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Chapter 1314 A Live-in Son-in-Law

The center of the topic had always been on Zi Yan while the others present were ignored.

Many ones realized that and began to ask about other peoples situations.

“Little girl, you are now the music director of Jaylor Entertainment.

Its only been five years since you joined the company, but you have reached such a high level.

Thats amazing.

You have a promising future.”

“Im just doing okay.

Im usually busy with my work.

Its all thanks to my bosss training.

I cant compare myself with Elder Sister Yan.

I heard that she started a company back then, the Purple Moon Entertainment Company, and its very famous in Xiangjiang.

Our boss also said that if most of the entertainment companies could be offended, it would be only the Purple Moon Entertainment Company that cant be offended.”

“Hiss! Shes so powerful Thats awesome.”

Just as everyone was about to flatter Zi Yan, the woman said with a smile, “At that time, Purple Moon Entertainment Company was stronger than the rest and won many awards.

Later, Elder Sister Yan retired, and the company went downhill.

What a pity.

I felt that she could win many Oscar awards in a row.”

“Im flattered,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

The meaning of her words was that Zi Yan was very glorious at that time.

Unfortunately, after she retired, she lost too much fame and wealth, and her status had been reduced too much.

She was flattering her while actually belittling her.

On the surface, the woman was praising Zi Yan, but in fact, she was telling others this “truth”.

“Im quite familiar with Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

The Dragon and the Interstellar War are all world-renowned,” someone said.

This was a real praise.


Those movies did so well at the box office that the money earned is enough to spend a lifetime.”

The situation was really strange.

Many people praised Zi Yan while some people said jealously, “Its true that they can make a lot of money.

Fortunately, Elder Sister Yan started her own company.

Otherwise, the entertainment company would take up most of the income.

The power of capital is too strong.”

“Yes, the shareholders dividends, the flow of funds, and so on.

The business situation changes rapidly.

Its hard to predict.”

Someone sighed with emotion and said that he was not targeting anyone.

Seeing that he looked a little lonely, others knew that he had lost money in business.

During this period, every time Lu Ziyang said a word, he would look at Zi Yan a few times and be attracted to her.

Back then, Zi Yan was like pure beauty.

But now, in terms of appearance, Zi Yan was a perfect goddess in his heart.

He wanted to ask her something, but he felt that it was a little abrupt to say it directly.

Moreover, he was a little worried that he would get the answer that he didnt want to hear.

Most importantly, he couldnt stop the impulsions in his heart.

Lu Ziyang thought to himself, “With my current capital, even if its Purple Moon Entertainment Company, a company with a high market value, I have the right and ability to own you.”

His restless heart made him want to say something several times.

Since they had met, it meant that there was fate.

He wanted to know more about her.

Lu Ziyang was very patient.

After drinking for three rounds, he looked at Zi Yan with a smile.

“Most of our classmates are married.

I wonder if you are married, Zi Yan”

Before Zi Yan could speak, Mu Wanwan said with a smile, “Goddess Yan got married a long time ago.

Shes very happy with her marriage.”

Lu Ziyang felt a bit suffocated.

“Alas, I didnt manage to be together with her back then.

After leaving the academy, I no longer have much of a chance to make that happen.

“But now, Im a successful man.

Even if shes married, it would not be a waste of time for her to make friends with me.

Theres nothing wrong with us getting back at our fate.”

Lu Ziyang calmed down and said with a smile, “It turns out that you are married.

Thats nice.

Zi Yan, I wonder what kind of man could conquer you, the peerless goddess.”

“Im not a peerless goddess.” Zi Yan shook her head slightly.

“Its just fate.”

Hearing Zi Yans answer, one of the men that sat next to Lu Ziyang said with a sigh, “Its a pity.

At that time, Brother Yang had the best chance to be together with Goddess Yan, but unfortunately, he missed it.

Just now, when I saw her coming, I thought they could get back at their fate and maybe try seeing each other again.

Unexpectedly, she got married.

But it doesnt matter.

Having a husband is not contradictory to having a friend of the opposite sex.”

There were hidden meanings behind his words.

He was trying to test Zi Yans attitude.

Unfortunately, Zi Yan ignored him and responded to the words of a woman beside her.

The fat-faced man, who was 1.8 meters tall, was a little unhappy.

“Is the famous star looking down on me She even ignores me”

So he added, “Goddess Yan, Im very curious about what kind of man got to be together with you.

I dont need to think about it to know that he must be the boss of some company or the kind of man on the wealth list.”

At this time, a woman echoed, “Yeah.

Tell us.

Elder Sister Yan, please just tell us.”

Several people started to kick up a fuss.

Zi Yan couldnt pretend that she couldnt hear them anymore.

She looked at everyone.

Lu Ziyang smiled and leaned back against the back of the chair, looking very relaxed.

Most of the other peoples eyes were full of curiosity.

There were only two or three people present that were either jealous or small-minded like that fat-faced man.

Most of the others were just gossiping and did not think too much about it.

After thinking about it, Zi Yan smiled and said, “He is very rich, very powerful, very handsome, very gentle, and considerate.

He also does music, film and television, and entertainment.

He will support anything I like.”

The evaluation and Zi Yans smile when she talked about Zhang Han made Lu Ziyangs heart skip a beat.

“Its over! “It seems that my chances are slim.

“This kind of woman who is completely in love is quite stubborn.

Theres no way for me to get to her.

“However, as long as I insist on wooing her, I may succeed.

“My chances are slim, but I still have them.”

Lu Ziyang was silent.

He no longer intended to get close to her and wanted to observe her for a while.

Several people around them were discussing it.

“Is there such a wonderful man in this world Hes tall, rich, and handsome.

Hes gentle and considerate.

Hes good at music, film and television, and entertainment.

He supports your hobbies.

Oh my, Im so envious.”

“He should be a business tycoon.

Tell me his name, Elder Sister Yan.”

In response to this question, Zi Yan shook her head slightly.

“He has little contact with business.

Its all managed by others.”

“Wanwan, you were the one who went to pick up Elder Sister Yan, werent you Did you see her husband”

“I came here by myself,” Zi Yan replied directly.

“He didnt escort you here to such an occasion.

Hes quite… okay with you here alone, isnt he”

“Its all right that he didnt come.” A woman felt jealous and said, “We couldnt have such a good time if any of us brings their family to the reunion.

Besides, what if he gets jealous when he finds out that Brother Ziyang was very close to Elder Sister Yan”

“Oh, please dont say that.” Lu Ziyang waved his hand repeatedly.

“She and I are just good friends.

Just like us, were also good friends.”

As soon as Lu Ziyang spoke, the woman said coyly, “Mr.

Lu is so powerful.

He does the best business overseas.

I heard that he has come back this time to invest in a few companies.”

Speaking of this, the others echoed, especially the fat-faced man.


Lu is worth 10 billion yuan.

What do you think he has been doing overseas these years He is really outstanding.”

At first, Lu Ziyang was a live-in son-in-law, but he was tactful and knew how to endure.

Gradually, when he competed with his opponents, they lost and he inherited billions of assets.

There were only a few idle ones in his whole family.

“Thats just hearsay.” Lu Ziyang waved his hand hurriedly, and at the same time, he also paid attention to Zi Yan out of the corner of his eye.

It seemed that she didnt have any extra expression on her face when she heard that he was worth 10 billion yuan.

This caused Lu Ziyang to narrow his eyes slightly.

At 8:20 p.m., Zi Yan looked at the time and was about to leave.

“Lets end this then.

Well go to the next round, sing a bit, and have some drinks.

Its still early, so it doesnt matter if we hang out a little late, right” Lu Ziyang said.

“I have nothing to do tomorrow.

I can hang out for as long as I want.”

“We cant part now.

It wont be easy for us to meet again.”

“Zi Yan, why dont you come with us” A female classmate invited her.

“I wont go.

My husband is coming to pick me up.”

“Ask your husband to come with us.” The fat-faced man clapped his hands and said, “Just let us have a look at him.

Its said that some men hide their beautiful wives at home.

Why are you hiding your husband when it comes to you”

“I need to go home to help my child with her studies.” Zi Yan refused with a smile.


“You even have a child now” Lu Ziyang was shocked.

“Elder Sister Yans child is already fifteen years old.

Im sure you cant tell it, right Her figure and skin are really good,” Mu Wanwan said with a smile.

“Oh my god, her childs already fifteen years old.”

“They got married a long time ago.”


The crowd said a few words.

No one seemed to notice that Lu Ziyang got much more silent.

He felt that he was in a bad mood all of a sudden.

“Her child is even fifteen years old.

Thats unbelievable.

“If thats the case…” Lu Ziyang pondered for a moment.

He seemed to have some ideas in his heart.

Soon, the crowd arrived at the parking lot beside the street.

There were three Alphards that were especially used to pick them up.

The fat-faced man said, “Zi Yan, lets go and have fun together.

Why dont you ask your husband to go there directly”

Zi Yan stood on the street and looked around.

“It seems that he didnt come”

She blinked her beautiful big eyes.

At this moment, she felt an aura behind her.

“Its him.”

She turned her head and saw Zhang Han coming from more than ten meters away.

“Honey.” Zi Yan greeted him with a smile.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

No one got in the car, and their eyes were all focused on him.

“He is indeed very handsome.”

Several women exclaimed, “Hes young, rich, and handsome.”

“I also want to have such a man.”

“Dont be so obsessed with handsome men.”

All the men present were silent.


Zhang Han approached her and smiled before Zi Yan held his arm intimately.


Lu Ziyang and the others walked over while he and the fat-faced man looked a little embarrassed with smiles on their faces.

“Zi Yan, your mysterious husband is here.” The fat-faced man looked at Lu Ziyangs eyes.

After thinking for a while, he took the initiative to stretch out his hand and said, “Sir, youre indeed a handsome young man.

May I ask which company youre from You must be very capable to be together with Zi Yan.”

His tone was very polite and his acting skills were perfect.

He sounded as if he was joking.

But he was facing Old Weirdo Zhang.

“Oh, hello.” Zhang Han quickly stretched out his right hand, shook the fat-faced mans, and said humbly, “Im not from any company.

I just mainly look after my child at home.

Well, I take care of family affairs, and my partner is responsible for making money.

You… can regard me as a live-in son-in-law.”


Zi Yan immediately laughed.

She rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“Nice pretending.

He just enjoys wicked humor.”

This made the crowd a little confused.

“Hello, my name is Lu Ziyang.”

“Nice to meet you.” Zhang Han nodded and shook hands with him.

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