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Chapter 180 Benefits for Non-Members

Hearing this, Xiao Mei nodded deeply.

That was really suffering to have a visual instead of a palate feast.

She had also experienced several occasions like this.

After a bowl of egg fried rice, she was not so full, but unwilling to spend 300 yuan to buy a second.

At the same time, she was also eager to eat some meat, but as she returned to her restaurant and had some meat, she felt very insipid.

Sometimes, she even thought of the meat in the restaurant next door and started to salivate.

After all, quenching thirst by thinking of plums would not be so helpful.

Hence, Xiao Mei and the manager ate a little faster.

After having their meal and a glass of milk, they were ready to leave.

When they got up, the steamed meat buns were cooked.

Zhang Han put the steamer on the kitchen bar and opened a drawer of steamed meat buns.

A stream of hot air rose up.

Then, a strong smell of meat buns wafted up.


The manager smelled a strong smell of steamed buns, and his stomach gave two unwillingly cries.

He shook his head with a wry smile and stepped faster.

“It smells so good.

PaPa, shall we have the meal now”

Just at this moment, the cartoon ended, so the little princess turned off the TV, put the remote control on the sofa at will, turned back and said to Zhang Han with a milky voice.

“Yes.” Zhang Han said with a chuckle.

“Well, its time for food.” Mengmeng cheered happily.

Liang Mengqi and others all got up and leaned in, ready to take small steamed buns.

They felt like they had waited for several years in these few minutes.

“It smells so sweet.

It must taste more awesome.

Boss, you are so amazing.

I admire you so much.

It must be very happy to be your girlfriend.” Liang Mengqi smiled happily and said.

While speaking, she took about a dozen small steamed meat buns with her chopsticks.

The steamed buns were small, but they were still one circle larger than the authentic Lin Hai steamed buns.

Moreover, the steamer was bought by Liang Mengqi, and it was the largest type.

Each drawer had about 20 meat buns, with a total of 16 drawers.

In general, ten steamed meat buns would be enough for one person, but they could only serve about 30 people.

There were about 20 people lining outside.

As they came so early, almost everyone could taste the meat buns.

However, they did not know.

As they had got used to egg fried rice and noodle soup, they thought the meat buns were only for members.

Just the firm pace of the manager and Xiao Mei had proved that they had no idea of it.

While serving steamed buns, Zhang Han also noticed the two hurrying to the outside.

After thinking about it, Zhang Han felt it was still necessary to remind them as the manager was very enthusiastic and helped to kill chickens, geese, and pigs.

So, when the managers hand just touched the doorknob, they heard a voice that was like a dream to them.

“Non-members can also have these steamed meat buns.”


The manager was suddenly choked by his own saliva.

His eyes widened and his mind was filled with the words “Non-members can also have these steamed meat buns!”

At this moment, the managers heart was pounding, and he finally felt the kindness from the boss!

“Oh, my god! After waiting for so long, I can eat meat finally!”

Although it was not whole-pig banquet like yesterday, these mince buns were also fine.

The manager quickly stopped his steps, and when he saw two people at the door who are about to enter, the manager quickly said,

“Wait, dude, my apologies.

We havent finished yet.

Please wait for a while.”

“Havent you finished eating” One of them said doubtfully, “Your plates are all empty, and arent you leaving the restaurant”

“Thats a misunderstanding.” The manager hastened to say, “We just had a cramp in our feet, so we tried to stretch out.

Sorry, youd better wait for a while.”

“Thats okay.

Its really… two peoples feet cramp together.” The two people were back in line with speechless expressions.

However, the other four people who were eating gave the manager a smirk.

They thought the man was so funny to tell a lie without being ashamed.

However, their attention was also focused on the small steamed buns available to them.

After all, food was the most important thing! They came here for good food.

Basically, everyone here was a genuine foodie.

“Boss, can we all eat”

A man was a little dizzy by the sudden surprise and asked with some confusion.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

Upon receiving the affirmative answer, the six non-member diners were filled with intense excitement.

“Haha, Thank you, boss! We can eat meat finally!” The manager said with a smile and then took the lead to the kitchen counter.

“How much is a drawer of small steamed meat buns How many drawers can one eat at most” asked a man who was still awake.

Of course, the reason for his sobriety was that his pockets were not bulging.

Inside there was only 700 yuan.

If it was too expensive, he couldnt afford it.

That reminded him of his first dining experience here.

At that time, with only over one hundred yuan in his pocket, he planned to use his mobile phone to scan the code for payment.

However… the restaurant owner said it was too complicated and didnt allow him.

In the end, he awkwardly managed to borrow several hundred yuan from a person who dined at the same table.

Although he returned it the next day, he still felt embarrassed to think about it!

Hearing the question, Zhang Han hesitated and said, “The same as that of egg fried rice.

Each person can have at most ten meat buns.”

This meant that they could also have eight or nine, but Zhang Han thought that everyone would take the most.

For those foodies, even if they were full, they could not keep their mouth shut and had to eat until they couldnt eat another mouthful.

It didnt matter if one slightly stuffed his face.

The authentic food material was easy to digest.

However, if one had too much, it would also be a burden on his stomach.

However, there were still a few people who tended to overeat.

All the people took ten meat buns.

When they sat back on the table, the manager first took his chopsticks.

He picked up a meat bun and bit a gap into the meat bun skin.

Suddenly, the rich meat aroma floated out and filled his entire nose tip.

“This aroma is really authentic.


The manager gave a compliment and then stuffed the meat bun into his mouth.

The steamed stuffed bun was not very small, so it filled his mouth, but he enjoyed this feeling.

The resilient bun skin and delicious meat flavor filled his whole mouth and made him intoxicated.

And Xiao Mei at his opposite side, also imitated her manager to clip a whole steamed stuffed bun abruptly into her mouth.

“Oh, oh, whew, whew…”

The steamed stuffed bun was still a little hot, making her gasp and she even lifted her palm to fan around her mouth, but it didnt really help to cool her.

At first, she didnt realize the specific taste because of the hot.

When her mouth got used to the temperature, she felt the strong aroma of meat.

“Whew…yummy, yummy…”

Finally, she ate up the first one.

When having the second one, Xiao Mei was much more cautious.

She first bit the bun skin and blew two breaths into it.

And as she took another small bite, she felt the combined aroma of the meat and the flour, which gave her a graceful enjoyment.

If only there were a little chili oil and mature vinegar.

Looking at the empty table, Xiao Mei was a little regretful.

If she were at a different restaurant, she would have asked for it, but in this one, she was still rather reserved.

Todays breakfast was an extreme bless for non-member diners.

Meanwhile, at the police headquarters in the Southern District.

At director Dong Xiangchuans office, besides the director himself, there was a grim man dressed in black casual clothes.

The man had a buzz cut and eagle eyes, looking very masculine.

He was Zhao Fengs former captain Instructor Liu.

At this point, Instructor Liu, who had always been calm in the face of any challenge, looked at the surveillance video played on his laptop computer and his face changed completely.

After watching the whole video, his face became serious.

“Instructor Liu, I have already reported this matter to the Security Bureau, and I dare not hide it,” Dong Xiangchuan said with a wry smile.

He had a good relationship with Instructor Liu, but he really couldnt and dare not hold this matter, because it involved the martial arts world, and he must report to the Security Bureau!

Because people in the martial arts world were too strong, only the Security Bureau had the strength to control them.

After hearing the words, Instructor Liu slightly shook his head, and he spat out several words,

“Wu Dao figures”

“They are invulnerable.

They certainly are!” “I really dont know where that guy comes from,” Dong Xiangchuan sighed repeatedly.

“He is indeed a master, very impressive.

I am afraid he can beat me in three moves,” Instructor Liu said sternly.

His felt very shocked.

He didnt expect to meet a Wu Dao master here!


Hearing this, Dong Xiangchuan was also shocked.

He quickly said, “Instructor Liu, even you are not his opponent How skilled is he”

“The level of Wu Dao world is very clear.

Its divided into three stages, namely Obvious Strength, Inward Strength, and Peak strength.

For Obvious Strength, its the use of fist.

Its a kind of horizontal kung fu training, pursuing stiffness.

Inward Strength is hitting with elbow bottom.

It features endless force and is a kind of soft strength.”

“Peak Strength is the combination of hardness with softness.

This skill requires absolute control of power.”

“When a person masters muscular power of Obvious Strength, he can turn to practice Inward Strength.

After he captures the spirits of Inward Strength and is good at softness, he will start to comprehend Peak Strength.

The end of Inward Strength is the beginning of the Peak Strength.”

Instructor Liu explained, without caring whether Dong Xiangchuan understood or not.

He added,

“Ordinary people may not be able to achieve Obvious Strength even if they are practicing all their lives.

However, talented people may eventually get this skill in ten years.

From Obvious Strength to Inward Strength, they need the talent to understand.

As for Peak Strength, it is very difficult.

A grandmaster of Peak Strength is good at both hardness and softness.

He is as still as a virgin and as agile as a running rabbit.

He is really powerful.”

Dong Xiangchuan listened in a daze and did not know the specific meaning, so he interrupted, “Then… what level is that strong man”

“From the strength point of view, he seems to be an Obvious Strength master, using masculine strength, but his strength seems to be terribly strong.

From the softness of his skin, he has mastered the skin strength training method, which is used to defend against bullets and guns.

Obviously, he has some high-end body training method, which is really awesome.

From the comprehensive point of view, he… might be a Peak Strength master…”

“Hmm” Dong Xiangchuan froze.

“Peak Strength then.

Whymight be”



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