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Chapter 1339 His Wife Gets Jealous

“Cross Slash”

Zhang Han was slightly surprised.

How could she even know this move Back then, he had obtained countless martial arts heritages from predecessors.

He remembered that there were three levels to the Cross Slash.

The first level was Cross Cut, the second was to integrate it with occult arts, and the third was to integrate it with supernatural power.

When Zhang Han had just obtained the Cross Slash, there were only two levels.

Integrating it with supernatural power was comprehended on his own.

Later, when Zhang Han was at the sixth stage of Tribulation, he comprehended an even more profound Cross Slash, the supernatural power transformation.

On the surface, there was a layer of supernatural power integrated into it, but in fact, that was just in name.

There were more hidden supernatural powers.

Zhang Han could at most integrate five supernatural powers into a Cross Slash.

Zhang Han had mastered the few moves Chu Qingyi had performed right in front of him.

He couldnt help thinking about it.

“Could it be that Chu Qingyi has obtained the martial arts heritage of predecessors I once obtained”

He couldnt rule out this possibility.

Now that Chu Qingyis Cross Slash had reached the second level, she had integrated many occult arts into it and had even reached the third level of integrating it with supernatural power.

However, Zhang Hans understanding of the Cross Slash had reached great heights.

Seeing Chu Qingyis Cross Slash, he couldnt help but snort.

“It seems that your Cross Slash is not mature enough.”

Swish! Swish!

Zhang Han brandished his sword.

In an instant, his interest in fighting Chu Qingyi was piqued.

There was no doubt that since Chu Qingyi, who was in the early stage of the Void-refining Realm, could fight against ordinary people in the middle stage of the Void-refining Realm, Zhang Han could do the same.

Therefore, to Zhang Han, her strength was still above average.

With Zhang Hans moves, a purer light blue Cross Slash appeared.

There was only one ability integrated into it, the Taiyi Wood Thunder.


When Chu Qingyi saw that Zhang Han had also performed the Cross Slash, her pupils contracted.

“He even knows how to make my move.

“From the Desert Flying Sand Sword Strike to the present, he knows every occult art I displayed, and his comprehension level is higher.”


Bang! Bang! Bang!

“As expected.”

Chu Qingyis eyes faintly lit up.

She lost her occult art battle again.

However, she had lost in a very worthwhile manner.

“His comprehension of the Cross Slash is much higher than mine.

The first level is Cross Cut, the second is to integrate it with occult arts, and the third is to integrate it with supernatural power.”

Chu Qingyi looked ahead and saw that her Cross Slash was gradually devoured.

This caused her expression to turn slightly strange.

“Since he uses Treasure-loaded Taoist Lords title, could it be that the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord is his senior”

“Anyway, Ill defeat him first!”

Chu Qingyi stretched out her left hand and suddenly launched a palm imprint.

“Aurora Palm”

The palm print was emitting a special light, and with a mysterious power, it dissolved Zhang Hans Cross Slash, which contained supernatural power.


Zhang Han launched another Aurora Palm to confront Chu Qingyis palm print.

In the end, he won again.


The scene in the field became a little noisy.

Even the commentators were surprised.

“Oh my God, what did I just see Zhang Hanyang and Chu Qingyi launched the same attack.

Are they from the same sect”

“Each of these stunning moves can be considered an ace card, but to these two people, they use these moves just like weeds by the side of the road.

They displayed these amazing moves one by one, which is just too shocking.”

“It seems that Zhang Hanyang has the upper hand.

Now the defensive energy of the ring has reached the highest level, and even we cant feel it clearly.

Its so stunning.

The challenge in the No.

5 ring is almost equivalent to the finals in previous years.

They can definitely make it into the top ten with their strength even among all the contestants on the Dragon Rankings so far, especially on the Earth Dragon List!”

“Zhang Hanyang defeated his opponents in one move, but this finally came to an end in the No.

5 ring.”

“Even Chu Qingyi, a Shadow Refining expert, cant defeat Zhang Hanyang”

“A Peak-Stage battle.

This is a Peak-Stage battle.”

Their evaluation of this battle was very high.

As for Ye Qingchen, who was temporarily ranked first, Alex second, Youyou third, and the fourth contestant, the shock in their hearts was like a rock that had been thrown into a calm lake, causing ripples.

“His every move is amazing.”

“I didnt expect Zhang Hanyang to be so formidable.” Alex frowned slightly and said, “Chu Qingyi is in the Void-refining Realm, and Im no match for her.

Zhang Hanyang was able to hold on from the beginning and suppress Chu Qingyi.

Hes very strong, and its very likely that hes also in the Void-refining Realm.

Im a Peak-Stage God Transformation master, but Im not necessarily their match.”

“These two…” Ye Qingchens eyes narrowed slightly.

He seemed to be doing this on purpose because he didnt want others to see the emotion in his eyes.

Many people were amazed by this battle.

Because both Zhang Han and Chu Qingyi were formidable, and the moves they executed were exactly similar.

It turned out that most of their moves were the same, which made others think that they were from the same sect.

Chu Qingyi was getting more and more shocked as the fight went on.

“Who the hell is he”

Chu Qingyi muttered to herself as she attacked.

After a while, she suddenly sneered and said, “I dont think you can do this as well!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The light of the underworld came up from the sky, and the cold light of her sword illuminated the blue sky.

A giant flash of cold light took shape in the air, displaying an enormous majesty.

It carried an astonishing sharpness as it swept toward Zhang Han.

However, in the face of this move, Zhang Han smiled faintly.

“Youre not good enough for this strike.”


A more destructive light suddenly appeared in front of Zhang Han.

It was only more than 30 meters long, but it contained more power than the sword light in the sky.

“He also knows this move”

Chu Qingyi was stunned again.

She couldnt figure out why he knew all her moves.

“Could it be…

“He is the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord Or is he the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lords disciple

“Were from the same sect!

“Good heavens!

“That must be it.

“If we werent from the same sect, how could he have so many of the same moves as mine

“If he knew one or two, it might be a coincidence.

However, he knows so many of my moves, and there is definitely a reason for that.

“Could it be that hes my Senior Brother”

In a daze, her sword move was cracked.

“Its time to end the game.”

Zhang Han made an incantation gesture with his right hand, and the Cold Light Sword changed its move again.

More than 100 sword lights formed a formation, which made it difficult for people to see through as it attacked Chu Qingyi from all directions.

“Humph! That may not necessarily be the case!”

Chu Qingyi sneered and waved her sword again.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

“Do you think that I dont know that there would be 99 sword lights when changing moves” Chu Qingyi looked straight at Zhang Han and said, “I know this move very well, just like you.”

This was already a hint that they might have some sort of relationship.

She also thought that Zhang Han would take the initiative to say, “Hey What relationship do you have with the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord”

However, he didnt say it.

“Is that so”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“On the surface, its 99 sword moves, but in fact, its 100 sword lights.

The extra one represents breaking through the shackles and infinite possibilities.”


Chu Qingyis heart skipped a beat as she used her divine senses to carefully sense her surroundings.

She suddenly discovered that an extremely sharp sword light, that was hidden in the void, was swiftly attacking her from twenty meters in front of her.


Chu Qingyis expression faintly changed.

She wanted to use a defensive treasure, but after a moment of hesitation, she gave up on the idea of initiating the treasure.

Instead, she relied on her moves to block the attack.


A muffled sound rang out as Chu Qingyi was knocked back ten thousand feet by the enormous force.

She had already left the range of the ring.

“Take this as me losing half a move to you.

Just wait.

In the fight later, I will use my full strength to beat you up.” Chu Qingyis gaze was a bit fierce.

But her tone was very calm.

“Ill be waiting,” Zhang Han said.

He turned to look at the No.

4 ring.

At this moment, there was a smile on Chu Qingyis face.

“Is he my Senior Brother Or Master”

She didnt know that, but the tender smile on her cheeks made the camera take several close-ups.

“Ill go eat ** if they have nothing to do with each other!” Ye Longyuan roared.

Many people were in an uproar.

But in one place, the atmosphere suddenly became quiet, and even the temperature seemed to have dropped a few degrees.

“Ahem, well, shes an interesting opponent.” Zhang Guangyou forced a smile and didnt know how to react.

Everyone looked at Zi Yan, who was smiling from time to time, but there was killing intent in her eyes.

“Not good!

“She got jealous!”

Zhao Feng touched his forehead subconsciously.

“Master, take care.”

Mu Xue was wondering, “Alas, judging from Maams attitude, she wants to fight Chu Qingyi!”

Jiang Yanlan thought, “Humph! Chu Qingyi is not a good person.

Her face is full of lust.

Thats really annoying!”

Mengmeng blinked her big shining eyes, looked left and right, and finally fixed them on Zi Yans face.

“Hey, Mummy seems to be angry.”

Zhang Han was calm from beginning to end.

However, in the end, Chu Qingyi smiled gently and looked at Zhang Hans back without blinking, which made Zi Yan very angry.

“They seem to be using the same moves.

Do they belong to the same sect” Rong Jiali asked.

She wanted to ease the atmosphere.

This made Zi Yan angrier, but she still said with a smile, “Well, it may be so.”

Although she said so, she thought in her heart, “It must be that he knew her before! Even their moves are exactly the same, so how could he not know her In the past, when he was in the Cultivation World for 500 years…

“Zhang Han said that he didnt date any women in the Cultivation World.

There are several meanings behind this.

He didnt marry any woman officially, and he had no Cultivational Partner, but has he ever been in any ambiguous relationship Was there a one-night stand

“In the past, he was a romantic and unrestrained young man.”

Zi Yan was torn at the thought of it.

The more she cared about Zhang Han, the more she cared about these things.

She trusted Zhang Han from the bottom of her heart, but people were complicated.

She couldnt help thinking about those things.

Especially after Chu Qingyis smile softened.

When Zi Yan got angry, the temperature on the scene seemed to have dropped.

No one spoke.

Even if someone spoke, they had to lower their voice several times.


Yue Wuwei, who was next to Zi Yan, held back his laughter and felt that it was very interesting.

Now, he was particularly happy to see Zhang Han suffer.

Except for Mengmeng, Zi Yan was the only one who could make Zhang Han suffer.

“Zhang Hanyang is so powerful.

He won again and has challenged his way to the No.

4 ring.”

The commentators were still passionate, shouting.

“Zhang Hanyang has won all the way.

How great his success will be Up to now, he hasnt had a rest.

Now I understand that what he said about challenging everyone is not a boast.

He absolutely has the strength to do so!”

“Our candidate for champion has already arrived at Ring No.


Will he use more moves in this battle Lets wait and see!”

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