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Chapter 1286 The Stunned Students


Zhang, thats all for today” Fan Xiaoshuang asked.

“Yes, thats all.” Zhang Han nodded slightly.

After the dean left, everyone thought that they would see a worried look on the tutors face.

However, they didnt expect him to be still so calm.

Generally speaking, someone like him should be hiding their lights under a bushel or have an amazing background or be a moron.

Hearing that, Fan Xiaoshuang looked a little disappointed and said, “Im sorry, Mr.


I thought tutors at the Dragnet Academy are good at teaching.

But I think its very boring to just watch those videos in class.”

The two brothers, He Tao and He Lun, shook their heads slightly.

This was the second day at the academy.

Some classes had lessons yesterday afternoon.

They also had friends in those classes, just like Chu Changan had his friend, Ling Duoduo.

It was said that some tutors had delivered very wonderful lessons in a good rhythm.

The knowledge they represented attracted everyone.


Zhang, I want to challenge you.

A battle of illusions.” Chu Changans face was full of fighting spirit.

Everyone could sense something from the deans attitude.

Judging from it, they knew that the tutor before them maybe be not that powerful or not powerful enough to be a tutor.

This was the only reason why the dean had been so unfriendly to him.


Zhang, you told us to learn after the video for such a long time in the class.

If possible, we want to see your strength,” He Lun said with a smile.

“Thats great.

Lets have a battle.


Zhang, say yes! I hope you can beat him up.” Ling Duoduo applauded and spilled out.

Fan Xiaoshuang and Benny also became interested and looked at Zhang Han with a gaze that burned with anticipation.

Zhang Han was silent for two seconds.

Then he smiled.

“Its OK if its your wish.”

He raised his right hand slightly to the side, with his palm facing upward.

The box appeared.

“I know something about your mastery of illusions in this class.” While speaking, Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “Your fundamentals are too weak.

With your current cultivation, you can only get some credits.

Or we can say you arent suitable for cultivating illusions at all.”


It was as if a bolt of lightning had struck everyones hearts.

Chu Changan was livid.

So were Ling Duoduo and the others.

No one would be happy if they were denied.

But at this moment, they felt that the aura coming from Zhang Hans body suddenly changed.

He had been reserved and stately, but now he displayed his true colors!

A trace of fierceness from him made them shake inwardly.

A box


Chu Changan and the other five students gathered their soul senses at the same time as if they were going to see through the box.

“What!” Chu Changans face changed dramatically.

“Its…its impossible!” He Lun exclaimed.

“How could it be a real one” Ling Duoduo was in a daze.

In their soul sense, the box in front of them was real!

It didnt look like an illusion at all.

Was this an illusion or had Zhang Han really taken out a box


The box suddenly changed into a long sword.

The sharp, fierce breath was assaulting their faces relentlessly.

It seemed that the Sword Qi was dispersing in all directions, making them feel a sense of urgency.

It was the aura… the aura of the sword.

All of a sudden, it turned into a high-tech gun.

Its deep-dark muzzle sent chills down everyones minds and bodies.

“I dont believe it!”

It was beyond Chu Changans recognition.

He stared at the front and used his soul sense to perform the occult art so as to penetrate Zhang Hans illusion, but he still couldnt find anything.

“Illusions are changing relentlessly.

They confuse your eyes, your soul senses, and your divine senses.”

Zhang Han said calmly, “When the illusion is taken for real, the real becomes the illusion.

They kill people without being detected.

This is the force of illusions.

“What else do you want to see You only know a little about the basics.

What can you see

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and moved his right hand.


A giant lion suddenly appeared.

It opened its bloody mouth to bit Chu Changan.

Its killing intent and oppression made him scream.

He let out a cry.

He took out a Defensive Treasure at once to form a protective barrier around himself.

However, the moment the giant lion touched him, it dissipated.

“Mountains and rivers.”

Zhang Han used his mind.


Ling Duoduo and the others were on top of a peak in their senses.

There were unending mountains around them.

The blazing sun rose up into the clear, boundless sky.

The sunlines were dazzling and the wind was whistling.

They felt that they were indeed at the top of the mountain.



As the crashing sounds resounded, the scene changed again.

It was as if their bodies apart from their heads were immersed in rivers.

Their bodies were completely flowing with the waves and they even felt wet.



The scene changed again.

It was as if they were in the void of the universe.

It was dark all around, and they could see all kinds of planets in the distance.

It was mysterious and quiet.

In the silence, a figure suddenly appeared in the distance, one hundred thousand feet tall.

“What is that”

Their eyes were fixed there.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The figure walked over step by step and every step made a dull sound.

“A giant ape No, its the King Kong in the legend!”

They were about to look up at it.


It roared and its voice unfurled in every direction.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

It punched itself in the chest with its fists and seemed to be angry.

Suddenly, a giant fist came crashing down.




The six students all cried out in shock.

They were almost scared to death.

Its fists were as giant as mountains and they couldnt dodge them at all.

They crashed down with an unstoppable aura.

The screams grew louder.


However, all the pictures disappeared when the fists came right before their eyes.

They were still in the class.

“Hiss… hoo… hiss… hoo…” He Taos entire body was covered in a cold sweat as he collapsed to the ground.

He Lun, Chu Changan, Ling Duoduo, Benny, and Fan Xiaoshuang were short of breath, their faces pale.

They were scared out of their wits.

From the beginning to the end, they had felt that it seemed to be real.

Somehow, they had their minds completely immersed in the illusions, unable to extricate themselves.

Without exaggeration, if someone had intended to kill them in the illusions, they would have been killed without any preparation.

“It was too terrifying.”

“I seemed to have felt the feeling of death just now.”

“Good heavens!”

They turned their heads and saw that on the podium stood Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord who still looked calm.

But the way they looked at him changed.

Their doubts and disdain had turned into shock and astonishment, and then excitement and mania.

“Strong man!”

“Hes definitely super strong!”

“Its amazing.

Only a few leaders in the Seven Illusions Sect can perform such illusions.”

The six of them looked at Zhang Han in shock.

They mumbled with a dazed expression on their faces that made the scene strange.

“I dont have much time, or I dont want to waste it on you.”

Zhang Han said, “You dont even understand the basics, let alone the deeper ones.

The foundation determines the height of a building.”

After lecturing, Zhang Han turned around and left.

He left the six students with their jaws hanging who remained silent for a long while.

Suddenly, Ling Duoduo cried out in surprise.

“Wow! What a powerful tutor! Hes definitely a strong man! Chu Changan, dont tell me youre not lucky.

Youre so lucky! A tutor like him will definitely become famous at the academy after a time.

The look on the deans face would be quite interesting.

Oh boy, poor me.

Theres no doubt that competitions will arise between people applying for sitting in on his lessons”

At the end of her words, she froze.

“It was like a dream just now.” A blank look showed on Bennys slightly chubby face.

“Wait.” Fan Xiaoshuang who was a little older among those students suddenly said, “Just now, the tutor said that he doesnt have much time.

If what happened today is known to others, there will be more students in our class.

Then we will get less time from him.”

“Thats right!”

He Lun said, “Mr.

Zhang needs to teach us hereafter.

If there are too many people, well lose our time.”


The room suddenly plunged into silence.

All the people present knew what a good tutor meant.

Usually, it didnt matter.

They wouldnt be influenced by whether their tutors were popular or not.

However, after two days of observation, they found that their tutor, Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord, was very lazy.

He didnt have much time and liked to stay idle.

This was a huge limitation.

They were all thinking about how to prevent others from finding out about it.

“Eh My class is beginning soon.” Ling Duoduo said in surprise, “Why did I fall asleep just now Alas, his class was so boring.

Videos only.”

After that, she left.

“Shes right.

He only played some videos and didnt bother to teach us by himself.

Hes not qualified,” Chu Changan said and left.

Judging from his hurried steps, they knew that he was going back to practice the basics of illusions.

“The dean was right.


Zhang is a new tutor who doesnt know anything,” Fan Xiaoshuang said with a smile and left.


I was dreaming in my sleep just now.

What a boring class! What an interesting dream!” He Lun said.

“Me too.

Were the same.”

The two of them staggered away.

The only person left was Benny.

After pondering for a long time, she looked at the empty classroom and muttered, “These people are so hypocritical.

Its obvious that our tutor didnt do anything.

Thats right.

Well, I dont know anything.”


As for the dean of the Illusions Department, he called the branch president again.


President, I went to listen to the class of Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord today.

He almost didnt say a word in the class but just played videos for the students.

Although there were only six students, five formal ones and one sitting in on, this kind of teaching will damage the reputation of our academy.

Ling Duoduo from the Ling Family was among them.

I suggest entrusting Mr.

Fu to take charge of Class 9.

Hes experienced and responsible.”

“Okay, I know it.”

After that, the branch president hung up the call.

His attitude was just like yesterday.

“What does he mean”

The dean began to ponder.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldnt figure out whether the branch president was going to do something or not.

Normally, the branch president had the right to change tutors.

However, Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord was still uninhibited and unscrupulous after the dean had told the branch president twice about him.

“It was strange.”

The dean frowned and went back to his office building while thinking.

That was right.

This seven-story office building belonged to him alone.

Before he got close, he saw Mr.

Fu standing on the side.



He came over and said, “It seems that no one cares that I was replaced.

The higher-ups didnt give me an explanation either.


De, this…”

“Ive already asked the branch president twice about it.

I believe hell uphold justice.” The dean nodded.

“If not, we can use the normal method to challenge Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.

Once his honor is destroyed, hell leave.

I believe that hes no match for you in terms of illusions.”

“Humph! In addition to some elders in the Seven Illusions Sect and some higher-ups at our academy, no one is enough to worry me in terms of illusions.

Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord is no more than an unknown rookie.”


Fu snorted coldly and his words were full of disdain.

How old was Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord

He wasnt afraid of the kid at all.

But it seemed that he had forgotten that people couldnt judge others by their appearance.

The next day, De Xi came to Class 9 of the Illusions Department again.

He sat at one side with a poker face, waiting to see what the new tutor was going to teach his students.

However, something unexpected happened to De Xi after Zhang Han arrived.

“Hello, Mr.


“Hello, Mr.


Five formal students, together with Ling Duoduo, all stood up and greeted him.

What There was something wrong with their attitude!

The dean narrowed his eyes.

What did that mean

Hadnt these students looked a little indignant yesterday

“I found this video on the Internet too.

You can start practicing according to it,” Zhang Han said.

“Ill definitely complete the task!” Ling Duoduo said.

“Why was this guest student so motivated”

The dean frowned slightly.

He remembered very clearly that she had curled her lips at this new tutor the day before.

Moreover, when they watched the video yesterday, they had been resigned or unwilling.

Today, they were absorbed in the video, eyes shining.

“Its really strange.”

The dean was a little confused.

No word came out from Zhang Hans mouth in this class except for those at the beginning.

Did he want to put them off with a perfunctory video from the internet

Two hours passed quickly.

The high-intensity training of illusions exhausted the spirit and strength of the six students.

Fortunately, they completed the task.

“Dismiss,” Zhang Han said and was about to leave.

“Thank you for your hard work, Mr.


“Goodbye, Mr.


“See you tomorrow, Mr.


They adopted a completely different attitude from yesterday.

This was the case in the Cultivation World.

Strong men were respected.

Power would bring you more respect.

“Wait!” The dean said again, “Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord, is this how you teach your students”

“Any problem” Zhang Han glanced at him and said, “Or does Mr.

De want to teach me how to do in the class”

“No, no, no.

Im proficient in illusions, but Im not good at teaching.

Thats why Im the dean of the Illusions Department.” De Xi shook his head slightly and looked at the other six students, saying, “Youve worked so hard to practice for two hours.

Youre exhausted but got nothing.

Do you think this kind of class is meaningful If you find it strange or awkward, you can tell me.

Our academy prioritizes our students and our reputation.

No tutors with connections can stay at this academy!”

He spoke this in a manner so righteousness that it almost inspired reverence!

However, the six students looked at him as if he was an idiot.

“Its true that weve trained so hard,” He Lun said.

Then He Tao said, “Its also true that were tired.

But I think this kind of class is very interesting.

I like it.”

“Something making me feel strange and awkward…” Ling Duoduo said innocently, “It is someones examining gaze on us from the side in this class.”

The dean was stunned.

“I dont think we have a tutor with connections,” Fan Xiaoshuang said, “and what makes me feel strange is you, Mr.


Arent you busy handling the affairs of our department Its such a big department after all.”

“Shes right.

Our class belongs to us, not you.


De, you wont be coming tomorrow, will you” Benny agreed.

“No, no, no, you are wrong,” Chu Changan suddenly said.

“What do you mean” The dean stared at Chu Changan as if he had seen a glimmer of hope.

“I didnt know Mr.

De was in our class just now.

Maybe it was because I was concentrated on my practice or he was keeping such a low presence.

Im sorry, Mr.


In fact, theres no difference between you sitting there or not,” Chu Changan said with a serious face.

The dean held his breath in and almost exploded with rage.

Zhang Hans mouth moved slightly.

He found it funny.


The dean snorted coldly and turned to leave.

After a dozen steps, he suddenly stopped, turned to look at them, and said with a fake smile, “Every tutor at this academy is on the list of the Mysterious Tower.

The former tutor, Mr.

Fu, once ranked 88th on the list of illusions.

You should take the time to give it a try, Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.

But please remember, there are many people in the Illusions Department paying attention to you.

If you get a very low ranking, itll be difficult to convince them.

Your students can come with you.

The Mysterious Tower is a very good thing.”

After that, the dean turned around and left.


Zhang, Mr.


Ling Duoduo ran quickly to Zhang Han and asked curiously, “Are you going to the tower We want to see your challenge.

Your power can make you high on top.”

“Thats right, Mr.

Zhang.” Fan Xiaoshuang agreed.

“When you challenge the tower, please let us watch from the side.”

“On one can watch the battle there,” Zhang Han replied.

“We dont want to watch you battling.

Instead, we want to see the changes in the rankings,” Chu Changan said.

Zhang Han hesitated for a moment and said, “I dont have time now.

Maybe Ill go there in the evening.”


Zhang, when you go, why dont you send a message to the group” Ling Duoduo asked.

She also joined the group because she felt that this mysterious, powerful tutor could help her greatly improve her learning of illusions.

Zhang Han nodded and left the class.

It was OK to let them watch.

After he showed his great strength, these young students from big backgrounds would obey him better.

It matched his wish.

After leaving here, he went to the Incantation Department.

Mengmengs class was practicing basic incantations on some mechanical specimens and simulated spiritual beasts at a huge playground.

Zhang Han stopped and watched for a while.

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina were clumsily casting spells.

Their success rate was about one in dozens.

He couldnt help but laugh.

It was very difficult to get to the door of incantations.

If one learned the basics, it would have a dramatic leap in their strength.

However, these were only basics.

After they entered the door, it would be easy to learn some skills, but it would be even more difficult to become good at them.

After watching for a while, Zhang Han left.

In the afternoon, Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Liang Mengqi, and the others went shopping in the commercial city near the Senior Martial Arts Branch.

It was also one of the characteristics of the Dragnet Academy: the style of every commercial city and their focus on sales were different.

Therefore, it would take some time to do shopping there.

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