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Chapter 169 Dahei Is Commended

Basically, Zhang Han did not care about birthdays.

Cultivators birthdays occurred almost once in a hundred years.

Even if they stayed indoors or went out, it was not the norm for them to celebrate their birthdays.

It was the same for Zhang Han, he had not had a birthday in the past 500 years.

Mengmeng, however, was different.

Zhang Han wanted to give his little princess the best of everything in life, so how could he possibly ignore her birthday

With regards to this matter, Zhang Han deemed that when Zi Yan returned, it was time to discuss the change for Mengmengs household registration.

However, if it was transferred, Zhang Han knew that a number of problems would definitely crop up.

He and Zi Yan were not married yet, so how could they possibly register for their account Just let Mengmeng and Zi Yan share a household register Zhang Han dismissed this idea immediately.

That was out of the question.

He was Mengmengs father, so he had to be listed, as such.

However, Mengmengs name had not been changed yet and she was still known as Emily in accordance with her American household registration.

Her name had to be amended.

All these matters had to be discussed upon Zi Yans return.

And would Zi Yan consent to the three of them applying for a residence permit in this way That would mean that he and Zi Yan would become a family.

Gauging from her attitude, he thought she would not directly agree.

Could there be a better way to reunite a mother and child

Zhang Han thought about it and shook his head.

Hed better play it by ear.

The three of them finally went to a noodle restaurant and had some noodles.

Mengmeng still did not get to eat her birthday cake.

Zhang Li held Mengmeng in her arms all the way and tried to persuade the child into eating something else.

Although Mengmeng gave up the idea of eating birthday cake for the time being, she still wanted to eat cream-free cakes, so…

After they finished their meal, Zhang Han got behind the wheel.

When it came to this kind of supercar like the Maserati GT, Zhang Han enjoyed its dizzying speed.

In all his years of driving a sports car, he always felt unfulfilled if he did not exceed the speed limit.

However, with Mengmeng around, Zhang Han laid extra emphasis on safety.

Zhang Han drove back to the restaurant first and let Zhang Li alight.

Since the piano and many small objects were due to arrive, she had to wait in the restaurant to receive them.

She needed time to sort them out in the afternoon.

After getting out of the car, Zhang Li couldnt help rolling her eyes at her brother.

She was the one who did all the hard work, while he took his baby to enjoy the scenery!

But she had no choice, for she was his younger sister.

After voicing her dissatisfaction outside the restaurant for a while, Zhang Li went inside.

Meanwhile Zhang Han drove Mengmeng to Mount New Moon.

“Big Heihei, Little Heihei, Mengmeng is here.

Come and pick me up!” As soon as she arrived, Mengmeng shouted out in her usual childish way.

However, even after a long while, she did not see Dahei and Little Hei on the mountain top.

“Uh” Mengmeng froze.

She looked at Zhang Han in puzzlement and did not know what was going on.

“Ha, ha, ha…”

Zhang Han burst into laughter and said, “Have you forgotten Dahei and Little Hei have gone off to run some errands and will be back after a while.”

“Ah! Thats right.

Mengmeng now recalled.

Dahei and Little Hei were out with elder brother.

Hum, Ill play with Dajing and the other puppies.” Mengmeng pouted and ran to the back of the hill.

In Mount New Moon, apart from Dahei and Little Hei, there were a total of 36 dogs.

After more than a month, these large dogs had more than doubled their size.

Generally speaking, for large dogs like the golden retriever and Alaska, it would usually take more than half a year for them to grow in size.

In Mount New Moon, however, they ate high-quality food.

It only took three or four months for them to grow.

Among these dogs, Tai Ritian was the liveliest of the lot.

Having discovered that the two Heihei powers were not around, it was so thrilled that it wanted to play with all the living creatures in Mount New Moon.

“Woof, woof…”

Seeing Mengmeng, these dogs immediately fawned all over her.

After all, the two Heihei powers, which liked to steal the show, were not here.

This was indeed their opportunity and even Tai Ritian quickly ran over to Mengmeng.

Surrounded by a pack of dogs, Mengmeng had fun playing with them.

But Mengmeng pouted at the thought of not being thrown high in the air.

Fortunately, Dahei and his companions were already on their way back.

“Woo, woo, woo!”

On returning to Mount New Moon and catching sight of the Maserati, Little Hei ran swiftly towards Mount New Moon and disappeared in a few seconds.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Dahei mumbled with dissatisfaction and fumbled with the copper coin hanging around its neck, frowning intensely.

After looking at it for a while, Daheis eyes brightened.

It reverted back to its original form, that of an over two-meter-tall chimpanzee!

“Whoa, whoa, ha, ha…”

Dahei jumped for joy; it felt that its original shape was better looking than its ugly human form.


After emitting a few howls, Dahei saw Zhao Feng standing nearby and staring at it, so it reached out and hit Zhao Feng with its fist.

It seemed to be telling him: “Third younger brother, what are you looking at Cant you see that there are so many goods on the truck Get to work!”

Zhao Feng had no choice but to lug in the gold bricks, all this while his mouth quivered unceasingly with rage.

Dahei was not at a loose end anymore.

It picked up a large number of gold bricks and quickly walked towards Mount New Moon, eager to take credit for its part in the affair.

When they stepped onto the lawn, Zhang Han, Mengmeng and Little Hei were waiting under the thunder yang tree.

As soon he saw Dahei and Zhao Feng approaching them with so much gold bullion, Zhang Han looked a little shocked.

“Did they rob a bank”

However, Zhang Han did not know that it was just the start.

Dahei and Zhao Feng flung the gold bullion on the ground.

When Zhao Feng was about to say something, Dahei grabbed him and ordered him to bring in the rest of the gold bricks.

One trip… Another trip…

After walking back and forth more than a dozen times, they finally brought all the things back and piled them up under the thunder yang tree.

“Therere so many sparkling things.

PaPa, what are all these” Mengmeng asked doubtfully.

“These are gold and antiques.” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs head and looked at Zhao Feng, saying, “How are things”

“Er…” After some deliberation, Zhao Feng glanced at Dahei and said, “Dahei went on a violent rampage and killed many security guards from Black Water.

A dozen of Tang Zhans men as well as Tang Zhan were also killed by Dahei.”

“Whoa!” Dahei stared at Zhao Feng and shouted at him.

It made gestures above the treasures with its palms; he was asking him to get to the point..

Zhao Feng gave a wry smile and said, “All these treasures were in Tang Zhans back room.

I didnt want to touch them, but Dahei insisted that we bring them back.

I couldnt dissuade him, so we brought them back.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” After listening to what he said, Dahei jumped for joy and pounded its chest several times with its fists.

It looked at Zhang Han with a foolish smile, “Ha, ha, ha…”

After laughing for some time, it stared at Zhang Han, waiting for his commendation.

Zhao Feng was also observing Zhang Hans expression, which showed no emotions.

So he said cautiously, “Erm… Master, these are Tang Zhans ill-gotten gains.

Once the authorities find out that we took them away, they might take some action as these treasures are not meant to be missing.”

Zhang Han did not even did not turn his head when he heard this.

He waved his hand casually and said, “Its okay.

Take them if you like.”

After he finishing speaking, his glance flickered around the gold, diamonds as well as the antiques.

Suddenly it came to rest on a black metal block.


Zhang Han let out a little cry.

Suddenly his eyes lit up.

He walked over and bent to pick up the piece of metal.


Zhang Han sniffed deeply with his eyes closed.

When he opened his eyes, they were suffused with surprise and amusement.

“Ha, ha! You did well.” Zhang Han turned to Dahei with a smile.

“You did a really good job.

Very good.

Tonight, I will allow you…”

Under Daheis hopeful gaze, Zhang Han reached out his hand and pointed to the livestock area of the back hill, saying the long-awaited words loudly.

“You can eat whatever you want tonight.

Be my guest and eat as much as you like!”


Dahei froze.

The next moment, excitement shone on its face, it jumped for joy and cried.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa! whoa, whoa! Ha, ha! Whoa, whoa!”

Little Hei was also happy and raised its head to cry, “Ow, oww, owww…”

Looking at this scene, Zhao Feng who was standing on one side, also laughed foolishly.

Seeing Dahei and Little Hei whose desires were so easily satisfied, Zhao Feng felt all sorts of emotion.

At the same time, after the battle, he actually found that a fair-weather feeling had emerged among them.

Did he, Zhao Feng, suddenly accept his role as “Third younger brother”

However, in any case, seeing Dahei and Little Hei so happy and Zhang Han filled with satisfaction, Zhao Feng thought what he had done was worthwhile.

“Ha, ha, ha…”

Although she did not know the reason, Mengmeng still laughed.

Then Mengmeng put her arms to Dahei and said,

“Dahei, come on, throw me up high into the air!”

“Ha…” Hearing Mengmengs words, Dahei stopped laughing.

It scratched its head and looked at Zhang Han, “Whoa”

“Go and play.” Zhang Han waved his hand.

Dahei stretched out its arms, picked Mengmeng up and ran to the pet area.

Well, Master, do you like these… treasures” Zhao Feng gave a little cough and asked.

If his master liked the treasures, he thought he should show off the next time!

“Treasures No.” Zhang Han shook his head, lifted up the metal in his hand and said, “Except for this, all the other objects arent any different from garbage in my eyes.”

“This piece of metal” Zhao Feng said doubtfully, “Its just a piece of metal.

The gold, diamonds and antiques on the ground are worth more than one billion, with which you can buy large quantities of metals.”

“Its not possible to measure the worth of this piece of metal.” Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Because it… is a spirit treasure!”


This piece of metal was a spiritual treasure and it was also a second-stage spirit treasure.

To Zhang Hans surprise, he had not begun to his treasure hunt yet, but the treasures were already beginning to look for him!

Illusory body copper coin, Jade-fire dew and now this metal.

He already had three spiritual treasures!

The piece of metal was palm-sized and light blue in color, with a constant temperature range of 23 degrees Celsius, which felt very comfortable to the touch.

Tang Zhan obtained it by chance.

Finding it to be attractive, he collected it.



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