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Chapter 168 A Question about Birthday

There were police cars leading the way ahead, so the rear convoy had to follow slowly behind.

Although they wanted to overtake, they did not dare to.

Something must have happened, for a dozen police cars to be out in force.

In addition, they learned that Zhao Feng was seeking revenge, so they figured out that a fight must have taken place in Tang Zhans mansion.

But they never expected that the fight that took place in Tang Zhans mansion would be so violent.

When dozens of cars arrived at Tang Zhans mansion, the police officers immediately went on the alert after seeing the devastating condition it was in.

They all got out of the cars and rushed into the mansion.

At this point, there were only a few of Tang Zhans men left and they were all still in a daze.

It seemed… Lord Tangs mansion had experienced a bloodbath.

“Is it possible” These people who came later, wondered.

Although they were curious, they could not go forward to see what had happened; they could only look from a distance.

Nearly 30 policemen were bustling about in the mansion, led by Liao Chen, a senior superintendent in charge of New Moon Bay.

He was about 45 years old, short, had a thin face and already showing signs of aging.

Even Liao Chen, who normally kept his composure at all times, had a surprised look on his face.

There were no fewer than ten people lying outside the mansion.

“Check out the situation.” Liao Chen ordered, frowning at the sight.


Staff from various fields sprang into action; these included those protecting the scene, checking the place out, taking photographs, etc.

Liao Chen stepped into the mansion.

When he saw the scene inside, his frown deepened.

There were more than a dozen people lying inside the mansion.

It was clear to Liao Chen that most of these people were dead.

It was considered a major criminal case since there were so many deaths, within this rich district.

Liao Chen, however, did not lose his cool.

He stepped inside and prepared to survey the surroundings personally.

More importantly, he had not seen Tang Zhan and he had orders given by the Chief Constable of the Southern District.

He glanced at the surroundings and went directly to the study.

When he saw the situation in the study, Liao Chen froze.

There were a lot of cracks along the sides of the right wall.

Judging from the damage, the alloy door, which was as thick as an arm, had been violently kicked in.

This scenario made Liao Chen frown.

How could this bomb-proof alloy door be wrecked by such violence

When he saw Tang Zhan lying on the alloy door, Liao Chen secretly clenched his teeth…

Liao Chen walked into the back room and was startled to find that it was empty.

His face changed and he quickly took out his mobile phone to call the Chief Constable of the Southern District.

However, just as he was about to dial, he took a deep breath to restrain his astonishment, intending to inform his superior only after finding out more about the situation here!

“Whoops… Hoo…”

Liao Chen took in a few deep breaths.

After he had calmed down, he glanced around the room and found plenty of scattered papers on the ground.

He went over, picked up the papers and leafed through them intently.

As he scanned through the papers, his eyes gradually widened in amazement.

“How large is… his trade volume! He has colluded with so many people!” Liao Chen closed his eyes and again took a deep breath.

After opening his eyes, he put the bills in a file packet with mixed feelings.

He sighed, “Im afraid once I hand in these documents, the authority of the Southern District will be greatly compromised!”

He knew that Tang Zhan must have colluded with many people, but he had not expected the number would be so enormous and that one of them was his friend!

“Brother, why are you involved in this affair “What am I supposed to do”

Liao Chen felt a little bitter and recalled when he had stood together and struggled with evil forces on the frontline with his brother, over the years.

But now he had turned traitor.

What about his insistence and pledge at that time…

Although Liao Chen felt the pain of his betrayal, he had no intention of concealing the bills!

“Excuse me, Superintendent! Weve finished counting the number of people.

A total of 34 people were found, out of whom 27 were killed, three seriously injured and four slightly injured.

They are being sent to the hospital.”

“Excuse me, Superintendent.

Weve finished monitoring the situation.

There was a very violent gunfight that took place outside the main residence and several shots were fired in the lobby on the first floor.

The fighting was extremely intense!”

“Excuse me, Superintendent.

Weve obtained the information that there were 16 women in this main residence.

Ive already asked someone to take them to the police station to be questioned.”

“Excuse me, Superintendent.

Ive managed to breach the firewall of the computer system and retrieved the surveillance video.

Do you want to have a look first” At this time, a bespectacled man stepped forward as he said this.

He seemed somewhat frightened and flustered by the situation.

“Well, let us have a look!” Liao Chen nodded, following his man to the monitoring room and the man turned on the surveillance video.

The incident lasted for only 15 minutes from beginning to end.

It took them a mere five minutes to fight their way through and ten minutes to move the treasures out.

When Liao Chen saw the one-sided battle, his eyes widened again.


All the people around him gave gasps of surprise.

“My god.

What did I just see These people belong to the Black Water security group! They were… ruined by only one person”

“Its really horrible, isnt it Is it true Are you sure it is true Isnt he invulnerable”


“He removed everything from Tang Zhans storehouse.

These large quantities of gold and antiques are probably worth hundreds of millions!”

After watching the video, all the people in the room fell silent.

If there were any noise, it was only slight gasps of surprise.

Even Liao Chens body shook in astoundment.

His legs were so weak that he could hardly stand.

Ordinarily his men would have hastened to support him.

But at this point, no one paid any attention to him since the pictures in the video were too horrifying.

“Xiaoma, copy the video and issue the sealing order…”

Liao Chen trembled slightly, cold sweat pouring down his body.

He was so debilitated that he reluctantly finished his sentence, told his men not to follow and staggered out of the room.

Once out of the room, he took a deep breath, brought out a bottle of medicine from his pocket and popped two fast action heart-saving pills!

The video Liao Chen watched earlier had aggravated his angina.

Judging by his reaction, people could easily figure out the extent of the amazement brought by the video!

After taking the medicine, Liao Chen lit a cigarette and inhaled sharply.

After he finished smoking, he slowly recovered.

At this time, he took out his mobile phone and dialled a number,

“Police Chief, the situation here is too complicated and I suggest issuing a red alert order, because some martial art superiors are involved in this affair.

Once I get the information, Ill send it to you at once…”

All eyes turned to Zhang Han.

After he returned to the restaurant and told Zhao Feng to kill Tang Zhan, Zhang Han then walked in with Mengmeng in his arms.

Finding that everything except the piano had been changed, he nodded with satisfaction and thought that his sister was as equally efficient as himself.

“Oh! PaPa, PaPa, look.

Something is missing!” Finding the piano gone, Mengmengs big limpid eyes looked stunned.

“Ah Whats missing” Zhang Han deliberately did not pay attention to the piano.

He glanced around the other areas, “Huh Nothing is missing…”

“PaPa, how stupid you are! Look over there! Look over there! Look over there!” Mengmeng became very anxious about her PaPas foolishness.

She turned her PaPas head with her small hands.

“Look, PaPa, the piano is missing.” Mengmeng said anxiously.

At this time, Zhang Li came in, gave Zhang Han an angry stare and said grumpily, “Come on, elder brother, why are you still playing tricks on her”

“Ha, ha, ha…” Zhang Han smiled and scratched the end of Mengmengs small nose with his finger, saying, “The piano isnt missing.

PaPa bought a new one and itll be sent over in the evening.”

“Uh” Mengmeng froze suddenly.

After doing a double-take, she pouted, “Hum! PaPa, youre so bad.

You havent told me that you changed the piano.”

Hearing what she said, Zhang Han shook his head and with a smile and looked at Zhang Li, saying, “You didnt eat anything at noon.

Lets go out for a meal.”

“Its good that you remember I havent eaten yet!” Zhang Li rolled her eyes and said, “I feel so tired and my legs hurt after running all the errands for you.

You have to treat me to a feast to make up for that.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

Zhang Lis preference was for seafood, but Zhang Han only temporized.

Then he turned to Mengmeng and asked, “Beautiful little princess, what would you like for lunch”

“Ho, ho, ho…” Mengmeng was so happy and said with a chuckle, “Er… Er… Beautiful little princess wants to eat… birthday cakes.”

“Birthday cakes” Zhang Li curled her lips and said, “Birthday cakes can only be eaten on ones actual birthday.

Mengmeng, why dont we have some spicy food”

“Uh” Mengmeng pouted, “You mean, we cant have birthday cakes.

Mengmeng wants to eat them.

Then, then, Id better hear what PaPa has to say about this.”

Zhang Hans answer was as expected, “Who said you cant eat birthday cakes when you feel like eating them Mengmeng can celebrate your birthday every day!”

“Mwah, mwah, mwah, PaPa is the best.” Hearing what he said, the little princess cheered up and kissed Zhang Hans cheeks several times.

When they were about to go out, Mengmeng suddenly remembered something and asked childishly, “PaPa, do you know when Mengmengs birthday is”


Zhang Han stopped for a moment.

His body stiffened and his expression was slightly stunned, because he didnt know when Mengmengs birthday was.

Zhang Han was filled with remorse for a moment.

It even showed in his eyes.

Seeing this, Zhang Li quickly smiled and said, “Mengmeng is from a North American household register, so your birthday is calculated according to the Gregorian calendar.

But in our country, birthdays are celebrated according to the lunar calendar.

Therefore, after Mengmengs household register is back, you can have a lunar birthday in our own country.”

“Is that true, PaPa” Mengmeng asked in confusion, “What is that Calendar… calendar”

“Mengmeng will understand that later.” Zhang Li said with a smile.

“Well, Mengmeng will know after a while.” Zhang Han said, nodding his head slightly.


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