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Chapter 177 Secluded from the Martial Arts World

Zhao Feng put his mobile phone into his pocket and headed for the west side of the street.

The headquarters of Forever Harmony Association in New Moon Bay was located in the west area, about half an hours walk.

It would only take ten minutes by taxi, but Zhao Feng didnt want to take a taxi.

His mood was somewhat complicated as he walked slowly forward.

It was 8:30 p.m.

and Hong Kongs nightlife had just begun.

New Moon Bay was very bustling and bright.

Without the scorching sun on the day, Zhao Feng felt very cool walking on the street, with moderate temperature and gentle sea breeze.

There were many people on both sides of the street, showing the atmosphere of a prosperous metropolitan city.

Zhao Feng shuttled through the crowd like a lonely grim-faced man with a calm expression, but there was a touch of melancholy in his brow.

“The meal tonight should be a farewell dinner.”

Zhao Feng sighed lightly.

His mood at this time was complicated.

As the issue about Tang Zhan was settled, Zhao Feng was free again.

It was lucky for him to have met his master, without whom, he must have been dead.

Obviously, God was kind to him to make him find a teacher like this and take a different path.

For those brothers, however, he could only say sorry.

In fact… even if he didnt follow his master, he would have to leave after handling Tang Zhan.

“Im afraid Ah Hu and other brothers are going to drink me under the table.”

Zhao Feng smiled softly and quickened his pace.

He was not a sentimental person.

Although he needed to say goodbye to his brothers, that didnt mean that they would never see each other again.

It was like when he graduated from college, it was hard to be separated from his roommates.

However, they were still in touch with each other in their lives.

The headquarters was also a high-end nightclub.

Entertainment places had a strong ability to make money, not to mention nightclubs with grey transactions.

It was not too much to call it a paradise for men, or a place that enabled men to reveal their lust.

The name of the nightclub was Feng Ming.

Seeing the character “Feng” on its signboard, People then said Zhao Feng was predestined to be there.

At this point, more than 20 people had gathered on the fifth floor of the nightclub hall.

At the same time, there were many younger brothers crying in each room or phoning other brothers.

“Hurry back to the fifth floor.

Elder Brother Feng is coming back, and he wants all of us to have dinner tonight.”

Zhao Feng had a great say in the venue.

Hearing that Elder Brother Feng was calling for dinner, everyone, including those who had gone out to the pub or internet bar, or even those who were sleeping with girls in private rooms, stopped what they were doing, quickly rushing back.

Twenty minutes later, nearly 60 people gathered in the hall on the fifth floor.

These people were basically Zhao Fengs confidants, and another dozen others were expected to come later.

Among them, about 60 people were all known by Zhao Feng, and a dozen others were also his new subordinates joined in the past few months.

Those were his close subordinates.

If adding the non-close, there would be hundreds.

Soon, the hall was crowded with nearly 80 people, and when there were more people, it seemed noisy and crowded.


Elder Brother Feng will be here soon.” Ah Hu waved to the crowd and said as he realized the time was almost there.

Ah Hus and three or four other people were among the first to follow Zhao Feng.

They also had a strong voice here.

The noise was much lower when this remark was made.

A few minutes later, the elevator door on the fifth floor rang and Zhao Feng slowly came out from inside.

“Here he comes, Elder Brother Feng!”

“Elder Brother Feng!”

“Elder Brother Feng! Thank God! You finally come back! We are worried sick about you.”

“Elder Brother Feng.” Ah Hu chuckled and leaned forward and said, “Everybody is here.

I have ordered the Metropolitan Restaurant next door.

Shall we go now”

Zhao Feng nodded his head hearing this and his eyes scanned all the people present.

Suddenly, he smiled gently, raised his right hand and said loudly, “Lets go and juice up tonight.”


“Lets get hammered!”

“Elder brother Feng is cool!”

The crowd burst into a scream.

Zhao Feng shook his head and smiled.

He took the lead directly to one side of the stairs.

They left the fifth floor to the restaurant next door.

Since the whole restaurant had been booked by Ah Hu, in addition to staff, they were the only customers there.

Nearly 80 people were sitting by six tables.

In Zhao Fengs table, in addition to Ah Hu, others were also the first to follow him.

“Elder Brother Feng, Lord Tang is dead and Leng Feng and other two strategists fled away.

Now the whole Forever Harmony Association is falling apart.

The territory of the three strategists and Scorpion is a good cake that everyone is staring at, and they are even planning to occupy everyone elses territory, becoming the next Lord Tang.

I think this is also our opportunity!” Ah Hu said with a sneer at the corners of his mouth.

“Ah Hu is right.” A bald tattooed man took a sip of tea, looked at Zhao Feng and said with a heavy voice, “The Southern District will be in turmoil soon.

I also think Elder Brother Feng is the best candidate for the new Forever Harmony Association.

Now Xia Shanhao, Dong Tianpeng, and Ye Han are all staring at this place.

I feel that the best choice is that we help Elder Brother Feng to take the upper position before they make moves!”

“Now Lao Biao and Meng Wu are ready to make trouble, let alone Dong Tianpeng, who is also waiting for the opportunity.

Im afraid several days later when the storm of Tang Zhan dissipate, everyone will start taking actions.

We also need to be prepared before that.

Lao Biao has already claimed that they will take down New Moon Bay in a week!”

“Lao Biao is as weak as a kitten.

How dare he boast like that He is nothing compared to Elder Brother Feng! If he dares to come, we dare to send him back!”


The people were locked in an exciting discussion.

It was clear that they sincerely hoped their elder brother could become the new leader in the Southern District.

In their minds, Zhao Feng was as equally powerful as Dong Tianpeng and Ye Han.

Zhao Feng, with a faint smile around his mouth, kept drinking light tea as he listened quietly to his subordinates.

Seeing Zhao Feng didnt respond to their words, the bald man said restlessly,

“Elder Brother Feng, please give us a word.

When do we move Ill go back and prepare for my equipment! ”

Zhao Feng smiled and shook his head after hearing the words, still not saying anything.

At this time the waiters started serving.

Several waiters served the dishes together and filled the whole table in a few minutes.

The smell of the dishes drifted away, and many younger brothers picked up their chopsticks.

But Zhao Feng did not move at all.

He was used to dishes made by Zhang Han and thought food cooked by others was totally insipid.

After the dishes were served and the beer was placed, the subordinates opened the bottles of the local beer.

Ah Hu poured a whole glass of beer for Zhao Feng.

“Thank you, buddy.” Zhao Feng smiled gently and patted Ah Hu on the shoulder.

This made Ah Hu freeze because Zhao Feng had never said “thank you” to him for those years.

Their relationship didnt need these two words at all, and at this point, the elder brother actually said “thank you” to him, which stirred a bad feeling in Ah Hus heart.

Zhao Feng stood up with a smile, raised his glass, and said in a clear voice,

“Thank you all for coming to this dinner.

After me is my respect!”



Everyone raised their glasses, let out a cry and drank up.

After drinking one cup, Zhao Feng himself filled another cup, and he did not sit down.

Instead, his eyes scanned the crowd, saying,

“This is the second cup.

Heres to all of you.

At the same time, Id also like to announce one thing.

This cup of beer…is a full stop of Forever Harmony Association and I.

From now on, I will retire from the underground forces, no longer striving for it.

This cup of beer, I want to thank you for your support in the last couple of years!”

After the words, Zhao Feng drank all the beer in his cup.

However, the whole restaurant gradually calmed down from the noise.

Everyone was stunned and looked at Zhao Feng with disbelief.

“No, Elder Brother Feng, you cant do this.

What shall we do if you leave”

“Elder Brother Feng, do you intend to give up us”

“Why, Elder Brother Feng”

After realizing what happened, the subordinates were all restless.

The whole restaurant became noisy again.

Many even stood up and talked loudly.

“How is it possible” Ah Hu shook his body and quickly stood up, leaking a more crying than smiling face, and said, “Elder Brother Feng, are you kidding You…”

“Im not kidding.” Zhao Feng waved his hand.

After everyone became quiet, Zhao Feng filled his glass and said, “I was once a senior soldier of special forces.

I was sentenced for manslaughter, and my boss knew that I was wronged.

So he found me and asked me to topple Tang Zhan in exchange for my freedom!”

Hearing his words, the whole restaurant was deadly silent.

Zhao Feng smiled, raised his glass, and said,

“You can also say that I am a police undercover.

Now, Tang Zhan is dead, and my task is completed.

I am now a free man who also has his own burden, so I hope you can understand.

Over the past few years, I have built a strong relationship with you, Ah Hu, Xiao Meng, San Lang, Xiao Ma… I know everyones name.

I know you are not a bad person, thats why we can accompany all the way.

Now, I am free, and I hope you respect my choice.

This drink is a farewell drink for me.

Lets bottom up, all right”

After those words, all the people slowly stood up and looked at Zhao Feng in different expressions, but they all looked very sincere.

The eyes of Ah Hu and a few others were even red.

After listening to these words, they were all silent.

The simple words revealed the hardship Zhao Feng experienced in his journey.

However, Zhao Feng took them as brothers and that was enough.

Ah Hus eyes were filled with tears.

He raised his glass and shouted at the top of his voice, “This glass of beer is a farewell drink for Elder Brother Feng!”

“To Elder Brother Feng!”

“To Elder Brother Feng!”

“To Elder Brother Feng!”

All the people shouted together and drank their beer.

“Thank you, guys.

Thanks for your understanding.” Zhao Feng chuckled and said, “Of course, Im not saying that I will leave you.

Im just in New Moon Bay, and Ill meet with you when I have a chance.

So today, lets be happy and get hammered!”

“Lets get hammered!”

The crowd raised their glasses and drank.



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