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“Well, Mr.

Treasure, please begin your class.”

The dean said with a smile, then he walked to the back of more than a dozen students and sat on a chair.

Zhang Han shook his head with a smile, then he controlled the reflection and said, “Lets continue our practice today.”

It was the practice video that he had found on the Internet last time.

The students would practice the latter part of the video in this class.

As the dean had said, the training sequence of those illusions was specifically arranged, and it could increase the students ability to control illusions.

Zhang Han had found those videos almost every time when he had been lying in the bed with nothing to do.

The number of those videos was adequate for these students to improve their basics.

As the video was played, the students began to practice diligently.

Students including Chu Changan and Fan Xiaoshuang were all very clear that ever since Mr.

Treasure had shown his power last time, his status in the Illusions Department had risen so sharply that almost surpassed the dean.

He was a well-known figure now.

More and more people knew that there was a very powerful tutor named Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord in Class Nine of the Illusions Department.

During the two-hour practice, Zhang Han also found out one thing.

Several official students, including Chu Changan, had adapted to the practice intensity.

That meant that they also practiced hard after coming back.

Their cultivation spirit was worthy of praise.

Therefore, Zhang Han played training videos for them one after another according to the plan to enhance their basic skills.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Liang Mengqi, Rong Jiali, Wang Ya, Liu Jiaran, and other women went to play in groups of three or four.

Mengmeng, her friends, Zhao Feng, Chen Changqing, Zhang Guangyou, and Zhang Mu had all begun the cultivation practice.

In addition to the main classes, there were auxiliary classes every day, as well as audited classes, which helped them gradually increase their understanding of the overall knowledge.

For example, Chen Changqing was good at the application of spiritual force, but he would also cultivate the soul sense, the occult art, and the supernatural power, together with incantations, illusions, and so on.

Even if he didnt cultivate other skills, he wanted to have an understanding of them so that it would be easier for him to fight against enemies in the future.

Only now did they realize that the reason why Zhang Han could deal with the enemies so easily was because his strength was built upon the knowledge he knew.

Soon, everyone had a preliminary understanding of the academy.

Zhang Han and the others came to the Crystalsand Restaurant with Mengmeng and had good dishes.

On this day, Mengmeng and the others were still in class.

At 3 p.m., when the class was about to end, three people came in, led by the dean of the Incantation Department.

He clapped his hands and said, “Everyone, stop for a moment.”

“There are eight branches at our academy.

Every three years, well hold an event to expand the students interests.

Its a kind of communication between branches.

For example, one department in our Spirit Branch will go to other branches to study for a week.

People from other branches will also come to our branch to study for a week.

This time, the Incantation Department in our branch is picked.

A total of 12,500 students in Grade One will go to the Pellet-refining Branch.

As an entering class, youre very lucky to be assigned to the dean of the Basic Pellet-refining Department.

His name is Frank.”

“Hes quite skilled in pellet-refining.

He has arranged for several tutors to test you.

The content of the test is to refine pellets.

Take a look.”

Shou Huajian, the dean of the Incantation Department, controlled the smart wristband in his hand and projected the image.

It was a medicinal pellet.

“Its the divine pellet.”

“Its a first-grade pellet.

Its easy to refine, but it takes some talent to make it faster.”

“You should record the basic knowledge of this pellet, the basic requirement for refining it, the control of the flame, and the nineteen kinds of spiritual herbs.

Look through them carefully several times after coming back.

If you succeed and obtain recognition, you can also minor in the knowledge of pellet refining.

Medicinal pellets are indispensable in a cultivators life.

Instead of spending a lot of crystal stones to buy them, youd better refine them by yourself.

Of course, the branches also have rewards for excellent students.

This years rewards are very good and the credits for you are five times that of last time.”


Hearing this, many students had their eyes lit up.

Its already very good to receive a reward, let alone five times more credits than last time.

The credits were relatively precious.

Students could use them to cultivate in some special training fields, including the Spiritual Qi Room, the Mysterious Tower, etc.

They were so precious that everyone wanted to get them.

Hearing the deans words, many students hurriedly recorded the refining method of the divine pellet.

“Pellet-refining Uncle Zhangs good at it,” Yue Xiaonao said after looking at the screen.

“You dont learn how to refine pellets.

Why are you trying to seek his help” Mengmeng said, “Its just a simple first-grade pellet.

We can make one without difficulty.”

“Mengmeng,” Nina asked curiously, “your Dad is so skilled at pellet refining.

Why dont you study it from him”

“Hes also very skilled in other aspects,” Felina added.

“Well,” Mengmeng blinked her big, watery eyes and said, “my Dad will teach me it in the future.

Now, he wants me to have some leisure time.

Besides, what he knows is too difficult for me now.

Im here to learn some basic knowledge.

Im only fourteen years old and will soon be fifteen years old.

No rush.

I have a lot of time.”

“That makes sense.” Yue Xiaonao agreed.

“I agree with you.

It would be a waste of the prime of our lives to cultivate all the time.

Playing is fun.”

If Yue Wuwei heard this, he would be very resigned and say, “You have to pay more attention to your cultivation.

Youre the weakest in the team.

Youd better work hard instead of playing.”

They recorded the information about the divine pellet given by the dean with their smart wristbands while chatting in a low voice.

The dean kept saying, “A pellet formula is of high value.

Showing the formula of divine pellet before you is enough to prove Mr.

Franks sincerity.

Dont take this event as a joke.

If you dont perform well or do something bad, youll also be punished.

“Well, thats all.

You can go to the Pellet-refining Branch and get a furnace then.

When you go back at night, you should practice according to the pellet formula.

You can see in the formula that the success rate is about 5%.

Through practice, you can raise it to 10%.

The better the performance, the more credits you get.

Wish you a good experience in the Pellet-refining Branch next week.”

After the dean finished speaking, there was thunderous applause.

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao also clapped a few times.

The dean nodded with satisfaction and turned to leave.

The exchange of students was a big event in Grade One, covering the eight branches and every department.

Zhang Hans students were still practicing.

De Xi came over and waved to Zhang Han.


Treasure, come here.

I have something to discuss with you.”


Hearing that, Zhang Han walked to the door.

De Xi said, “The Grade-One event has begun with the aim to develop the students interests.

Many students majoring in pellet refining are going to attend classes in our branch.

Do you want to teach a class at that time If not, you can take a leave this week.”

“Then Ill take a leave.” Zhang Han nodded.

“An exchange between our branch and the Pellet-refining Branch”


Every time before the event, there will be a drawn.

But this time is a bit more complicated than before,” De Xi replied.

“Okay, I see.”

Zhang Han nodded slightly.


Treasure, you can go back to your class.

Im going to inform the other tutors.” After speaking, De Xi bade farewell and left.

Zhang Han shook his head secretly.

If he hadnt known that this event had been held in previous years, he would have wondered if Headmaster Shan arranged it, aiming to make him teach in the Pellet-refining Branch.

However, based on what he saw, it wasnt the case.

Considering Headmaster Shans personality, if he wanted to arrange something, he would have informed Zhang Han a long time ago.

In fact, when they had drawn lots, Headmaster Shan hadnt said anything.

Zhang Hanyang and his fellows were all over the academy.

As a result, the Spirit Branch that Zhang Han and Mengmeng were in had gotten picked.

So he didnt say anything to Zhang Han.

At 4 p.m., Zhang Han finished his class.

“From tomorrow on, youll go to the Pellet-refining Branch to study for a week.

I suggest you practice the whole set of the activation method of illusions in the videos more than five times in the following seven days.

There would be some good rewards,” Zhang Han said.

“Thank you, Mr.

Treasure.” Chu Changan, He Lun, and the others all expressed their thanks to Zhang Han.

Fan Xiaoshuang felt troubled.

“Ouch, I dont want to go to the Pellet-refining Branch!”

“Me, either,” the slightly plump Benny said, “but we can get some credits.”


Just endure it.

Haha, for the sake of credits,” He Tao said with a smile.

Everyone packed up and left.

Zhang Han returned to the manor and began to prepare the dinner.

It was a hot pot feast.

At about dusk, Zi Yan, Mengmeng, and a dozen others came back and had dinner together.

After the meal, something funny happened to Zhang Han.

“Im full.” Mengmeng put down her chopsticks.

“Me, too,” Nina said.

“Lets go practice.” Yue Xiaonao took the lead and ran to the lawn.

“Sister Mengmeng, what are you going to do” Chen Chuan had wanted to continue eating, but when he saw them get out of the dining table, he ran to them eagerly.

On the lawn that was more than 20 meters away from the dinner table, Mengmeng and the other three took out a simple alloy furnace for pellet-refining.

The furnaces looked exactly like the big bucket used for roasting sweet potatoes.

“Are they going to refine pellets” Chen Changqing had a strange expression on his face.

“It seems that the Spirit Branch is exchanging students with the Pellet-refining Branch.

Our Senior Martial Arts Branch is with the Miscellany Branch.”

“My goodness, Mengmeng is refining pellets.

Haha, its so interesting,” Zhou Fei said with a smile, “Brother Zhang, if you give Mengmeng some guidance, can she win those students in the Pellet-refining Branch with one hand”

“Of course,” Rong Jiali smiled and said, “Han is good at pellet refining and Mengmeng is talented.

She learns anything quickly.

As long as shes willing to learn, here is not her stage.”

She was referring to the Dragnet Academy.

Rong Jiali felt that they came to the academy to learn various knowledge, but their big stage wasnt here.

People in their small team like Mengmeng, Chen Changqing, Ah Hu, and the others had been very powerful.

They owed it to the cultivation in previous years and the opportunities.

The biggest opportunity was Zhang Han.

So was the cultivation in the Saint Warrior Planet.

Thanks to it, they had got the Elemental Source and countless spirit treasures.

Unless one compared it, they wouldnt know how shocking it was!


When they were chatting, a furnace exploded in just two minutes.

“Ah! I just have two stalks of spiritual herbs! It exploded in such a short time!” Yue Xiaonao cried out.

The explosion had even frightened Nina.


Nina was distracted and her furnace exploded as well.

“Youre too weak.”

Feeling easy, Felina threw a stalk of green, palm-sized spiritual herb in the furnace.


Her furnace exploded.

Mengmengs furnace was the only survivor.

She looked at the furnace with full attention.

She put various spiritual herbs in according to the time.

Zhang Han couldnt help laughing while watching her.

“Well, shes my daughter all after.

Shes very talented in pellet-refining.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Mengmeng take out a white flower.

“Oh no, its going to explode.” Zhang Hans expression changed slightly.

The moment it was put in, the Fire Stone under the furnace was cut in half under Mengmengs control.

However, there was still a loud boom.

The black smoke suddenly rose from the furnace.

The furnace exploded.

“Why did the furnace explode”

Mengmengs big, clear eyes widened, unblinking.

She was lost in thought.

Seeing her expression, Zhang Han moved his lips to say something.

However, when he saw that his little princess was thinking hard, he smiled and said nothing.

“Ah! We only have two stalks of spiritual herbs.

With one lost, we only have one chance to explode the furnace,” Yue Xiaonao said.

Without spiritual herbs, there was no way to continue refining pellets.

“It doesnt matter.

Someone is coming to send spiritual herbs,” Zhang Han suddenly said.


His words attracted Mengmengs attention.

She looked up and saw an aircraft slowly landing on the lawn from the side.

Headmaster Shan came down from the aircraft and saw the scene.

He smiled and said, “Youre refining pellets Haha, Zhang Hanyang, it was decided by random draw.

I didnt cheat at all.”

“I know.” Zhang Han nodded slightly.

“Headmaster Shan, our dinner was just beginning.

How about sitting down and joining us” Zi Yan asked with a smile.

“Thats nice.” Headmaster Shan walked nearby with a smile and sat down.

“I may have smelled the food here, so I came here in a hurry.”

“Theyre blowing their furnaces up.” Zhang Han gestured at Mengmeng with his bottom lip.

“Its okay.

Let them be.

I bring a lot of spiritual herbs to you.” Headmaster Shan waved his hand.


A lot of spiritual herbs were taken out by him and floated to Mengmeng and the others, forming several piles.

The divine pellet was made of some first-grade spiritual herbs.

The quantity of those herbs was considerable.

People could imagine how much it would take for tens of thousands of students to refine pellets.

Those herbs were of little value.

However, when they were refined into divine pellets, they would be of great value.

Therefore, Pellet-refining masters made a lot of money.

The success rate of refining divine pellets was 5%.

Past masters could raise it to 10%.

It was ten sets of spiritual herbs for a pot of pellets with three or eight pellets.

The cost to make a pot was equivalent to the value of one pellet.

All the rest were net earnings.

Most of the pellet-refining masters made a pot of about three pellets.

The president of the Pellet-refining Branch had made a pot of eight divine pellets at most.

After leaving the spiritual herbs, Headmaster Shan sat down and joined them in eating hot pot and chatting.

About two hours later, Mengmeng and the others came back to play in the gaming cabin.

They had practiced for more than an hour and each had succeeded once.

Their success rate was about 5%.

The next day, the exchange students began their academic life.

“Im in charge of your next few days.

Im the dean of the Basic Pellet-refining Department, Frank.”

There were five tutors standing before Mengmeng and the other hundreds of students, led by Mr.


He had a hooked nose and was very thin.

He was in a long robe, his hair slightly messy and his voice a little cold.

“You should treat pellet-refining seriously.

Its just a one-week exchange.

I dont care if you know how to refine it or not, but dont mess up the records.

You should look like youre refining pellets, even if youre pretending.

If anyone comes here for a vacation, Ill let your credits have a vacation too.”


His words made many students gasp.

They thus looked more serious.

Judging from his words, they could feel that Mr.

Frank was very strict.

Under the supervision of such a person, they were having quite a hard time.

“Each of you comes here with ten credits.

If you perform well, youll have more credits.

If not, youll lose them.

I also want to remind all the students here that the deduction of credits has no limit.

Even if they reach zero, they can also be negative.”


There were gasps heard again.

It was terrible! It was so scary!

The students knew that they had to work harder in the classes this week.

“I really dont understand.

Isnt it an event to develop our interests Why is he so strict” Yue Xiaonao couldnt help muttering.

“Perhaps its how he looks like,” Nina said in a low voice.

However, just after they exchanged a few words, they were spotted by some Grade-two students patrolling back and forth.

One of them scolded in a low voice, “No whisper.”

Yue Xiaonao curled her lips and glared at the student several times.

“Next week,” Mr.

Frank said, “youll have a test for accuracy in the first three days.

In the next few days, youre asked to refine pellets.

The minimum requirement for each of you is to refine thirty divine pellets on the spot.

If you cant succeed, youll get no credits.

Those who succeed will have ten credits at least.

Those who perform well will have more.

Those who perform poorly will lose their credits.

Its so simple.

You can follow the tutors to practice.”

After that, the dean left without hesitation.

It put pressure on many students who had just intended to expand their interests here.

Mengmeng and the others didnt care.

What the tutors were teaching like the control of the heat, the reaction speed, and so on all looked a little ordinary.

They went to the Crystalsand Restaurant in the evening again.

This time, Mengmeng ordered five roast pigs with crystal sand to take back to Dahei and the others.

They hadnt had enough of it last time, with their mouths smeared with grease.

In the end, they had gestured with their hands, asking Mengmeng: can we have some more

It was already 9 p.m.

when they finished dinner here.

After coming back to the manor, Yue Xiaonao and the others all went to cultivate while Mengmeng ran back to the next room.

After giving Dahei and the others the roast pigs, she went to Zhang Han and Zi Yans bedroom and began chattering.

“The dean of the Basic Pellet-refining Department is… is called Frank.

Well, hes so fierce.

He spoke with a cold face all the time and made a lot of requires.

“They taught us how to control the heat and how to improve our reaction speed.

We have to learn them for three days before we can start refining pellets.

“It didnt come to me until now.

Arent we going to give all the divine pellets we make to the Pellet-refining Branch

“So we get the credits from our work” Mengmeng suddenly realized something and said.

Seeing this, Zhang Han burst into laughter and said, “Its useless to practice them.

You still need to practice to improve your understanding of pellet refining.

There is a saying that you can only know it after trying.

Some people who dont have the talent for refining pellets see the furnace explosion often.

However, pellets like the first-grade divine pellet are easy to make if you follow the steps.”

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