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Chapter 1273 Too Lazy to Join, Right

“Heres a good piece of news.” Ye Longyuan looked at them indifferently.

After that, he came to a pause.

Yan Chen couldnt help asking, “What is it”

Only then did Ye Longyuan answer, assuming an air of importance.

“My Older Martial Sister has also participated in the Earth Dragon List.”

“Puff…” Su Beimu gave a snort of surprise.

“What” Yan Chen was also a little dumbfounded.

Then, he felt extremely shocked.

This was too terrifying.

When Chu Qingyi joined the Earth Dragon List, could she leave others any chances

“I get a strange feeling.” Yan Chen smiled bitterly.

“Given our cultivation level of Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage, we cant obtain any rankings even if we participate in the Earth Dragon List.”

“Ranking in the top 300 candidates will be enough for me.

The top 300 will be rewarded,” Su Beimu said, “which means it is an honor to be in the top 300.”

“Try our best to strive for a good ranking.” Yan Chen encouraged all of them with bright eyes.

He was eager to fight such a battle.

In the Lo family of Heavenly Dragon Star Province, Lotaos mother called out, facing the training field, “Taoer, come and have some food.

You can practice later.”


Lotao wiped his sweat and walked to the yard on the side.

“Taoer, why are you cultivating so hard” his beautiful mother asked with a smile.

“The Dragon Ranking Competition is about to begin.

I want to get a good ranking on the Dark Dragon List.

I need a high placing in it.

Only in this way can I get a chance to be selected by the major forces of the Astral Domain,” Lotao said.

After his parents heard this, they remained silent for a long time.

“Youve grown up.” His father sighed a little.

Some time ago, Lotao was still like a playboy, but now he changed his temper.

It was all because of his fiancées family members; they suppressed, disdained, and despised him.

Lotao couldnt stand it any longer, so he thought about joining other large forces.

“The pendulum can swing back.

Never look down upon a promising youth in his poor days.”

Lotao also had a strong will in his heart.

The Dragon Ranking Competition was coming, and he would do his best to fight for a bright future.

The Dragon Ranking Competition was very popular in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

“I, Yue Xiaonao, have reached the Middle-Stage of the Elixir Realm,” Yue Xiaonao snorted and said in the Mount Double Moons on the Dragon Base Star.

“I want to participate in the Dark Dragon List and win the championship.”

“Well, dont push yourself.

It is more important to participate than to win,” Yue Wuwei said with a helpless look.

“This little bastard is only at the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage, and she wants to take the first place”

“But anyone participating in the competition wants to get a ranking!” Yue Xiaonao said in a dissatisfied tone.

“In the Cultivation World, there are a great many races with different age standards.

According to this situation, the Dragon Ranking Competition has adjusted its rules.

It says participants should be less than 20 years old, but the number of years they have lived varies.

For instance, Felina has existed 80 years, right But in the Elf Clan, she hasnt yet had the Coming of Age Ceremony, so she can be considered as a youth less than 20 years old and can join in.

There are even more powerful races whose members will be hundreds of years old when they have their Coming of Age Ceremony.

Therefore, they can easily reach the Yuan Ying Realm or the God Transformation Realm.

We have only cultivated for a few years, so we cant compare with them.” Yue Wuwei explained it in detail.

“Right, I cant beat Felina now, but I can fight with Nina.” Mengmeng muttered, “It seems that we cant get high rankings in the Dark Dragon List either.”

“But theres still some time left, isnt it Now were just going to sign up, and then there will be the preliminaries in each district.

The finals will be held in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

A dozen people were sitting in the pavilion in the middle of the pond on Mount Double Moons.

Some of them were enjoying juice, and some were drinking wine.

Besides them, there stood a large grill.

Zhao Feng was roasting kebabs on it.

Their open-air barbecue had meat skewers in different sizes, streaky pork kebabs, hams, chicken wings, sausages, vegetable rolls, and so on, which was very romantic.

“Master, will you join in You can take part in the Earth Dragon List.

No one can defeat you there.

You will be the champion,” Mu Xue said as she took a bite of the barbecue skewers.

“Im not going.” Zhang Han shook his head.

He still remembered the excitement and enthusiasm when he participated in the Dragon Ranking Competition for the first time.

Therefore, when there was a chance, he encouraged them to participate in it.

“Will anyone die in the Dragon Ranking Competition” Rong Jiaxin asked.

“Generally, no.

You dont have to kill anyone to win.

But if you encounter an enemy who intends to take your life, you can do nothing about it.

No one will care about it when a participant dies in the battle.

Thus, many people who attend such a match will prepare some Defense Treasures in advance,” Zhang Han replied.

“Dad, what ranking do you think I can make” Mengmeng suddenly asked.

As soon as the little princess asked the question, everyones eyes were focused on Zhang Han.

They wondered what his answer would be.

Zhang Han pondered, eyes twinkling.

Five seconds later, he replied, “It depends on which ranking you want.

If you want to be number one, I have ways to improve your strength several times in a short time.”

“Thats to say…” Zi Yan blinked and said, “With her real strength, she cant get the top rankings, but you can use other methods to help her.

The result depends on her choice.”

Zi Yan thought about it but didnt say much.

She looked at Mengmeng softly, waiting for her choice.

But from the bottom of her heart, Zi Yan hoped that she would choose to fight on her own.

If she were used to fighting for the first place in everything, she would be exhausted in the future.

It would be a heavy blow to her if she could not win first place sometimes.

“Any ranking will be okay.”

Mengmeng pouted and said, “Anyway, our family is never short of treasures.

This time, Ill take it as a practice.”


Zhang Han shook his head and burst into laughter.

“Thats right.

Its good for you to practice.

It is the same with Xiaofeng and the others.

The important thing in the match is not winning but taking part.

Besides, it hasnt been long since we entered the Cultivation World.

Its not easy to compete for the top rankings.

Give priority to being familiar with the environment and just try our best.”

“Thats right.

Just do the best.” Zhang Mu nodded.

“Im only at the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage, and Ive experienced the Heavenly Dragon List.

Unlucky for me, I drew opponents who had reached the God Transformation Realm Peak-Stage and the Void-refining Realm.

I was not their match at all.

You Huo and I are just going to experience it.”

“This time, we should be able to meet those people from the earth, like Shi Fenghou, Ye Longyuan, Su Beimu, and others.

They will probably participate in the Dragon Ranking Competition,” Instructor Liu said.

“For many people, the Dragon Ranking Competition is not only a platform for them to show their strength, but also a springboard to success.” Yue Wuwei laughed.

“Its like a carp leaping through the dragons gate.

People whose talents are recognized by the Astral Domain can become sect disciples, which will make a great difference.”

“Even those at the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage might not hold on for long when fighting for the Earth Dragon List.” Zhao Feng shook his head.

When Yue Wuwei saw everyones disheartened expression, he chuckled and said, “With your aptitude, you should be among the top.

In the Dragon Ranking Competition, you dont draw the lots to compete and be eliminated if you lose.

The result depends on your accumulated points.

Once you fail one match, you will lose half of your points.

It adopts a ranking system based on the accumulated points and lots-drawing.

It will be going on for ten days in total.

After ten days, the elimination series will begin.

For example, anyone who has less than 100 points might hold nearly 200 points on the second day, and so on.

The system has been applied to the Dark Dragon List with the youngest participants, the Earth Dragon List, and the Heavenly Dragon List.

Its mechanism is not bad.”

“When are we going to sign up” Mengmeng asked.

“Well go there after dinner,” Zhang Han said casually.

The Heavenly Dragon List did not require people to sign up at a designated place.

But both the Dark Dragon List and the Earth Dragon List needed people to sign up on the spot.

In addition, before the sign-up process, they would have to go through the checks done by the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven members.

The people in the Astral Domain fancied the top ones in the Dark Dragon List, all of whom were young talents under 20.

Such people would be very loyal to their sects after years of cultivating.

After the meal, they stayed here and rested for a while.

Then everyone entered the king vessel, heading for the Orchid Star.

The distance between the Dragon Base Star and the Orchid Star was not far.

Within ten hours, they had arrived at the Orchid Star.

The scene looming ahead slightly surprised many people.

“So many spaceships!”

“The space station couldnt hold all of them.”

“Oh my god, how many people are coming to sign up”

“Its terrifying.”

The Orchid Star had two space stations located at its two ends.

The one before Zhang Han and the others were surrounded by spaceships, for there was no inside space for them to stop.

As a result, many spaceships had to float in the void without the space stations support.

In that case, they had to consume more energy, just like computers in standby mode.

Of course, the extra consumption was small fry to Zhang Han and the others.

They were just astonished by the grand scene.

“Its indeed a spectacular event in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Im curious about many miraculous people and amazing things that will appear.” Zhang Guangyou sighed with emotion.

There came the systems voice.

” Signal awdqd12354 requests for a connection.”

“Its connected,” Zhao Feng said.

They were connected to the local forces on the Orchid Star.

It was a great honor for them to serve the big shots in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

Anyone lucky enough to win a bigwigs favor could be his disciple and go to cultivate in the Astral Domain.

This kind of thing had happened before.

That was why this group of locals worked in high spirits.

Greatly motivated, some of them instantly came to lead them to the parking place as soon as Zhang Han and the others arrived.

One by one, the spaceships were parked near the space station.

Any vehicle that wanted to leave would have to line up in the space station.

They waited in line for two hours.

After the inspection, they went through the designated passage in the space station and reached the stars surface.

Only one main hall on the Orchid Star was in charge of the test.

What a huge crowd of people!

There were three registration areas with signs, “Dark Dragon List”, “Earth Dragon List” and “Heavenly Dragon List (temporary)”.

Since the Heavenly Dragon List also allowed people to sign up online, it just set up a temporary site for the registration here.

Many elders coming with their juniors signed up in passing.

“All of you, go sign up,” Zhang Han said.

They were divided into two groups.

Zhang Mu, Yue Wuwei, You Huo, Rong Jiaxin, and a few other people who had signed up before or did not intend to participate in the competition all followed Zhang Han to line up before the Dark Dragon List.

While Mu Xue, Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, and others went to the Earth Dragon List registration spot.

The place was crowded with people.

The test speed was fast, but with too many people there, the line moved very slowly.

Meanwhile, more and more people were coming.

“Mom, see, that kid looks to be only seven or eight years old.

Hes also here.” Mengmeng was shocked to see a little boy.

“Seven or eight” Zhang Han laughed and said, “Havent we seen them before He is a warrior of the Dwarf Clan.

He looks about seven or eight years old, but he should be fifteen or sixteen.

Their youth period lasts long; that is to say, they look young for their years.”

“Oh, 15 or 16 years old, he is a little older than me.

Im almost 15 years old,” Mengmeng muttered.

“Nina and Felina are also participating, arent they” Yue Xiaonao said, “Seriously, theyre still living in the Chaotic Region where theres no signal, so we cant send them any message.”

“Then lets go there after we sign up,” Mengmeng said casually.

“Sister Mengmeng, my father didnt allow me to sign up, saying that Im weak to fight.

Im so pissed off!” Chen Chuan ran forward from Zhou Feis side.

“How old are you How could you sign up for this Stay there and behave yourself.” Mengmeng rolled her eyes upwards.

“Its not because of your father.” Zi Yan pursed her sexy rosy lips and said with a smile, “The lowest requirement of the Dark Dragon List for candidates is that they should be at the Elixir Realm.

As a little cultivator, you will have to wait a long time to grow up.”

“But I also want to be part of it,” Chen Chuan said with a snort.

“Chen Chuan, what did I tell you” Zhou Fei glared at him.

“Be well-disciplined when we are outside.

If you make any trouble, I will throw you back home!”

Hearing the warning, Chen Chuan behaved himself instantly.

He was a little reluctant, but there was nothing he could do.

With his weak strength, he could not participate in any competition for the time being.

All around them were young people around 20 years old, and a small number of them were accompanied by their elders to sign up.

It was rare to see a team like Zhang Hans.

“Its just a sign-up process, but so many of them have come along.

Is it necessary”

In the resting and waiting area not far away, several elders were gossiping in low voices.

They seemed to be a little contemptuous of Zhang Han and the others with him.

“You guys, please watch your mouth!”

Suddenly, a cold voice sounded beside them.

“None of your business!”

They turned their heads, appearing dissatisfied.

“Sure, I have nothing to do with it.

But you contemptuously spoke ill of others behind their back, targeting Zhang Hanyang.

Tell me, if he heard it, would he be angry”

“Who, who is it”


All of a sudden, they were petrified.


The man sneered and walked toward the Earth Dragon List.

He didnt go to the end and wait his turn.

Instead, he walked straight forward, attracting many peoples attention.

When two staff members walked over to stop him from jumping the queue, he smiled awkwardly and entered the crowd a few meters ahead.

“Ha, Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, long time no see.

Ive been looking for you for a long time.

It turns out that you are already in the line.”

“Oh, this man is with them.”

The two staff members thought about it and did not say anything.

They were tired of dealing with shameless people.

“Li Mu, why havent I seen you recently Dont you want to learn the Heavenly Demon Sound” Instructor Liu teased.

“Yes, I want to learn it, even in my dreams,” Li Mu answered with a serious look.

“Ive learned the Highest Clouds Sketch and am still practicing the Dragon Shadow.

Anyway, I should keep practicing and cant be over-ambitious.

You are here as well.

When Im done practicing, Ill go and beg the boss.”

“Its as if the boss can agree with you as long as you beg him.” Mu Xue cast a scornful glance at him.

“Will the boss sign up” Li Mu asked curiously, “This time, even my father could hardly sit still and itches to take part in the Heavenly Dragon List.

Hed like to see if he can break through to the God Transformation Realm.”

“My master is not interested in that.” Mu Xue said, “Lets just have fun.

If you are in, I would like to be your lucky component by drawing lots.

Then, I can get the points for free.


“Mu Xue, dont look down on me.

My current strength is not bad.

I will surprise you.”


They chatted while lining up.

Seconds ticked by.

It was almost Mengmengs turn.

“Please wait there for a while.”

There was an elder and a youth sitting on the chairs beside a table.

On the sleeves of their clothes, there was a pattern: a door with a black dragon coiled up on.

It was the Zhenlong Faction!

The elder pointed to Zhang Han and others who looked too mature to queue in the line.

Then the young disciple said, “Those who sign up for the Dark Dragon List come here to record your personal information.”

“Oh, okay.”

Zhang Han and others stood aside.

Mengmeng walked over and pressed her fair palm on a precious round jewel according to the instructions of the young disciples of the Zhenlong Faction.


A green light flashed a few times.


The elder was surprised, and his widened eyes lit up.

He looked narrowly at Mengmeng.

“It tests her age and part of her dantians potential,” Zhang Han whispered.

This type of jewel detector was rare, and its precision was relatively high.

Usually, people would only use it to detect formations with power, the result of which was a little inaccurate.

Obviously, the Astral Domain valued the Dragon Ranking Competition very much.

Otherwise, they would not have used such a precious piece of jewel to detect participants.

“Whats your name” the old man asked.

“Zhang Yumeng.”

“How old are you”

“Im almost 15 years old.”

“Only 15 years old…” The old mans eyes lit up again.

“Good, very good.

Which force are you from” the old man asked with a smile.

His smile shocked some people in the nearby rest area.

He wore a poker face when he tested other people.

“Damn it! He treated them differently! Old snobbish!”

Those upright ones would scold him in their hearts.

However, more peoples eyes were fixed on Mengmeng.

Since the old man asked her a question with a smile, her aptitude must be terrific!

Upon hearing his question, Mengmeng answered directly, “My father is Zhang Hanyang.”

“Hiss, hiss, hiss…”

There was a burst of gasps all around.

“She is Zhang Hanyangs daughter.”

“The leading figure who devastated the leading figures of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family!”

“You should say he is the might who wiped out the eight great families in the Chaotic Region, leaving them no chance to revive!”

“Havent you heard that Zhang Hanyang viciously killed Peacock King and Iron Armor Dragon with his fists His murderous movements have spread all over the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

That was all they heard about Zhang Hanyang so far, but that was not all the things done by him.

They didnt know that Hu Tiandao, the Sect Leader of the Star-shooting House, a famous force in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, had also been killed by Zhang Hanyang.

His ferocious move had been widely spread among some high-end circles in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

At the sound of his name, even those big shots would feel a little frightened.

As the elder of Zhenlong Faction heard her answer, his face instantly changed.

“Are you Zhang Hanyangs daughter”

“Uh-huh.” Mengmeng blinked.

“Absolutely! No wonder.”

The elder laughed twice and looked back, glancing around.

Finally, he fixed his eyes on Zhang Han.

“Are you Zhang Hanyang” he asked with a smile.

“Its me.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Ive long been looking forward to meeting you.” The elder cupped his hands to greet him and said, “Im Ge Feng, the supervisor of the Zhenlong Faction.

Im also in charge of overseeing the trials in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

If theres anything, please inform me.”

“Please dont bother, Supervisor Ge.” In response, Zhang Han also cupped his hands in greeting.

Ge Feng didnt say too much and hinted at the young disciple next to him to mark Zhang Yumeng.

It meant they would take special care of her.

The next one to be detected was Yue Xiaonao.

She placed her little palm on the jewel ball, and it lit up.

The elders eyes brightened, and he nodded again.

“Both are promising youths.


He deliberately praised them before Zhang Han.

Some talents were born, and some were nurtured.

He had great expectations of the two young ladies with excellent naturals.

“But it seems a little difficult to win Zhang Hanyang over for the Zhenlong Faction.

After all, he is such a badass.” The elder thought to himself.

The two little girls were in a good mood after being praised.

They walked out to the rest area.

Many peoples eyes landed on them.

Mengmeng was a little distracted, looking around at the large crowd out of the corner of her eye.

When they were about to reach the rest area…

Mengmeng suddenly raised her head and looked at Zhang Han.

She stretched out her hand, pulled his hand, and said in a crisp voice, “Dad.”

“Whats up” Zhang Han asked with a smile.

“Dad, are you too lazy to take the Dragon Ranking Competition”

“No, Im just not interested,” Zhang Han replied.

“Oh.” Mengmeng nodded.

Seeing this, Zhang Han asked, “Do you want me to join in”

“Yes, sort of.

I want to see you take the first place, but youre not interested.” Mengmeng, feeling a little dissatisfied, pouted.

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