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Chapter 196 The Trio Are Dumbfounded

“That really freaked me out!” An Sen wiped his forehead, only to find it was covered with sweat.

“That, that was so terrifying!”

“He was actually a Qi Strength Master.

My god.

Theres such a powerful person here!”

He Feng and Leng Yue murmured softly.

Obviously, the sudden appearance of a Qi Strength Master completely threw them into confusion.

In their view, even if their captain came here, he would probably be scared.

Fortunately, the Qi Strength Master did not hurt them and the small red flower was just a warning.

They were just thankful inwardly that he did not lose his temper.

Otherwise, the consequences would have been too ghastly to contemplate!

As they were busy thinking about pointless things, a cold voice rang from the side,

“Didnt you want to take us away What do you want to do now Tell me.”

The three of them were all stunned.

They were so shocked that they even forgot about the man beside them.

Zhao Feng understood why they were so absentminded.

Their feelings were obviously in turmoil.

“No.” An Sen, who had always been straightforward, looked at Zhao Feng, with a guilty expression, and said, with a flattering voice, “We, erm… just came to ask you to assist us with some inquiries.

We simply want to ask about some details.

Er… thats right.

Just a written interrogation record.”

“Yes, yes, we were just ordered to get a statement and record some information.

Brother, dont misunderstand us.

We have no malice at all,” echoed He Feng quickly.

Leng Yue, however, compressed her mouth, and said nonchalantly after a long time, “I dont know if it is convenient for Mr.

Zhao to make a statement for the record now.

If it is not convenient for you, we can go back first and contact you when you have time.”

“Go ahead, ask whatever you want to ask.”

Seeing the three peoples passive attitudes, Zhao Feng felt very happy.

Previously, as a special soldier, he had to salute when he met personnel from the Security Bureau.

But now he was a martial artist.

Although he could not defeat the people in front of him, they dared not say anything because of his master.

The feeling brought by this contrast was really refreshing.

However, after hearing his words, the three people felt a little uncomfortable.

They had planned to take Zhao Feng and his boss away and had never thought of asking them questions.

“Well, big brother, arent you tired of standing Sit down and chat with me.” An Sen stood up and patted his bum as he spoke to Zhao Feng with a smile.

After Zhao Feng sat down, An Sen, whose heart was still beating violently even now, was sitting on the opposite side.

He said with an anxious face,

“Erm… Is the owner of the restaurant a Qi Strength Master”

An Sens voice had been very tough, but now it was very gentle.

“What do you think” Zhao Feng slightly raised his chin, putting on a somewhat bohemian expression, as if he were very formidable.

If Liang Mengqi saw Zhao Fengs expression, she would probably laugh at him and deem that he was suffering from adolescent delusions.

“Hes so awesome.

Hes definitely a master.

What a powerful man.

Ha, ha…” An Sen did not know what to say as he stared helplessly.

As for Leng Yue, after hearing what he said, she gently coughed and said,

“Zhao Feng, we have a task at hand and just want to inquire about the situation.

I hope you can help us out.

After all, you were also a member of the army before.

Please understand.”

“I will answer if I can.” Zhao Feng nodded his head slightly.

“In truth, we want to ask for the details regarding the situation with Tang Zhans mansion.” Sitting beside An Sen, He Feng looked at Zhao Feng with a solemn look.

After forming some sentences in his mind, he said,

“That, after all, created quite a stir.

Thats why we, the staff of the Security Bureau, were sent here.

We have already learned some information from Director Dong.

This matter was held back by him and Instructor Liu.

Although Tang Zhan and his men deserve to die…”

“Get to the point.” Leng Yue interpreted him and said bluntly, “Whos the bulky invulnerable man Can you answer this question”

Generally speaking, they would have questioned him violently, but now, they dared not! A Qi Strength Master was like a mountain that held them down with great pressure.

Forget about asking about using violence to get answers, they actually had to add “Can you answer the question.”

Judging from their attitude, everyone knew the status of a Qi Strength Master.

“Im familiar with him, but I cant tell you about him.

If you want to know, you will have to ask the boss,” Zhao Feng replied, then shook his head.

His words stunned the three people.

How would they dare to ask his boss

Leng Yue had no choice but to give up on this question.

After thinking for a while, she asked again, “Can you tell us whether it was your decision to destroy Tang Zhan or…”

“Its my bosss idea, but also mine,” Zhao Feng responded.

“Then, regarding the treasures that…”

“If you want to take the treasure back, you will have to speak with the boss.

I cant make a decision on that.”

“Okay then, I have no more questions.” Leng Yue gave a wry smile.

He could answer all their questions by simply saying “Please ask the boss”.

“You might not have any questions, but I do!” An Sen said excitedly with round eyes, “Brother, wheres your boss from Who taught him Does he need more disciples And, what do you think of me Is there any chance I could become his apprentice Its ok for me to serve the guests at ordinary times.

Im good at mopping the floor and possess great strength.

I can do all the dirty work.

My only desire is to acquire… more power.”

Hearing An Sens words, He Feng and Leng Yue hung their hands in shame and closed their eyes.

They were both speechless.

It was really a shame! He was acting shamefully!

Even Zhao Fengs mouth slightly quivered as he replied,

“My master is a mainlander, who is the leader of his organization.

By means of his identity, he doesnt need to look for someone else as a patron, because hes his own support.

As for accepting disciples, I dont think my master has any interest in this aspect.

But you can ask him.”

Only after this remark did they realize that Zhao Feng was already a disciple of that Qi Strength Master.

This showed that Zhao Fengs future would be smooth and promising!

Their glances at Zhao Feng all changed at the thought.

“Oh, how do I dare to ask him I spoke too loud before.

Did I annoy him” An Sen scratched his head and said.

Hearing his words, Zhao Feng said with a chuckle, “I dont know if the boss was bothered by it, but I know that if you disturb Mengmeng, hell be very unhappy.

If he becomes unhappy, you will probably end up with the same fate as Scorpion and Tang Zhan.

Therefore, if there is anything in the future, you should contact me directly instead of disturbing my master.”

“Okay, okay.

Lets call it a day.

Im sorry to trouble you,” Leng Yue said quickly, then stood up and went outside.

“Hey, I havent finished chatting yet.” An Sen twisted his mouth and sighed, looking at Zhao Feng as he said, “Brother, please apologize to the boss for me.

Im really sorry for being so loud earlier.

Next time Ill definitely correct it.


“Ahem, come on.

Were leaving right now.

Sorry to disturb you today… Go, go, go…”

“Ah Why are you pulling me I havent finished speaking yet.”

An Sen was dragged out by He Feng.

After He Feng set him directly into the back seat of the Hummer, Leng Yue hastily started the car and left.

Wonderment and a lingering fear persisted along the way.

After they returned to Dong Xiangchuans office.


An Sen was very angry and flung open the door.

“Chief Constable! You totally cheated us!” An Sen said with great indignation.

“Whats up” Dong Xiangchuan was somewhat shocked.

“The owner of the restaurant is definitely not an Obvious Strength martial artist,” He Feng said with a wry smile, “Hes a Qi Strength Master.

A tough character who is even more powerful than the bulky guy in the video.

We almost didnt get to come back today.”

“Thats right.” Leng Yue added with an indifferent expression, “Its only thanks to the bosss daughter.

Otherwise, he might have beaten us to death because of An Sens rude remarks.”

“Is he so terrifying” Dong Xiangchuan felt surprised all of a sudden and asked in a hurry, “Is he really a Qi Strength Master Is it true”

“Of course its true.”

“Hiss… this matter turned into trouble.

You should inform your superior immediately,” Dong Xiangchuan said hastily.

“We have already notified them on our way back.” He Feng shook his head repeatedly.

He remembered the tone when their captain answered the phone, “Who What! A Qi Strength Master Poof… are you sure Really My god! We are in a jam! Curb your temper and dont take any rash actions.

Ill inform the superiors immediately…”

It was evident that the emergence of a Qi Strength Master was a problem that none of them could deal with.

Figuratively speaking, their position was equivalent to traffic police.

Martial artists with Inward Strength were equal to common police, people with Peak Strength were equivalent to armed police, and masters were the same as special soldiers.

The martial artists at higher levels could not be seen in normal times.

Since a Qi Strength Master was involved in this matter, they had to inform their superiors and wait silently.

“Did you ask about the details” Dong Xiangchuan asked, “What did Zhao Feng say What did his master say Did they accept or refuse”

“Not at all!” An Sen said angrily, “Look at his face and her neck.

Were all injured.

After we made him unhappy, we were scared to ask him anything!”

“Erm…” Dong Xiangchuan sighed gently.

“But we briefly asked Zhao Feng about some details.” Leng Yue interrupted him and said, “He said that he was a disciple of the boss and the treasure was in their hands.

If we want to take it back, we need to ask the owner of the restaurant.

If we want to inquire about something else, we should ask the boss as well.

Zhao Feng did not say more.

Since he couldnt make a decision, we couldnt ask him.

So now we have to wait for instructions from our superiors and see how they want to handle it.”

“Its really troublesome…” Dong Xiangchuan sighed again.

Meanwhile, at the TV Station in Jiangyuan City.

Floating Music was about to start recording.

At this moment, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were backstage.

Zi Yan had just put on light makeup and was taking a break in the lounge.

“Elder Sister Yan, I saw a person, who looked like Mu Rou outside just now.

She went to the lounge in front of us,” Zhou Fei said doubtfully.



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