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Chapter 135 The Unpredictable Mind

“Hahaha, defeated by a newcomer.

Its really funny.”

“What a pity.

After all, she is a goner.”

“There are still dreams that could not be given up.

Dont be discouraged.”

A few others surrounding them said with a similar sarcasm.

Seeing this, Zi Yan was somewhat angry.

Zhou Fei, however, gave a slight smile and said,

“So thats what you are talking about.

Hahaha, it is so funny.

You know what Its better than someone who tried her best to get connections.

Besides, I think its hilarious for someone, who puts on a hyaluronic acid face, to judge others.”

“Who the hell are you talking about” Xu Ruoyus face suddenly changed, glaring at Zhou Fei.

Cosmetic surgery was a trend in this era and Xu Ruoyu was no exception.

She had her face slightly adjusted and became more good looking.

Zhou Feis face-to-face criticism almost enraged her.

“Who am I talking about Dont you get any **ing idea of it” Zhou Fei hissed, her eyes full of sarcasm.

In terms of sarcasm, Zhou Fei had not been afraid of anyone yet.

For these rookies who should dare to taunt them, if she didnt knock back, then she would not be called Zhou Fei.

“Whats the point of tough-talking” Xu Ruoyus agent sneered, “Now, who in the whole company does not know the album result of that goner Its daydreaming for her to compare with our Ruoyu.”

“Compare” Zhou Fei replied with a goofy expression, “Why should we compare to her It seems that someone doesnt even have the qualifications to be a goner.

What is the sense of comparing Ah, after all, someones horizon is too low, just like what Oh, yes, a frog in a well, or a buffoon In fact, it is quite appropriate to use a buffoon to describe her.

Haha, its just like birds of a feather flock together and people of a group gather together.

Elder Sister Yan, lets go.

It doesnt make any sense to play the piano to some stupid cows.”

Zhou Feis sharp tongue made Xu Ruoyu and others quite annoyed.

Seeing their expressions, Zi Yan somewhat felt better.

Hearing Zhou Feis words, she nodded and said under an occasion that she didnt usually talk,

“You are right.”

After saying that, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei went to the office.

“You, you, you!” Xu Ruoyu choked with anger.

“Interesting, I really dont know how she could be so self-confidence with the sales of 2,000 records, and that sales volume is indeed worthy of the wordgoner!” Xu Ruoyus agent ridiculed at a distance.

This sentence also made Zi Yans expression slightly pause.

Although Zhou Fei was slightly better in the verbal battle just now, the fact was that Zi Yans sales were really terrible.

Returning to the office, Zi Yan sat on the office chair, closing her eyes, and sighed softly.

“Elder Sister Yan, dont be angry with those people.

Who do they think they are! Who did not know that Xu Ruoyu gets these resources by sleeping with Li Cheng Shes really a joke!” Zhou Fei said with anger.

“Forget it, dont argue with them.” Zi Yan took a deep breath and said to both Zhou Fei and herself.

Then she opened her eyes, still with a dim in them.

She was not the type who liked to contend with others.

She grew up in a honey pot.

Her family was wealthy and strong.

But because of that, Zi Yan was prevented from becoming a star by her family at the beginning.

Zi Yan was the most beautiful girl in the family.

How could she become a star

But this was Zi Yans dream.

Despite their discouragements, she came to Hong Kong to mingle in the Entertainment Circle and even had a rift with her family.

However, her parents still cared about her, but they couldnt help too much because there were too many family rules.

Eventually, in the fourth year, Zi Yan became a pop star, and her familys attitude towards her eased a little.

After all, a large family took a career as its priority, and her father was only a senior executive, not a leader, so his voice didnt count so much.

But who would have thought she met Zhang Han later

At present, Zi Yan wanted to prove herself again, but she didnt expect to meet such a bad situation.

Originally, she assumed that the album would break 10,000 on the first day, but the result was only one-fifth of her expectation.

Amid Zi Yans meditation, the telephone on her office desk rang.

After picking up the phone, Zi Yan gave a positive answer, standing up and said, “Elder sister Mei asked me to go over.”

“Oh, then Ill accompany you there.

The old witch may embarrass you.” Zhou Fei said worriedly.

“No, I can go by myself.”

Zi Yan shook her head slightly and went to Meiqis office alone.

At this time, Meiqi was still processing files on the computer.

When she saw Zi Yan, she casually said, “Sit down and wait a moment until I finish the files.”

Zi Yan sat and waited in silence for nearly 20 minutes.

Zi Yan felt a little surprised because Meiqi never asked her to wait back in those days when she was famous.

In those days, she and Meiqi were also good friends.

Why she chose Royal Entertainment Company this time after she returned from abroad was also partly due to Meiqi, but now things had changed, and everything was different from what it used to be.

“Zi Yan.”

Finally, Meiqi finished her documents.

She looked up at Zi Yan, smiled and said, “Do you know about the first day sales of your new album”

“Mmm, yes.”

“How do you feel” Meiqi leaned against the chair, asking in a relaxed and casual tone.

Zi Yan hesitated and said slowly, “I am too impatient this time.

The songs should be much well prepared.”

It was true that it should be well prepared, but the most important thing was they should have excellent songs to select.

Of course, Meiqi knew this.

She stared at Zi Yan, sighing softly after a moment and said, “Zi Yan, please dont blame me.

I also want to help you, and I have also thought about asking for some songs for you as before, but now I am the director.

The higher the position is, the more worries I have.

Therefore, you should not be too concerned.

I will fight for what you deserve in the future.”

“Thank you, elder sister Mei.” Zi Yan nodded slightly.

“Youre welcome.” Meiqi smiled and said earnestly, “Zi Yan, the Entertainment Circle is different from the past.

If you want to go further along this road, your contacts are crucial.

Elder sister Mei thinks that you can try to talk to Mr.


Of course, Im not talking about that kind of contact.

Be friends.

In short, one more friend means one more path.

Although there are many rumors about Mr.

Li in the company, and he has made several girlfriends, but they were all voluntary.

He has no bad thoughts actually.”

“I know, elder sister Mei.”

“All right, its good to know.

Dont be upset.

This is only a try.

Its also very important for people to know that you have come back.

Later Ill arrange two programs for publicizing.

Ill let Zhou Fei know the specifics then.” Meiqi said with a smile on her face.

“Thank you.”

“Well, fine then.” Meiqi nodded and gave Zi Yan an encouraging smile.

Zi Yan stood up and walked towards the outside.

When she opened the door and walked a few steps, Li Cheng came up from the opposite side.

“Hey Zi Yan” Li Cheng narrowed his eyes and went ahead, with his face showing concern.

He said, “I heard about the album.

Zi Yan, dont worry about it.

It is good for releasing the news of your comeback.

There are two new movies that need to select actors in two months.

Ill see if I can get you a heroine then.”

“Thank you, Mr.


There is some work for me to deal with.

See you around.” Zi Yan slightly nodded and went straight away.

Li Cheng looked at the back of Zi Yan, with the corners of his mouth showing a meaningful smile.

He pushed the door and walked directly into Meiqis office, casually sitting on the sofa and asked, “How are things going for the program”

“I have prepared two programs for Zi Yan.

They will work.

These two programs are enough to break her pride.” Meiqi smiled lightly.

“Thats good.”

“I just encouraged her to associate with you, and when she realizes the reality, she will not be able to escape from the hand of you, little sex maniac.” Meiqi said with laughter.

“This is very good.” Li Cheng squinted and smiled, “Take her down, and Ill remember what youve done!”


Zi Yan didnt know that she was stepping towards a long-planned plot.

She also didnt think that Li Cheng would collude with Meiqi in order to get her.

When she walked back to her office, she could always hear some voices.

For these hostile comments, Zi Yan was unable to ignore them completely.

If it lasted one day or two, Zi Yan could ignore them, but the accumulated comments really made her exhaust physically and mentally.

On the other side, Mengmeng was playing around in the lobby of the first floor during the whole morning.

She played with puppets for a while, then the remote control cars and toys for a while.

She was so focused that Zhang Han was not even needed to accompany her.

So Zhang Han went to the counter, turned on his laptop and logged in to the newly-registered Weibo account.

The mere sight of it was enough to shock him.

Just two days after its registering, the account which had no profile photo had attracted over 100,000 fans.

Of course, Xue Qian was the biggest reason.

Opening the message board below the news release, he found that there were many messages.

However, there were no famous singers or even popular ones.

However, Zhang Han did not care about popularity.

What he cared about was the songs released in the last century he preferred to listen to.

So Zhang Han casually reviewed through the messages.

Looking through for a moment, Zhang Han found that many people who left messages were unknown to him, but their words were polite.

“Hello, Mr.

Hanyang, I am singer XX.

After listening to Mr.

Hans excellent work, I think it is very great.

Therefore I want to ask for a piece of music from Mr.

Han and hopefully, I can get it.”

Most of them were polite, but, of course, there were also some mavericks.

It was unclear whether they were singers or not.

They usually said like this,

“Hello Brother Hanyang, I am singer Da Chaozi.

Could you produce a song for me, buddy Look forward to hearing from you.


“Elder brother Hanyang, I like your songs very much.

Can you give me a song I am pretty, sweet and sexy.

I can send you my private photos as long as you send me a song.

Oops, Im so ashamed.” Zhang Han doubted whether this was a man or a woman.

“Hanyang, give me a song and I will make you famous all over the world!”

Zhang Han didnt know where all these monsters came from.

He just smiled gently when he saw those frivolous messages.

People were just finding some fun surfing the Internet.

Sometimes a reply like this would make people laugh, and that was the so-called “amazing comment”.

Zhang Han thought most of these replies he saw were mainly intended for entertainment.



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