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Chapter 1309 Returning Home for the New Year

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The noise was so intense that it made people tremble with fear.

“Theyre coming.

Theyre coming.” A Great Devil roared, “Theyre going to eat us!”

“No, they are going to destroy this world.”

Under Zhang Hans careful observation, he discovered that these creatures were risking their lives to attack the crystal wall.

There were some creatures whose teeth were flattened, but they didnt give up.

Even when they died, they still released a final attack.

The crystal wall was too hard and powerful.

As time went on, one batch after another of creatures died, but there would be a new batch of creatures coming up.

Wherever the crystal wall went, there would be this kind of creature.

That was especially so for the ancient demonic beasts corpses, which had been embedded into the crystal walls.

Even their heads had been swallowed up by creatures, and following the breaches, they continued to attack.

“They have a king.”

Zhang Han sighed softly and said, “There is a king in this tribe, and none of them defied its order.

They did want to come over.

I dont know how long the crystal wall can last under such an attack.”

“Its impossible for an ordinary person to break such a high-level crystal wall within decades or hundreds of years.

But with such an intensive attack, they may break the wall in a few years.” Yue Wuwei said seriously, “Can there be a solution”

“Im not sure.

Maybe there is one, and maybe not.” Zhang Han didnt give a definite answer.

“We dont know the number or the strength of these creatures, and its not easy for us to take action.

There shows a crystal wall on the Cosmos Formation.

If we change it, it may accelerate the disappearance of the crystal walls.

Sealing this continent may not be able to resist such a large tribe.”

“Why would this happen to us” Yue Wuwei felt deeply troubled.

The One-horned White Horse said worriedly, “What should we do What should we do King Roc has yet to mature and he cannot stop this.”

“Its over.

Were screwed.

We cant leave here.

We can only wait to die.”

“Dont panic.” Seeing that the fear was spreading quickly, Yue Wuwei said, “The crystal wall can still last for a few years.

Well figure it out.

Lets go back now and find a way.”

“A few years.

Thats all the time left.” The One-horned White Horse said, “Can the crystal wall block the attack for a few years”

“This is the Essential Energy Body formed by thousands of planets in a special environment.

It should have no problem blocking the attack for three years.” Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “With this crystal wall, there is nothing much we can do now.

I think we can find a way to get you out of here ahead of schedule starting from the Cosmos Formation.

However, the formation is relatively stable now, so we should take the chance when the crystal wall is relatively weak.”

“Theres still a chance.”

“Yes, we still have a chance.”

“We can get out of here.”

“And leave this damn place.”

Many of the Great Devils, after their initial confusion and terror, had the ruthlessness in their hearts triggered by now.

But when they looked at the crystal wall, their hearts would still be trembling with fear.

There were too many of those attacking creatures.

The booming sounds were continuous, making the Great Devils feel depressed.

And they would survive under such horrible sounds.

They would do their best to survive.

The One-horned White Horse said, “Zhang Hanyang, you are the host of the ancient demonic beasts.

You are very powerful.

Please help us with this matter.

As long as you can save everyone, you will also be the host of our tribe.

The ancient demonic beasts never go back on their words.”

Zhang Han said truthfully, “You dont need to say all of that.

Since Tiny Tot has become your king, it means that you guys do hit it off.

I will think of a way to deal with this matter, but dont get your hopes up.”

What had happened had made him feared.

It could be imagined how serious it was.

If it were Yue Wuwei, he would say that he would do his best to help them.

But as for Zhang Han, he just asked them not to get their hopes up.

It meant that they had a slim chance of surviving in this situation.

“Its not early.

Well go back first,” said Yue Wuwei.

He then returned to the spaceship with Zhang Han.

During this period, he sighed softly and said, “I blocked the sense of the spaceship just now, and they will be depressed if they see it.

I have recorded some videos and information.

When I go back this time, I will need to summon the will of the old sir again.

I only know where three of the nine wills are.

You used one last time, and now we need to use another one.”

After that, Yue Wuwei sighed and looked a little reluctant.

“Its good to ask.” Zhang Han nodded.

Sir Mysterious should be aware of the situation that he did not understand.

After all, such a powerful person should have a more appropriate method.

The two returned to the spaceship.

Everyone asked them what happened to the ancient demonic beasts and why they had been in such a hurry to go over.

Yue Wuwei responded casually and didnt say a word about it.

He didnt want them to worry about it for no reason.

“I hope he will help us.”

The One-horned White Horse and the group of ancient demonic beasts looked at the spaceship, which then slowly disappeared from their sight.

After that, its eyes gradually became fierce.

“We cant just sit here and wait.

Summon all the tribes.

Tell them to return to this place, distribute all the resources we have, and ask everyone to cultivate.

Even if we are destined to fail, even if we die, we will make our enemies hurt before we die!”



The group of Great Devils roared together.

Three days later.

Zhang Han and the others took the spaceship and came to the Dragon Base Star.

When they arrived at the territory of the Sea Dragon Star Area, they made some contacts and found that Liu Qingfeng had already arranged everything well.

He boarded the spaceship with Sun Ming and the others.

He took some days off and went back to Earth for vacation.

“Heavenly Banks development speed is beyond my imagination.”

Liu Qingfeng said with a smile, “Sun Ming did come up with a great idea this time.

Heavenly Bank promoted the level system and also recruited a group of expatriates to protect the safety of the bank.

The specific level system is divided into star systems, starting from the initial one-star users to five-star users.

When they go to the Sky Dragon Star Province in the future, they will be promoted to six-star or even seven-star users.

According to the star systems, they can buy some high-end medicinal pellets, spiritual herbs, talismans, internal auctions, and so on.

They can also enjoy a series of welfare treatments.

At present, the crystal stone stock of Heavenly Bank is the same as the peak period we have once reached.

This is simply a revolution!”

Speaking of this, Liu Qingfeng looked very excited.

“We have other branches.

Our entertainment companies have developed very fast, and other entertainment companies have been established frequently.

It can be said that others try to copy the classification of all of our companies.

Unfortunately, they are not serious about it.

“The location of the trade branch has been developed into six nearby Star Areas, as well as the Small Sky Dragon Region.

Our next target is the Sky Dragon Province.

Other companies are also responsible for this.

The Heavenly Group now has 120 billion virtual crystal stones.

The stock of the crystal stones is 30 billion, and we now have disposable assets of billions of crystal stones.”

“You now have so many crystal stones” Zi Yan was stunned.

The total amount of crystal stones given to him by Zhang Han and Lord Nan Shan was less than 5 billion.

In such a short time, the group had made it to 30 billion, and it now had disposable assets of billions of crystal stones.

How long had it been

“Uncle Liu is amazing.” Mengmeng clapped her hands.

“Haha, Im just doing okay.

The crystal stones we earn are also yours.

Mengmeng, if you need any crystal stones in the future, you can ask me for them.” Liu Qingfeng laughed.

“Ours” Mengmeng laughed and said, “That wont make any difference.

Well spend them together.”

Her words made everyone laugh.

“What a generous little princess.”

On Mount New Moon, many people respected Zi Yan as well as Zhang Han.

However, almost everyone liked Mengmeng, and she was the most popular one.

They liked her because of her parents love for her.

Zhang Han cared about her and Zi Yan, so others would attach greater importance to them.

They took her seriously because he and his wife cared about their daughter.

“Im finally going back to Earth.

I havent seen my disappointing son for a long time.

I wonder how hes doing as a president.” Sun Ming was eager to go home.

“Sun Ming is fine.

He feels great being a president,” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

“When we came out last time, we saw that most of the people on Mount New Moon had begun to cultivate.

In the future, they will follow you into the Cultivation World one after another.” Zi Yan smiled and said, “In fact, when we saw that you didnt get to reunite with your families and struggled in the outside world, we would also feel embarrassed sometimes.

You are all great heroes of the group.

Our familys growth and progress cant be done without your efforts.

Many thanks to you guys.”

“Oh, theres no need for the courtesy, madam.

Were ashamed.

If it werent for you two, we wouldnt have come to such a wonderful world.”

“Thats right, madam.

You guys have helped us a lot.

We cant thank you enough.”


Those words warmed the couples hearts.

They could clearly feel that their efforts during this period were worth it.

It was not only about material needs but also spiritual comforts.

If any force saw the scene here, they would be shocked.

This unity was rarely seen in the world.

They chatted and laughed while holding two parties on the spaceship, where there were a lot of people.

This time, there were a total of 18 spaceships including 100,000 people that headed back.

Most of them were members of the Dark Shadow Clan, and some were members of the Kunlun Immortal World and the five worldlets.

If they did not go back, they would almost forget that they belonged to a sect.

Even so, they still regarded the Heavenly Group as their new home.

In fact, everyone knew that only the little princess of Mount New Moon and Elder Yue could bring everyone out.

From now on, these people and those who wanted to come out were all members of the Mount New Moon.

Within a few days, Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei had fully understood that there was a bright future for the development of the Heavenly Group.

But if any changes were to occur in the Blue Sand Wind Domain, everything they had would be lost.

“What are you thinking about Is there something on your mind”

Zi Yan sat next to Zhang Han and looked him up and down.

Her beautiful big eyes were blinking with her long eyelashes quivering rhythmically.

She pursed her red lips and said, “Ever since you and Elder Yue went to meet the One-horned White Horse, youve always been distracted.

There must be something on your mind, right”

“You know me well.” Zhang Han reached out his hand, gently scraped Zi Yans nose, and said with a smile, “Wifey, youre really smart.

You can even tell that.”

“Humph, weve long been married.

How can I not tell it” Zi Yan smiled and snorted.

“What do you mean bylong married” Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

“Weve all entered the Cultivation World.

In this place, the honeymoon period takes hundreds or thousands of years.

This is the least.

It means that were still in the honeymoon period.”

“Haha! Yes, my king.” Zi Yan giggled.

“There are changes in the Blue Sand Wind Domain.” Zhang Han looked serious and said, “The changes are very big.

Maybe they will come in a few years, but there is no need to worry about it.

Elder Yue and I will find a way to deal with it.”

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