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Chapter 179 A Frog Living at the Bottom of a Well

Kuang Xingtian once swept all underground forces in the south island, and he even beat a retired soldier from overseas special force and made him disabled within three moves.

It could be said that no one from underground forces in the south island dared to fight him head-on, because they would end up either death or disability.

However, Kuang Xingtian disappeared somehow six years ago.

After that, Tian Haos power started to decline, and he died half a year later after being stabbed three times by an enemy.

Since then, the underground forces in the south island had been in chaos.

As troubled times bred powerful men, Tang Zhan began to rise from then on.

Now, realizing the person in front of them was the legendary Kuang Xingtian, the people present felt very stunned and scared.

Because Kuang Xingtian was a very strong man who made the weak silent and frightened.

Even Zhao Fengs face fell, but he was not afraid, looking at Kuang Xingtian with a curious look.

Zhao Feng was also surprised at the mans arrival, and he didnt expect Lao Biao and Meng Wu would invite this giant.

“Lao Biao, Meng Wu!”

Gu Chen also couldnt sit still at this moment.

He stood up, took two steps forward and said, “You two do have some contacts.

It is really surprising that you can invite Mr.

Kuang, but…”

Saying this, Gu Chen looked at Kuang Xingtian and added, “Since Mr.

Kuang is coming, we naturally welcome him.

We have long heard of Mr.

Kuang and its really lucky to meet him today.


Kuang, why dont we sit down and have a drink and talk”

Gu Chen knew Zhao Feng was no match for Kuang Xingtian, and his only thought was to talk to the Kuang Xingtian.

Since Lao Biao and Meng Wu could invite Kuang Xingtian, they naturally could ask him to leave.

After all, Gu Chen could offer anything Lao Biao could provide.

It was nothing more than treasures and money!

When Lao Biao heard this, he realized Gu Chens intention.

He laughed coldly and said, “Sit down and drink What are you thinking Are you scared now Intimidated Haha, Let me tell you.

Its too late! Its impossible for Crazy Dog to walk out of this place today.

Ill leave my words here.

All of you can be counted in, including you, Gu Chen.

Whoever dares to fight please stand up, group or individual, as you choose!”


Ah Hu and others looked hideous when they heard this.

But Kuang Xingtian was standing in the middle, like an insurmountable mountain.

This put a lot of pressure on them and made them dare not make a move, but… if there was really a fight, they wouldnt sit idly by!

However, Lao Biaos words made Gu Chens face fall.

He stared at Lao Biao and said slowly, “I am talking to Mr.


Who do you think you are”

“You will soon know who I am.” Lao Biao said with a superficial smile, “Gu Chen, I advise you to leave this matter alone.

Crazy Dog is a **ing undercover policeman.

According to the rules of the martial arts world, he deserves three knives and six holes.

I have given him a chance to fight, which is extra mercy!”

“Haha, dont waste your words on him.” Meng Wu laughed coldly and said, “Gu Chen, if you want to intervene, you can wait until Mr.

Kuang deals with Zhao Feng.

Now you just watch it honestly.

And by the way, dont think you are safe.

After we take down the New Moon Bay, our next target is you.

You should prepare in advance.”

“Is it” Gu Chens eyes narrowed slightly and said, “Then Im waiting for you.

Dont keep me waiting.

Oh, by the way, the Southern District is not peaceful recently.

Dont die outside before you have finished your ambition.

I heard that you have kept two school beauties on a high apartment of Yongnan Road.

It seems that they are quite pretty.”

“Hmm” Meng Wu wrinkled his eyebrows and ground his teeth.

He didnt expect that Gu Chen had found his hiding place.

He thought Gu Chen seemed to know everything.

As Meng Wu no longer spoke, Gu Chen gave a sneer and looked at Kuang Xingtian again.


Kuang, I respect you, and I think we can sit down and have a good talk.

Anything they have, I have it, too.

What do you think”

“There is no need to talk…”

Zhao Feng, who had been calm for a moment, suddenly opened his mouth.

His expression was self-possessed.

He looked at Kuang Xingtian calmly and said, “Its just a small fight, which will be solved in a few moments.”

After these words, the whole hall was quiet again.

Everyone looked at Zhao Feng in disbelief and did not know where his confidence came from.

The opposite wasnt a nobody, but the famous Kuang Xingtian!

Even Gu Chens expression changed slightly.

If Kuang Xingtian was willing to sit down and talk, he was confident to settle it down, but what Zhao Feng said showed that he looked down upon Kuang Xingtian.

Was he seeking death

“Elder Brother Feng, please dont be impulsive!” Ah Hu looked very anxious.

He whispered beside Zhao Feng, “Where there is life, there is hope.

Elder Brother Feng, calm down!”

“Yes, Elder Brother Feng, Kuang Xingtian is too cruel.

Please dont be impulsive.”

“Elder Brother Feng, please let Elder Brother Chen talk about this.”

Several people hurried to persuade.

Gu Chen also took a deep breath, grabbed Zhao Fengs arm with his right hand and told him not to say anything.

He looked at Kuang Xingtian again and said, “Mr.


Before he finished, Kuang Xingtian interrupted, “No more talking.”

His voice was a little hoarse.

Finally, he raised his eyelids and looked at Zhao Feng with indifferent eyes.

He said slowly, “Six years ago when I took some men out to carry out a task, an undercover leaked my whereabouts and asked a special team to hunt me down.

I was shot four times.

Therefore, I am very disgusted with undercover.

You are both an undercover and the person who shot me four times then, so I came here to kill you today!”

“Six years ago… it was you” Zhao Feng was suddenly shocked, thinking of the incident six years ago.

At that time, their team encircled and suppressed a group of thugs.

One of them, a grey-clad master, successfully broke through with injuries.

He didnt expect the man was Kuang Xingtian!

“Yes, it is me.” Kuang Xingtian smiled faintly and said, “Its a good thing to take your life during my travel here in Hong Kong.”

This remark made Zhao Fengs staff, including Gu Chen, completely cool down.

They didnt expect Kuang Xingtian wanted to kill Elder Brother Feng.

They originally thought it could be talked about, but now it seemed… that there was bound to be a battle.

But, if they fought, what should Elder Brother Feng do

Ah Hu and others only felt that their hearts were trembling.

At this moment they were at a loss.

“Is it” Zhao Feng recovered composure and shook his head casually.

He said, “If I can knock you down once, then I can knock you down twice.

You are just a person from a few years ago.

I dont know where your confidence and calm come from.”

“Nice, very nice.

Confidence is a good thing.” Kuang Xingtian stared at Zhao Feng, took half a step forward with his left foot, and stood in a posture that could be used for attack and defense.

Then he waved his left hand and said, “How do I call you Stupid or Ignorant I allow you to play three moves first, and now you can attack as much as you like!”

This scene made Lao Biao and others narrow their eyes.

The battle was finally about to begin.

After today, Zhao Feng might have to spend the rest of his life on bed.

“Ha, ha, ha.” Zhao Feng laughed loudly and took two random steps forward.

“A frog living at the bottom of a well, Ill allow you ten moves.”

Seeing Zhao Fengs calm expression, Ah Hu and others reignited their hope.

However, this expression made Kuang Xingtians eyes cool down.

“Are you talking to me”

“Then who do you think Im talking to”

“Okay, then!” Kuang Xingtians face fell.

Suddenly, he moved his body, made three steps forward, and lifted his right leg with a radian, with his tiptoe vertically kicking at Zhao Fengs head.

This scene couldnt help but make people tighten their hearts.

If a man was hit by a heavy kick like this one, he was likely to be killed directly!

Zhao Fengs expression, however, was still bland as usual.

He stepped back gently, and stretched his left hand quickly, making a row on the side and sweeping Kuang Xingtians legs aside.

He easily blocked the kick, and at the same time Zhao Feng spat out a word,



Kuang Xingtians eyes became malicious.

He jumped, with his left leg giving a quick side kick like a horizontal knife, the strength of which was much powerful than the previous one.

Instead of hiding away, Zhao Feng held out his right hand as fast as lightning.

Then he made use of the leg strength of his opponent and gently lifted it, sending Kuang Xingtian upward.


Kuang Xingtian, after all, was also a master.

At this time, he made a reverse somersault with his remaining strength, quickly stood up on the ground, and gave a punch instantly.

By this time his eyes were a little tired, but he would not stop shooting, because he preferred to knock down the enemy at once.

Zhao Feng, however, still did not strike back, but only hid or blocked to defend himself.




As the battle continued, Lao Biao and other people changed their looks.

Shit, why did Kuang Xingtian seem to be struggling He hadnt even touched Zhao Fengs clothes What was happening

On the other side, Ah Hu and others looked very exciting.

It seemed that their elder brother was absolutely hopeful to win!

However, they still underestimated the present Zhao Feng.



In the 10th move, Zhao Feng reported the number in advance in the face of the heavy blow from Kuang Xingtian.

At the same time, he held out his right hand and grabbed the fist of Kuang Xingtian in his hand.

“You!” Kuang Xingtian pulled his arm hard, only to find that his fist could not be drawn out.

His face paled with shock and amazement, “How is that possible!”

“Nothing is impossible.” Zhao Feng smiled faintly and said, “As I said, you are just a frog living at the bottom of a well.

Now, I would fight back.”

After saying these words, Zhao Feng held tight his right hand.


Suddenly a sound of two broken bones came from the direction of his palm.

Kuang Xingtian looked stunned.

Lao Biao and others looked amazed, while Ah Hu and others looked excited.

Zhao Feng lifted his own leg.


He directly gave a quick kick at the stomach of Kuang Xingtian.

Bang! The whole body of Kuang Xingtian was kicked up, but because Zhao Feng grabbed his palm, he rose up.

Zhao Feng narrowed his eyes, grabbed Kuang Xingtians hand, and swung him around.


Kuang Xingtian was hit to the ground after a round.

The heart-quivering noise made people think that he would suffer from heavy internal injuries even if he survived.

Combined with trauma, Kuang Xingtian must be doomed!

“Poof… ahem…” Kuang Xingtian suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

He looked at Zhao Feng blankly and said hardly, “This… is… impossi…”

Before he finished his words, his eyelids fluttered and he collapsed.

“Haha.” Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

The feeling of throwing a person was so wonderful! Dahei was really good at playing.

“Your reliance.

I give him back to you.” Zhao Feng kicked Kuang Xingtians body to the front of Lao Biao and others.

At this moment, the whole crowd was dumbfounded.

They originally thought it would be a very difficult battle.

But unexpectedly, the famous Kuang Xingtian was easily taken down by Zhao Feng!

Holy **, when did Elder Brother Feng become so cool That was Kuang Xingtian, not a nobody!

“Now, do you have anything else to say” Zhao Feng suddenly stepped towards Lao Biao and said as he walked.

Seeing his action, Lao Biao and other more than 20 people changed their expressions, and their the bodies were back a few steps.

Many even touched their lower backs with fear and stress.

“Crazy, Zhao Feng, you!” Lao Biao didnt know what to say, looking at Zhao Feng with his eyes full of amazement.

Not only him, Meng Wu and others were also very stunned.

Kuang Xingtian had always been the battle king in their hearts.

Now, however, he was defeated by Zhao Feng.

Was this a joke

They were too surprised and shocked by the unexpected situation, and they felt a little dizzy.

“I ask you again if there is anything else you want to make clear now.

Dont you understand” Zhao Feng picked his eyebrows.

Seeing this, Lao Biaos face turned red and green.

A moment later, he gritted his teeth and said, “Crazy, you did a nice work today.

We surrender.

Lets go!”

“Did I let you go”

When they were about to move, Zhao Feng said coldly.

Lao Biaos body froze.

He turned his head and looked pale, “Or do you want us to stay”

Zhao Feng ignored Lao Biaos words, just looking at them calmly.

Lao Biaos facial muscles quivered, and he finally gnashed his teeth and said, “We have no problem with your retirement from the martial arts world.

We go our own ways from now on.”

This remark showed that he had no more problems with Zhao Fengs withdrawal from underground forces.

No matter what grievance, disturbing others peaceful life in the future would be criticized in the circle.

Anyway, they had reached their goal tonight, although it was different from expected.

Gu Chen had no allies, and then they could take their enemies down one by one.

Without Zhao Feng, they had confidence in toppling the sprawling group.

After Zhao Feng heard what Old Biao said, he did not say anything but turned to the table.

Lao Biao and others carried the seriously injured Kuang Xingtian and hurried away.

“Elder Brother Feng is amazing!”

“Elder Brother Feng is powerful!”



As soon as they left, all the people present, including Gu Chens men, screamed and shouted.

Without thinking, they were ready to have a good drink after solving the trouble.

“Together with him, the Southern District can be seized, but…”

Gu Chen closed his eyes.

He wanted to persuade Zhao Feng to join the team very much, but he knew tonight was not the right time to talk about this.

With this in mind, he could only drink with Zhao Feng to their hearts content.

As a result, many people were drunk this night, including Zhao Feng and Gu Chen.

Gu Chen was sent away by his staff who didnt drink, while Zhao Feng was sent to the hotel next door by his subordinate, who booked a presidential suite for him and settled him well before leaving.

For Zhao Feng, this night was the beginning of his departure from Forever Harmony Association and becoming a free man!

Nothing happened during the night.

At seven oclock the next morning.

The restaurant opened as usual.

Apart from Liang Mengqi, Sun Dongheng and others, the manager of the restaurant next door and Xiao Mei also lined up early and became the first diners.

When both egg fried rice and noodle soup were prepared, the people suddenly realized that the boss was still busy in the kitchen.

They couldnt get their eyes back when seeing the scene.

“Wow! Do we have steamed meat buns for breakfast” Yu Qingqing cried with surprise.


Zhang Han replied without looking back as he quickly wrapped the steamed meat buns.

It would be faster to make large steamed meat buns, but Mengmeng had a small cherry mouth which was more convenient to eat small ones, so Zhang Han obviously packed and planned to steam small meat buns.

The meat stuffing was pork with scallion, with the pork having conquered Liang Mengqi and others last night.

Besides, the tender scallion was picked from Mount New Moon.

There was no doubt about the taste.

It only took Zhang Han five minutes to wrap up two panels of small buns.

There seemed to be nearly 100 buns.

Zhang Han put the buns into a bamboo steamer and opened the two cooking benches.

Then the buns began to steam.

“If there are steamed meat buns, Ill wait for them.” Liang Mengqi put down her chopsticks and waited.

Yu Qingqing and Zhao Dahu also stopped their chopsticks, while the Sun Dongheng family was still eating slowly.

A portion of egg fried rice was not enough.

They still intended to try some when the steamed meat buns were ready.

“Oh, its so cruel.

Lin Hai small steamed meat buns are my favorite.

However, I can only watch them.” Xiao Mei let out a cry on one side.

“It doesnt matter.

Let me accompany you to watch, Ha Or lets eat quickly and go out before the buns come out,” the manager said hesitantly.

On the one hand, he wanted to see what kind of steamed meat buns his boss would make.

On the other hand, he also wanted to leave here without suffering from salivating.

At this time, his mood was very complicated.



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