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Chapter 1336 Opponent with One Move

“Another one admitted defeat.”

“Theres no way for us to fight him at all.”

“Zhang Hanyang is indeed too strong.

He is the biggest dark horse of this year.

There is no doubt about it.”


Another wave of clamorous noise sounded out from everywhere.

But this time, everyone was rather calm and rational because their shock at the beginning was too great.

One would get used to being shocked.

Just like Dong Chen, Zhao Feng, Yue Wuwei, and others, they now felt that Zhang Hans performance was reasonable.

“Zhang Hanyang is really interesting.”

A few people on the stone platform clapped their hands one after another.


Very nice.”

“I like him.

I must win him over.”

Upon hearing this, Yan Bo chuckled and didnt bother with them.

“Given Zhang Hanyangs character, why would he go to your sects”

“Next, Zhang Hanyang, who is from the No.

96 ring, is about to challenge the top 50 contestants.

First, he will start with the contestant in the No.

50 ring.”

“Theres no need for introductions.

Since the rules have been changed, I admit defeat as well.” The young man in the No.

50 ring chuckled, and he didnt feel ashamed of admitting defeat at all.

His behavior was praised by many people present.

Indeed, if he lost according to the previous rules, then his ranking would be determined.

But now, the rules had changed because of Zhang Hanyang, a terrifying master.

The man who broke the rules had become the most dazzling star present.

All the people present, including Yan Bo in the stands, were curious about what further success Zhang Hanyang could achieve.

“Then, No.

40 ring…”

At this time, the camera gave the three commentators a close-up.

Two of them looked slightly stiff and looked around, seeming to be at a loss.

The other one wiped the sweat on his forehead and said in an embarrassed tone, “Uh, whats your choice, contestant No.


“I admit defeat.” The green-robed man in the No.

40 ring faintly said those three words.

His aura was extraordinary.

He spoke as if he was the victor.

The commentator was stunned and muttered, “This is what a 40th contestant chose to do”

Then, another commentator continued, “Zhang Hanyang has broken the rules of the Dragon Rankings and becomes the first person to break the rules in thousands of years.

Now he is already in the top 40.

Contestant No.

30, do you accept his challenge or refuse”

As soon as he finished speaking, the uproar in the surroundings intensified.

The camera also showed the contestant in ring No.


At this moment, he looked indecisive, and he felt that it was a shame to admit defeat.

He wanted to fight, but he didnt have the confidence.

He was hesitating and indecisive.

Countless noises, in his mind, seemed to be saying, “Hes admitting defeat.

“He is definitely no match for Zhang Hanyang.

“Who does he think he is”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It was like a thunderclap in his heart.

“I dont deserve to challenge

“Who do you think you are, Zhang Hanyang!

“Im going to step on your body and spread my name far and wide!

“I will win!”

Perhaps he had succeeded in convincing himself.

The contestant suddenly shouted angrily, “Come!”

As he spoke, he patted his chest heavily.


Zhang Han flashed to the No.

30 ring.

He threw a punch.

The accumulated energy was very strong.

This contestant was a Peak-Stage God Transformation cultivator.

He made all kinds of defense and even launched three killing moves at Zhang Han.

But in the face of Zhang Han, he was still too weak.



His defensive layer was quickly shattered.

In his perception, he felt that a huge force, like a mountain, hit him, and then his meridians burned with pain.

After that, his eyes rolled.

He was sent flying backward and passed out.


The noise in the venue suddenly turned into silence.

It was like the calm before the storm.

Three seconds later, the storm broke out.

“He used a punch to defeat his enemy again”

“Oh my god.

Thats Arnold, one of the top 30.

Even he couldnt make Zhang Hanyang throw a second punch.”

“It seems that we underestimated Zhang Hanyang again.”

“Hes definitely one of the favorites for the title of champion!”

“So powerful! So handsome!”

There were too many spectators whose adrenalin was flowing.

Those who had been shouting to get a refund because of the competition rules all stood up and shouted at this time.

Waves of voices spread all over the live-streaming planets.

Ye Qingchen frowned slightly.

After pondering for two seconds, he calmed down again and seemed to have figured out the solution.

Alex was stunned.

He felt that if he wanted to defeat the 30th contestant, he would need at least three moves.

“Could it be that Zhang Hanyang is stronger than me

“Perhaps it is some sort of supernatural power ability.”

He thought about it and felt that Zhang Hanyangs punch would be thoroughly studied after a few more observations.

Chu Qingyi narrowed her eyes.

No one knew what she was thinking, but her eyes were also fixed on Zhang Han.

“Congratulations, Zhang Hanyang.

Youve won again.

Next is the contestant in the 20th ring.”

A woman with a ponytail said calmly, “I accept the challenge!”

“Shes the last disciple of the First Elder of the Seven Illusions Sect, Milan.

Its said that her attainments in illusions are enough for her to fight against some supervisors, and shes very powerful.

Although shes the disciple of the First Elder, her status is higher than that of the supervisor.

Shes on the same level as the elders.

Even the elder group can rank in the top ten!”

Those who knew what was going on below the stage started talking one after another.

“So shes Milan.”

“It is said that with her strength, she will be among the top ten at least.

Because there are a lot of restrictions on her strength in the virtual city battle, her overall score is ranked 20th.”

“In the face of Milan, Zhang Hanyang will definitely use other means.”

“Its already a miracle that he was able to defeat his opponents in a single move and fight his way into the top 20.

I feel that both of them absolutely have the strength to fight against each other, and this will be an exciting battle.”

“This is Milan of the Seven Illusions Sect!”

Near the territory of the Seven Illusions Sect, there were about 100 people.

Many of them were excitedly discussing with each other, saying how much of the chance of winning Milan had.

Some said that it was 50%, some said that it was 60%, and some said that it was 80%.

But no one said that it was less than 50%.

Suddenly, the Seven Illusions Sect Leader sighed softly and said, “You have to admit the reality.”

“What reality” asked an elder.

“Haha.” The Seven Illusions Sect Leader chuckled and said, “The reality is that Milan is no match for Zhang Hanyang at all.”

He was one of the main characters who had gone to the Blue Sand Wind Domain to negotiate.

He saw how Zhang Han killed the Peacock King and the Iron Armor Dragon with his own eyes.

He had never performed such a monstrous fist technique, and he didnt know how Zhang Han transformed his supernatural power.

How could such a powerful Void-refining Realm expert lose to a Peak-Stage God Transformation cultivator

“He was ranked 96th, but he was just doing it for fun.”

The Seven Illusions Sect Leader shook his head slightly and didnt say anything more.

He just quietly looked at the scene in front of him.

“Zhang Hanyang, I know you are very strong.

Im no match for you,” said Milan, “but Ill try my best to make you use the second move!”

“Is that so”

Zhang Han jumped into the ring and walked slowly toward her.


Light flickered in Milans eyes.

She had already cast a powerful illusion.

“Insignificant skill.”

Zhang Han smiled faintly and waved his sleeve.

A gust of wind surged out, blowing away the illusion cast by Milan directly.

Even her whole body was sent flying backward by the wind.

On the way, she passed out.

“One, one move again”

“Even Milan was defeated in one move”

“Zhang Hanyang is so ruthless that he doesnt understand human nature at all.

How could he hurt such a beautiful girl Humph!”

“Im very curious now.

When will a contestant be able to force Zhang Hanyang to make the second move”

“He defeated all of them in a single move, didnt he”

Many onlookers had changed their minds.

Their guesses changed from what kind of success Zhang Hanyang could make to who could force him to make the second move first.

It seemed that forcing Zhang Hanyang to make the second move represented supreme honor.

“Oh my god.

Zhang Hanyang is so terrifying.” The commentator heaved a long sigh and said, “He won the competition very quickly again.

How long has it been since Zhang Hanyang took over the competition He actually made it to the top 20!”

“Now its time for contestant No.

10.” Another commentator continued, “According to the changed rules, he can directly challenge the 10th at most.

If Zhang Hanyang still wins, then he will challenge the top 10 one by one to get his preliminary ranking, which will be the second round of the ranking.

After the challenge, the normal challenge battle will proceed.

He will be one of the best fighters in the competition and also need to be challenged.”

The commentator asked, “Contestant No.

10, do you accept his challenge”


Those that were ranked in the top ten were all figures of great prestige.

To be able to enter the Earth Dragon List, practically all of them were figures that carried great honors of the various great sects at their age.

They could be said to be the leaders of the younger generation.

They were very proud.

“Although Zhang Hanyang is powerful, he is not powerful enough to make us scared.”

“Come at me.

I already know how to deal with you.”

The contestant in the No.

10 ring was very confident.

When Zhang Han came to the ring, the No.

10 contestant rushed to Zhang Han at an extremely fast speed, as fast as lightning.

On the way, he divided into 16 figures, each displaying a variety of moves.

If one sensed them carefully, one would find that each of these 16 figures was like his original body.

It was a high-end Replication Technique.


Zhang Han raised his eyebrows slightly, turned his right hand into a fist, and punched forward directly.


A figure was sent flying backward.

The 10th contestant fainted on the way and was seriously injured.

Everyone was speechless.

“He just used one move again!”

Fortunately, everyone had grown used to it.

In the discussions, most people said, “Who can force him to make a second move”

“The next contestant is the No.

9 contestant, Li Aoduo.

I think he is a very familiar figure to everyone.

Yes, he is the eldest son of the Li family.

His aptitude is recognized by many big sects.

Now he is a Grade Three trainee at Dragnet Academy.

He has already contacted the Zhenlong Faction of the Astral Domain and is going to be a supervisor there.”


As soon as the commentator finished speaking, the sound waves grew louder.

“Zhenlong Factions supervisor.”

“Li Aoduo can definitely do it.

He can be said to be the number one amongst the Grade Three trainees.”

“Its said that Li Aoduo is very proud.

He never pays attention to anyone.

Hes like an ascetic living in seclusion.

Even his classmates only see him once in a long while.”


Under many exciting gazes, Li Aoduo cupped his hands to Zhang Han, who was entering the ring.

He said politely and respectfully, “Greetings, Mr.


Please be gentle in this battle.

I just want to experience the feelings of those people who lost.”

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