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Zhang Han suddenly burst into laughter, as if he found it very funny.

After laughing for a few seconds, he stroked Mengmengs head and said, “Im not interested in it, but if my little darling wants to see it, Ill get interested.”

“Really” Mengmeng giggled.

“Then go ahead.

I also want to see it,” Zi Yan said with a smile while looking at Zhang Han.

“OK, Ill sign up.”

“Dad, will we be spoiled if you always listen to us” Mengmeng said happily.

“Aha, youre so disgusting!” Yue Xiaonao covered her forehead.

“I like it, humph.”

Seeing this, Rong Jiali, Rong Jiaxin, and the others looked at each other and smiled.

“Go ahead.

Youre a young man.

To fight for something! Dont act like an old man,” said Rong Jiali.


Zhang Han could not help smiling bitterly.

He thought to himself, “Its because of you and also my happy life that Im so indifferent to fame and fortune.”

Therefore, they turned to stand in line for the competition entry of the Earth Dragon List.

At this time, Zhao Feng and others had just gone through the detection.

They walked back and saw Zhang Han.

“Master, why are you standing in line” Zhao Feng asked curiously.

“Well, I also decided to participate in the competition.

Its the participation that counts,” Zhang Han replied.


Instructor Liu choked on his saliva.


His boss actually came to participate in the competition for the Earth Dragon List.

Good heavens!

This batch of participants in the competition for the Earth Dragon List was going to suffer!

“Master will fight for the Earth Dragon List.


“I feel that if Master fights for the Heavenly Dragon List, he can take the first place.”

“What are you talking about” Yue Wuwei could not stand it anymore and argued, “If he dares to fight for the Heavenly Dragon List, I will take part in it too.”

Everyone was speechless.

“Arent you talking nonsense How can Master participate in the competition of the Heavenly Dragon List when he is under 40”

Unexpectedly, Zhang Han thought for a few seconds and said, “Maybe, its exactly the Heavenly Dragon List.”

Although the orb could complete an accurate detection, there were some exceptional cases that could not be found out.

Now Zhang Han had a stable Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

He was no longer a mortal.

Moreover, he had cultivated his spirits for hundreds of years and also experienced the Tribulation Stage Ninth Tier.

It was also possible that he did not pass the detection.

Beside him, an old man, Ge Feng, let out a soft sigh of surprise.

He sent a voice transmission.

“Zhang Hanyang, do you also want to fight for the Dragon List”


“For… the Earth Dragon List” He got confused.

“According to my age, its true.”

“Come with me.”

Ge Feng got up and stood aside, waiting for Zhang Han.

After Zhang Han and his fellows arrived, they were taken to a room.

“Let me detect your age.”

Ge Feng took out three detection orbs, which made others not know whether to laugh or cry.

He was seriously doubting Zhang Hans age!

Under the detection of the three orbs at the same time, Zhang Han had his mind partly open.

Wisps of energy were detecting.


The orb on the left broke into pieces.

The orb in the middle shone with a dazzling green light, while nothing happened to the orb on the right.

“Amazing! Only one is broken.

Youre really under forty.

Zhang Hanyang, you show a remarkable aptitude.

You actually reach the Void-refining Realm under forty, which is rare even in the Four Great Sects of the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.


Ge Feng was a little excited.

With his hands trembling, he said in a broken voice, “Well… your fights for the Dragon List will be in the charge of me.

I would appreciate it if you can give me a hand when you go to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven in the future.”

He was really good at riding others coattails.

He actually made such a request in advance.

After listening to Zhang Hans story, Ge Feng felt that such a person would definitely be outstanding after he went to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

All the people present, including Zi Yan, Mengmeng, Rong Jiaxin and Zhou Fei, burst into laughter.


Zhang Han nodded when he saw them crack a smile.

The so-called giving him a hand was just to say a word before some big shots as Ge Feng thought.

After the detection, Ge Feng personally had Zhang Hans information entered into the system.

Then, he told them something about the competition.

“At present, there are a lot of people who have signed up.

There are five thousand seven hundred and sixty-three people for the Dark Dragon List, more than thirty-two thousand five hundred people for the Earth Dragon List, and more than twenty-three hundred people for the Heavenly Dragon List.

Its estimated that the number of participants will be doubled.

“But its alright.

A hundred rings will be used at the same time.

You will draw lots and enter the knockout match.

However, the resurrection match is the second chance for the losers.

According to the rules, there will be a hundred winners of the resurrection match, who will compete with the top 100 winners of the knockout match for the 100 places on each list.

The top 100 of each list will need to prepare for the Dragon Ranking Competition in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Among your team, Zhang Hanyang will definitely have no problem.

As for the rest, I wish you a great victory.”

“Okay, thanks,” Wang Xiaowu said joyfully.

He showed a playful look.

But when they drew lots, he saw his opponent: Zhang Hanyang.

At that moment, Wang Xiaowu almost vomited blood.

He wanted to curse.

Fortunately, there was still a resurrection match for him.

Ge Feng sent Zhang Han and his fellows to the space station.

“The qualifying match for the Dragon List of the Sea Dragon Star Area will begin in a month.

You can prepare for it now.

I will inform you three days in advance, and the competition site will also be on the Orchid Star.”

Zhang Han nodded and said politely, “Thanks, Mr.

Ge.” Then they got on the king vessel and went to the Chaotic Region.

On Roland Star, which had been reconstructed, they saw Nina and Felina, both of whom were currently cultivating.

“We are just about to go to sign up.”

Olien, the Elemental Elf King, said with a smile, “Ill fight for the Heavenly Dragon List.

After taking your medicinal pellets, Ive recovered a lot from my insidious illness.

I dont intend to get a place on the list.

I would appreciate it if I can find an opportunity to break through to the God Transformation Realm in this competition.”

Olien added, “Nina and Felina are still young.

They can fight for the Dark Dragon List.

There are also some disciples in the clan who are going to fight for the Earth Dragon List, but its hard for them to get a place on the list.”

“Its amazing that there are competitors in the God Transformation Realm for the Dark Dragon List,” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile.

“It also happened before,” said Olien.

“For the Dark Dragon List, there are always some people at the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage among the top 20 or 30 on the list, who are not only talented but also very lucky, such as Felina.

Similarly on the Heavenly Dragon List, there are also some people at the Void-refining Realm Early-Stage, or at the God Transformation Realm Peak-Stage at least among those top-ranking ones on the Earth Dragon List, which is very horrible.

As for the Heavenly Dragon List, its almost a battlefield for those in the God Transformation Realm.

I havent seen anyone in the Integration Realm in Heavenly Dragon Star Province over the years.

At most, they are just at the Void-refining Realm Middle-Stage.”

“Star Province is not attractive to cultivators at the Void-refining Realm Last-Stage or in the Integration Realm,” said Doman, the Dark Elf Elder.


“Anyhow, this is a grand event of Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

In the future, some of them will definitely be outstanding in the Astral Domain and even honorably become the disciples of the great sects in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

If they can become supervisors, protectors, or even elders, they will truly be the big shots,” Olien said.

While they were chatting, Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao were also talking to Nina and her fellows.

“Weve also signed up for the Dark Dragon List.”

“By the way, my dad signed up for the Earth Dragon List,” Mengmeng said with a smile.


There was then a dead silence.

Olien and Tricia looked at Zhang Han in surprise.

“The Earth Dragon List… I forgot that you should fight for the Earth Dragon List.”

Olien showed a bitter smile.

Usually, he regarded Zhang Han as an old monster and almost forgot that he was still a young man!

It was hard to imagine that he had reached such a high level at such a young age.

It could only be said that comparisons were odious.

The second reason why he had forgotten that was Zhang Hans stability and calmness.

The group of people set off again.

Nina and her fellows went to sign up, while Zhang Han and his fellows went back to the Dragon Base Star.

In the next month, they would train themselves to prepare for the competition.

Zhang Han planned to teach Mengmeng some commonly used moves.

Yue Wuwei was also going to train Yue Xiaonao.

Without thinking about it, he knew that if Yue Xiaonao got knocked out at the very beginning, she would definitely lose her temper.

Zhao Feng, Instructor Liu, Xu Yong, and others also learned new moves from Zhang Han, and they had been combating with each other recently.

“Aha, its been a long time since they were trained like this.

Soldiers, do your best.”

Instructor Liu looked at the crowd on the martial arts practice field and had a feeling of familiarity.

Once upon a time, he had also trained his soldiers in this way on the beach beside Mount New Moon.

He still remembered that Mengmeng was only a few years old at that time, who ran over to watch their training.

He also remembered that everyone was shocked to see Boss blow up the sandbag with a punch.

At that time, no one had ever expected himself to become a cultivator, come to the Cultivation World and participate in the Dragon Ranking Competition.

On the small martial arts practice field in the back of Mount Double Moons, Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao were practicing their moves.

Surprisingly, Yue Xiaonaos combat capability was improved very quickly.

“Elder Yue must have used some precious treasures,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

Yue Xiaonaos daily cultivation did not require any treasures.

So if she used them once occasionally, there would be a qualitative leap in her strength.

As long as the second use started after the complete refining of the first batch of treasures, her cultivation would not be affected.

Chen Changqing was also training himself hard.

As for Chen Chuan, he was not able to participate in the competition, but he was still in training in a planned way.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei went to the company on a daily basis, and occasionally came back to make meals.

Every time Zhang Han saw Zi Yan go to the kitchen, he would run back to cook for Mengmeng with her.

Basically, Zi Yan just needed to stand by and watch, while Zhang Han personally cooked the meals as she wanted.

As the days went on, they had a difficult time cultivating.

Soon, the qualifying match for the Dragon List was about to begin.

Three days ago, in order to show that he attached great importance to it, Ge Feng sent someone to inform them.

In the past month, Liu Qingfeng had been very busy.

The Heavenly Bank had completely opened up a new prospect in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

There was no big problem with the circulation of the crystal stones.

A large number of crystal stones were lent out, but a small number of crystal stones could be returned.

In this way, a balance had been reached.

The sum of crystal stones in the hands of the Heavenly Bank was sharply reduced, but the virtual number was rapidly increased.

On the day before the Dragon Ranking Competition, the Mount Double Moons became lively.

Li Hao and his Cloud Shadow Sky arrived first, followed by the Elf Clan by the spaceship.

Then, they went to the Orchid Star together.

Ten hours later, they arrived at the destination.

As far as they could see, it was crowded with all kinds of spaceships.

They had run out of the space station.

In order to realize a well-organized entry, many of the spaceships of the Orchid Star stood in line and formed a path to the surficial rings.

Many spaceships just needed to go ahead along the line.



Please go to the S1 area.”

After the spaceships belonging to Zhang Han and his fellows were checked, the spaceship intelligence system gave an order of going to the S1 area.

The rings were located in a large square, covering an extremely large area of about the same size as the Beast Arena on the Flowing Water Star.

They were surrounded by many high buildings.

The S1 area referred to a large private room on the top floor, which could hold hundreds of people.

The rings could be directly seen from these buildings.

But the people in those buildings at the back could only watch the competition on the big screen.

Besides, with 3D facilities, the audience could feel as if they were watching the competition on the scene.

The development of technology facilitated the viewing.

“How is your preparation for the competition” Ge Feng came to Zhang Han and then asked curiously, “Huh Headmaster Shan, why are you here”

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