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Chapter 143 Zhang Lis Warning

In short, no matter what Pearson thought, the nonmembers felt a little sad though the egg fried rice and the noodle soup were as fragrant as usual.

Imagine when you were eating delicious egg fried rice in the restaurant with their favorite meat dishes that they were not allowed to eat served nearby and a man who kept saying how delicious the food was beside, coupled with the fragrance of the food as well as the appearance of the spiced goose, you were bound to be envious.

As a result, the first group of guests had a terrible dinner experience today.

When they almost ate the meat up, the non-members tasted egg fried rice and noodle soup as usual.

The restaurant became quiet after dinner.

Zhang Li and Zhou Fei cleaned up the restaurant and chatted for a while on the second floor.

Then Zhang Li and Li Anna went home.

Zi Yan wanted to return to the Yunyin Garden.

With Mengmengs permission, they went out and headed to Eastern.

Zhang Han took Zi Yan and Mengmeng, while Zhou Fei drove her Mercedes alone.

As Zi Yan and Mengmeng were not in her car, she had no scruples to play popular songs aloud directly.

As soon as she turned on the radio, a song she had never heard before rang.

“Walking hand in hand in the street of happiness, we snuggle to each other when the breeze slowly blows.

The eyes with love are filled with enthusiastic…”

Zhou Feis face gradually stiffened with dismay while listening.

“What song is this A new song This song definitely will be popular!”

As she was driving, Zhou Fei did not listen to it seriously.

Still, she also recognized that this song was absolutely a masterpiece.

But gradually, the second, the third, the fourth new song came out…

“Damn it! What happened Why are there so many new songs Why didnt I hear any news My God!” Zhou Fei got mad and wanted to search for information about these songs.

However, she could not do it until she returned to the Yunyin Garden for she was driving.

Zhou Fei was playing music while Zi Yan and Mengmeng were singing in Zhang Hans car.

They sangLet It Go together.

Mengmengs clear and tender voice, together with Zi Yans heavenly voice, created a more pleasant atmosphere in the car than that provided by music played by the radio.

Zhang Han felt at ease.

He listened to the live songs while driving.

This kind of life was indeed romantic.

On the other side, Zhang Li drove the Maserati and took Li Anna to her rental housing.

“Ah…” Li Anna looked out of the window and sighed.

“Miss Li, whats wrong with you Youve sighed 80 times.

You have a certain fondness for my brother, didnt you” Zhang Li said helplessly.


Brother Zhang Han is so outstanding.

Its normal to be well disposed towards him.” Li Anna pouted and said, feeling a little sad.

“No.” Zhang Li took a deep breath and said in a more reluctant voice, “Didnt you see”


“My sister-in-law!”

“I saw her.

So what”

“Youve seen her, so why havent you give up” Zhang Li showed a deep resignation in her expression.

Did the intelligence quotient of a woman who was spoony become negative

“No, even if Brother Zhang Han has a wife, I still like him!” Li Anna said solemnly.

“My god, what are you saying I beg you not to have a certain fondness for my brother, or I wont take you to the restaurant next time.” Zhang Li said with a profound resignation.

“If you dont take me to the restaurant, Ill go myself.

Hum.” Li Anna snorted with her eyes flashed.

“No way!” Zhang Li frowned slightly and said seriously, “Li Anna, you cant do this.

I take you there.

If you disturb my brother and my sister-in-law, Ill become a sinner.

Besides, the relationship between my brother and my sister-in-law is…”

Zhang Li came to a pause.

Realizing that Zhang Li was really serious, Li Anna said with a chuckle, “Well, Im teasing you.

Of course, I like Brother Zhang Han, but I dont want to rob him.

I just like the warm men who are especially capable.

Dont worry.

I know what Im doing.

Im not a child!”

“Whoosh…” Zhang Li let out her breath in a long exhalation when she heard this.

She gave Li Anna an angry stare and said grumpily, “You seem to be sick.

Why did you tease me Youre really insane.

Youd better shape up.

Dont embarrass me.”

“Fine, I know.” Li Anna stuck out her tongue and looked at Zhang Li, saying in a puzzled tone, “You mentioned their relationship.

Hows the relationship between Brother Zhang Han and Sister Zi Yan Why you stop talking”

“I dont want to tell you.” Zhang Li refused.

“Dont do that.

I only have a little admiration for Brother Zhang Han.

Knowing his wife is Zi Yan, I really dont want to disturb them but only wish them happiness.

But Im still curious about their gossip.

Lili, please tell me.” Li Anna hummed.

“Well, as youre in your right mind, Ill tell you.” Zhang Li smiled and said, “My brother and Zi Yan havent been married yet.”

“What” Li Anna suddenly froze and said with confusion, “Why They have a child.

Why havent they married”

“The situation is relatively complicated.” Zhang Li sighed softly and said, “Five years ago, Zi Yan went to Shang Jing and happened to meet my brother.

As a result, she became pregnant.

Deciding to give birth to the child, she retired from the Entertainment Circle.

Then she had a baby and raised her.

She brought Mengmeng to my brother not long ago.

Besides, my brother also left Shang Jing because of Mengmeng.”

At this point, Zhang Lis tone became dignified and she said, “The affection between my brother and Zi Yan is continuously warming up, and being together is their best end.

So you should understand that I dont care about others who like my brother, but youre my best friend.

What if you pursue my brother In that case, how do I face Feifei and my sister-in-law”

“I see.

Its a really tangled story…” Li Anna pursed her lips and gave Zhang Li a reassuring look.

She said earnestly, “Lili, dont worry.

I wont embarrass you.

I want you to take me to eat delicious food in the future.

If I cant enjoy food because I do something stupid, how sad I will be.”

“Hum, Im grateful that youre sensible.” Zhang Li snorted softly.

Zhang Li was worried that Li Anna fell in love with her brother.

She had never doubted Zhang Hans attraction to women.

Her elder brother was originally a captivator in Shang Jing and had a lot of fans.

Now he became more appealing for he could play the piano and make delicious food.

On the other side, when they returned to the Yunyin Garden, Zhou Fei hurried into the bedroom to turn on the computer.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan accompanied Mengmeng in the living room.

Zi Yan had been under a lot of pressure recently.

Although the sales of her album were negative and she seemed to be a joke of others, she did not want to give up.

The failure at present did not mean that she would fail in the future.

Hard work and pain might not always be paid off, but people would never be rewarded if they did not make great efforts.

Zi Yan, therefore, had adjusted her mentality to work.

She just wanted to prove herself.

Although she was under great pressure at work, she felt at ease both physically and mentally when she was at home with Mengmeng.

Er… it was seemingly nice to have Zhang Hans company.

In fact, he was such a family-centered man… and other people would regard him as a good husband.

The idea suddenly came into Zi Yans mind.

“Good… husband Zi Yan, what are you thinking”

Zi Yan suddenly froze and stunned with her face flushed.

“Ah, it was all guesswork.

Husband Bah, bah, bah.

He only cooked well.

Hum! Nasty wood.”

“Al… MaMa, you, you are blushing!” Seeing that MaMa had not said anything for a long time, Mengmeng glanced at her and asked curiously.

“What Well, am I blushing I must feel… a little hot.” Zi Yan blinked.

She noticed that Zhang Han was looking at her cheeks.

His eyes seemed full of magic, making Zi Yans cheeks get hotter and hotter.

“Ah, I should control myself.

Its so shameful.

Why do I blush easily I should calm down…”

As blushing was uncontrollable, Zi Yan could only breathe deeply to calm down.

However, it was Zhou Fei who finally rescued her.

Just then, the door of Zhou Feis bedroom was opened with a bang.

Zhou Feis head poked through the doorway.

She stared at Zi Yan with widened eyes and shouted, “Elder Sister Yan, Elder Sister Yan, come on.

Hurry up.

Something important has happened!”

“Hmm Whats it Ill come right now.” Zi Yans eyes lit up.

She stood up quickly and said to Mengmeng, “Mengmeng, MaMa will come back in a moment.

You can play with PaPa.”

“Well… all right.

MaMa, you should come back soon.” Mengmeng happily agreed.

On entering Zhou Feis bedroom, Zi Yan was grabbed and brought to the computer desk by Zhou Fei.

“Whats so urgent” Zi Yan felt relieved and asked curiously at the same time.

“Dont say anything but listen to these four songs first!” Zhou Fei put a high-quality headset on Zi Yan without hesitation and began to play the first song.

When Zi Yan heard the accompaniment and the first line, she became serious.

Having listened to these four songs in succession, Zi Yans eyes glinted.

She removed the headset, looked at Zhou Fei with beautiful eyes and said,

“These four songs are all very rare fine songs.

Each of them sounds great!”

“Of course! These four songs were released this the afternoon and they have ranked into the top 20 in the music software ranking now.

How wonderful.

Only superstars can gain this kind of achievement!” Zhou Fei took a deep breath and said, “Elder Sister Yan, dont just pay attention to these songs.

Look at their songwriters.”

“What wrong with the songwriters”

Zi Yan used her mouse to click on the information of these songs one by one.

When she saw a series of “Hanyang”, she was shocked!



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