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Chapter 1345 Bright Moon in the Sky

But others didnt know what they were talking about.

Hearing their conversation, the crowd was confused.

Not even the Lo family members knew what was going on.

Zi Yan, Mengmeng, and others were also a little curious.

Mengmeng couldnt help asking, “Daddy, what are you going to do”

“Well go get something, which is helpful to my cultivation.

Its a kind of treasure,” Zhang Han said.

“Okay.” Mengmeng lost interest when she heard that.

She had seen so many treasures that she didnt find them rare at all.

“Uncle Zhang, you guys should stay for a few more days so that I can take Mengmeng, Xiaonao, and the rest of the girls around.

There are still many fun places to visit on the Rain-falling Star,” Lorry said in a hurry.


Well have to trouble you these days,” Zhang Han said.

“What trouble Theres no need for courtesy.” Loshanwu shook his head.

“If you have some business to do, just get on with it.

Go back to Dragnet Academy when youre done with it.

We havent had classes for a long time.

We need to take extra classes when we go back,” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile.

Now that he had become a student again, he felt a little strange.

He was not the only one.

Rong Jiali, Wang Ya, and the others also attended classes from time to time.

All members had to cultivate.

This was the basic path that everyone had to take.

Actually, they had all thought about it before.

The most powerful people in their team could live for a long time.

If they werent strong enough, they would still be in danger.

First of all, no one wanted to die.

Secondly, the longer they lived, the more fun they could have.

“It wont take long,” said Zhang Han.

He, Yue Wuwei, and Loshanwugot up and entered one of the Lo Familys aircraft.

They left quickly and soon disappeared into the golden horizon.

“Shall we go to the Garden Square first”

Dong Xiang walked to Zi Yan and said with a smile, “The Garden Square is newly built.

We got some rare flowers, and the scenery there is quite nice.”


The crowd moved forward and followed Dong Xiang to Garden Square.

The surroundings were covered with orderly flowers.

Hundreds of flowers bloomed.

The place didnt need any illumination because there were flowers that were emitting a faint light after nightfall.

Because there were so many flowers, the whole square seemed to be lit up.

“This isnt the best effect yet.

The square will look even better when night falls,” Dong Xiang said with a smile.

“These flowers are beautiful.” Zi Yan, Wang Ya, Zhou Fei, Rong Jiali, and others eyes lit up as they admired such beautiful scenery.

As for Mengmeng and the other girls, they had already gone to have fun with Lorry.

The square was not small, and there were all kinds of flowers.

Some of them were even more than ten meters high, just like the woods on the side of the road.

In the ordinary world, although the scenery was beautiful, there would be some trivial problems.

For example, there were too many mosquitoes, little insects, and spiders.

As one walked, it would be quite a horrible thing if one accidentally touched the spider web above.

But there was no such concern here in this square.

Even at night, one could wander around at will.

“Zi Yan, I need to tell you something.” Dong Xiang suddenly lowered her voice.

This attracted the attention of Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and others.

It was obvious that something was wrong.

“Whats the matter” Zi Yan asked.

“Well, Chu Qingyi, who is ranked second on the Earth Dragon List, knows Shanwu.

She has something to ask of us and wants to meet you.

Since she came to us, I feel like you may have some sort of misunderstanding with each other.

Therefore, I didnt promise her that and only helped her deliver the message.

Whether you meet her or not depends on your opinion,” Dong Xiang said.

“What She came to you for that” Zhou Fei was stunned.

“It seems that she is determined to be apprenticed.”

Zi Yan frowned slightly and then relaxed.

She was thinking about something.

“Apprenticed” Dong Xiang did not understand, so she asked, “Is it that Chu Qingyi wants to be apprenticed”

She sounded a little surprised.

In the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province, none of those powerful people were comparable to Chu Qingyi in terms of status.

With her status, there seemed to be no need for her to be apprenticed.

“Yes, Chu Qingyis eyes lit up as soon as she saw my brother-in-law.

She looked like a love-struck fool and wanted to be apprenticed to him,” Zhou Fei said.

“Thats true.” The others nodded one after another, but they also analyzed the matter.

“I feel like theres a reason behind her actions.”

“We dont know the reason, but what she did would be misunderstood by others, and no one knows what she is thinking.”

“Zi Yan, she made you unhappy.

Its not necessary to see her,” Zhang Li said.


You dont need to see her.”

They were certainly partial to Zi Yan.

At the same time, they didnt know the specific situation and didnt want those who made Zhang Hans family of three unhappy to get close to them.

Hearing their words, Dong Xiang thought for a moment and said, “It seems that Chu Qingyi came to Zhang Hanyang to be his disciple, but then he refused.

Well, Chu Qingyis status is quite high, and very few people in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province know that she is from the Chu family in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

As we all know, the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven is under the control of the Four Great Sects.

In addition to those sects, there are also many powerful forces in that place.

After all, the Astral Domain is huge, and the Four Great Sects are located on the largest planet, the Vast Heaven Star.

The other forces actually occupy more than 90% of the place.

The Chu family is relatively mysterious, and no one knows where they are.

But occasionally, some of their family members would come out to cultivate.

Every one of them is quite powerful, so they are quite famous.”

“It wouldnt work even if she has high status.” Zhang Li snorted.

“Alright then.

I know how to answer her.” With a smile, Dong Xiang took out her communication wristband and sent a message to Chu Qingyi.

Regarding this, Zi Yan did not say anything or express her attitude, but she was quieter than before.

Not far from Garden Square, Chu Qingyi wasnt sitting in her petal hanging basket.

Instead, she was sitting on a chair in the courtyard.

She raised her head to look at the moon that had just risen and was somewhat absent-minded.

After a while, a sound came from her communication device.


She quickly lowered her head to check the message, only to be stunned.

A few minutes later, she raised her head.

The look in her eyes was complicated.

It seemed that there were some grievances in them, but gradually they turned into a touch of firmness.

From the looks of it, she seemed to be chasing a dead end and would do whatever she saw fit to do.

On Zhang Hans side.

“Is the Barrier-breaking Stone all we need”

Loshanwu took a deep breath and said, “Im also very curious about whats in there.

What the hell is it”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “The Barrier-breaking Stone will do the main work, and I have the other things we need.

As for the treasure in there, its related to lightning.

Well know what it is when we see it.”

“There are also a lot of lightning treasures, but the one in there must be of high level,” Yue Wuwei said.

“It is something that Master left behind, how could it be low-class”

“This is it.”

While they talked, the aircraft stopped above the central area of the Rain-falling Lake.

The three of them got off the aircraft, jumped into the lake, and went all the way down.

Arriving at the bottom of the water, they entered the adobe.

Following the passageway, they once again arrived at the inner space.

The lava below was still red.

There were three layers of powerful Bounded Domains around them.

The huge city ahead still looked dignified and majestic.

Yue Wuwei looked at Zhang Han and asked, “Do you need my help”

“The same goes with me.

If theres anything I can help with, just say the word.” Loshanwu smiled.

“I dont need your help for the time being.

Ill tell you when I need it.” Zhang Han nodded.

“How will we go up Thats really a problem.” Loshanwu couldnt even feel through the first layer of the Bounded Domain when he released his spiritual force.

“Yue Wuwei said that there are three layers of them.

What stunning strength…”

Even Loshanwu was curious about their opponents realm.

“Its time to see his real face.”

Zhang Han looked ahead.

His aura was surging and his momentum was rising to the peak.

Loshanwu was shocked.

“What a powerful aura.

“Zhang Hanyang deserved his reputation.

With his strength, he can make a good living in the Astral Domain.

“Most importantly, hes under forty years old.

In his casual life, hes like a youth with boundless potential.”

“Bright Moon in the Sky!”

Zhang Han was very straightforward.

It took him two seconds to improve his momentum, and the next moment, his eyes shone with a sharp light.

He stretched out his arms to the side when his inner body shook.


19,999 pieces of medium-grade crystals appeared out of nowhere, floating in the air.

Sparkling rays of light could be seen connecting each other between every crystal stone, forming miniature formations.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

All kinds of Formation Stones and Formation Flags appeared in the formations, acting as the formation eyes.

“What, what kind of formation is this”

Loshanwu widened his eyes in disbelief.

He could feel that there were more than 60 formations.

“With so many formations controlled at the same time, wouldnt things get messy”

In fact, it wouldnt get messy at all.

There was a total of 99 formations.

It was a huge project and even Zhang Han had taken some time to prepare.

However, the formation of the Bright Moon in the Sky was only for detection.

When the 99 formations were all completed, the whole place darkened all of a sudden.

All kinds of crystal stones, Formation Stones, and Formation Flags seemed to be hidden in the void.

A huge bright moon appeared above their heads.

The Bright Moon in the Sky could break all illusions.

Dazzling moonlight turned into a pillar of light that illuminated the area ahead.


“I, I see it!”

Loshanwu was stunned.

Three Bounded Domains slowly appeared in the air in front of them.

The first one covered the edge of their cliff.

The second one was a stairway in the air.

The third one was the Bounded Domain that surrounded the enormous city ahead.

The third Bounded Domain had the deepest color.

Evidently, it was also the strongest one.

“This method…”

Yue Wuwei shook his head with emotion.

“Hes only at the God Transformation Realm Early Stage, but he is already capable of such a feat.

This kid is too stunning.”


The sounds of explosions were heard one after another while more than 10,000 crystal stones were turned into ashes.

When the power ran out, at least those Formation Stones and Formation Flags were intact.

“Are you ready to take action” Yue Wuwei asked.


Zhang Han nodded, and his eyes became calm again as he looked ahead.

When Loshanwu wanted to say something, Zhang Han suddenly raised his right hand.

A large number of crystal stones appeared.

At first glance, there were about 100,000 of them.

“Do you need so many of them” Yue Wuwei and Loshanwu were both a little stunned.


Zhang Han moved his left hand as another batch of crystal stones appeared.

One by one, the items he needed appeared.

As the number of items increased, Loshanwus mouth gradually widened.


“More than 10,000 top-grade crystals”

“Thats 100 supreme-grade crystal stones Oh my god, theyre legendary!”

“So many sixth-tier gems are used as the formation eyes Its too extravagant!”

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