not take the people from the Sea Dragon Star Area seriously, although Zhang Hanyangs strength was relatively powerful.

“A battle on Lei Star is not as simple as an ordinary contest.

Zhang Hanyang, as an expert in the Shadow Refining, you may not have experienced failures.

You are too arrogant.”

Nan Long looked at the void in the distance and snorted, “Im looking forward to seeing Zhang Hanyang apologize to us in public.”

On Yue Wuweis ship, Yue Wuwei looked at Zhang Han strangely, “Why did you let them go”

The other side had many people.

Even the people having come later were the allies of the Star-shooting House.

If they fought, he thought that Zhang Han might not be able to resist by himself.

He was ready to suppress the other side.

But he didnt expect Zhang Han agreed to battle on the Lei Star.

“They are big sects in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

They are arrogant.

They think that we are weak because we come from the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The weak are not worthy of negotiation.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Since we have begun to travel in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, and the attitude of Star-shooting House is so strong, lets punish it as a warning to others.”

“Lets punish it as a warning to others…” the corners of Loshanwus mouth twitched.

He didnt know what to say, “Brother, you havent won yet! Why do you think youve won”

The battle scale of a hundred thousand people was acceptable, but a hundred thousand people from the Sea Dragon Star Area was no match for a hundred thousand people from the Star-shooting House.

It was almost impossible for the Sea Dragon Star Area to win.

It was reality.

Loshanwu knew very well that the power of those Star Areas was not worth mentioning in front of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

It was no exaggeration to say that a force in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, led by any elder, could occupy half of a subordinate Star Area.

“It sounds good,” Yue Wuwei pondered for a while and suddenly laughed, “star-shooting House will pay a painful price for their arrogance.

Although I dont know your plan, I think you wont lose.”

“Lose I have a few ways to deal with them.

Lets go to the Blue Sand Wind Domain first.” Zhang Han glanced at the Giant-toothed Wolf and the others sitting behind him.

“Is there more than one way” Loshanwu found that Zhang Han seemed to have some unknown trump cards.

Others were chatting with each other, paying attention to the conversation between the two.

Lorry and Mengmeng were chatting casually.

Everyone knew that a battle was about to begin.

“I want to participate in the hundred-thousand-people battle.” Mu Xue blinked her eyes, looking hot-blooded.

“After cultivating for so long, its time to move.” Zhao Feng said with a smile, “Im not far from the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage.

I always feel that I almost reach it but cant.

Maybe this battle will give me a chance to make a breakthrough.”

“Lets do it.” Instructor Liu said, “let those high-ranking people have a taste of failure.

How could they look down upon us Do they think those coming from a Star Area are no match for those from a Star Province”

“I dont know who gave them a sense of superiority.” Xu Yong smiled.

They used to be in underground forces.

Sometimes they were willing to see such a battle.

Seeing the people who were getting more and more imposing, Zhang Han shook his head and laughed.

“Its hard to say whether you can fight or not.”

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