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Chapter 1294 Showing Great Concerns

Not far from the ring, the men of the branch president of the Illusions Department were controlling the defensive energy of the ring.

They had neutralized a lot of attacks.

If not for them, the wounds on the bodies of Su Qiang and others would be at least twice as serious.

Even so, Su Qiang and others were forced to a corner only a minute after the fight began.

They couldnt guard themselves against their attacks at all.

Everyone was injured.

“We admit defeat! We admit defeat!”

Su Qiang screamed, “Stop fighting.

We admit defeat.”

“Wouldnt we lose face if we dont hit you when you say dont hit”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Another minute passed.

“Puff…” Su Qiang spat out a mouthful of blood.

“I lost two teeth.

Stop hitting me.

Im going to die.

Ya, apologize now.”

“Im sorry.

Its my fault.

Stop hitting.

I was blinded by anger.

Its all Gao Chens fault.

He didnt make it clear to me.

Otherwise, I wouldnt be so angry.

I was impulsive.

Dont fight anymore,” Su Ya shouted.

As soon as she said that, she felt wronged and burst into tears.

Noticing that, Mengmeng and the others looked at each other and withdrew their moves.

“Lets leave” Yue Xiaonao looked at Mengmeng and asked.


Then Yue Xiaonao looked ahead and said loudly, “When you meet us at the academy hereafter, you should hide from us!”

With that, they walked out of the ring and left slowly

They left a group of students with their jaws hanging.

They were silent for a quite long time.

After a minute, someone came up to the ring and asked how they felt.

“Im fine.”

Su Qiang covered his face with his right hand and sighed deeply.

“Theyre monsters.

Alas, its already a good outcome to be beaten like this.

I should have guessed it earlier.

Someone who could easily take out so many top-grade crystal stones wouldnt be ordinary.

I shouldnt have taken any chances.

Damn it, I was defeated in the fight and was taught a lesson by the new students.

What a miserable senior student!”

“Brother, Im sorry.

I… I…” Su Ya was ashamed.

She didnt expect that her elder brother would be taught a lesson by others.

“Its not your fault.”

Su Qiang slowly turned his head and looked at Gao Chen on the other side, saying coldly, “Stop him!”


Several people standing with Gao Chen screamed and ran away immediately.

But they werent quick enough.

Su Qiangs friends stopped them and beat them up.

Only then did Su Qiang feel a little better.

After Mengmeng and the others left, they were in a much better mood because they had taught Su Qiang and his friends a lesson.

“Mengmeng, your Dad is really awesome.”

Lorry was still full of shock.

“Hes the first one in history to rank first on eight lists simultaneously, let alone that he cleared 100th floor on every list.

My father also said that Zhang Hanyang was the most powerful talent in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province for a thousand years.

Hes formidably strong.”


Mengmeng smiled and waved her hand repeatedly.

“You flatter me.”

“Her Dad is indeed powerful,” Yue Xiaonao added.

“Do you know whats the most important thing”

“What is it” Lorry was stunned for a second.

“The most important thing is that hes willing to listen to Mengmeng.

He would give anything she asks.

Not every Dad does as he does.

You know just because her Dad is a good example, Ive got a lot of good things from my Dad.” Yue Xiaonao joked.

“I see, youre talking about this.” Lorry couldnt help but laugh.

However, she immediately snorted and said, “You guys dont have any brotherhood code.

Why didnt you tell me when you came to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province”

“We did.

We sent you a message a few days ago, but we couldnt contact you without a signal,” Mengmeng said.

“Oh, thats right.” Lorry lightly patted her forehead with her right hand and said with a smile, “I did have something to do a few days ago.

I was inside a secret place that had no signal.

When will you guys go to my place to play”

“I dont know.

Lets play in the Dragnet Academy for a while first,” Mengmeng said hesitantly, “and we have to go back home for the Spring Festival this year.

If were going to your place, itll happen before we go home.”

“When is the Spring Festival at your home” asked Lorry.

“Let me have a look at the time in Shang Jing.” Mengmeng fiddled with the communication device, looked at the record, and said, “There are still one and a half months or forty days left.

We have to set out in advance.

Its about twelve days of travel and twenty-eight days left.

If were heading your home, we have to go a few days earlier.

It means that we still have more than twenty days left at the academy.”

“Its approaching.

We should look around the academy during these days,” Nina said.

“Of course,” Yue Xiaonao replied.

“Thats good.

Lets go to the Pellet-refining Branch first.

Theres a good restaurant.

Its main dish is the roast pig with crystal sand.

The pig is a black-skinned pig, which is a special kind of spirit beast raised on the Detitman Star.

Its meat is wonderful and contains enough fat.

Crystal sand is one kind of ordinary low-grade crystal.

Through 36 procedures, the low-grade crystal is refined into the fire-attribute sand, which is used for roasting black-skinned pigs.

This dish was developed by the president of the Weapon-refining Branch.

Because he lost the bet with the president of our Pellet-refining Branch, the restaurant is opened in our branch.

Eating this way can only be seen in this restaurant in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

You cant find another one elsewhere.” Lorry introduced.

Most of the senior students knew about this dish and had tasted it many times.

“However, because its very expensive, the Crystalsand Restaurant is one of the best restaurants at our academy.

Many students wouldnt go there to treat their friends to a big meal until theyre going to celebrate their birthday or something,” said Lorry.


How expensive” Nina asked.

“Well, a meal might cost thousands to tens of thousands of crystal stones.

Of course, its not a big deal for us,” Lorry said with a smile.

“Ive always felt that Im quite rich among the students until I met you.

As the saying goes, theres always a higher mountain, and a sky above the sky.”

“Haha,” Mengmeng smiled and said, “Its just because I have a wonderful Dad who makes a lot of money.”

“By the way, where are Uncle Zhang and the others Shall we call them to have a meal together” Lorry asked.

“Theyre all enjoying the alone time,” Mengmeng said, “and my dad is now the tutor of Class Nine of the Illusions Department.

Hes called Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.

He goes to classes for two hours a day.

My Mom and Aunty Feifei go shopping and spend money every day.”

“Mengmengs Mom spends a lot of money.

A single piece of her clothes is worth millions of crystal stones,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“Sounds like Auntie Lisas clothes arent expensive.” Mengmeng snorted.

Nina shook her head slightly and said, “I feel like Im under quite a bit of pressure listening to your conversation.”

“Haha, Im used to it,” said Felina.

When Nina had been on the Roland Star, she had saved some years of pocket money, which had been only about six or seven hundred thousand crystal stones.

At that time, she had thought it had been a huge sum of money.

But after she had begun staying with Mengmeng, her horizon had been broadened.

Olien or King of Elves had also given her and Felina a number of crystal stones.

Because they were with Mengmeng and her friends, it had been a large number.

It meant that they didnt have to save money and could buy, eat, and drink to their hearts content.

Ever since the return of Tricia, Oliens entire demeanor had also undergone a drastic change.

He who had seemed to be submissive and coward had looked much better.

Intending to make a comeback, he had started some businesses and built a good balance between cultivation and making money.

“How many of you came here this time” Lorry casually asked.

“A lot.

My grandparents, Great-Grandpa, Uncle Feng, Aunt Xue, Aunt Jiang, and so on.

Many of them have come and joined the classes.

Were separated but we get together every now and then,” Mengmeng replied.

“Oh, I see.

Headmaster Shan helped you enter the academy directly, right” Lorry said.

“New students have to go through many tests.

Only after they pass those tests can they be allowed to come to the Dragnet Star.”

“Lorry, you dont know that after Headmaster Shan saw Uncle Zhang doing pellet-refining,” Yue Xiaonao said with an exaggerated expression, “his eyes grew green with lust for the talent.

He asked Zhang Han to be a tutor at the academy.

Oh, no tutor.

He told Uncle Zhang that he could pick every position from the tutor to the headmaster.

Im not kidding.

If Uncle Zhang asked to be the headmaster, Mr.

Shan will be the vice headmaster.”

Lorry was speechless and a little shocked.

“Headmaster Shan seems to be very cold,” Lorry said.

“Thats because you didnt see the scene when he kept pestering Uncle Zhang and persuading him for many days.

He even talked with every one of us alone.

So we went straight to the Dragnet Academy.

If it had not been for him, we would have played in other places for a while,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“You know I didnt see Headmaster Shan at that time.” Lorry smiled and said, “It seems that the headmaster succeeded.

Uncle Zhang has been in the first place on eight lists after he came here for just a few days.

Many people were shocked.

At first, my Dad and some powerful figures were talking about this matter with each other and tried to guess who Mengs Dad was.

His comprehension ability is too strong.

At that time, “Mengs Dad” led me to unconsciously think of “Mengmengs Dad”, so I thought maybe “Mengmengs Dad” is Uncle Zhang.

My Dad was skeptical.

Now I confirm exactly what I thought.”

“Its not a big deal.”


As they talked, they moved forward.

After a while, they got in the matt ground vehicles and arrived at the Pellet-refining Branch a dozen or so minutes later.

They were going to Commercial City No.


It was the smallest commercial city in the Pellet-refining Branch.

At the Dragnet Academy, more than half of the commercial cities were open to the public.

The academy had a stable relationship with the Astral Domain and there were trade routes between them.

Many high-end goods would be sold in the commercial cities, which was an important source of funding for the academy.

Commercial City No.

5 was an internal commercial city.

Because of this kind of mechanism, many students were also purchasers.

They bought for others to collect the processing fees.

The Crystalsand Restaurant was the specialty of the commercial city.

The city had five floors in total, covering a large area and equipped with all kinds of facilities.

They found a place to sit on the edge of the open-air platform on the third floor.

“Well ask for a roast pig with crystal sand first.

Then, you can have a look at what you want to eat.

You dont have to save crystal stones for me,” Lorry said with a smile.

“I know.

The one paying the bill is quite rich.”

They stared at the electronic menu in front of them.

Each of them had one.

They had a random read of it.

On the screen, the dishes, their tastes, and so on were introduced to them through the holographic projection.

They ordered more than a dozen dishes one after another.

After waiting for ten minutes, all kinds of dishes were served.

“Is a roast pig with crystal sand so big”

The black-skinned pig was about half a meter long.

Its two hind legs were left complete, similar to the shape of Dongpo Elbow.

Its forelegs were cut into pieces, and there were two cut bones with two straws.

Customers could use them to eat the bone marrow.

The shape of the pigs head remained and its body was made of a crispy skin plate as well as the pork that was torn by hands.

Just one set meal included seven or eight dishes.

It seemed that they had ordered too much.

“We cant eat so much.

There are still more than a dozen dishes left.” Mengmeng rolled her eyes and said, “Its okay.

Well take the rest with us and feed Dahei and Little Hei when we get back.”

After they had come to the Dragnet Academy, Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot had been sent to Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

Afraid that they couldnt sit still, Zhang Han had given them a few medicinal pellets and some inner pellets as well as a lot of blood essence from the ancient demonic beasts.

As a result, they became sleepier recently.

They were slowly improving their strengths.

It seemed to be slow.

However, compared with other beasts, it was quite quick.

“It tastes really good.”

“Ill bring my parents to have a try one day.”

They took small bite after bite while talking.

They enjoyed a great feast tonight.

It was dusk after dinner.

They strolled around Commercial City No.


When walking in the Pellet-refining Branch, they could feel that Lorry was quite popular.

They could meet someone who greeted her very often.

They also encountered someone they had met in the past: admirers.

However, they werent like Gao Chen.

They neither went overboard nor mention that they were pursuing her.

They just came over to greet her and then left with a smile.

“Lorry, youre very popular in the Pellet-refining Branch,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“Of course, my cultivation in pellet-refining is top tier even amongst Grade-Two students.

I have pretty good talent in pellet-refining and the tutors take good care of me, along with my Lo Family background,” Lorry replied.

After that, she smiled and added, “When Uncle Zhangs identity is made public, Mengmeng will definitely be more popular than me.”

“Haha, Uncle Zhang will be busy driving away people who try to chase Mengmeng every day.” Nina couldnt help laughing.

“It wont happen,” Yue Xiaonao said, “Uncle Zhang always sets an example to others.

He would strangle the crisis from the very beginning.

It seems that some unlucky guys will be severely punished, and then the others wont dare to do like them.”

“Come on, stop here.

Were still too young.” Mengmeng wrinkled her nose.

As it was getting dark, Mengmeng and the others were on their way back.

They came back to their residential area by taking matt ground vehicles.

Mengmeng sent some food to Dahei and the others.

Then she ran to Zhang Han, leaned back on the sofa, and talked about what had happened at the academy with her long legs swaying.

She also gave a brief account of what had happened in the afternoon.

Hearing it, Zhang Han was very gratified.

His education on his daughter wasnt in vain.

In the end, she recommended the roast black-skinned pig in the Crystalsand Restaurant to her Dad and asked him to take the whole family to taste it next time.

“Good job.”

Zhang Han kept praising her, making Mengmeng smile all the time and stay in a good mood.

After talking for more than an hour, Mengmeng returned to the manor next door.

Seeing that Yue Xiaonao and the others were cultivating, she also began to practice the basic skills of the new incantations.

There was a practice room in every manor where students were living.

They were equipped with all kinds of facilities, which were enough for the students to practice.

On the next day, Zi Yan and the others went shopping as usual.

This time, they went to Commercial City No.

1 in the Senior Martial Arts Branch where they had been several days ago.

There was a cafe with a good style and a wonderful leisure environment, so they went there.

At 2 p.m., Zhang Han came to the training room of Class Nine of the Illusions Department.

On the way, he could see students coming and going as usual.

When the new students saw Zhang Han, some of them quickened their pace and whispered to each other.

Some of them waved their hands to say hello to him.

“Good afternoon, Mr.



Treasure, its too difficult to get a spot to sit in on your class.

Last night, it was snapped up in 0.15 seconds.

I dont know when Ill be able to listen to your class with my very slow hands.”


Treasure, can you apply for more places”


Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

Just by showing some means, he had become so popular.

If they knew that he was Zhang Hanyang, maybe the training room of Class Nine of the Illusions Department would burst from squeezing so many people inside.

At that time, no one would care whether they got the chance to sit in on his class but just came to join in on the fun.

Strong men would attract the attention of others wherever they were.

Headmaster Shan was a good example.

Every time he attended a public class, not only the students at the academy but also many famous figures in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province tried their best to get tickets to listen to his teaching.

Everyone knew that if they were lucky enough that Headmaster Shan taught much useful knowledge that day, they could learn a lot from it.

As for Zhang Han, he had killed Peacock King and Iron Armor Dragon with his fists.

It was spread very quickly, and many people admired him.

He was so strong that he had slaughtered the ancient demonic beasts.

As for Hu Tiandao who had destroyed the Star-shooting House, most people who knew it were high-position officials in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

There was no one among the Star-shooting House capable of filling the old mans shoes.

The sect was surrounded by enemies everywhere and seemed to have become someone elses carved turkey.

The attacking side also abided by their own rules.

This was the reality.

As long as powerhouses were keeping watch on the sect, other forces would be friendly to it.

Some were allies, and some were enemies.

But when the wall fell, everyone pushed it.

No sect couldnt have such a high position without power.

Even their former allies might sit back and watch.

Those forces that had been friendly to it might participate in the competition.

Zhang Han was the center of attention along the way.

When he reached the entrance of the class, he saw De Xi, the dean of the branch.

He was smiling.

When he saw Zhang Han, he laughed and said, “Mr.

Treasure, you came a minute earlier today.”

“Did I Maybe Ive walked faster today.” Zhang Han nodded slightly.

He had walked as slow as shopping before.

There had been so many people greeting him today, so he had walked a little faster.

“Well, do you mind if I listen to your class” the dean asked in a soft voice, with a warm smile on his face.

Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry at his low profile.

“As you like,” Zhang Han replied.

When he walked into the class, the dean walked behind him.

Looking at the fifteen students in the class, the dean cleared his throat and said, “I believe that Mr.

Treasure should have proved his superior strength to everyone here.

After returning home yesterday, I carefully studied the training videos that he played to you for the past few days.

I suddenly discovered something that caused my hair to stand on end.

The training sequence of the illusions he delivers to you will help your strength improve at least five times faster than the training without any aim.

This efficiency is terrifying.

From this, we can see that Mr.

Treasures attainment in illusions is quite profound.

Today, Im also here to learn from him.

Youre so lucky to be able to improve your strength so quickly under his guidance.”

His words were quite sincere as if he was unconsciously praising Zhang Han.

Hearing those words, the students had their eyes lit up.

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