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Chapter 167 Remove Everything from the Storehouse

Zhao Feng recoiled when he saw Daheis fist.

He was well aware that he was totally overpowered by Dahei.

Especially after this battle, he knew more about Daheis strength.

This guy could even fend off bullets!

It did not make any sense!

After all, Zhao Feng had witnessed Daheis transformation.

He had begun to believe and accept the meaning of “cultivation”, so he was not duly shocked.

Moreover, Zhao Feng knew that in comparison to Dahei and Little Hei, he was the weakest.

Remembering his position clearly, he changed his tone and spoke gently.

“Well, erm… Dahei, Tang Zhan obtained these treasures through illegal means.

Isnt it better for us not to take them”


Dahei pounded its chest with its right fist, frowning to express its dissatisfaction with Zhao Feng.

“I dont think Master would like such ill-gotten gains.” Zhao Feng said haltingly.


When Dahei heard Zhang Hans name mentioned, speculation registered on its face.

It scratched its head and suddenly remembered something.

Its eyes brightened.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

Dahei kept pointing to the treasures in the private room.

It took Zhao Feng a long time to finally understand what Dahei was trying to say.

His message was precise: “Dont try to fool me.

The owner would certainly like these treasures.

Let us take them back! Quickly, come and help!.

After gesticulating for a while, Dahei bent down and began to take the gold.

“Erm…” The corner of Zhao Fengs mouth quivered slightly.

He felt a little doubtful, since he was formerly from the army, but as a disciple of the cultivation master, did he really need to care about these rules Maybe it did matter, taking away the gold, so Zhao Feng compressed his lips and nodded, saying,

“OK, then lets take the gold and Ill get the truck outside.”

After he finished speaking, Zhao Feng hurried out.

Before entering the house, he had seen a minivan parked on the side, so he went to check it out.

Since their intention was to cart away the gold, they needed a truck, for it was impossible for an ordinary car to carry more than two tons of gold!

When he stepped out, Zhao Feng glanced around the mansion but did not see anyone.

But there were dozens of onlookers nearby.

Zhao Feng ignored them and walked straight to the truck.

He smiled when he saw the key in the truck.

At this point, the dozens of onlookers, who appeared to be stunned at what was happening, came back to earth, after seeing Zhao Fengs actions.

“He is out! He is out!”

“Hmm What is he going to do with the truck”

Under the puzzled gazes of the people, Zhao Feng drove the truck to the front of the main residence and strode back into the house.

That was when they saw Zhao Feng and Dahei bringing the gold out.

Their eyes widened as they witnessed what was going on.

“What! Does Zhao Feng intend to remove everything from the storehouse of Tang Zhan”

“Oh, my God.

Its gold!”

“Gosh, that huge guy is carrying hundreds of pounds of gold out at one time!”

“I think they have taken more than a ton of gold out.

My God! A ton of gold.

Nearly four hundred million yuan! Im going crazy, I want a slice of the action too!”

“Brother, wake up.

Dont start day dreaming.

Take a good look at those people lying on the ground and calm down!”


The glittering gold drew the attention of nearly 50 people standing there.

That was Tang Zhans hoard, which was of great value.

In fact, people who possessed this kind money could move about in the upper society in Hong Kong.

They would be able to do business with successful businessmen, drink tea at their leisure, enjoy massages by stunning beauties while lying down in private pools, be protected by a large number of bodyguards when they were out and travel wherever they want to go.

This kind of life only happens in dreams.

Who would not want to have it

These people felt a little disappointed when they thought about it.


They absolutely did not have access to such large sums of money, even though it was just under their noses.

It felt like they could only see but not touch a naked beauty standing in front of them! They felt sad and wanted to cry.

Not only these people, but Xia Shanhao, Ye Han and Dong Tianpeng, who were staring at the screen, were stunned by what they saw.

That was what Tang Zhan had accumulated over the years! Even their combined savings were not as much as that of Tang Zhan himself.

Tang Zhans failure was also attributed to his callosity.

Two years ago, they had conjectured that Tang Zhan would be defeated soon.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, Tang Zhan had not been punished by the authorities but instead, was defeated by one of his men, or… the owner of a small restaurant.

Did Zhao Feng work for the boss Not necessarily.

The ferocious huge guy came over to help Zhao Feng.

It was obvious that the big man was stronger than the boss of the restaurant! Was there a connection between the hulk and the restaurant owner

All three of them were thinking hard.

They would never have thought that the huge guy was actually an employee of Zhang Han and was the caretaker of his territory!

Perhaps only when they saw Dahei changing his form, could they believe this fantastic happening.

Meanwhile, back in Tang Zhans mansion.

“Dahei, weve moved all the gold.

We should go now, otherwise we wont be able to get out of here soon.” Zhao Feng told Dahei, when he saw it still going back and forth.

These two tons of gold were priceless!


Dahei turned to look at Zhao Feng.

Hearing his repeated warnings, Dahei clenched its fists in anger and hit his chest.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Dahei pointed in the direction of the back room.

Its gesture signified: “Therere still so many things in the room.

Why are you asking me to leave What are you trying to do Do you want to get beaten up”

“Well…” Zhao Feng froze and then sighed He quickly leapt from the truck and said as he walked, “All right.

Whatever you say.

Take away those antiques and be quick, or we wont be able to leave later.”

“Whoa, whoa!”

Dahei shook its head and went back to the room quickly.

There were some antiques in it, including ancient ceramic vases, imperial green ornaments and so on.

Although there were not that many, there were jades, bronzes, porcelains and even calligraphy and paintings.

Except for the coffer and the documents, they had removed almost everything from the back room once these antiques were taken away.

Zhao Feng had thought Dahei would stop now, however…

“Hey, hey, hey.

Dahei, what are you doing We really need to go now.

Stop it, elder brother.” Zhao Feng was startled when he saw Dahei going inside again.

He hastily stopped Dahei and said helplessly.


Dahei glared at him and stretched its fist to hit Zhao Feng in the chest.

Although it was just a small tap, Zhao Feng staggered two steps back.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Dahei held up its thumb, pointed to itself and snorted at Zhang Feng with discontent.

It seemed to be saying “Im your elder brother and Ill beat you if you try to say more!”

“Oh, no, Dahei.

There are no more treasures left.

You cant take the remaining files…”

Zhao Feng was feeling really helpless and followed Dahei with resignation.

He tried to reason with Dahei as he walked.

But Dahei ignored him totally.

It went straight to the coffer, threw the documents to the ground, shook the coffer and only turned to leave after it heard the jingling.

“Dahei, there are no more treasures in it.

Its all the evidence of Tang Zhans guilt.

These must be left behind.” Zhao Feng did his best to persuade it.

“Whoa,whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Dahei glared at him and rolled its eyes.

He raised its big fists and suddenly smashed the coffer.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

With four cracks, the coffer broke.

Dahei tore off the lid of the coffer and saw many glittering diamonds inside.


Dahei twisted its lips into a triumphant expression and laughed out loud.

“Look, there are treasures here! Do you want to keep them away from everyone Hum, no way!

After Dahei stopped laughing, it stretched out its big fist and hit Zhao Feng violently.

“Damn it.

In Mount New Moon, Im elder brother, Little Hei is the second younger brother.

You are just the third!”

Zhao Feng then followed Dahei out, his expression both wry and amused.

They got in the truck and left the mansion.

The people standing around were all stunned.

“So many treasures…”

“Maybe Zhao Feng will spring up in the future!”

“Ah, that huge guy may get half of the underground forces of the south island!”


Under the stares of these people, the truck pulled out of the mansion.

The instance it passed the gate, a black shadow rushed forward with lightning speed, leapt 1.5 meters high and sat in the car hopper.

When they passed the small panda car, the truck stopped.

The huge guy in the auxiliary cab stepped down, lifted the small panda car and placed it on top of the pile of gold.

Everyone was speechless when they saw this.

This huge guy… must a cheapskate!

Damn it.

After taking the treasures which had a value of over 100 million yuan, why did he even want to take this old car worth only about tens of thousands yuan

If it were them, they would have bypassed it, even though they saw it.

Why didnt they drive coupes of limited editions How were they worthy of their value if they did not travel around in limousines which cost over tens of millions yuan

But there was nothing they could do, for Zhao Feng and the huge guy were wilful characters.

After collecting everything, Dahei sat happily in the hopper at the rear side of the truck and casually knocked on the front glass, beckoning to “third younger brother” to drive off quickly.

Zhao Feng paused and drove slowly away.

He realised that his position was so inferior in Mount New Moon.

In the meantime, in a mountain forest behind the mansion, Leng Feng and his two other companions looked at the mansion.

After a while, Leng Feng sighed.

“I never expected that an owner of a small restaurant could be so formidable.

It took us five years to help Tang Zhao arrive at this current position, but he ruined our efforts in just a few days! What a pity!”

“I can only say that Tang Zhan must have offended a powerful man.

He deserved to die.

Stop talking about him.

What should we do next One of the companions frowned and sighed, “Im afraid that theres no more place for us in Hong Kong!”

“Thats right.” Another strategist, who was in charge of the gambling scene, said in a low voice, “We should leave before the police take action.”

“The world is so big, but where do we go”

“Lin Hai!” said Leng Feng as he turned his head away from the mansion.

Then he led the way forward.



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