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Chapter 208 Why

It seemed that Zhao Feng had some relationship with the restaurant owner! He actually came!

Ye Han and the others narrowed their eyes.

However, they were not afraid because they had guessed the restaurant owner might come, so they had made sufficient preparations for this fight.

The three forces had not directly stepped in.

It could be said that they were spectators.

They only found some experts by using their connections to help Lao Biao finish this fight.

Then all the forces in Southern District would be like a giant group, led by Lao Biao, and the three forces of them would get dividends according to their own shares.

Although the restaurant owner may be involved, they thought that the benefits they would gain were great enough to make them ignore him.

Of course, they had seen the video of the restaurant owner fighting in Changsheng Nightclub, so they looked for the ten masters, who had been renowned for a long period of time.

In their view, with the ten masters here, even if two more helpers like Zhang Han came, it would not help, not to mention Zhang Han alone.

They only worried that the foreign master Zhao Feng invited last time would come, because the strong man like Johnson was so powerful and invulnerable that swords and spears could not penetrate his body.

However, they did not know the restaurant owner who had been despised by them was the real powerful figure and that even the Security Bureau felt a headache because they thought it hard to deal with him.

If they knew, they wouldnt even dare to get involved.

Under everyones gaze, the shabby and worthless car slowly drove in.

Including Li Aotian and Lengyu Brothers, all of them looked in that direction.

When it reached the edge of the battlefield, the car stopped and the rear door was opened.

They only saw a thick thigh being stuck out.

Then a man with the amazing height of more than two meters got out of the car.

It was Dahei.


Ye Han and the rest gasped!

“What should have come finally came”

Even Lengyu Brothers expressions were stiff.

Looking at the muscles that the strong man wanted to show, they felt that this mans strength must be incredible.

“Shit, this killing god has actually come!”

Those, who had seen the fight with their own eyes outside Tang Zhans luxurious villa turned pale, and even many of them could not help shrink back.

An uproar rose in the crowd.

“Damn! We will surely lose the fight because of him!”

“Who can beat him My God, he is a powerful man, who has an invulnerable body!”

Li Aotian had good hearing and heard a man not far from him say that the strong man had an invulnerable body, which upset him.

“An invulnerable body What the ** What are you talking about”

Hence, he furrowed his eyes and said in a cold voice,

“Since your helpers are here, then hurry to get started! Dont waste my time.

He is a silly hunk with some muscles.”

Zhao Fengs mouth quivered slightly as he heard it.

“Good boy, youre really good at offending us.

Lets look at how you will be swung and hit in a while!


Dahei stared at him and raised its nose slightly, looking a bit fierce, but it had not moved.

Faced with so many people, it didnt know how to react, beating all of them up or something else, so it was waiting for Zhang Hans command.

Under everyones gaze, the window of the little panda car was slowly rolled down.

Zhang Han stuck his head out slightly.

It seemed that he did not intend to get out of the car.

He looked at Zhao Feng as he said flatly,

“Send him back when the fight is over.”

“Yes!” Zhao Feng responded loudly.

“Send it back Bull**.” Meng Wu cocked his head and looked at Zhang Han, scoffing, “Arent you a little boss of that restaurant You havent noticed where you are Are you qualified to speak”

“What did you say” Zhao Fengs eyes became cold and his muscles tightened.

It looked like he was about to make a move.

“Zhao Feng, dont put on airs here! You will be beaten up and disabled…”

Meng Wu had not finished his words, but a black shadow flashed out of the back seat of the panda car like lightning.

Even all of them had not realized what it was and only vaguely saw a figure like a dog run more than ten meters within two breaths of time.

It was Little Hei.

When it came in the front of Meng Wu, it leaped and opened its mouth, showing sharp fangs to bit Meng Wus face.

At this moment, time seemed to be still.

Although Li Aotian and others could see Little Heis movements clearly, they could not resist its attack at the same horrible speed!

On one side, Ye Han, Xia Shanhao, Dong Tianpeng, and their minions were shocked.

As they thought of the **ing mans battle achievement on that day, their hearts missed a beat and all of them looked terrified.

This was a vicious dog as fierce as a beast!

However, Meng Wu only felt a dark shadow floating over from the side.

He turned his head with his mouth agape.

What he saw was sharp fangs, and his eyes gradually rounded.


Little Heis teeth directly pierced Meng Wus chin.

The latter was knocked to the ground.


Meng Wu immediately screamed and twisted, but no matter how he resisted, it was of no help.

After two seconds, Lao Biao, who stood at Meng Wus side, came to his senses.

He hurried to take four or five steps back and cried in terror,

“Kill this dog for me!”

Hearing this, a dozen daring men behind him rushed up.


Dahei roared and stepped forward to meet them.

A dozen attackers had no idea how powerful Dahei was.

They drew out daggers one after another and tried to fight against it.

However, they were directly beaten or kicked away by Dahei.

“The strength…” Lengyu Brothers faces fell slightly.

At that time, Lao Biaos minions moved in while Zhao Feng and his people also walked forward.

Seeing that a fierce fight was about to take place, Zhang Han spoke in a flat tone,

“Little Hei, come back.”

Hearing it, Little Heis loosened its mouth, glancing at the crowd.

It looked fiercer than a wolf.

People all felt a chill of fear when they met its gaze.

What a terrible look!

However, Little Hei ignored them.

He walked slowly back step by step, jumped into the back seat of the car, and even closed the door with its claw.

Seeing this, the group of people were a little shocked involuntarily.

What the hell was this

Zhang Han did not say anything further, rolled up the window and leisurely drove the car away.

At this moment, Meng Wus bloody chin made him unable to speak.

Worse still, his cheeks had turned into a bloody pile of flesh.

Although it would not threaten his life, his appearance was terrible.

His injuries were even severer than serious burns.

Lao Biao got an awful fright and felt his heart was pounding.

At the same time, anger was gradually rising in his heart.

He waved his hand and asked his men to take Meng Wu to the hospital.

Then he looked at Zhao Feng and wanted to have a fight, but before he could say anything…

“Oh, oh, oh!”

After Zhang Han left, Dahei widened its eyes and looked around.

It seemed that it was looking for the target to attack.

“Go, go, go! Be quick!”

Ye Han was so frightened that he began to quiver as he met its gaze.

He shouted, quickly got into the car and drove 200 meters away!

Xia Shanhao and Dong Tianpeng looked at each other.

They also got into the car, drove two hundred meters, stopped the car, and got out of it, dumbfounded.

Everything was done in an instant.

The three peoples reaction shocked Lao Biao and his minions.

From the expressions they could vaguely see, they found that the three people seemed very afraid of the strong man in front of them!

It was just… why were they scared

The next moment, they knew what was going on.

As Li Aotian, who had become impatient because of waiting, saw Daihei looking for someone to have a fight, his face darkened and he shouted coldly.

“Courting death!”

When he finished his words, he ran straight to Dahei.

Quickening his steps, he moved his right fist behind his back, in order to gather force and give a heavy punch.

He was very experienced in dealing with such a strong man.

He thought as long as his fist was hard enough, he could beat anyone!

He often said, “No matter how strong my opponent is, I treat him as a breeze blowing the hills.

No matter how violent he is, Ill treat him as the bright moon shining the great river! Fighting is my answer.”

Li Aotian moved, and his two disciples followed him closely.

The duo tried to directly defeat the hunk with one move before their masters launched an attack.


Dahei raised his nose and faced Li Aotian with its big nostrils.

It had not intended to parry their attack and its muscles of the upper part tightened up.

Li Aotians eyes became cold when he saw it.

“Go to hell!”

He gave a sudden roar and used 90 percent of his strength, which turned into one punch.

He knew that even if there was a cow opposite him, he could throw it to the ground!

This aggressive punch dashed toward Daheis chest.

At that time, everyones eyes gradually rounded.

They all held their breath and looked forward to the picture of the hunk falling down.



The crisp sound of bone fracture went off, not from the hunks chest but Li Aotians powerful arm!


The others were astonished.

Li Aotian was already stunned before he could feel the pain in his arm.

He slowly raised his head.

What he saw was Daheis disdainful look!


Dahei roared and threw a punch with his right fist, which became bigger and bigger in Li Aotians eyes.


One punch hit Li Aotians chest, directly sending him five meters into the air and flying nearly 20 meters away.

Floating in the air, he spat out a few mouthfuls of blood and fell in the back of the crowd, unconscious!


Two of his disciples quickly made a sudden stop, but as they ran too fast, it was too late for them to stop now.

They halted until they were not far from Dahei.

At this point, the duo wanted to cry and was about to shiver in terror when Daheis leg was lifted.

Bang! Bang!

It gave them two kicks, which sent the duo flying ten metres away as if a strong man were kicking a football.

At this moment, the battlefield was as silent as the grave.

Aside from the slight sound of the wind blowing leaves, there were no other sounds.

Everyone widened their eyes and couldnt believe what was happening.

“This, this, this… how did this happen” Lao Biao was petrified at this time.

“Oh, my God! He is Li Aotian, not a nobody! How could he be knocked cold by a blow”


“It turned out, turned out that Dong Tianpeng and the other two did have reason to escape!”


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