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Chapter 184 Dahei, Come Entertain The Guest

Once Instructor Liu and Zhao Feng passed through the jungle and arrived at the lawn, an excited twinkle appeared Instructor Lius eyes.

“Eh Your master is indeed an interesting person! This place is well managed.” Instructor Liu crouched down and stroked the grass, gasping in admiration, “Its strange how the grass gives off a light fragrance.”

“The flowers over there are also very beautiful, which are turgid and colorful.

Is your master an expert in flower cultivation”

“Hmm The old tree on the top of the mountain is also very fascinating.

Its so tall.

This is the first time Ive seen a tree that looked like flowers were blooming on it!”

“The environment here is really good, and this place is like a gardener paradise.

I have to say that your master is highly romantic.” Instructor Liu offered praise first, then said coldly,

“However… Its a complete waste of time to channel all his energy into these useless things! Ive never heard of a powerful martial artist who was good at cultivating grass, flowers, and trees! Xiaofeng, it seems that you were accepted as his disciple when you entered the martial arts world without understanding anything.

Alas, you are still too young.”

“Erm…” Zhao Feng tightened his lips to restrain a laugh and said, “Instructor, I think you should be… more friendly.”

“Friendly Theres no amicability in the martial arts world! Xiaofeng, youve only just now entered into the martial arts world, but you shouldnt look at it with normal eyes.

The martial arts world is strength-oriented, but your master only focuses on planting.

What if you are being tricked I will seriously fight with him later.

If he wont fight, then I really will take you away from here,” Instructor Liu said solemnly.

After hearing what he said, Zhao Feng was overjoyed, but he put on a serious expression and said, “Dont worry instructor, if you can beat my master, then Ill go with you!”

“All right, its settled then.” Instructor Liu nodded and walked towards the top of the mountain with Zhao Feng.

“Eh Xiaofeng Whats that over there Didnt you say the treasure was taken away by the bulky guy” When they approached the thunder yang tree, Instructor Liu caught sight of the gold and antiques which were casually put aside.

At first, he was in a daze and asked about it, but he was quickly taken aback and lowered his voice while asking, “Hey, is that strong man here”

“No, hes not here.” Zhao Feng shook his head repeatedly.

After thinking for a moment, he said, “Maybe he just left the treasure here for the time being.”

He forgot that the treasure was here when he decided to bring his instructor.

Zhang Han asked him to sell these things, but his instructor arrived before he even got started.

“Forget it.

Lets find your master! I want to figure out who he is!” Instructor Liu ruthlessly glanced at Zhao Feng, taking the lead with large strides as he walked forward.

They quickly arrived at the thunder yang tree.

Seeing the scenery of the back hill, Instructor Liu froze and his face was as hard as stone,

“As a person in the martial arts world, he really knows how to offend public decency! Not only does he cultivate flowers and grass, he even grows vegetables and raises pigs.

How can he maintain the high-intensity training of martial arts while he lives such a leisurely life”

“Erm… instructor.

My master is very formidable.

Wed better greet him first,” Zhao Feng said helplessly.

He didnt know what the martial arts world was like, so he also had no idea about Obvious Strength, Inward Strength, and Peak Strength.

All he knew was that his master was once a very powerful cultivator at the Du Jie Stage!

Although his master was at the Qi Refining Stage now, he could fly over the lawn and walk on water.

He raised Dahei and Little Hei, one of whom was invulnerable, while the other was as quick as lightning.

But he, the former king of the army, was the weakest here.

His master could do such amazing things at the Qi Refining Stage.

What about when he reached the Du Jie Stage Zhao Feng got goosebumps at the thought.

He turned to glance at the instructor and noticed that his face was filled with disdain, to which Zhao Feng could only repress a smile.

Seeing Zhang Han standing at the edge of the pet area, Instructor Liu moved forward.

“Hello.” Instructor Liu first greeted him and then said, “Are you Xiaofengs master”

Instructor Liu peered at him while speaking and was a little disappointed.

How come he did not have the aura of a master

Although he did not have the aura, his manner was that of a master.

Instructor Liu became curious after Zhang Han glanced at him coldly and said “Yes.”

This man seemed quite confident! Why was he so confident

“Master, this is my former instructor.

He treated me very well, like a brother…” Zhao Feng said.

Instructor Liu held his arm out to stop Zhao Feng, interrupted him before he finished speaking.

“Stop talking about this.

Erm… Mr.

Zhang, right Ill get straight to the point.

This time I have come to see who accepted Xiaofeng as a disciple.

As of this moment, I feel really disappointed.

You not only spend your time growing flowers, vegetables, and grass, but also raising livestock and pets.

Wont your strength regress if you live such a leisurely life Therefore, with due respect, Im very disappointed.

If its like this, I want to compete with Mr.


If you cant even beat me, then Ill take Xiaofeng away this instant.

What do you think”

Having been a soldier for many years, Instructor Liu was straightforward and emphasized action.

His thought process was very simple.

If someone defeated him, he would show his respect, but if someone lost, he would look down on him instead.

Hearing what he said, Zhao Feng still had an expression of absolute serenity as he looked at Instructor Liu.

When he was about to speak, Mengmengs tender voice rang out,

“PaPa, PaPa, look at my clothes.

It was chewed up by Little Ha.”

While speaking, Mengmeng scuttled over and held the hem of his clothes.

While on the back side, a Husky which looked foolish stared at them, looking guilty.

“It doesnt matter.

PaPa will buy you a new one.” Zhang Han said, while feeling that she was a little silly.

“Oh, okay.

Then, shall we go to buy new clothes this afternoon”

“Okay, lets do that after we leave here.”

“Ha, ha, ha.

Well go shopping.

Hmm” After laughing, Mengmeng saw Instructor Liu standing next to Zhao Feng.

The little princess looked at him curiously and said, “Hello uncle.”

“Hello, little girl.” Instructor Liu was speechless.

He finally understood why Zhao Fengs master would do these things.

It was understandable that he wanted to live an unexceptional life since he had a daughter.

It seemed that there was no point in competing with him.

“Forget it, since Mr.

Zhang is living peacefully, I wont disturb you.

Ill take Zhao Feng with me and leave you, Mr.

Zhang, to enjoy a peaceful life,” Instructor Liu said casually.

“Hmm” Zhang Han was slightly stunned and did not understand the mans meaning.

Seeing this, Zhao Feng spoke in a hurry, “Master, um, instructor said he wanted to compete with you on the way here because he is worried about me.

If he wins, he said he will take me back with him.

However, if he loses, he will feel assured.”

“Oh.” Zhang Han smiled and looked at Instructor Liu, then said, “Did you win against Zhao Feng”

“Of course!”

Instructor Liu straightened up and firmly said, “Although Xiaofeng has become a martial artist, he still cant hold on for two minutes while fighting with me!”

This was completely true.

As far as he was concerned, although Xiaofengs strength was similar to his, his moves did not compare with his.

He could defeat Xiaofeng in one minute if he used his martial arts skills.

In order to give him some face, Instructor Liu said that Zhao Feng could hold on for two minutes.

However, Zhang Han only smiled.

“I think it is inconvenient for Mr.

Zhang at present, so I will…” Instructor Liu did not want to waste time, so he intended to notify him that he was going to leave.

Before he finished speaking, Zhang Han waved coldly and said, “Theres nothing inconvenient.”

“Hmm” Instructor Liu froze and pointed towards Mengmeng and said, “Your daughter is here!”

How could they fight since the little girl was here They might frighten the child and cause her to start crying as soon as they moved to fight.

After all, the fights among martial artists would be filled with great momentum!

“I wont fight with you.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

Zhang Han was not interested in opponents who would be defeated within a single move.

Furthermore, Zhang Han did not like fighting.

He felt bored when competing with others, but attached great importance to treasure hunting.

He had a lot of treasures and could beat a whole group of martial artists with only one or two of them.

“You wont fight Are you kidding I said Xiaofeng was no match for me.” Instructor Liu said doubtfully.

“Not him either.”

“So who will fight with me” Instructor Liu was becoming a little impatient.

“Dahei, come over here and entertain the guest.”



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