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Chapter 1326 The Recognized No.1 Ye Qingchen

“Brothers, when we meet together, we will learn from Zhang Hanyangs daughter.

Their ambush is very powerful,” Ye Longyuan said.

“Weve all seen it.

Those guys will definitely be on guard.

Ambush Youll probably attract dozens of people if you keep wandering on the street.” Yan Chen mocked.

Ye Longyuan scratched his head.

“Youre right.”

“Lets go and feel it.

With our strength, itll be lucky for us to enter the top 500.

But such a big battle makes my scalp go numb.

Im so excited.” Su Beimu took a deep breath and entered the simulated cabin.

On Dragnet Academys side.

Headmaster Shan was calling for action.

“You represent the Dragnet Academy and participate in the Earth Dragon List.

Youll win glory for the academy and honor your name.

Here, I wish you greater success in fighting in the virtual city.

The scale of the city on the Earth Dragon List is less than half of that of the Heavenly Dragon List.

You have a high chance of meeting each other.

You need to mainly focus on promotion and also pay attention to your performance.

Everyone knows that your every move is in the image of the virtual city.

Dont disgrace the academy.

Fight openly.

Good luck!”

“Thank you, Mr.


Hundreds of people entered the simulated cabins one after another to experience.

On the Lo familys side.

“In the last Earth Dragon List, there were two people from our family who made it into the top 30.

This time, I want to see a better result.”

The Lo Grand Masters simple words caused the faces of the members of the family to turn grave and grim as they entered the simulated cabins.

In the Chu family.

“Every Earthly Dragon List is the most eye-catching.

The strength of the Earth Dragon List is actually similar to that of the Heavenly Dragon List, but its participants would be much younger.

This is your chance to become famous! Go fight!”

“Ill do my best.”

Many young disciples of the Chu family shouted.

Such a scene happened everywhere.

Some of the specially privileged ones on the Earth Dragon List looked calm, some were excited, and some were nervous with sweat on their palms.

After all, it was a grand competition of the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

There were many great figures from the Astral Domain watching the battle.

If anyone got selected, their future prospects would be limitless.

It was no exaggeration to say that the Dragon Ranking Competition was a battle that determined the fate of many people.

“It wont be easy to fight this time.”

A man in a denim suit sighed softly.

“Normally, I could win first place with my strength, but with a monster like Ye Qingchen, I have no hope of being the champion.

Hes ranked first in the Star Province.

Who can compete with him This time, Im sure I can make it to the top three, but I cant compete with Ye Qingchen.

Its not easy for others to defeat me.”

After that, he entered the simulated cabin and began the familiarization part.

In many places.

There were also many outstanding young talents.

Many of them had one thing in common.

“Be careful of Ye Qingchen after getting there.”

“Ye Qingchen should be recognized as the number one, at the Peak-Stage God Transformation Realm.

He is just one step away from the Shadow Refining Realm.

Whats even more terrifying is that he is also a powerful Body Cultivator, a terrifying enemy.”

“Ye Qingchens future is in the Astral Domain, but Im still very excited to be able to compete with him in the same competition.”

“Yeah, why not try and fight What if an expert from a Star Area defeats him”

“Haha, do you think thats possible”


Those famous experts on the Earth Dragon List chatted with each other for a while before they went into the simulated cabins.

After all, it was different from reality.

One still had to sense it.

On Zhang Hans side.

“Im so excited.

Its finally our turn.” Chen Changqing laughed and said, “Brother Han, are we going to form a team later Lets go and trap others.”

“Its a little difficult to form a team while the groups are randomly decided.” Yue Wuwei said, “With Zhang Hans strength, he could easily advance by going up on the last day, or even in the last two hours.

However, its better to be cautious in the simulated city.

After all, we need to take the Barrier-breaking Stone.”

“Yeah.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “With my strength in the virtual city, tens of thousands of people are considered to be middle-class.

If I want to fight to the top 500, I have to take it seriously.”

“Haha, Im looking forward to your performance.

Dont be eliminated.” Yue Wuwei laughed.

“Eliminated” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “Even if Im at the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage, its enough to deal with these little guys.”

“For sure.

My dad is amazing,” Mengmeng said proudly.


Zi Yan suddenly laughed.

She blinked her beautiful big eyes, looked at Zhang Han, and said, “When your acquaintances see you will be like – Wow, isnt this Zhang Hanyang Isnt this Mr.

Treasure Unexpectedly, as soon as you take action, you will be beaten.

Im afraid they will be dumbfounded.”

“Yeah.” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile, “Thats true.

Its interesting to think about it.

Son, are you going to be defeated for the first time in the virtual city”

“Why do I feel that you are hitting me when Im down” Zhang Han touched his chin and laughed.

“Thats right! They are all hitting you when youre down.

Humph.” Mengmeng snorted hard.

“The key is that we havent seen you lose yet,” Gai Xingkong said with a smile.

“Alas, my reputation will be ruined within a battle.” Zhang Han snorted and walked to the simulated cabin.

“Dad, you would feel extremely uncomfortable in the simulated cabin at first.”

Mengmeng, who was sitting next to Zhang Han, was talking about her experience.

She hoped that her father could win, but their situations were the same.

They were only in the real realm inside, and their fighting capacity was much lower.

This was quite unacceptable for her.

“Dont worry.

Ill get the first place for you.” Zhang Han gently pinched Mengmengs face.

Touching her head, pinching her face, and scratching the tip of her nose were Zhang Han and Zi Yans privileges.

“You will.”

Mengmeng laughed and said, “Go for it!”

“Lets get started! Lets enter the simulated cabins!”

Yun Feiyang, Zhao Feng, Leng Yue, and a large group of people entered the simulated cabins one after another.

“The players on the Earth Dragon List have entered the simulation cabins.”

“The Earth Dragon List of this year is absolutely wonderful.

For example, Ye Qingchen is recognized as the best.

His Body Cultivation is also very powerful, and many young talents are deeply afraid of him.

What kind of wonderful performance will he perform in the virtual city war Let us all look forward to it.”

“In addition to Ye Qingchen, there are also many powerful competitors.

They will present wonderful battles for everyone.”


The commentators were still very passionate and stirred up the atmosphere.

In the spectator stands.

However, Yan Bo shook his head slightly and said a few words to several people from Zhenlong Faction beside him.

“Ive observed Ye Qingchen.

Hes indeed very powerful, but theres still someone whos even more powerful.”

“Is that so”

His words attracted the attention of several people around him.

“For example, Zhang Hanyang, who is in the Void-refining Realm, is also on the Earth Dragon List,” Yan Bo said.


Zhang Hanyang came from the Sea Dragon Star Area, but he has a strange temper.

We sent people to find him several times, but he just ignored us,” someone said with dissatisfaction in his tone.

“I think its normal for him to have a strong strength and a strange character.” Yan Bo said, “Dont we have a lot of protectors and Elders in our sect who have a bad temper I also said last time that Zhang Hanyang might have some business to handle back then.”

“Sir, it seems that youre very optimistic about Zhang Hanyang,” someone said.

“Because he is indeed very strong.

Lets wait and see.

If nothing goes wrong, he will be the winner,” Yan Bo said softly.

He had great confidence in Zhang Hanyang.

This was because this man had killed his way out to make his name famous.

“The God Transformation Realm Early-Stage is almost close to the phase of the Middle-Stage.”

In the simulated cabin, Zhang Han also came to that sensing space.

“The soul sense is just the soul sense, and Yuan Ying is also just Yuan Ying.”

The Thunderbolt Mark, the Thunder Tower, and the Great Demons Nascent Soul had not been simulated yet, which reduced Zhang Hans fighting capacity by a large part.

“Since thats the case, Ill need to take assassination.

Otherwise, advancing would be a problem.

Even if Im at the God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage, it would also be easy for me to die.”

Zhang Han was constantly evolving in the simulated space, using different secret methods, moves, and body movements.

“I didnt know that my foundation was already so high.”

At this time, Zhang Han had a great understanding that his Great Demons Nascent Soul and Thunderbolt Mark were many times stronger than ordinary Dao Seeking Cultivators.

“This is indeed a pleasant game for me.”

As he played, Zhang Han became interested.

Because the Earth Dragon List was indeed challenging for his strength in the virtual city.

If he was careless when he met a strange and powerful opponent, he would also have the possibility of being eliminated, but this possibility was very small.

“The exciting moment has finally arrived.”

“The War of Virtual City of Earth Dragon List is about to begin!”

“The contestants will be transmitted to the virtual city a minute later.

They have already had the experience of the Dark Dragon List and the Heavenly Dragon List.

The pace of the people on the Earth Dragon List must be faster.”

“The fierce battle is about to begin!”

“Here comes the transmission countdown.

Ten, nine… one!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Tens of thousands of people were transported to the virtual city.

The huge projection reflected a lot of scenes.

The battle of the Earth Dragon List had begun.

“Im actually here in such a place.”

Zhang Han was on an island in the middle of the lake, and he could feel hundreds of Exotic Beasts in the water around him.

“Theres no one on the island.

“Ill start with you first.”

Zhang Han, who had a great experience, glanced around and saw the situation in the distance.

There was no threat.

Zhang Han moved, wearing a black casual suit and holding a sword in his right hand, and began to slaughter.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The swords radiance flickered, and the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage and Middle-stage Exotic Beasts heads were all cut off by the sword and turned into points.

In just two minutes, the Exotic Beasts in the water around Zhang Han fled one after another.

Zhang Hans points also reached 320 points.

“Compared with the Exotic Beast in the real world, the ones in the water are too slow to react.”

Zhang Han ignored the escaping Exotic Beasts.

He quickly crossed the lake and entered a villa area in front of him.

“Ill kill some Exotic Beasts first.

When they are almost cleaned up, Ill start the prey.”

Zhang Han had already made plans for the Earth Dragon List.

If there was no Barrier-breaking Stone, he wouldnt care about ranking at all.

But he needed the Barrier-breaking Stone to open the Bounded Domain of Rain-falling Star.

Therefore, he had to take the first place.

“The points of this group of people increased very quickly.”

Ye Qingchen got first place with 1216 points.

The second place was Youyou with 860 points.

The third place was Alex with 840 points.

Zhang Han landed in a place where there were many Exotic Beasts.

After he killed them, he only got 320 points.

He was ranked behind 20th.

But there seemed to be some people who had landed in a herd of Exotic Beasts.

The points of many players increased very quickly.

“As expected, everyone thinks that Ye Qingchen is number one.

Judging from his speed of killing Exotic Beasts, he deserves to be number one.

Hes really amazing.”

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