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Chapter 225 Desire to Succeed

“Really, how can I ignore you” Zhang Han stopped, then went over to Mengmeng and held her in his arms.

He stretched out his finger and tapped the tip of Mengmengs small nose.

He laughed and said, “Shall we go back to the mountain and play”

“Oh, yeah, its hot here.” Mengmeng nodded in a lovely manner.

“Lets go then,” Zhang Han said.

When he was passing by Zhao Feng, he thought about it and said,

“Let me know when the water is used up.

As for food, you can take whatever you want from the animals on the hill.”

“Okay, master,” Zhao Feng said excitedly.


Zhang Han nodded his head lightly and walked towards the other side with Mengmeng in his arms.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei came over and pushed Zhao Feng, causing staggered again, then followed Little Hei.

Zhao Feng laughed bitterly.

“Brother Feng, Brother Feng, our boss is so cool! The sandbag was blown to pieces with a single punch!” Ah Hu said excitedly.

“He is not only awesome but also very handsome.

Wow! Boss is really handsome, and his daughter is also very beautiful.

Its really enviable.

Brother Feng, boss, boss…” A ponytailed girl blushed a little and asked shyly, “Does the boss have a wife”

“Tut!” Zhao Feng glared at them, then waved his hand and said roughly, “Forget about it.

Ill tell you this, the boss wife is a unique and very beautiful woman! As for who she is, you will find out later.”

“Just kidding! Hum!” The ponytailed girl gave a gentle hum.

“Brother Feng, our boss is so powerful, so after we practice, will we be really strong as well” Elder Meng asked.

“You dont need to think about it do you Certainly, youre going to be stronger.

Since you chose to follow me, youre bound to be superior!” Zhao Feng nodded and answered, then his expression became serious and his eyes glanced at the crowd as he said, “But Ill make it clear first, I dont like to see deserters, so if you want to quit now, just leave.

If you choose to stay, then dont complain about the training!”

With those words, the expressions of all the people became a little more serious and they all said frankly that since they came, they would not quit.

Zhao Feng nodded with satisfaction.

At this time, Xu Yong asked curiously, “Brother Feng, what did the boss teach us Cangyun gymnastics Is that a powerful martial art Why did he say that we have to reach 300 kilograms of punch strength to practice it 300 kilograms is 600 jins! Even a cow would be knocked out with one punch!”

It seemed that their boss must have reached that level, but how long would it take them to reach that level while practicing Xu Yong had some doubts about this.

After all, everyone had different constitutions.

Hearing that, Zhao Feng thought for a moment, then decided to talk to them about the matter carefully.

He became more serious and said,

“Then let me tell you something.

Do you know why I was able to defeat Kuang Xingtian in one move Do you know why the strong man you met could fight with hundreds of people Do you want to know what level his strength is at And, why he was invulnerable”

“Yes! Tell us, Brother Feng!” Ah Hu replied quickly.

At this time, everyone in the area gathered together and formed a circle, ready to listen carefully to Zhao Fengs explanation.

Seeing this, Zhao Feng said directly.

“Its because there is an invisible world in this world, which it is hard for ordinary people to see.

This invisible world is a world of martial artists! Its generally called the martial arts world!”

“Just like you imagined, its like the martial arts worlds in TV series or the Jianghu.

As things are now, I can tell you clearly that such people do exist, and I, under our bosss teaching, have become one of them.”

People felt a little confused after hearing that, but they were also extremely excited at heart due to the excitement of the unknown, but also because they were about to come into contact with a higher circle!

“People in the martial arts world are generally called martial artists! That is to say, people who practice martial arts.

Of course, martial artists also have ranks.

To reach the first stage, which is called Obvious Strength, requires you to accumulate strength and make a breakthrough.

After understanding and mastering the essence of strength, comes the breakthrough to Inward Strength.

Inward Strength is the use of internal power, which is more lethal.

If Obvious Strength is regarded as hard power, then Inward Strength is soft power.

As for Peak Strength, it is the combination and integration of hard and soft.

In regards to the foreign strong man you saw last time, his comprehensive strength is at the level of Peak Strength.”

“Holy Shit! The martial arts world really exists!”

“This is awesome! Its just so awesome!”

For a moment, everyone was shocked, and it took several minutes for them to recover.

“Which level are you at, Brother Feng” Ah Hu asked curiously.

“My current level is Obvious Strength.” Zhao Feng curled his lips and said depressingly, “Didnt you see that I almost stumbled when the gorilla pushed me By the way, Ill tell you in advance that those two guys, who just came here, are the two Heihei powers on Mount New Moon.

Youd best stay away from them.

They are very fond of harshly beating people.

Both I and my former drillmaster were beaten up badly.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Everyone felt a little nervous in their hearts and hurried to say yes.

“By the way, Brother Feng, which level does our boss belong to Hes so strong, is it Peak Strength” Elder Meng asked curiously.

“You think too highly of Peak Strength and look down on our boss!” Zhao Feng shook his head slightly and raised his chin, showing a prideful look.

He looked at the crowd and said very slowly, “Boss, who is also my master, is… a Qi Strength Master!”


Everyone was stunned and asked doubtfully, “What is a Qi Strength Master”

“The next stage after Peak Strength is Qi Strength Master.

Ill tell you this, Qi Strength Masters are so awesome that you cant even imagine it.

Even the name is enough to shock other martial artists…” When talking about Qi Strength Masters, Zhao Feng became energetic and talked for a long time.

This also allowed everyone to understand how powerful Zhang Han was, so they couldnt help gasping.

After the surprise, another problem appeared.

Xu Yong thought for a moment and said, “Brother Feng, if it takes 300 kilograms of strength to practice Cangyun gymnastics and martial arts, were not going to be able to succeed in a short amount of time! Besides, is 300 kilograms the same as Obvious Strength”

“Youre wrong,” Zhao Feng shook his head slightly, then smiled confidently and said, “If you want to enter the martial arts world through power, it takes a thousand kilograms of power for you to reach Obvious Strength.

With strength of 2,000 kilograms, you would almost be at the level of Inward Strength.

More than 3,000 kilograms of power is Peak Strength.

Of course, this is only a general concept.

There are also some talented people who enter the martial arts world using speed, combat techniques, and so on.

In short, the knowledge of the martial arts world is very complicated and you dont need to know it all right now.

The only thing you need to know is that as long as you train as I say, in less than half a month, there will be a lot of people who reach the level of Obvious Strength!”


As soon as this sentence was uttered, the desire to succeed began to burn in the hearts of everyone there.

“Shall we start now” Ah Hu said while moving his body.

“What do we train first” Xu Yong asked.

Before Zhang Han left, he said that their physical strength was not enough to train.

So they had to train with Zhao Fengs training method first.

However, they didnt know what method Zhao Feng used.

After seeing the curious look in everyones eyes, Zhao Feng didnt hesitate and told them directly.

“The method I will teach you is the same method I used to train when I entered the army.”

After saying that, Zhao Fengs face had a look of pride.

Then, he shouted out.

“In the army, I was in the first team of the Yunhun Special Forces.

Our team was called Wolf Head!”


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