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Chapter 209 Run! Get in the Car!

“Oh, my God!”

“Even Dong Tianpeng, Xia Shanhao and Ye Han are all afraid of this man in front of them.

All three of them dare not provoke him and dare not continue to watch the fight here.

That means… Is this man in front of us already terrifying to the unimaginable point”

“How can we fight this The man, who stood there, has won the ten people fight!”

Lao Biao was disheartened.

He looked at Lengyu Brothers and the others.

Now three of them had fallen on the ground, but he still had seven masters.

Perhaps, there was a glimmer of hope to win.

Lao Biao didnt expect that Lengyu Brothers and the other five looked at each other and said two words in a serious tone.



Lengyu Brothers and the rest five, who were famous masters, immediately turned and ran without hesitation.

Like competing in a 100-meter dash, they ran about 50 meters within a few breaths of time.

Looking at their backs, Lao Biao was stunned.

Why did they… run away so directly What about their dignity as masters Did they abandon it

But he didnt know that Lengyu Brothers and the other five masters thought even if they worked together to attack the hunk, they would be beaten in a second!

“The man… is too terrifying! Which level is he now Why is he so powerful”

The hearts of Lengyu Brothers and the other five sank.

They were unable to fight against him.

As they shook in terror, they also felt a little lucky.

It was a good thing that Li Aotian, the arrogant guy, went to test the water.

Otherwise, the consequence was unbearable if they had a ten-people fight.

Seeing that his helpers escaped, Lao Biao was not only surprised but also angry.

“Damn it!”

Lao Biao gnashed his teeth and cursed them out.

A flicker of ferociousness flashed through his face and he roared,

“Brothers, take your weapons and kill him for me!”

As soon as Lao Biao spoke, more than 100 people behind him moved.

Many hands provided great strength and courage.

They took out their weapons and rushed towards Dahei.

“What the **!”

Gu Chen raised his eyebrows, looking fierce.

He lifted his hand up as he cried,

“Everybody, come and… um… um, um…”

Zhao Feng reached out and covered his mouth before his aggressive words were finished.

Seeing that his brothers were ready to move, Zhao Feng raised his arms and said, “Everyone, dont move.

Step back!”

Although his brothers were puzzled, they took several steps back.

At this time, Zhao Feng removed his hand which covered Gu Chens mouth.

“What are you doing” Gu Chen frowned and asked.

“Our opponents are going to touch our helper.

At the critical moment, why did Zhao Feng ask us not to move Even if he is powerful, the hunk cant beat more than one hundred people, can he Moreover, those people have weapons in their hands.

If they attack the vital part of his body, he will die, wont he”

Hearing this, Zhao Feng shook his head with a wry smile and looked at Dahei, sighing,

“Those people are not enough for him to fight alone.

If his opponent is not enough, he will not be happy.

If that happens, he will beat me.”

“Ah Beat you The… problem is whether he can block them If something unexpected happens… ” Xu Yong said hesitantly.

“Just watch.”

Zhao Feng did not want to explain because they would immediately know the reason anyway.

Hence, Gu Chen, Xu Yong, Ah Fu and others all fixed their eyes on the hunk.

Their hearts were still in their mouths and they were very nervous when they saw the group of people rushing to Dahei.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Letting out two cries, Dahei smashed his big fists on his chest several times before it dashed into the crowd.

It waved its arm and knocked down a few of attacker.

With one kick, it sent a person flying which caused more than ten attackers to fall when he collided with them.

After more than ten seconds, over 40 people lay on the ground.

Seeing what happened, Lao Biao and his minions all widened their eyes in terror.

Was this still a human

“Be quick…” Lao Biao was about to ask his minions to run but found that many of his minions had already run several meters when he said the first word.


The next moment, Lao Biao saw Dahei running over and was so scared that he began to shiver.

He wanted to run, but he felt his leg went limp.

He staggered and fell to the ground.

When he got up and wanted to run, he found that his body was tossed into the air.

He felt dizzy, followed by a sharp pain.

Then he passed out happily.

At this point, Dahei was running forward, which terrified many of Lao Biaos minions.

They used all their strength for fear that they would be caught because of running slowly.

They quickly dashed toward their cars, got in and hurriedly drove away.

It was in a mess.

It was unknown how many cars had been scratched when they drove away in a panic, but even if the cars were broken because of the collision, they would not care for it was important to save lives!

But there were also some people who had bad luck.

Two cars crashed head-on with each other, which caused their engines to misfire.

“What the **.”

The people in the two cars were disheartened.

The hunk had appeared at the side of their cars.

They saw him stretch out his arms violently, grabbed the car chassis, lifted it over his head, and threw.

Ding! Bang…

Throwing the two cars away, Dahei found no one was standing within a radius of tens of meters.

“Oh… I havent enjoyed myself!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Dahei curled its lips and let out a few cries.

Then it smashed its fist on its chest to vent his depression.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A clear and audible thud could be heard!

The scene shocked the other people whose eyes almost bulged out.

“This, this, this… Brother Feng, you… he… where did you find this powerful figure” Xu Yong said in a trembling voice.

It was amazing.

He never thought that a person could knock down hundreds of people!

“Oh, my God!” Gu Chen, who had always been relatively calm, was stunned at this moment.

He looked at Dahei and said in a shaking voice, “He is as powerful as a gang! Its really awesome.

Even with Tang Zhan in our gang, our Forever Harmony Association would not be his match.”


As he said, an idea suddenly crossed his mind.

He gasped and looked at Zhao Feng, saying, “I heard that last time you tried to take revenge on Tang Zhan, it wouldnt be…”

“Right!” Zhao Fengs chin was slightly raised and he said flatly, “He killed Tang Zhan with one blow!”


Hearing this, everyone gasped.

“Then, then, he was invited here, or…” Gu Chen asked.

“He follows my boss! Can it be said that he is one of his minions or disciples and also…” Zhao Feng did not say the last sentence because he couldnt.

Dahei now had the appearance of a human, so he could not call Dahei his bosss pet.

Besides, Zhao Feng was embarrassed.

He was a decent gangster, Brother Crazy.

Since he came to Mount New Moon, he had become the weakest when compared with a dog and a gorilla.

Alas, things were unpredictable!

“Your boss” Gu Chen closed his eyes and took a deep breath, mumbling, “Its really a concealed talent.

I wonder whether your boss… is more powerful than the brave man in front of us.”

“My boss, he can handle it with only one hand.” Zhao Feng narrowed his eyes slightly.

He now had a rough understanding of how powerful a Qi Strength Master was.

His master was able to use Qi to drive flowers and leaves to attack people.

Controlling strength by Qi, his master was definitely stronger than Dahei.

“Ah” Gu Chen was completely dumbfounded and nearly bit his tongue.

He thought that the hunk in front of him was already a powerful figure, but he didnt expect that the humble restaurant owner was able to beat him with one hand!

“Does the powerful figure really exist in the world” Gu Chen murmured in a daze.

“Of course,” Zhao Feng answered flatly.

“Its really that a big shot usually hides in the city…” Xu Yong shook his head and sighed with emotion.

On the other side, more than 200 meters away from here.

Ye Han gawked at Dahei, which had punched his chest.

He was even oblivious to the fact that his sunglasses fell to the ground.

“There he is again.

Hes definitely one of the minions of the owner of the restaurant.

Alas… we cant set foot in the Southern District.

Forget it.

Id better not get involved in the affairs of the Southern District.

Ill go.”

Ye Han shook his head and sighed slightly.

He got in his Aston Martin and took the lead in leaving.

Xia Shanhao and Dong Tianpeng got into trouble.

“Dong Tianpeng! Fuck you! Do you really want to drag me down You want me to help you fight against such a powerful figure Do you really want me to die”

The heavyweight master Dong Tianpeng invited kicked the back door of his car and pointed at him, cursing angrily.

And the other two also glared at him.

It seemed that they would attack Dong Tianpeng if he did not give them an explanation.

“No, no, I really dont!” Dong Tianpeng immediately shook his head and said bitterly, “How could I have known in advance that there was a god of slaughter” If I had known in advance, I would never have come here.

Calm down first.

I wont let you come and gain nothing.

Ill pay each of you five million yuan, so dont be mad at me.

I really dont know.”

Hearing, the trio shot a fierce glance at Dong Tianpeng and did not say anything further.

After all, no one would refuse money!

Dong Tianpeng shook his head again and felt bitter in his heart.

This time he really suffered a lot for this fight, losing his money and his people.

However, Xia Shanhaos condition was not much better than his.

The two masters he found grabbed his neckband and was about to beat him.

Finally, Xia Shanhao saved himself by promising a reward of 5 million yuan per person.

Lengyu Brothers, who were standing by, were somewhat upset.

They glanced at Lao Biao who was lying not far away and fainted.

Then they thought of Meng Wu, who had been carried away.

“Both of them collapsed.

Who shall we ask for money”

However, after looking at the hunk, they felt that although they lost their money, it was good that they had not been knocked out.

Looking at the arrogant Li Aotian, they guessed that he would be paralyzed from the waist down.

“Oh, oh!”

Dahei hit its chest for a while and vented its bad feelings.

Its eyes lit up when it saw that a group of people was standing more than two hundred meters away.

It stepped forward and ran toward them in an aggressive manner.

“Ah! Run! Get in the car!”

“Go, go, go!”

Dahei moved, which startled them, including Lengyu Brothers.

They all got into their cars and slipped away like the wind.


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