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Chapter 190 Sun Ming Has Recovered

“All the ingredients are here.” While looking at the boxes in front of him, Sun Ming sighed softly.

He obtained these ingredients at the expense of the company that he had been struggling to operate for years now.

Software technology kept up with fashion trends.

With the continuous development of science and technology, cyber culture was becoming increasingly sound and the market for software was also very promising.

Since the company had been developed step by step under his leadership, he had a soft spot in his heart for it.

However, compared with his life, his life was certainly more important.

Sun Ming sighed with emotion, but he was happy at the same time.

“Dad, its good to sell the company.

I think its not a big deal.

I really dont like the software industry and dont have the drive to make it in this field.

Ha, ha, Im relieved now,” Sun Dongheng said with a smile.

“You brat!” Sun Ming glared at him and said, “Although I sold the company, I will probably set up a bigger one in the future! Youll be busy in due time!”

“Ah Sun Donghengs look became stormy.

“Hey, its already past ten oclock.

Hurry up.” Staring at her husband and son, Suns mother smiled.

“Lets go.” Sun Ming shook his head, picked up the medicine boxes, and walked outside with Sun Dongheng.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Zhang Han and Mengmeng were still watching TV on the sofa on the first floor.

“Boss, were here, and we have all the ingredients,” Sun Dongheng excitedly said.

“Okay, wait a minute, Zhao Feng will be soon back.

Sit down first,” Zhang Han responded casually.


Sun Ming nodded and smiled.

He asked his wife and son to sit on the chairs while he walked to the sofa with a gift box.

“Eyah, uncle, is it a gift for Mengmeng” Mengmeng looked at the small box in his hand with her big shining eyes.

“Yes, I brought a small toy for Mengmeng.” Sun Ming handed over the small box.

Mengmeng accepted it and opened it with exultation, then she played with it while giggling.

After delivering the gift, Sun Ming returned to his seat and shook his head with a smile.

He had a deep appreciation for karma in his heart.

It was precisely his kindness to Mengmeng at the beginning that resulted in the bosss kindness and the possibility of curing his illness.

He sighed at the wonders of life.

About ten minutes later, Zhao Feng rushed in carrying a rectangular box.

“Boss, Ive bought the silver needles,” Zhao Feng said.

“Mmm.” Hearing his words, Zhang Han stood up, then glanced at Mengmeng and said, “Mengmeng, would you like to play with your toys on the second floor for a while”

“Huh” Mengmeng paused and said doubtfully, “PaPa, why are you asking me to go to the second floor Mengmeng wants to play here.”

“Youll smell an unpleasant odor in a while.

If you go to the second floor, you wont smell it,” Zhang Han said while stroking Mengmengs head.

“No, Mengmeng wants to stay with PaPa.

Mengmeng isnt afraid of the odor.”

“Princess Mengmeng, can uncle play games on the second floor with you Your PaPa has something to do.”

Putting the rectangular box on the kitchen counter, Zhao Feng walked to Mengmeng and asked her with a smile at this time.

“Well… okay.” MengMeng pondered for a moment and finally agreed reluctantly.

In fact, she wanted to be with PaPa.

Zhao Feng picked Mengmeng up and went to the second floor while Zhang Han went to the kitchen.

He took out a cauldron-like pot from the lower side, then took a bottle and poured the Yang Qing Water into it.

Once the Yang Qing Water filled half of the bottle, Zhang Han turned on the stove.

“Boss, are you preparing the medicine” Sun Dongheng approached Zhang Han and asked with curiosity.

Zhang Han glanced at him and spat out a few words, “Im refining some pills.”

How could common drugs cure cancer Only pills made by cultivators had such an incredible effect.

His words confused Sun Dongheng.

However, since the boss seemed unwilling to explain, he decided it was best to stop asking.


Zhang Han said while reaching out his hand.

After hearing what he said, Sun Dongheng quickly opened the box containing ambergris.

After Zhang Han accepted it, he patted it with his palms and instantly caused the Ambergris to turn into a powder.

Ambergris, also known as gray amber in the west, was a waxy and combustible substance with a gray or black appearance, which was produced by intestinal obstruction of a whales digestive system.

Ambergris not only had a unique fragrance, which smelled like sweet soil, but also had medicinal properties.

However, the greatest function of Ambergris was to make perfume.

It was of high value.

And the Ambergris only played a role in adding fragrance tonight.

Because the small pill refined by Zhang Han would produce a really bad smell.

If Sun Ming knew this, he would laugh and weep at the same time.

He spent nearly 500,000 yuan just for this fragrance.

Although it did not cost a lot of money, the sum could buy many international high-end brands of perfume.

All the Ambergris powder was poured into the cooking pot.

Although it was being sucked up by the range hood, the faint fragrance still drifted through the area.

Then Zhang Han took out two objects that looked like roots and put them into the pot.

A bad smell suddenly emanated from the pot this time.

Under the restraint of the Ambergris, the whole space smelled much better.

If not for that, no one could have stayed in this room.

These roots, which emitted a peculiar smell, were of fragrant wood.

Fragrant wood was a top-grade spice, but its root was indeed smelly, which proved that every extremity was a fault.

After the roots of fragrant wood were added, the Yang Qing Water in the pot began to boil.

Zhang Han took out a plastic bag, of which had some Yuan Qing Tree leaves in it.

There were about 20 leaves in it.

He poured all of them into the pot, making the nattier blue water immediately change into a dark green color.

“Its so amazing…” Catching sight of the change, Sun Dongheng murmured in surprise.

It was quite similar to some chemical changes.

As soon as the leaves were put in, the water changed color in less than a second.

“Wild ginseng.” While Sun Dongheng was standing there, stunned, Zhang Han stretched his hand out towards him.

“Oh, okay.” Sun Dongheng hastily found the box containing the wild ginseng, took it out, and put it in Zhang Hans hand.

After receiving it, Zhang Han directly put the wild ginseng into the pot.

“Snow Lotus.”

“Polygonum multiflorum.”

“Ganoderma lucidum.”

As the ingredients were added, one by one, the pot slowly filled up until there was almost no room left.

After adding all these ingredients into it, Zhang Han took the lid and covered the small pot.

In fact, this pill could not be regarded as a small magical pellet, and its effect was not even one tenth as powerful as a small magical pellet.

Small magical pellets were used for recovery.

They were mostly used by cultivators at the Foundation and Innateness Stage because the effect would be greatly reduced when used by cultivators at higher stages.

Only large magical pellets would be effective.

Of course, some small magical pellets of the absolute best quality could also have good effects.

Each kind of pill was usually divided into several levels.

And the small magical pellet refined this time used the leaves of the Yuan Qing Tree and the roots of fragrant wood as the main ingredients.

Each part of these plant based spirit treasures played a role in healing.

Although the small magical pellet was not refined using the standard main ingredients, it was enough to cure cancer because it used a third-stage spirit treasure and a first-stage spirit treasure.

The wild ginseng and ganoderma lucidum were auxiliary ingredients that served the purpose of comprehensively improving Sun Mings physical quality.

However, the whole process had to be controlled by Zhang Hans spiritual force.

The fire had been burning for 20 minutes.

Sun Ming, Sun Dongheng, and Suns mother were staring at the steaming pot.

Under their gazes, Zhang Han suddenly gripped both sides of the small pot!

“Ah!” Suns mother let out a cry.

The pot must be very hot, wouldnt it burn his hands

However… one second, five seconds, one minute…

Under their gazes, Zhang Hans expression did not change at all and his hands also looked unhurt.

This scene surprised the three people.

Wasnt this pot hot

Since the pot must be hot, the reason why the boss was not burned was only because of his palms.

They had heard that some people could put their palms into boiling oil without injury, so they deemed that the bosss palms were similar to the hands of those people.

The three were astonished and really touched.

Zhang Han ignored the three, not paying any attention to them.

He slowly closed his eyes and gathered his spiritual force in the small pot through his palms while refining the ingredients.

Gradually, all the ingredients slowly mixed together and turned into soup, which became thicker as they continued to condense…

An hour later.

Zhang Han suddenly opened his eyes, which were gleaming.

The magical pellet was finished.

As Zhang Hans hands left the small pot and took the lid off, a gust of air suddenly surged out.

A faint scent filled the room.

Zhang Hans hand reached into the pot and took out a glittering and translucent pill, which was translucent dark green.


All three of them stared at it with their eyes opened wide.

In their mind, there should be a bowl of medicine soup in the pot.

They had never expected that it turned out to be a spherical shaped object!

This puzzled them.

“Eat it.”

Zhang Han walked over to Sun Ming with the pill.

“Okay, okay, okay.” Sun Ming responded in a hurry, taking the pill that was as big as a walnut and eating it.

Unexpectedly, this pill melted in his mouth without him needing to chew it at all.

It entered through his throat like a clear stream, making him feel very comfortable.

“Sit straight,” Zhang Han spoke again.

Hearing what he said, Sun Ming quickly sat upright.

The next moment, Zhang Han opened the box containing 10-inch silver needles!

Zhang Han did not even give them time to reflect.

With several quick movements of his palms, the silver needles were embedded in Sun Mings body in quick succession.

Some were inserted in his chest, some were on the anterior side of his heart, some on the right side, and some on both the upper and lower sides.

This totally scared Suns mother and Sun Dongheng, with even Sun Ming being stunned.

If it wasnt for his strong willpower, he would have shivered.

Zhang Han inserted 49 needles into Sun Mings body on both sides!

And the depth that these needles penetrated into his body was clearly more than eight inches.

Generally speaking, these needles could completely penetrate his body, but nothing seemed to have gone wrong.

Less than a minute after the needles were inserted into his body, Sun Ming felt extremely hot, along with a searing pain!

He was so scared that cold sweat rolled down his head as his body involuntarily shivered.

“Ah… Mr.

Zhang, my husband, he…” Suns mother quivered.

“Hes experiencing detoxification.

Please wait for five minutes,” Zhang Han responded and sat down in the chair beside him.

Five minutes passed under the agonizing gaze of Suns mother and Sun Dongheng.

At this point, Zhang Han waved his hand a few times and all the silver needles were pulled out.

Now, all the silver needles had become dark.

“Throw away the pot and all the needles,” Zhang Han looked at Sun Dongheng and said.

“Okay.” Sun Dongheng nodded and began to pack everything up.


Zhang, my husband…” Looking at Sun Ming, who had his eyes closed, Suns mother asked.

“He has recovered,” Zhang Han replied with a chuckle.

As soon as he finished speaking, Sun Ming suddenly opened his eyes.

At this point, he could only sense that his body was full of vitality.

He took a deep breath and said,


In truth, the feeling of being healthy was the best!



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